A Little Space
A Little Space
Summary: Stranded after the Destiny's wrong turn, Chione and Sloane get a reprieve from the crowded civilian berthings.
Date: 85 ACH
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Office Suite Destiny - Deck 9
85 ACH 23817 Souls

This is a standard Suite onboard the Destiny which has been converted largely into an office area. The main room holds a large open area, with a mahogany desk and large leather swivel chair behind it. Two smaller chairs are set in front of the desk, while a row of locked file cabinets are set against a wall. Opposite this is a large overstuffed couch and comfortable chairs set around a glass topped coffee table. Through one door is a comfortable bathroom with tub and shower setup, while another door leads to a bedroom with a bed and more personal furniture, including a full length mirror, and walk-in closet.

Nicholas is sitting in the suite with a glass of white wine, flipping through one of the Destiny's large technical manuals.

Sloane comes in after a short knock and peeks his head in. Holding Chione's hand, he holds the door open for her. He's abandonned his outer shirt and is simply wearing a white tee-shirt now. "Nick?" He asks, taking a look inside. "Are you in here? It's us, Cornbread and Chione…"

Gnawing on her lower lip, Chione practically clings to Sloane's hand. She's been getting worse with each step, mumbling about this, or that, fretting over the other and everything else, going over navigation protocols under her breath, anything to keep herself busy, or give herself the illusion of being busy.

Nicholas looks up at the hatch over the rim of his glass. He swallows the mouthful of wine and stands up, leaving his suit jacket on the chair back. His vest is unbuttoned, though he's kept his tie on. "Come in, come in. Is everything alright?" One look at Chione's face probably answers his own question.

"We're all a little rattled." Sloane says, closing the door behind them. He's got his outer shirt folded, and managed a quick glance outside for Drusus before closing the door. He's also removed his shiny watch. He slides an arm around Chione's shoulders. He leans forward and pulls a chair out for Chione.

Falling into her chair, Chione stares at Nick's glass of wine, as if daring it to offer itself to her. "I need something to do. You KNOW how I am when things have ballooned this far out of my control, Nick. And it's far too soon to go back to the Captain and offer my assistance again. Though, telling him that his coordinates are right but he's in the wrong spot isn't going to be much frakkin' help."

No Drusus present. Nicholas apparently came home by himself, perhaps more task-minded than he gives off the impression to be. He doesn't even need to see Chione's glance at his wine; he's already pulling two more glasses out of the cabinet. Wine's poured into each. "I think we're all getting ready, just in case." The massive manual open on the table is of the circuits of the Destiny's bridge computers. Just in case, indeed. "The Captain is the Captain for a reason; we've got to give him time to even know what to ask for help with."

Sloane sits down beside Chione and rubs her back softly, trying to soothe her. "Thank you…" He adds, taking up the glass of wine. Swirling it a little, he takes a sip. He still smells like lotion or oil of some sort. "I apologize, Nick, about earlier. I didn't mean to sound like I was mustering. It's just…military lingo. It gets into your brain and stays there. Muster, Mess, Fall in…any help you need, I offer my services."

"Which … is why I'm here, where it's private," says Chione, not moving, letting Sloane rub her back. "Like I said, I'm not going back up there, despite wanting, needing to do something. I HATE feeling out of control like this," she says. "Not having something to focus on." Then the brilliant idea hits her. She can focus on Sloane rubbing her back! Maybe that will work. Closing her eyes, Chione reaches up to rub the bridge of her nose again, and tries to concentrate on that, she tries to unwind, letting the two men talk.

Nicholas slides the second glass in front of Chione. "Well, focus on that too. It's Fouassier." He picks up his own glass, gently swirling it. A hand's waved at Sloane's words. "Oh, don't worry about earlier, just be careful. We've retained our relative independence for a reason. I wouldn't be surprised if our crew is looking at this as…how might I say. Proof that they're worth something more than weakling civilians. So making it look that way no matter what will be tricky but necessary. We do all want to help, including me, but we do need to do it delicately."

Sloane throws a little bit of massage into her back with one hand, trying to help relieve some of the tension from her shoulders. Seated closely beside her, he takes another sip of the wine and sets the glass down on the desk. "Completely understandable. Truth is there's only a handful but if you hear word of someone needing some help anywhere while this is going on, I don't care if it's shoveling feed, I'll do it." He looks to Chione. "We're gonna be okay…we're all in this one together and we'll get ourselves out of it."

