A Deer in Headlights
A Deer in Headlights
Summary: Who said Marines can't be great interrogators?
Date: 117 ACH
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The Rabbit Hole (Gen. Lounge) Genesis - Deck 9
118 ACH 23777 Souls

This large lounge/recreation area is here for the personnel of the Genesis. As any place where Officers and enlisted seem to come together, there are places for each. The Officers areas are more lounge-like and the enlisted have a couple couches, tables and chairs. Various computer games are here as well, including some foosball, driving or flying, shooting, etc. Along one wall a long counter has been setup with snacks, drinks and a sink.
-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----
Contents: D'Artanion Tais Triad Deck Wireless 228

Exits: [O] Corridor

While the afternoon hours have passed, it is not yet time for supper or bed. The lounge is uncharactoristicly quiet with only a few people scattered here and there. In one corner, D'Artanion is seated with her feet up on a table in front of her. She has what appears to be a medical textbook beside her and she is flipping through a series of notes on a PDA. Her expression is one of intense concentration and she skims the text quickly. Apparently, the woman is looking for something.

Tais sits on one of the couches, her boots off and positioned to the side, her stockinged feet resting on one of foot rests. On her lap is a thick book, the contents of which may look, to the layman, dull. She does not read, however, but her cheek rests on her upturned palm, her lashes closed, thankful for the quiet of the moment in this usually lively area.

After a few more passes through the notes on her PDA, D'Artanion shuts it off and tucks it away with a sigh. Turning slightly, she claims the book, her gaze flickering to the woman nearby. A slight frown begins, though it is internally aimed rather than externally. The relative silence grows for a moment, then she smooths her expression and offers a smile, "Excuse me…?"

The pleasing voice beckons Tais from her doze, her dark lashes lifting as she at once refocuses on the world around her and raises her head from her palm. With a gentle blink, she feels for her glasses and places them back on her nose. "Sorry, I dozed off." A brief smile arches her lips as she responds, "Hello."

D'Artanion blushes a bit, "Oh, I am sorry. I did not mean to wake you. Goodness knows that we need as much sleep as we can get." The blush fades as she extends a hand, leaning a bit to be able to reach, "I am Amalina D'Artanion. You look a touch familiar…"

Tais extends her hand to meet the woman's, her touch smooth and warm, "Tais Pomona. Doctor. Lieutenant..whatever you'd like to call me. I'm not one to stand on the ceremony of rank."

Tais pushes her glasses up to the bridge of her nose, another smile appearing briefly. "And you, as well." She looks around, almost missing the sound of others, "It's very quiet."

D'Artanion glances about the room, taking note of one or two others dozing or reading off to the other side of the room. Looking back, she nods, "Part of it's charm, I suppose." Her expression warms a little, "Did you join us from one of the civilian ships? Or have our paths just not crossed before this?"

Tais straightens, setting her book to the side, her posture unconsciously straightening, "I've been around for a while. Served under Zaharis on the Odyssey for nearly two years before coming here. I'm a floater, I suppose. I go where they need me."

D'Artanion nods, her expression softening a hair, "Ah. Okay. That would explain it." Her gaze flickers again out around the room and she reaches over to close her own book. It is a medical text centering on anatomy. Licking her lips, she adds, "What was he like there? The Major, I mean?" Her question seems to be only a little more than idle curiosity. Perhaps just a way to carry on the conversation.

Tais's response is quick, as though his overall change is always in the forefront of her mind, a concern she carries with her, "Much more light hearted than here. The big brother I never had who could drink me under the table."

D'Artanion studies the woman's face and she nods slowly, "I hope he returns to what he was before, then." And… she inhales once deeply and seeks to change the subject, "So, what is your specialty? Or, are you more of a GP?"

Tais smoothes an errant lock of hair from her cheek before responding, "Pre-Active duty, it was Juvenile Oncology. Post, it is now General surgery and preventative Medicine." She look down at her nails, once so perfectly manicured now, ragged and a unkempt.

D'Artanion nods, "Oh? Have you talked to the Major about going over to the clinic on the Carina? There are a few kids over on the civvie ships. I'm sure that getting someone over there with experience in juvie medicine would be a blessing." Her tone is light and relaxed now, though she does follow your gaze to your nails. Hers are just as bad and she unconsciously tucks them out of the way.

