A Hero
A Hero
Summary: A day on the ship finds Ramiro has become a kids icon.
Date: 95 ACH - 2/16/2009
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Meditation Garden Carina - Main Level

95 ACH 23797 Souls

Tranquility seems to radiate from the very earth, in this large garden. A place to reflect and meditate, surely. In place of earth, in the wide area, there is sand, carefully tended, and combed into intricate and endless patterns, gently dappled by the shadow of leaves from the trees beyond. Rocks dot the ground, at intervals which suggest a deeper meaning. The outer walls of the garden are adorned by simple benches, set so that anyone thus seated, may study the sandy expanse in its entirety. At the very centre of the garden, accessible via a small path of water-smoothed stones rests a disc perhaps fifteen feet in diameter. Made of a material nearly the same shade as the sand, it nevertheless provides a bit of cushioning beneath the feet. A small shed at the rear of the garden houses the supplies necessary to tend to its needs.


Sage is coming out of the twin temples, she left her shoes somewhere, but it doesn't seem to matter. Still working on some of the bits and pieces here and there, the fake ivy along her arm hangs in loops. "Who knew they'd use this off the cruise ship for something other than a party favor." Talking to herself, possibly. She doesn't see the Brother yet.

Karan is seated at one of the benches ringing the outer wall of the temple-in-progress. Crosslegged, indian-style, the chaplain's draped in dark robes with a hood drawn up and over his head— quite unlike the duty uniform he's normally spotted in. Grey eyes lift when Sage passes by, focused and yet distracted.

Sage passes the hooded figure and she pauses, "Excuse me, I didn't realize anyone was in meditation today," she crosses to an area to lay down the loops of Ivy and reaches for some water that has been set up there for those working and visiting.

Karan reaches up to tangle his fingers in the hood, and tugs it off his head. He could be military, but that's an awful lot more than regulation length hair he's got. There's also an earring that might be glimpsed, the sort usually worn by Gemenese priests and priestesses. "It's all right," he assures the young woman, continuing to watch her for a few moments. "I wasn't, really. Meditating. Are you helping out with the temple construction?"

Sage turns her head and smiles, "Yes, brother. I tend to keep busy when I can and this was another little project that I offered help with." Noticing the earring now, she smiles. "My name is Sage," stepping back closer now and then looking around, "This is a good thing that was done here."

Karan moves to his feet, despite the fact that— with the height difference— they're probably close to being eye to eye, when he's on the bench. He's barefoot at the moment, a pair of sandals set neatly by the bench, though there's nothing quite like the feel of toes sinking into sand. "Brother Jerome Karan." His hand is offered. "And it's a wonderful thing that's been done, I.. I can't tell you how pleased I am, to see so many people pull together for it."

"Brother Karan," Sage smiles, the warmth in her eyes showing how friendly she is to almost everyone. Her hand takes his as she looks upward, "It is very nice to meet you. Will you be working here then?" She questions, once the introductions are overwith.

Ramiro comes in from Grand Stadium.

Ramiro has arrived.

Karan squeezes rather than shakes. His grip's firm enough, though he's no marine. "Oh. Oh, no." Releasing her hand, he withdraws half a step back to his bench. "I serve on the Genesis, though Sister Karthasi and I are going to find someone, hopefully quite soon, to fill this position." His voice sounds as tired as he looks, eyes a little red-rimmed. "I hope that it will provide a sanctuary, as well as a place of worship."

Sage lowers her hand now with another smile, "Sister Karthasi?" The young woman ponders that name a moment and then suddenly smiles further. "Oh yes! I've met her, she is quite nice actually, whipped my butt…oh pardon, brother.." a pause, "She won a pyramid game against my team. Quite surprising actually."

There a small, slight set of footfalls heading in towards the meditation gardens from the outside. Offduty and in civilian garb, Dane Ramiro steps through looking rather silent. Eyebrows lowered over a blank face in a mock sort of resignation, he stops just inside and looks around, taking in the sight of the new temple.

