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Even though, we must shutdown soon — I want to personally thank all those that roleplayed, staffed, helped and generally kept the MUSH going. We had a good time bringing back some of the old times and new times. And making our way through space.

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What We Are About

1. Battlestar Genesis MUSH handles military and civilian PC's. Genesis and the fleet, will be fighting and their movement will put them in complete opposite direction than those who are trying to find Earth. In our world, The Galactica will have its small rumors. Plus, we will also have Battlestar Pacifica 'out there'. Some of the players, have made PC's that had family that signed on that ship. So it may be referenced.

2. Humor at times, darkness at times, it just depends on how the RP flows, but the main idea is to have fun. Treat this game like you are playing in Episodes and Seasons. 'You are the Actor' and 'You play someone else'.

3. Will Genesis try to hit back at the Cylons that destroy the Colonies? - Picture Genesis as a Space Resistance. We'll do what we can. But we'll also be charting some place we can go. Our charts and the maps - See: — And the Star System at the bottom. This will give people some idea of what is 'out there' for us. The myth of Earth and Oracles and dying leaders, is pretty much bunk to Command. The CO believes in what he can see and what he knows.

4. Cylons and what we know — Some know there are Skinjobs now. Most do not. It was put out as a vague, we aren't sure, possibility. Except for some of those on the Genesis and they are to keep their silence on it all. Civilians are not aware of Skinjobs so far. (March 2009)

Those in Command

Lt. Colonel Laren Z. Petrakis - Executive Officer - Battlestar Genesis
Colonel Reed Carter Commanding Officer - All ships
Major Pietr Gaelan Marine Company Commander - Genesis
Major Raul Desusa Executive Officer - Marines

IC Announcement

"Never in the history of mankind have we faced a disaster of these proportions. In the past, we have faced the threat of our own creation, The Cylons. Fourty years ago, they retreated under the guise of an armistace. In that time, they have made significant advances in the fields of biotechnology. We have uncovered a disturing new threat. One that is even greater then that in which we were already faced with. What you are seeing on the screen are images of humans, or so we believed. In reality, these are actual Cylons. We have been able to confirm that the Cylons have managed, through some form of cloning technology, to create a newer generation of Cylons. Ones that look like us. Act like us. Talk like us. From what we have gathered, there are limited human forms available, though with multiple copies of each. These, are the ones that we currently know about. Information on each will be released once this has been concluded.

How do we fight an enemy who has us outnumbered? Who has routed us from our worlds? Who can look and act like us in every fashion? We leave everything behind and set out to find a new home. Through our work in salvaging data from a secret military project, we have aquired a map that dipicts the far reaches of our galaxy. We will set sail and leave Colonial Space, travel past the reach of the Cylons and find a new world in which to colonize and call home. There, we will rebuild our species, outside the threat of the Cylons. It is the only way to ensure our survival. To ensure that we are not destroyed, piece by piece. I will not lie and say this will be an easy journey, for it will not be. We -will- be pursued. They -will- search for us. But we have the advantage now. We know were to go, while they do not. And I give you my word, as Commander of this Fleet, that you will never be alone. We will never abandon you. We will fight with our very last breath, to ensure that we survive. To ensure that we can rebuild. To ensure that we can find peace, once more. You know what must be done. The days ahead will be rough and long, but I have faith in each and every one of you. I trust in each of you. I respect each of you. I salute each of you. So say we all. Dismissed."
-Colonel Salin Altair, Address to assembled personnel during memorial ceremony for Battlestar Solaris.

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