Ramiro comes in from Corridor 9C.

Tais straightens her back ever further, tucking her arms around her waist, "I'll…keep that in mind, Gunny."

D'Artanion is sitting near Tais on one end of the lounge. She has a book on anatomy closed next to her and a PDA sits on top of it. Half turned to face Tais, she blanches a little at the other woman's reply and holds out a hand, "Don't if you don't want to. Gods know I'm not trying to decide anything for you. It was just a suggestion."

The door to the lounge spins open and in steps the form of Ensign Dane Ramiro. Newly mustanged and then immediately made into a widower, he's been all but a ghost on the ship for the last few weeks. Turning, he closes the hatch behind him and moves over to where the water has been left. Water is one thing that they have an abundance of…food is not. In the early hours of mission prep, he's taking a few moments of peace before he gets back to work.

Tais realizes she has folded in on herself once again, forcing herself to relax. Isn't that what that hack of a shrink back on Libris told her not to do? Withdraw? With a reach of her hand, a gentle press of her hand on the Gunny's knee, she nods. "I will consult with Doctor Reighner to see if I am needed. Thank you for your suggestion." Noting the hatches opening, her eyes flit to the sound and then, with a singular sweep of her eyes to catalog the arrival, she returns her gaze to the woman before her.

D'Artanion blushes at the touch, though she does not shy away from it, "As you like, Lieutenant." Her tone is quiet and faintly edged in something sharp. Looking up, she notes the way the other woman's gaze flickers out. Turning, she sweeps the room and spots Ramiro. "Dane?" The edges of her tone warm and soften and she turns back, "Mind if I invite him to join us? I've not gotten to talk to him in ages. He is a good friend, even so. I dare say you will like him."

Tais's gesture is all inclusive, "I've no objections." Her face is now lifted, openly curious as she looks up into the Marine's face. Her eyes never linger overly long on anything, the grayish-green orbs always darting away or lowering defensively or protectively.

Wearing his tank tops, Dane's put on some more muscle lately, as he's been apparently hiding and working out his frustrations in the Gym. Looking over to them, he offers them a small smile as he steps across the floor. Lowering himself onto a chair, he smiles to D'artanion. "Hey doc…" He says, and then offers a hand to shake with Tais. "Ensign Ramiro, Marine S3."

D'Artanion nods to Tais, her smile warm, "Thanks. He's a good man." Lifting her gaze, she almost rises as Ramiro approaches, but resettles as he sits. The introduction, however, has her blinking twice. She mouths the word 'Ensign' adding a lifted brow to that silent query. A frown begins, but she does not speak about her concern. "So, what's the word, Ramiro?"

Tais's small hand belies the firm shake of her brief grip and then it slides quickly from his, "Tais Pomona. MD." She listens to D'Artanion's pleasant voice before sitting back in the corner of the couch, trying to make herself small again.

"Pleased to meet you" Dane replies to Tais and then crooks his head towards D'artanion. "The word is we're gonna be heading out to do some work, and I'm gonna be needing a combat medic, if you're up to it." Dane replies, not talking too much official business. "Aside from that well…you know. It's been quiet running all around. I've been keeping pretty low key as of late." He says and then looks to Tais with a curious look. "Is…everything okay?"

D'Artanion nods quickly once to Ramiro, "Any time, Dane. You know that." Her attention drifts to Tias' retreat and concern grows within her gaze. "I am sorry. Have we said something wrong?" She lifts her hand, offering it toward the doctor, "I know that the Marines do not have the best rep on this ship, but we don't bite. Promise."

Tais's brows lift as she shifts her gaze between the two Marines, "Hmm? Okay? Of course. If you two need to conduct business, I can most assuredly leave if it would make you more comfortable?" Her eyes behind the glasses are a smoky moss today, though clear, almost a translucent quality. At woman's response, a brief, though warm smile touches her lips, "I've never concerned myself with Marine versus Navy or any of that BS that other like to promote."

