A Brief Novella
A Brief Novella
Summary: Tais signs discharge papers for the Lieutenant and finds far more than she bargained for when others enter the mix.
Date: 115 ACH
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Novella is just buttoning up the green duty blouse. She's got the rest of the uniform on at the moment but is still sitting on the bed. After her escape attempt last night she's pretty much stayed confined to the bed.

Bayless has arrived.

Tais glances at the duty blouse and with a slight quirk of her lips notes, "You missed a button." Initialing the chart, she hands it off to the nurse as she stands, her foot sending the rolling chair towards the back, "You're free to go but if you feel lightheaded, see us again…or have one of the folks who steps over you once you've passed out in one of the corridors give us a shout out, Lieutenant."

Bayless comes into the ward in her off-duty threads, just as Tais mentions the possibility of Novella crashing out in the hallway. "She falls over three seconds after discharge, Doc, I'll have her ass. I did say one hundred percent, remember, Cav?" The CAG's words are stern, but the expression belies the mirth behind them.

Novella glances down to the blouse and sighs. She begins rebuttoning the whole damn thing. Grr. "It feels like I'm getting stabbed when I stand. If I don't pass out on my way out I'll be shocked." She then averts her gaze to Bayless. "Captain, my pilots aren't where they are supposed to be. Doc says I'm out this morning, sir. I wanted to leave last night but Major Zimm kept me here." She buttons the last one and leans off the bed to grab her boots.

Tais's hands delve into the pockets of her lab coat as she looks between the CAG and the Lieutenant. "I can't guarantee a hundred percent. Maybe 97.752%…I'm not that good." Her eyes flicker to the Lt., sweeping over her face for tell tale signs of cold, clammy skin, the distinct 1000 yard stare before she face plants. Seeing none of it, she murmurs, "Major just kept you here because of how you look while you sleep." A brief wink accompanies the remark.

Bayless nods affirmingly to Tais then says to Novella, "Yankin' your chain, Cav. Get going and do whatcha gotta do." She watches Novella carefully, watching for any signs she may be anywhere near loopy.

Tais eyes the CAG, "She need a hall pass? Or is she good to go on my say so?"

Novella chuckles lightly. "Right. The day Zaharis looks me over for a reason that isn't professional, then you /will/ see me pass out. Because I'd be shocked as hell. I get the idea he hates me, anyway.." She tugs on the boots, tying them with a practiced speed. Slowly.. OH so slowly.. she rootches off the bed and puts pressure on the legs. She winces, inhaling sharply. "Frak me." She's not passing out, though. But it looks like it hurts like hell.

Zaharis comes in from Sickbay.

Bayless looks with concern as Novella painfully rises to her feet, but makes no move to help her unless asked. In response to Tais, "You can cut her loose anytime you think it best, Doc. Mine's just to tell her what happens after."

Tais's brow lifts as she analyzes the Lieutenant's expression in a dispassionately clinical manner, "Why am I releasing you again? Or are you just bucking for stims to kill the pain? I mean we had a JAG in here last night. Something you need to get off your chest, Lt?"

Zaharis steps into the recovery ward, obviously on grand rounds as he's in his dark blue scrubs. He spends a while talking to the head shift nurse before starting down the rows of beds, stopping here and there for patients that were moved up under his care. The path is taking him steadily closer towards Novella.

Novella turns and sticks her tongue out at Tais. At least she's got the mind to not get too angry despite the pain. She steadies herself on the end of the bed with one hand while the other rests on her thigh, the woman dressed in some duty greens. The other two are nearby. "Doc Zaharis said I'm out of here. Besides, you want me to lie in bed and hope it heals on its own? I have to walk to help regenerate muscle or something right?" She seems to have heard that before, glancing to Z on his approach. Her gaze settles back on Bayless. "So what about it, sir? Light duty for a few days. But I'd like to get to CIC and figure out whats going on with my pilots."

Bayless nods once to Novella, her eyes still locked on her legs so as to make sure they don't give out on her. "S'long as you stay out of the cockpit till you can work the pedals, I'm cool with it. But I hope you don't mind if I at last walk you there."

Tais murmurs, "All hail the king." Amusement flickers in her eyes before shifting to catch the sticking out of the tongue from the Lieutenant. "Staying off of the injured limb is the usual methodology to healing. We have a new fangled thing called physical therapy we use here…we can even get you a cute beef-cake to help if that would make it more pleasurable for you during your stay in Hotel Sickbay." Of course any protestation on her part may for all intents and purposes be overruled by the CMO.

Karan comes in from Sickbay.

Novella is standing at the end of her bed in green duty duds. Zaharis is making rounds and angling for Cav. Bayless is in her off-duties and standing nearby Tais.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to harass your doctors, Lieutenant Novella? We can remove that tongue, you know." Zaharis nods to Bayless as he pulls Novella's chart out of its place. "Captain. Doing alright?" He flips a page up with a soft rustle, then regards Tais and Novella again. "I'm satisfied with how Lieutenant Novella's healed over the last four days. There's no reason to keep her on strict bedrest; it's at the point where moving will do no more good than not moving. However, I'll put scheduling your physical therapy into Lieutenant Pomona's watchful hands…" Duhn duhn." ….and I'll expect to see you show for it. Or you -will- be enjoying more quality time in a paper gown."

Tais interjects, "Paper gowns always produce more quality time."

