A New Ensign
A New Ensign
Summary: Ramiro gets promoted
Date: 68 ACH - 01/20/09
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Marine Offices Genesis - Deck 14

68 ACH 23817 Souls

This room serves as an all-purpose command post for the Genesis detachment of the Colonial Marines, and is manned round-the-clock by HQ staff. Drab desks, replete with office supplies, computer terminals, and headsets take up the majority of the space. White boards with hasty scribbles denoting the day's duty shifts dominate an entire wall. There's a small arms locker at the far corner of the room, furthest away from the hatch, blending into a row of filing cabinets. A wireless panel is close to the hatch, sitting below a draped Colonial Marines flag.


[Intercom] Colonel Fotilas and Sergeant Ramiro. Report to the Marine Offices immediately.

[Intercom] Colonel Fotilas and Sergeant Ramiro. Report to the Marine Offices immediately.

Gaelan is at his desk just briefly before standing up and heading to the Wireless. Picking it up he talks into it briefly and heads over the Desk Sergeant's desk, picking up a file and reading it over slowly.

Regas is just entering the Marine Offices. He likes to do this unnanounced sometimes for the enlisted. The pucker factor makes it all worth the walk.

Ramiro comes in from Corridor 14D.

Castillo, just a few hours in from being officially reinstated, waits for the Sheriff to come give him his duty assignment. It only takes him a moment to spy the officer and then the pips. He comes to attention and announces, "Commander on Deck!"

Gaelan eyes glance to the Commander as he steps into the Marine Offices. Snapping to a quick attention after the announcement from the MP he fires off a quick and solid salute as he locks eyes with the Commander, "Commander Regas. I trust you are down here based on the report I filed?" Oh yes. That report. The one about the SST Sergeant whom also got summoned to Brassfrest '68 ACH

There's the muffled note in the distance of Sergeant Ramiro's heavy footsteps. Apparently in Ramiro's dictionary, 'Immediately' means to jog around the traffic as politely as he can. The footsteps stop just outside of the door to the Marine Offices. Dane takes a second to catch his breath and look his off duty clothes over. He scowls. Fotilas was paged. Immediately, however, does not mean 'take your damn time to look nice'. He lets out a slow breath and turns the corner. He sees Regas. One boot steps inside and Ramiro hears the call of Commander on Deck and snaps into a salute, swallowing.

Regas pauses just a moment as those come to attention, "At ease. I was looking for a place to sit down after reading that six page report. My legs get tired walking lately. Must be the age of over forty creeping in." There is nothing on his features to tell if he is joking or not. In his hand, he carries box.

The MP steps out of attention, and assumes a parade rest stance. While Castillo's curiosity isn't betrayed by a head turn, his eyes dart around to see how things are gonna go down.

Gaelan lowers his salute as he nods to the Commander. A brief glance down to his hands and sets the file down, "Well missions like the one we just conducted do come with their share of paperwork, Sir. It's unfortunate consequence." Eyes glance to the hatch as he waits almost impatiently for the summoning of people to be completed, there is a brief nod to Castillo then a look to Ramiro.

Also assuming the stance of being at ease for merely a second, Ramiro continues his path forward towards the Marine Offices. Standing in the center, surrounded by the desks, he snaps into a salute again. Reporting for duty as called, he remains until given direction.

Fotilas finds his way up to the offices, heading in with his game face on. Uniform straight and sidearm atached, he stops just inside the hatch and looks around. Noting those present and that nobody needs a good yelling at, he seems to relax a bit. "Sir. Major." He nods to each in turn before settling on Ramiro. "Sergeant." He's quick with the greetings.

Regas sets the box on the Major's desk and takes a partial seat on the edge. He's probably the only one in a thousand leagues that is able to do that without getting a slap. Then again, he might be doing it to poke Gaelan also. "Sergeant, Colonel." A nod also goes to Castillo, the bright and shiny MP.

