A Growing Family
A Growing Family
Summary: Rue speaks with Orion about his drunken indiscretion the previous night. This happens before 'What did he really want?' but after 'Probationary Pilot'
Date: 54 ACH - 01/05/09
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Rue is sitting in the third row, two seats in from the left. A clipboard is in her lap and she's writing steadily down the page. Forms. Memos. Requests. Approvals. Disapprovals. The day after a day like yesterday is always a busy one. There's /always/ something to be writing or reporting on.

Disapprovals. The word of the day, right there. Orion steps into the readyroom, tense like a wire but doing his damndest not to show it. He fails. Regardless, he takes the time to salute when he comes in, "Sir, you wished to see me, sir." Oh yeah. Nervous. It's a wonder he's not standing at attention.

"How many days have you been in Gold Squadron, Orion?" Rue asks simply, not looking up from the pages she's working on.

"Eight days, sir." Orion's answer is given absolutely immediately, with no time to count.

"I think that might be a record. I think most pilots screw up their second or third day." Rue doesn't smile and her tone is kept carefully dry, but there is humor in her words. "I'm not big on excuses. So tell me why I should keep you in my air wing, Ensign."

"I reckon I've learned what all the wrong ways are to cope, sir. I intend to switch to safer, protocol adhering, non duty-imparing vices." He says it like he's serious, too. Blunt, isn't he?

Someone is knocking at the door.

"Alright," Rue says, writing a little more before she says, equally as blunt as Orion, "If you ever disgrace the uniform like that again, you'll be dismissed and sent to the Carina. You read me?" Then she raises her voice and calls towards the door.

To Corridor 11D:
A voice from inside calls, "Enter!"

Regas comes in from Corridor 11D.
Regas has arrived.

Rue is seated in the third row of chairs, second seat from the left, speaking with Orion who is standing at attention nearby.

"Yes sir." Orion is standing not too far from Rue, as casual as a tension wire. When Regas walks in, some additional color drains from his face and he salutes.

Regas swings the hatch open and steps inside. It seems he didn't want to barge in on whatever the CAG was doing. Noticing the two, he returns the salute. "I'm not interrupting am I?"

When she sees Regas enter, Rue pushes to her feet and says, "Commander." The salute is answered with a salute, the question with a response: "Sir, I believe the Ensign and I were finished. Were you looking for me?" Her eyes flit between the two men.

Regas steps to the side of the hatch, "Actually, I was," glancing to the Ensign now. Since he is finished with the CAG. His hands go behind his back as he simply rests there and waits.

"You're dismissed, ensign. I'll see you back at the berthings," Rue says, setting her clipboard and paperwork to the side as she focusses in on Regas. "Whatever you need, sir."

Orion nods, "Yes, sir." He salutes again, then turns to leave. If you've got very good ears, there is a monster-sized exhalation once he gets far enough that nobody will hear him actually start to breathe again.

Orion has left.

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