"I have a very limited set of useful skills, Antonio," says Chione as he begins massaging her shoulders. "You, at least, can shovel feed. I'd mess that up, like I nearly did trying to do my first load of laundry." But then, Nicholas mentions the wine, and the woman opens her eyes and peers. "You're trying to distract me, and possibly get me drunk. You might very well succeed at both," she notes, reaching for the glass and taking a slow sip of the wine. "You have the most wonderful taste, Nicholas, and I don't compliment you on it often enough."

"And you're trying to flatter me, Chione, and you /always/ succeed at that." Nicholas straightens his expensive tie and smirks, sipping his wine. "Well I don't know about shoveling feed, but we have certainly become resourceful souls over here. I doubt the Captain will turn down a single hand. He's just got to be allowed to ask for it. Power balance and all that…blah blah blah." He makes a colourfully demonstrative hand gesture with that and then reaches down to flip a page in the manual. "Berthings are crowded, I imagine."

"Yeah…they are. Everyone that came down has bunked in so far and everyone's getting rest. We're not getting looked at too oddly because we're in leave clothes, but I decided it the better to hide my tags for the time being." Sloane says to Nicholas and then takes his wine glass up again. Looking to Chione, he watches her closely. "You can hold the bag." He offers, trying to get a smile out of her, in reference to the feed shoveling.

"I suppose you would get used to the cramped spaces, except for the lack of even a curtain," notes Chione. "On the Genesis, we have those. Or for the truly creative, there are the storage closets," she notes with a wave of her hand, letting Nick's imagination do the rest. "But yes, it's pretty bad down there. I really wish there was more that could be done, I'm surprised Laura hasn't gone a crusade to put up fashion curtains on her own already, honestly. Or is she the reason there are no curtains in the first place?" is asks with another sip of wine.

Turning to Sloane, Chione offers a sweet smile and reaches out to pat the man's cheek. "I like you a lot, but I'm not getting caught holding the bag for anything," she offers as a joke in response.

"Given that woman's worship of faux feathers I should think we all ought to be grateful she hasn't thought that particular detail through." Nicholas sounds like the mere thought is giving him a headache. "That woman is a child of a lesser god, I swear." It calls for another good sip of wine, and he chuckles at Chione's quip to Sloane. "Well. I did offer to let you stay here for the evening, and that still holds. I bask in my rampant favouritism. I have plenty of other places to be."

Sloane looks to Nicholas with a grateful nod. "Thank you, you're very kind to us. Chione was just saying how she'd like to sleep in a full bed for a change. We've been in bunks for weeks." He stops rubbing her back for a moment as he finishes his glass of wine. "It is, okay, that I stay here as well, correct? I wouldn't want to assume…"

Reaching out, Chione takes her thumb and forefinger together, and tries to flick at Cornbread's head. "He offered it to us, silly. Not to ME, to us." That said, Chione does her best not to just gulp down the rest of that wine, it's too fine of a vintage to gulp. "I will happily bask in your rampant favoritism anytime, Nick."

"Well, of course. Just call room service in the morning and leave me none the wiser about any mess, hmm?" Nicholas smiles sweetly at Sloane, not giving him a chance to answer before he looks back at Chione. A finger's tipped towards the fridge and to various points around the room as he details. "There are things to nibble on in there and more wine…remote control to the stereo is on my desk…there's a vid player in the bedroom hooked into the main database of films…and there's plenty of decent shampoo and all that in the bathroom. You use whatever you want, my dear. Anyway." He shuts the big manual, picking it up. "I shall make myself scarce and go bother Renata. Call her if you need me, or if I'm not there just leave a message with Roy at Envy."

Sloane blushes at Chione and then rises, offering a hand to Nick to shake. It's a respectful gesture. "Again…thanks for everything." He insists, nodding to Nick as he pushes in his chair. "You're a very good friend to her and I want you to know that you can find one in me as well." He winks. "But I'll never forget your allegiance is to her." He smiles.

Aaaah! No more backrubs! Chione stands slowly, but instead of shaking Nick's hand, she just moves to give him a hug and kisses his cheek. "You'll make me pay you back, I know, but thanks, Sweety," she says, before taking a step back. "You won't know we were ever here. I promise."

"Oh, shush." Nicholas shakes Sloane's hand. It's just a single shake rather than a heartier one, as he does to everyone. "Friendships later, rest now. Take good care of Chione and you are a friend of mine." He lets go of Sloane's hand and pats Chione's arm as she hugs him. "Alright, no more thanks, I'm getting a cavity listening to this. I'll see you in a few hours, no doubt. Goodnight, dear." He kisses her cheek and breezes for the hatch.

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