"No we'll have a briefing coming up that'll take care of that. Let's find a different topic then." Dane replies, leaning back in his seat to run a hand through his hair. "I've never really bothered with that either. Sure, there was some tension back in the day, but that's all but unheard of now. We're all just doing our jobs. How have you two been?"

D'Artanion nods once, "Good. I'll get the skinny from the meeting, then." Her attention flickers back to Tais and she chuckles a little, "Good to hear. That can get tedious. We're all here to do a job and should not let meaningless crap get in the way." Leaning back, she touches her PDA for a moment, then looks back to Dane, "Oh… Well enough, I suppose. Was worried about Greje for a while, but she is doing better." Looking back, she adds, "Oh, have you met our Priestess, Tias? She is a wonderful woman and an amazing Pyramid player."

Tais lets D'Artanian answer the question, watching the two interact. It is clear there is a respect and warmth between the two, a forearm raising to rest her index finger against her lips. Her eyes take in the wounded soldier as well as the Titanium wedding band encircling his ring finger. And then there is the Medic, earnest and still retaining the sparkle of one still maintaining her optimism even in the face of life's horrors. She tends to drift from one thing to the next while listening to the conversation at hand. "Priestess?"

"Yes…Sister and Captain Greje Karthasi is part of the corps of chaplains." Dane adds in for good measure, looking across the two of them. As he feels eyes on his wedding band he turns to look in Tais' direction, head tilting a little bit. Getting that shadowed and watched feeling, he doesn't shrink, but instead adjusts his posture. Rumors were all over the place that a marine was married and then his new bride died on their way back from their honeymoon.

D'Artanion differs to Dane on that one, though she adds a nod as though confirmation was necessary. "There is a Brother as well, though I do not know him as well. Brother Jerome Karan, I think. I might have his first name wrong." She notes Tias' gaze and follows it to the ring Ramiro wears. Her gaze does not linger, but lifts to her friend's face. A hand eases his way, the abortive gesture gently supportive. Clearing her throat, she nibbles her lower lip, then turns back to the Doctor, "Do you have a patron diety?" An odd question, slightly rushed.

Tais doesn't press. She's heard the rumors, though she now puts face to name and the gods know she's faced enough loss and subsequent eyeing that she has learned to make as little lengthy eye contact as possible. Though the medic's question brings her up short, a disconnect marking her as one unused to answering this particular query, "Patron…Diety?" She now looks away, a deer in the headlights of her agnostic soul. "I…no." Her voice whispers its response.

Dane looks towards the two of them and lifts his eyebrows. Catching the unease, his lip twitches in a slight bit of awkwardness. However, if it's one thing Dane can overcome, it's a stressful situation. Lowering his ring hand to the side of the chair, out of view and out of mind, he considers for a moment. "So you're not a member of a Lordly cult…" He drums his fingertips. "…what do you do, tell us about yourself?"

D'Artanion flickers a glance at Dane, a brow lifting. Once more the gesture is offered, though she does not persue it. She hopes her friend knows the intent behind it. Her glance returns to Tias and she smiles a bit, "That's okay, Lieutenant. Not everyone has." Leaning aback, she tilts her head at Dane's question and her gaze is openly warm and curious.

A roach who's path is revealed by the turning on of the kitchen light, shining it into the corners of her being. Tais' eyes widen behind her glasses, the tip of her tongue slicking over suddenly dry lips. She looks anything of the physician who graduated at the head of her medical class, sought to cure Libris of cancer or who can pull shrapnel from anyone and stitch them up with a surgeon's precision. "I..I'm a surgeon…and..and general practitioner."

Dane pauses and look to Tais for a moment in reflection. "Well…I apologize when I say this, but this was my two minutes before I get to work. I'm not fleeing you, I'm running to my job." He says with a stand. Nodding politely, he looks to D'artanion and then heads off towards the hangar.

Tais breathes deeply in relief of having dodged the proverbial bullet of questions and their answers.

D'Artanion lifts her hand, "Hold up, Ramiro. I'm on the roster as well." Turning to Tais, she smiles as she rises, "Would you please give this book and PDA to Craven? He is probably in sickbay. I am sorry, but I have to go as well." Turning, she begins to trot off after the other Marine.

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