Karan either didn't notice, or wasn't bothered by the word 'butt'. Given his apparent state, though, it's quite possibly the former. "I believe she used to play quite seriously, for her university," he offers with a wan smile. Turning away, he begins to slip his feet back into the sandals. "Do you play?" Karan, obviously not a pyramid fan, or he'd probably have recognised her by now.

Sage nods, "I kick the ball around a little," light chuckle and she steps back some as he slips on his sandals. There is a pause though as her little female radar goes off. Turning her head slowly, she notices the off duty marine.

Dane, unfortunately, doesn't notice much of anything. It's either that or he's closed off to the point that he's simply taking inventory. Walking alone alone the rocks in utter silence, he gazes over the plantlife before turning his head to regard the doors to the individual temples available in the small complex.

<Trait Roll> Karan rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Karan smiles a little. He obviously still doesn't 'get' it. Or, he's absorbed in his own thoughts. Which, considering the news that's probably been filtering in from the Genesis? Probably isn't terribly surprising. He does however spot Ramiro on his way past, and lifts his voice just enough to be heard, "Good afternoon, Dane." He and Sage are off by one of the benches, and the priest is dressed in dark, Apollean robes.

"Mr. Ramiro," Sage speaks toward the marine now. Seeing as he is wandering around in his own world. A quick glance to Brother Karan and then back to Dane. "I'd like to offer my heartfelt condolences." Some rumors abound here and some stick when a name is heard. She looks to Karan, voice lowering a little, "Mr. Ramiro was on Sister Karthasi's team that day. I was so sorry to hear about the loss of his wife."

Dane stops when he hears his name. Twice. Lowering his head, he tilts it a little bit to look in Brother Karan and Sage's direction. Looking between the two of them for a moment, he nods slowly to them before turning his eyes back towards the plants. Folding his arms quietly across his chest, he stares in contemplation. Not much for words at the moment, apparently.

Sage looks back as Karan is called off for something and she takes steps toward Dane now. Her shoes are off and she steps through the sandy areas and pauses nearby. Turning to look at the plants nearby, she clasps her hands in front of her. Everything she could say, sounds so trite and so she simply remains silent now.

Dane looks to her quietly, tilting his head in a sidelong manner. Running a hand through his hair, he lets out a tension breaking sigh before folding his arms again. "Yeah…" He simply says, flattening his lips before turning to look at her face. "…and thanks."

Sage nods, glancing down a moment to push the toes of her feet into the sand. "He understands, Dane." She says more quietly. "It's good you came here to seek him out."

"I believe that he does understand even if I don't…" Dane says softly. "…but even then, that would be a lie because I do understand." He looks to her. He swallows. "Must have been a rather large announcement for you to hear, all at once…"

Sage raises her head again, "I was happy for you." She turns a smile to him now, "Every small thing or large thing that tries to crack our lives into pieces, is really something that we take and learn from. It helps us grow and makes us stronger."

"Then I'm going to be a very strong man…" Dane says quietly with a small smile as he looks down to the sand. "…because I don't feel like this war's going to kill me for a long, long time." He says, tilting his head to look at her sidelong for a moment. "Did you help create this place?"

Sage turns her head to look at him, "You are one of his warriors, it is that simple." She takes a few steps away and chuckles a little, "In a way. I took the decorations that we could use off the Destiny and brought some of the fake ivy over for the temples. You know me, keeping busy and doing little projects around when I can."

Dane smiles a little bit, nodding and turning to face her. Looking to a nearby bench, he nods his head towards it and moves to sit, an open offer. "It looks nice…" He says, a little bit more of his humanity rising to the surface. "…you must have worked very hard on it. How are things coming along with the children?"

Sage follows along, although at a slower pace. When she reaches the bench, she sits down too, setting her palms on either side and let her feet dangle. "Scared. Although some don't want to show it, they want to be strong for the littler ones. The ones that don't have any family any longer." Her head dips some, "But, we do what we can and even if they are happy for a few hours, that's what this is about."

"I know how they feel…" He says with a quiet, soft chuckle. Leaning forward a little on the bench, just like she is, he looks to her. "I didn't know whether or not it would be a good idea to be around them right now. I mean…I know I don't look destroyed but if any of them know my name…they might have drawn conclusions. I wouldn't want to appear…weak for them."