Gaelan looks to the Commander and nods briefly as he steps towards the edge of his desk, his hands folding behind his back. A brief glance to the Commander, "Commander, thank you for bringing that down." Looking towards the Colonel and the MP, "If both of you will join us please." Finally he looks to the Sergeant and sharply comments in his rasped voice, "Sergeant Dane Ramiro. Front and center."

Castillo notices the nods tossed in his direction, but he does nothing to acknowledge them. He remains a silent sentry, keeping the situation appraised as best he can from his vantage point in the room.

Ramiro resists the urge to look around the assembled faces. One of who'm had last heard from him on unpleasant terms. Not wasting any time, Ramiro lowers his salute and moves to stand before Major Gaelan's desk. Stopping with his feet together and his arms at his sides, straight as an arrow, he sounds off. "Sir." It's a direct statement. He's complied. Marines don't ask questions when being told to come front and center.

Regas simply remains silent now as he watches the Sergeant.

"Of course, Major." Fotilas steps a bit closer and stands by, hands clasped firmly behind his back. His eyes dart to Ramiro as he is called-up. Sternface.

The Major looks to the Sergeant long and hard, finally the gaze looks the Marine over as he steps forward the box sliding into his hand as he unfolds his hands from his back. The rasped voice of the Major is calm but direct, "Sergeant Dane Ramiro, over the past couple missions you have lead the SST team of the Battlestar Genesis Marine Corps into some dangerous missions. Some of which caused a sacrifice of well trained marines, severe injuries to yourself and your men and most of all valuable leverage during out time of war." There is a pause as he pulls the box around, "Throughout this stellar work you have provided it pains me to know that I must remove you as my SST Squad Leader. Your duty and loyalty has been unsurpassed in this role and it will leave a high bar to match and exceed." The box gets brought around and is held in his hands as he looks down to it briefly, then as he looks up to the Sergeant he opens it slowly revealing the rank pins, "Ensign Dane Ramiro, you are hereby promoted to the vacancy of the Logistics and Training Officer for the Battlestar Genesis Marine Corps. You will now directly report to myself and be considered my S3. Effective immediately all your personal possessions are to be removed from the Enlisted Berthings and moved into the Officer Quarters." Reaching into the box the Major pulls out the Ensign pins, and reaches over fastening them to the off-duty tanktop of the former Sergeant. It's not the most formal of location, but it's the process that counts.

Watching each of the officers, then the sergeant, Castillo recognizes what's going on. His eyes soften a bit, but he does not crack a smile. Darting eyes settle down as they go from information gathering to simple observation. Gaelan's announcement confirms the MPs suspicion and he directs his eyes forward now.

Regas continues to watch. He's good at watching, he does it for a living. There is the barest hint of a smile now as he does straighten from the desk lean though. "Congratulations, Ensign. No doubt you'll do well in a quick OCS training too. We'll need that on your file."

Ramiro's eyes go stone cold, fighting the urge to smile broadly. Standing still as the pins are attached to his chest. He does go a little pale for a moment, which fades. Squaring his jaw, he hears the Commander's response as well and reactively nods. "Yes sir! Thank you sir." He says emphatically, already making the mental list of things that he's going to have to prepare for. The books are going to become quite his friends in the near future. Staring straight forward until given clearance or offered a handshake, he remains at attention, dutiful.

Fotilas' smile cracks. "Congratulations, Ensign. You've done damned fine work. A well-deserved promotion." If nobody else is going to offer it first, he'll take the honor of being the first to shake this Marine officers hand. His own extends towards the man.

Gaelan smiles and nods to the Ensign as he lets the Command offer the first shake. The box snaps shut as he waits patiently his own hand held out in an open offer to the Ensign as he calmly adds, "Excellent work Ensign, I do also have some new orders of business for you to take care of now that you have joined the ranks of the Brass. But those can wait for a few, since this is your day after all."