Cav shakes her head at Bayless. "I know better'n that, sir. I'm only going to get hurt or get people hurt if I get into a Viper right now. But yeah, I'm fine with that." Like she can deny her. She then looks to Tais. "Oh I'm aware, Doc. Zaharis was kind enough to pull three bullets out of me and fix my head after my wingman and I got our toy shot out from under us on Leonis. Did physical therapy in the pool." Cav's gaze falls to Zaharis and she balks. "But, sir! I need that!" She'll be nonspecific as to why, though. "As for physical therapy again, can-do, sir. You want me in the pool again?"

Karan steps into the recovery ward, right on time to catch that choice little remark. He's carrying a small bag over one shoulder, gods only know what's hidden inside, and his usual moue of boredom— tinged today with a very faint exasperation.

Tais clears her throat as the question becomes far more evocative than intended which presents as a small purse of her lips before her eyes move to the next target.

Bayless says to Zaharis, "Right as rain, Doc. Just making sure my Viper lead's the same." The innuendo in the room's something that elicits an amused smile from Scorch, but she doesn't add to it, letting Novella confer with the docs in order to get her post-discharge instructions.

"Lieutenant Pomona may," Zaharis replies to Novella, very matter of factly. "Quill might even want to watch." He makes a mark on the bottom of her chart and signs it, his handwriting extremely neat. "The sutures that are still in should be good to come out in the next day or two, so you'll be scheduled to come in for that. The brace will need to stay on your shoulder. You're looking at a couple weeks of tenderness there, so no stressing it."

Tais mutters, "Out of my head, Zaharis." Before raising it for the multitude to hear, "One pool party does not a healing confer. We could settle this with rock, paper, scissors. But, unfortunately, there are people who adjudicate these disputes. Now, if no one brought refreshments, there are far too many healthy people in this room."

Karan's destination is clearly the current sickbay celebrity, Baylee Novella. He hangs back from the fray for the time being though, hip resting against an idle cart stacked with linens, and a tray crammed with empty water cups.

Her remark finally occurs to her and she shakes her head. "Dear Gods.. you all.. I meant.. ah frak it," she sighs, laughing lightly. She still has those stitches in her stomach. She hangs her head a little, stil lsteadying herself on the bed. She doesn't move her legs past those first few steps earlier. Cav listens closely, nodding. "I don't do much in the pit with me left arm. That's mostly throttle work." No protest to getting her sutures out on schedule. Novella picks her battles in Sickbay despite even the one's she fights, she ends up losing. She glances to Tais and shrugs with her right shoulder. "You tell me, Doc. Whatever gets me back in the vacuum faster." Its then that the LT notices Karan lurking. She offers him a quick smile and a nod. "Mornin, Brother."

Bayless says to Tais, "Don't need to tell me twice, Doc. Cav, get to CIC… /carefully/… and keep me apprised on what you find. I got a CAP briefing to run. Don't worry, I'll share notes." She places a hand on Novella's shoulder. "Take it easy, Lieutenant. Even if it wasn't an order from the docs here, it's one from me."

Zaharis just smiles down at the chart at Tais' comment. The tightened burn scars on his face still make the expression look strange, even when it's real. He flips the papers shut and hands the chart to Tais. "She's in your hands, El-Tee. Don't drown her." Then a nod to the pilots. "Captain, Lieutenant. Good luck with your pilots. Let us know how it's going if you can; we've got personnel wishing all of you the best." A glance over his shoulder at Karan.

Tais takes the chart from the CMO, a light game of tug of war, to note the schedule, "I'll send a gaggle of menfolk for you to choose from. Or women folk depending on your bent. You tell me your free time and we'll get you in PT."

Karan's lips tug in a similarly quick, and almost distracted smile for Novella, bag shifted slightly on his shoulder. The CMO's glance is met with a nod and a look that's held maybe a beat more than what he afforded the pilot. Wait, leaving? He pushes away from the linen cart, moving close enough to be able to intercept Novella should she head off, but not underfoot.

Novella straightens up at Bayless' comment and she sketches a rough salute. Standing tall like that has to hurt. And it shows for once the salute drops, her hand comes back down to steady on the bed. Then there's a nod from Novella. Even a small smile. "Thank you, Major. It really does mean a lot to hear that." Morale in the wing isn't at its all-time high. Although Tais' remark gets a shifty glance. "Send them all. We'll go from there." She chuckles and heads towards the door finally. Another little smile for the Brother.

Tais mutters under her breath, "Gluttonous." And makes note in the Lieutenant's chart of something, probably not that. She offers a mocking benediction with her fingers, "Go with Zaharis' grace."

Bayless just shakes her head and politely takes her leave, giving Baylee's good shoulder a gentle squeeze before heading out.

Bayless leaves for Sickbay [o].
Bayless has left.

"Lieutenant, a word with you, please." That's from Karan, who tends to phrase every request like an order. He's speaking, ostensibly, to Novella.

You say, "Shall I leave you two alone? Even though this is like…my room?" The question is redundant, however, as Tais is partially out the door. "Clean up any messes you make."

Novella smirks to Tais on her way out but stops for Karan. She nods to the man and moves to sit in a wheelchair. She drops in carefully and looks up to him. "Of course, Brother… what can I do for you?"

Karan looks briefly to Tais, expression blank, then back to Novella. "I think it's more like, what can I do for you. I wasn't able to make it in here last night, to give you your rites-" He apparently has no qualms about mentioning it, if very vaguely, in public. "Would you like me to come by the pilots' berthings later, or are you doing well enough to come to my office?"

You head towards Sickbay.

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