A shake of her head follows his words, "Oh they are aware of Mr. Ramiro. Of how he fought the cylons and has a scar of winning to prove it. How he has saved lives and his rank proves he has done his job well and will continue to do so." Yes, it seems she has made a hero of him. "You forget Dane, your grief is real, but so are you. You can't hide behind it, but need to embrace it fully. If it takes walking to the far end of the ship and screaming till your lungs are raw. If it takes letting those tears out that men so seldom do. If it take running until you feel cleansed. You'll get there."

Dane nods slowly as his gaze was focused back on the sand and then looks to her as she explains her stories to the kids. A touched look crosses his face and he gives her a soft smile. "Well…I don't think that I can run screaming on the Genesis. That would shake the troops." He says with a hint of humor in his voice. He lowers it again and watches her. "I…don't really know where to begin. There's so many layers and my mind's still trying to figure out why this happened."

"You may never know," Sage looks up and then hops to her feet. "How would you like to follow me and let me show you something." Standing there, she waits to see if he feels like moving or not from the temple.

Ramiro looks to the doors and then up to her. Narrowing his eyes a little in a neutral manner, he rises from the seat and watches her. "I trust you." He says, taking a deep breath as he stands in front of her. "Where to first?"

Sage goes over and gets her sandals before heading out of the temple. "Does it matter?" She smiles over her shoulder to him and heads out and back onto the path.


Argonaut Park Carina - Main Level

95 ACH 23797 Souls

A beautiful blue, lake has been placed here, large enough for the paddle boats to move around with ease. A running path encircles the lake itself and there are even small docks jetting out in places for feeding the water fowl. The grassy area between the path and the lake make perfection for tossing down a blanket and enjoying the day.

The main attraction of this area consists of the Carina Crab House with the 'dock' area set up on stilts at the end of the lake. The outdoor seating area was set up special for the view.


Ramiro comes in from Spires Avenue.

Ramiro has arrived.

Sage passes areas, leading him along until the reach the lake. She foregoes the crab shack and the paddle boats, the areas where ducks have been given a place to live more quietly. Doing a hop on one foot, she takes her sandals off again and tosses them to one side. "Boots." She points to his feet.

"No…it doesn't matter. I came here to lose myself." Ramiro replies, looking to her as they near the edge of the lake. Looking to her, he kneels down and quickly dismantles his laces with military efficiency. The little quirks of military people are easy to spot. It only takes a few seconds in all reality before he removes his boots and his socks. Standing back up, he sets them down by her sandals and moves back to be near her. He gives her a look as if wondering what she's up to.

Sage standing there next to him, she then moves in front of him. Raising her arms over her head, she slowly begins lowering them to her side, in graceful flows. Her breathing going in and out slowly, "You do the same, just breathe deep and relaxing. In goes the good air… out goes the bad…" Ms. Yoga instructor.

There's a moment there where Dane's eyes scan from left to right over her. Yoga is very un-marine of him, but the reserved part of him simply doesn't care at this point. He looks down to her and after a moment, he nods and waits for her to start doing it again. When she does, he matches her movements and her breathing. Focusing on exhaling his pain and bringing in life, he closes his eyes.

Sage's voice goes lower, intoning the relaxation into a more peaceful and still steady pace. Her eyes half close, but watch him under the shadow of her lashes to make sure he is doing the same, "Picture yourself floating now, above the grass and looking down. The clear beauty of the water…skimming close with a wing to make small ripples. Sun shines along your feathery wings…" deep breaths in and out..in and out. Very un-marine. But she doesn't care.

Dane tries, he tries hard. It's obvious that he's relaxing, but very slowly. Instructions are meant to be followed but he rarely receives instruction that includes relaxation. He continues to breathe slowly, his arms still moving with his eyes closed. He was never told to stop.