Regas extends his hand also. "You've done great work and your CO has commended you well for it. Not many get mustang'd during wartime, but you deserve it." The Commander had brought in a larger box too, which looks like a small closet. Once the hand shaking is overwith, he flips the latch on it and opens it up. Inside is a 12 year old bottle of Leonis Aged Whiskey and four shot glasses. "Ensign Ramiro, I'll even let you pour."

Castillo continues to remain still and finds a good line of bolts to study in the bulkhead opposite him.

"Yes sir…" Ramiro looks to Gaelan with a nod and then turns to the Colonel. Taking the offered hand, he gives it a firm handshake alongside a gentlemanly nod. He replies to the congratulations. "Thank you, sir." That first smile cracks. "It's an honor to serve this fleet." He turns to Regas and gives a similar handshake. To think of what his parents would say now, shaking hands with Commander Regas. "I'll spend every waking moment giving honor to the position, sir. Thank you." He turns to Gaelan, offering a handshake. "Thank you sir." He smiles. He then turns and pours the four shots. He pauses for a moment, looking around. No, this wouldn't be a test. Ramiro's not a known drinker. He does, however, hand the shots out to each of them, taking his into his hand last. It's a gesture of respect.

Fotilas takes the shot glass with a nodded thanks. He wafts it under his nose and smirks to Regas. "Very nice, Commander." He looks to Gaelan to make a toast, though.

Gaelan takes the glass and nods to the Commander, "Thank you for the fine drink, Sir." Looking to Ramiro he lifts the glass, "To the Corps. Where everyone is a rifleman and the leaders are proven in the valor of combat." A look towards Fotilas, "To honor for those we fight next to." The Major looks towards the Commander, "To respect for those we fight to protect." Finally the Major settles back on his newest Ensign, "To the legacy of the Marine Corps, to never fail in any mission she is given." The glass is lifted a touch higher at the completion of the toast.

Regas takes the glass and raises it in a toast to the new Ensign. "Ensign Dane Ramiro, may your sails have enough wind and if not, the Gods add it with a breath." So, he's Navy. Then he drinks when the others do.

"Huah." Ramiro says at the completion of the toasts, including those in his direction. It's the catch all word in the Marine Corps, and is also frequently used to show understanding as well as excitement. Saluting his shotglass to them all, he downs it slowly, letting the alcohol slide down the back of his throat to savor the flavor. He wants to remember this shot for the rest of his life. Slowly lowering his head back to a normal level, he flattens his lips slowly and exhales, breathing outwards. Thankful that he didn't make the burn-face in front of the elements of high command. Eyeballing the shot glass, he grins and sets it down by the case. "Wow…that's some excellent stuff, Sir."

Fotilas lifts his glass approvingly with Gaelan. "Huah!" The former Marine grunts it out with a grin before taking the shot slowly. And he actually drinks it. It washes back slowly, the man allowing himself to savor the taste. He shakes his head and looks to the empty glass. "An officer could get used to this, sir," he cracks to Regas, nodding to Ramiro in agreement.

Regas grins, "From Fulton. Must be nice to be a billionaire, or was nice to be one anyway." He sets the glass aside now. Resting a hand on the Major's shoulder, he speaks quietly.

You whisper, "Have your new Ensign go speak with the CMO about those skinjobs they found. Keep it quiet around here like normal." to Gaelan.

Gaelan nods to the Ensign and tilts back the shotglass draining it's contents quickly and without a flinch. Looking towards the Commander he leans into the quiet comments as he sets the glass down. Passing a look to the Commander he nods, "Certainly Sir." is all that emits from the Major as he looks back to the Ensign. Clearing his throat he straightens slightly his rasped tone finally comments, "Well Ensign Ramiro, since you are now an officer that means that you can no longer be a squad leader for my SST's." Reaching back to his desk he grabs another box and offers it out towards the Ensign, "These are for Sergeant Hazzard, I think it would be more of an honor to come from you. Especially since I know you need a new Squad Leader in place for mission planning."