The relaxation continues…her voice seeming farther and farther away as thoughts take flight into some other existance. Some other being that is free and enjoying the lazy trip through the skies. "Feathers molt and fall away, leaving the shiny new ones. A re-birth and a giving to Apollo, who watches us. Who sheds tears when we are sad. Who carries us when we are unable to carry ourselves any longer. Who we praise in song when we are happy."

Dane's relaxation goes deeper now, perhaps it's the mentioning of Apollo that stirs other relaxation techniquies to his mind, or perhaps simply puts him in a place of peace. Continuing to breath slowly, he remains standing in front of her with his feet on the grass in silence. Arms raising and lowering, he falls into a meditation of sorts.


That is until they are both hit with a spray of cold water and a sudden rouse of hilarity from some of the kids.

Sage's eyes snap open and she blinks as water drips down her face, staring as they all bolt and run in different directions. "Ohh you are so…so..gonna get it!" Her own laughter mingling as she begins running one of the littler ones down across the grassy area. The poor Marine! What the hell just happened?

Dane blinks as the water hits him, a cold shiver running down his spine. Turning to see some kids running from them, he runs to take one particularly squealing eight year old up in one hand under his arm in a mock monster-grab. Soaking wet from chest to his knees, they had to aim low to make sure they got Sage. "Now what are you doin' ya lil guy!" Dane mock-growls.

The boy giggles as he is grabbed up and the one Sage is after does some squeeling as she grabs that one up. He's about five, so she can handle him easily enough. There is more laughing and giggling whiles she hauls him back toward Dane and his catch. "And what should we do to these two? The other ones have escaped our clutches!" Although they are hiding around behind the pier, thinking they are hiding really well. Sage starts tickling the one she has.

"I know what I'm gonna do with mine…" Dane grins, tickling his kid a little bit and then wrestles the kid into holding the kid by the ankles. The kid squeals and laughs as Dane starts to carry him towards the lake. "I'm gonna…DUNK him…" Dane laughs, holding the kid over the water.

"Dunking! Aye, aye…and this one can walk the plank!" Sage begins following, grabbing up the five year old who is protesting amongst the giggling, since she is still tickling him.

And with that…Dane dunks the kid in the water. Only getting the kid's hair wet to avoid soaking what could be the only pair of clothes he has, the kid swats and struggles but laughs nonetheless. Slowly laying the kid down on the grass, he grins down to the kid. "Now let that be a lesson to ya…" He grins with mock evil.

Sage plops hers down at the dock now as his friends hide around underneath with more snickers and giggles. "By the power invested in…whoever owns this plank, I hereby make it known that the pirate known as Peter, will be..dunking, er, walking..anyway, off ye go!" Sage starts hustling him toward the end as he turns with a clinging to her leg and laughs. Just before she has him off the edge, she is swooping him back up again and setting him to safety.

Laughing as the kid he dunked goes running off behind the shack where the other kids are, Dane folds his arms across his chest and moves back over to Sage, looking to the kid. Smiling now, having forgotten current business, he watches her with the kid.

"Now, you mind your manners. I have someone I want you to meet," Sage smiles to Dane as the boy straightens up and looks waaaay up to him. "Petey, this is Mr. Ramiro." Those eyes widen really big on the boy now. "Noways." He looks thoroughly embarrassed and stumbles over words and apologies now. The other kids come peeking back out again, when they hear that.

Ramiro looks to Sage and gives her a curious look before he looks down to the kid. Chuckling a little, he pulls out his dog tags so that they kid can see. Taking a knee, he offers a hand to shake with the kid. "It's nice to meet you Petey." He adds, giving the kid a small smile. "How old are you?"

There is a sudden rush of kids now as the gather around. Some older, some younger, but they are all talking at the same time.

"Did you really kill cylons?"

"Sage said you have a scar too!"

"Can I see it?" A little girl asks.

"Do you really eat glass and spit out the cap? Shouts another."

"We heard you killed over a hundred!"

"Can I be a marine too?!"

Petey pushes one out of the way, "Shut up, I met him first! I'm Five."

"He ain't so tough." Another sniffs.

Sage chuckles too as she watches him get swarmed. Crossing one arm over the other and watches.

Ramiro laughs and looks to Sage like she'd just sprung a surprise party on him. Looking up to her from his knee, he pulls his sleeve up a little to show the scar and ruffles Petey's hair. "Five's a good age. Strong little man. You like Pyramid?" He asks and puts his hand on the kid's shoulder. "Yeah…yeah I'm a marine, guys." He says to the kids as they swarm.

"Wow." The little girl comes up slowly and puts small fingers on the big man's arm and scar. "Does it hurt?"

"Cindy, you are so stupid."

"She ain't either!"

Petey nods, ignoring the others. "Yup! I'm good too!"

"He's too short."

Ramiro grins at Petey. "Good. STAY good, we all help eachother out around here." He smiles to the kid and then rises to his full height of 5'11". "Short? Who's too short?" He winks at the kids. "I've gotta be tall enough to see over the trashcans, right?" He grins, looking across all of them, he smiles at Cindy. "Hey be nice to the ladies, men, they're smarter than us sometimes." He winks at the little girl. "It hurts a little, sometimes, but not as much as when I first got it."

Cindy is just in awe. "He's handsome too!" Sage chuckles and gathers them all up in a little huddle, bending to talk to them all. "Tommorrow. Promise. Now, get going before Ms. Hutchinson thinks you forgot it was too late to be out." Straightening, she watches as they all head off again, giving waves back to both. She raises her hand to wave in return. Once they are gone, she looks over, "Sorry about that. It interrupted the meditation."

Dane puts his hands on his hips and watches the kids run off with a shake of his head. Grinning quietly, he shakes his head from left to right. "No no…not at all…they're kids." He says, as if stating a simple fact. "You weren't lying at all, you really did tell them about me, didn't you?" He looks to her. "How much do they know?"

Sage cants her head, "I don't lie, Dane," she doesn't seem affronted by it, just stating facts. "How much? Just that much, they need someone to look up too. And well, you were handy." She begins walking over to find her sandals, wherever they were tossed too again.

Dane guffaws quietly. "Well it's nice to be the top of the list…" He says sarcastically. Turning, he follows after her towards his boots and looks down to them. "So was that all of them? They all play pyramid?" He asks, looking to her. "I know I've said that I was going to help, but…everything's been rather insane on work-front.."

"Not all, there are over twenty orphans and then we have some who do live with their families." Sage reaches down and picks up one sandal and then another to slip them back on. Raising a look to him again, "You sound rather sarcastic. You know, something like that can make a child's whole week. Give them a thing to look forward too. Give them some hope."

"No, I wasn't being sarcastic about meeting them. Quite the opposite really. They don't exactly give employee of the month badges on the war ships." Dane says, not trying to be funny as he looks to her. "I was being sarcastic about you saying that I was handy." He sits down in the grass, putting his boots back on. "I'll have to prepare something for them, next time I come over."

"Oh, it wasn't meant to make you feel bad. I apologize if it sounded like that. I meant..well, they see military, but are mostly ignored. When one actually is seen playing some pyramid, and listening to me talk about them.." she shrugs and squints a little off in the distance. "Kids, you know, they ask questions."

"Didn't make me feel bad. I was giving you trouble." Dane says quietly, lacing his boots back up beside her in the grass. Finishing the last boot, he rises to stand and face her in silence. Looking down to her, he turns to look over the lake. "Sage if I seem…ghostly…don't take it personally. Truth is, I'm really glad to see you."

Sage nods, "I'm glad you are still around, Snipershot. When I first heard the name, I thought it was you." She looks up, "You'll do fine. Just keep the faith."

Greje comes in from Spires Avenue.

Greje has arrived.

"Eventually…" Dane says quietly, nodding softly to Sage, standing beside her at the side of the lake. There's a crowd of kids rushing off into the distance, one of them wet, gossiping about a marine. "…the fact is, I don't really have time to mourn. I'm needed. I've been granted a few days but it's right back into the throw of things and I'm going on a pilgrimage to the Destiny. I wanted to see the gardens and stopped by to get a gift for the Brothers and Sisters at the temple on the Destiny."