Eli comes in from Corridor 14D.

Castillo continues his role as the silent sentry, keeping his eyes focused on the bulkhead while the officers conduct their business.

Ramiro takes the box and opens it just a little, taking a look inside. A small smile creeps at the side of his face before he looks to Gaelan with a sharp nod. "He was just released from sick bay on light duty, no PT, he'll be very easy to find." He nods his head to emphasize. "Thank you sir. He'll be very happy to receive these as well as the squad itself. SST wouldn't be better in anyone else's hands." Ramiro turns his head a little, looking to the empty desk in the room. Rubbing the side of his face, he holds the box behind his back. "Will I be starting my OCS prep in the offices here, sir?"

Regas resets his fancy box with the whiskey back together and closes it up. "Give the marine a handshake for me also, Ensign. He's done a good job also." It looks like the Commander is off this deck, so the Marines can breathe easier now.

Eli starts to make her way in, folder of paperwork in one hand seeing as she uses the Security Hub as her officer most of the time and she has a very serious expression on her face as she slows to a stop, looking around curiously and straightening up like somebody shoved a steel rod up her ass as she sees Regas AND Gaelan and starts to make a subtle U-Turn.

Gaelan looks to Ramiro briefly then looks to Regas, "Commander. Thank you for stopping by and the drink, Sir." Looking back to Ramiro he flatly comments, "Since we have a lot to catch you up on I am granting you a 48 hour leave. This will give you time to get your bunks moved and all the other odd and end bits of paperwork and uniforme transfers completed. Once you get back on duty, we are going right to work. This is going to be a little different than your previous life, Ensign. So I expect you to come prepared to go to work."

"Yes Sir. He'll be happy to hear that you said so." Ramiro replies, turning himself so that he can face both the Commander and the Major. Feeling that shot in his veins, he relaxes a little bit. He turns to Gaelan. "Yes sir. Forty hours and a good solid eight of sleep and I'll be reporting to you ready to triple time." Ramiro nods, turning his back to what will be his desk. Never one to complain about rough spots, he gives a little serious nod to guarantee that he knows the Major means business.

Regas nods to Gaelan and makes his way out, just as Eli is coming into the room. "Sheriff. Did they make you a full Sheriff yet or are you still in acting mode?" He pauses there, not letting her escape so easily.

Castillo's eyes flit to the movement in the room, watching the MAA enter and then slowly start to sneak out. He restrains a smirk and brings eyes eyes forward when the CO spoils her getaway.

Eli freezes and turns around slowly but surely, tucking that folder under her arm. "Sir? No sir. I'm still in as you put it acting mode, sir." She admits with that stony blank face she's perfected over the years.

Gaelan eyes glance over to the interaction between the MAA and the Commander. The brow furrows at the response as he just calmly looks between the two, saving his interjection of comments on the matter just yet. The fact it was brought up is duly noted though.

Holding a small box behind his back with two hands, Ramiro gives Gaelan one final nod before going silent. Scanning across the room, he eyeballs Castillo for a moment before matching Gaelan's glance in the acting MaA's direction.

Regas glances back to Gaelan and nods, noticing the CO is on top of things. Turning back to her, he nods. "Keep up the good work then, but try to not continually put my Officers in sickbay. Alright?"

Eli just nods firmly. "Yes sir." She replies simply, brow furrowing for a moment as she processes what has been said and all and she nods firmly again. "Sickbay…oh sir, I apologize for that sir, won't happen again sir."

Gaelan nods slowly to the Commander at the glance back. Eyes slide over to Eli looking to the folder in her hand with some curiousity, then a glance over to the stoic MP.

With any luck that folder in the MAA's hand pertains to Castillo and the choice-sounding assignment she mentioned might be available for him to work on.

Regas nods. "Good to hear," he's moving past her again now and out the hatch. Before long he is off the deck and headed back to his own quarters.

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