Sage is standing near the water, her hair is a little damp still. The grass around is trampled some, small feet and larger. "Anyway, yeah, they need someone to look up too. A hero. You don't need to change, just, you know kinda be there if one wants to talk." She glances to him again at the words of the pilgrimage, "Oh..Dion again?" She hadn't heard, but then, she is busy too.

Greje has her hood up and her hands in the pseudo-kangaroo pocket of her UC sweatshirt. She's technically being Shore Leave Buddies with Dane for the time being, as per the new Shore Leave Edict, but a sudden bout of gastronomical distress had her parked in a nearby crab house restroom. She looks a modicum less sickly as she emerges from the restaurant back into the 'fresh' air of the park.

"Yeah…I'm not the type to sit at a wall and stare blankly. I find my way through other means and I've got to submerse myself." Dane nods to Sage and looks to see Greje approaching. Giving her a wave in their direction, he looks to Sage. "Greje's been good to me, willing to be lead me through this and go with me."

Sage turns to see who Dane is waving at and she brings up a smile to the Sister, "You can't get much better than that. Your own light to the Gods," she nods her head, "Good evening, Sister Karthasi, it's nice to see you."

Greje doesn't look like the light to anything particularly divine, today. She pulls a freshly washed hand from her pocket, still half-covered in her sweatshirt's sleeve, and moves her fingers vaguely in a wave. "Oh— hi—," she offers meekly out from underneath her hood, "Yes, it's nice to see you again, too." She looks to Dane, "Sorry I had to disappear like that," she offers him softly, then her eyes flit back toward Sage, still a little star-struck, in a tired-looking, I-really-hope-Sage-Gionis-does't-figure-out-I-just-had-the-worst-diarrhea-ever sort of way.

Ramiro looks from Sage to Greje and smiles quietly at the Chaplain. Somewhere after arriving apparently he's loosened up a bit from the cold, non-speaking statue he was after getting off of the transport. Watching Greje for a moment, he looks to Sage and then steps so that their conversation can turn into a triangle. "It's okay, Greje…are you still okay with going to the Destiny?" He asks, apparently noticing that she's been still a little sick.

If Sage notices the woman feeling less than 'fresh' today, she doesn't say anything. She does look to Dane and back to Greje, "I'm sorry, I hadn't realized he came over with someone else. I was just..uh..well the kids came by and we had some introductions." She gives both a little more room and reaches down with a finger to adjust the strap on her sandal. "I should be going. It was good to see you again, Dane."

Greje smiles sort of wanly but pleasantly enough at Sage, "You don't need to go. It's a new policy on Genesis, if you go off of the ship you go with a buddy, you know?" she explains the new rule. "I think I'll be alright to go over, but I'm going to need to be back on Genesis tonight before too late," she adds, without going into details as to why. "Ms. Gionis, I'm sorry I haven't been over too often. Brother Karan and I have been discussing plans for a temple here… hopefully that will help in making certain the religious needs of the community here can be more adequately met. Dane also mentioned you had a vision…?"

Sage feels her own lips twitching now, "Oh. Yes, I suppose that a buddy system would be good. I haven't had any problems though." She doesn't look to worried either. "The temple is coming along fine, I've been working on it too. You should drop by." A shifted look goes from Dane to Greje and back to Dane, "He did, did he?"

"Well…you told me it was okay…" Dane looks to Sage with a moment of hesitation before looking back to Greje. He nods to her quietly in recognition of her leaving early. He apparently intends to stay overnight. "Allright. I'll be staying over there but I'll just arrange to check in with one of the other parties on leave."

Greje's features edge quietly into the worried spectrum as she seems to have inadvertantly tripped some tension between the ball player and the marine, "I— um." Hm. Awkward, much? Then, brows rise, "Wait— construction of the sanctuary has already started? Did Brother Karan come see that lawyer about allocating space for it already?" she wonders. Wow. Brother works fast. She'd assumed it would be at least another few weeks until they got the okay for it. "Wasn't the interim civilian government going to vote on it and everything once it was convened? Or has it already convened and I just have had my head buried in other things?"

Did she? Her head was rattled at the time still. Sage does a long pause and then smiles, "I guess I did." Turning her smile to Greje, she nods, "Yes, I guess it was something of a sort anyway. A bright star over some planet." A slow blink returns to the Priestess, "I never heard of any convening, who is going to convene? They can't even find their butts with the…" she pauses again and blinks, "Sorry, sister. I mean, it's almost done."

Dane looks from Sage to Greje and then back again. Awkwardness? He blinks, a little too numb to understand the social mix up. He shoves his hands into his pockets and counts grass blades for the moment as they discuss the growing temple on the Carina. Slowing his resolve a little bit, he chews at the side of his lip.

Greje opens her mouth to talk about the civilian meeting that was called and the propositions discussed, but then it just hangs open and she shifts in her stance, brows lowering in a look of amazement, "Almost done? The meeting was only a week ago. That's amazing," she adds, "I'd love to see it, if you don't mind… I'll have to prepare the space for sanctification once the construction's complete… and dedicate the altar," her brain spinning off into the needful things related to the consecration of a new holy space. "There should be games for the dedication… a torch race, at the very least."

Sage smiles. "It's a pyramid stadium and who owns it, if not the players still left alive. I certainly don't see the manager and owner out here any longer. And if they don't like it, I'll sic Andi on them," she begins walking then, "Besides, government red tape will keep us without a sanctuary until another doomsday. What are they going to do, fire me?"

Dane looks up to see Sage walking off, lifting an eyebrow quietly. "Wait…she said you didn't have to…" Dane frowns a little and offers Sage a wave. "…I'll see you around soon, Sage." He calls out, turning to look at Greje. Looking her over, he gets a concerned look on his face after her near spill in her office the other day. "You allright?" He asks quietly.

Greje starts walking along with Sage, assuming she's going to the new sanctuary set up in the Stadium, giving a meek little smile, "I suppose that's so… I just didn't want to tread on any toes. But if the spiritual community here is so energetic… I can only feel honored to be able to serve you." She looks back to Dane, beckining him along, "I think I'm alright. Probably just a… bug. Or my system's just getting used to the algae."

Sage makes a face, "Algae," she shakes her head slightly, "Who really eats that stuff." She does seem to be taking her to the sanctuary and looks back to Dane, "Well, come along Hero."

Back to the Temple they go!

Dane looks over to them, stepping into line to float behind them like a ghost. Hands behind his back, he looks to the docking bay in the distance and simply stares at it. Turning back to fall shortly into line behind Greje and Sage, he follows…quietly.

"We all will be before too long. It's really not that bad, once you get used to the consistancy…" Greje offers, trying to sound positive about it. She follows Sage into the gardens, and all talk of algae falls out of her mouth as said mouth hangs open. "It's… beautiful," she remarks, unable to quite say more than that, yet.

Sage pauses to the side as she brings Greje back to the area. "It's amazing how you can get people to work with a little bit of encouragement, even the kids jumped in and helped. Just don't tell the…you know..government, let them think they are still pondering the subject. No one comes here anyway for games." She glances to Dane, "Cheer up, Dane, you were atleast laughing before. Or do I need to bring the kids back around?" Is that a threat?

Dane looks to Sage and nods quietly to her. "Baby steps." He says with a little smile. He's hard to depress, but he is technically still in mourning. Stopping near the wall, he offers Sage a hug and then looks to Greje. "I'm going to go make sure the transport's ready for us. I'll catch up with you two in a bit." He says before slipping away.

Greje's eyes can't quite stay still on any one thing for too long— she takes to looking at the stones laid out on the ground, looking from one to another, eyes widening and a smile twitching at the corner of her mouth, "These stones are laid out in the progression of Apolline proportions…" she realizes in amazement, then looks up to Dane, giving him a gentle nod.

Sage looks a little surprised at the hug and then nods, raising a hand as he goes, "Keep well." She then turns to see the Priestess, "Anyway, enjoy yourself, it still needs some work. I'm still hanging the fake ivy I got off the cruise ship. I have to go eat with the kids, I promised." And with that, she is heading out of the sanctuary herself.

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