A New XO
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Summary: Salin comes to talk about Civ Government and leaves an XO.
Date: 82ACH - 2/3/2009
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11

82 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.


The Commander's quarters looks like a hurricane hit it, especially his desk. So much is piled on it now, you can barely find the lamp. At the moment, he is on the wireless and speaking to someone down in supply, it seems. "Just do it, Carpenter." And the wireless is hung up. Grouchy.

Having made his way out of the JAG Cave and just up the hall a touch, Salin finds himself in front of the Commander's Quarters. There's a quick knock on the door and then he's calling out, "Commander, it's Altair. Can I have a few moments of your time?"

"Enter!" When the JAGman enters, "What can I do for you Major? If you are planning on going civilian, forget it." Regas seems pretty adamant on that one.

Slipping inside the quarters, Salin closes the door behind him and then pauses to take a look around. There's an arch of a brow and he's chuckling softly, "Hmm. No, I don't think you need worry about that." There's a pause and he's looking towards the desk, "Starting to look like my office in here." Another pause and he's chuckling again, "I've actually come to discuss this public meeting that's been called for on the Carina by the civilians. Seems they are looking to get together to discuss the idea of forming an intrim civilian government."

Regas pushes some folders around until he finds something that resembles a stapled mass, "They need one," he picks those up and looks them over, tossing them toward an out box. "Are you heading that up?" He glances up then, picking up another folder.

There's a quick shake of Salin's head as he brings his hands to rest loosely behind his back, "I'm not. I actually found out about it, after it was called for. I'm going to be meeting with the organizer, to see exactly what their idea's are and to see if they can hold off until Mister Fulton and myself have the economic situation fully situated." Eyes follow the movements of paper to the out box before returning to Regas, "I was wondering what your thoughts on this particular matter, were."

"That they could use some structure over there and we can stop babysitting," the folder gets tossed into the box also as the Commander looks up, "However, they don't have the capacity to run off on their own, they still need to depend on us for their survival. I'm not going to argue with whoever they put in charge about how I run my battles."

A nod of Salin's head and he's making a visible mental note before continuing, "I'll ensure that I make that clear. Now, if a civilian government is formed, they are going to see fit to manage the civilian vessels as they deem necessary. This could have an impact on how shore leave is conducted, military behavior, persecution of criminal offenses and a few other points of interest. With your permission, I'd like the leeway to negotiate and ensure that the Military's interests are looked after on specific points."

Regas is still going through the folders, but this is going to take a few hours. He works and multi-tasks with both, "Permission granted." A glance up, "And no 'President', Major. Presidents tend to like to rule military and that isn't happening here. They can put a Governor in place to work with us."

There's a soft chuckle and Salin is quick to offer a nod of his head, "I have no intention of allowing them to elect a President, Commander. I was thinking along the lines of a Governor, myself." There's a pause and he's giving another nod, "Is there anything else you specifically wish to see or not see with the formation of this?"

"That our ChEng knows best," Regas comments, passing folders off here and there. "And mutiny is not going to be allowed in any level. We start getting riots and they are likely to find themselves in jail," he pauses, "If we have to build them as we go."

Regas adds in, "I'd really like a police force that understands this."

"Of course." Salin's offering a quick smile to that, followed by a nod, "The issue of the Fleet Police will be brought up later, but I don't anticipate any disagreement from the civilian side of things when it comes to a policy about riots. This meeting is scheduled to take place on Friday. I'll attend and will let you know what course of action they decide to persue."

Regas nods, "How is Pepper doing?" He looks over his desk, "I need to find a replacement. Major Fotilas has stepped down to training officer also." Which puts alot of meat on his plate right now. As is easily seen.

"Pepper is doing quite well under Major Carter's command. She's also quite happy with how things have been going." There's an arch of his brow and Salin cants his head to the side, "I had not realized the Colonel stepped aside. Have you a list of canditates in mind?"

"I'm glad, I think it'll make her a stronger person to be involved in such an undertaking," Regas looks up, "I hadn't thought about it." He's tough, he can handle it. Commander Stress Syndrome! "Are you wanting on the list?"

"Major Carter is a smart man and a good leader. And I agree, she'll do extremely well." There's a pause and Salin lifts a brow again at that final question, pondering it for a moment before giving the slightest nod of his head, "I do."

Regas looks a little surprised, "I didn't honestly think you did. Who do you have in mind that would take your place in the JAG department?" He questions now, and yes the folders are still going here and there. "And what would you feel your priorities to be?"

That bare's another moment's consideration and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "One of the other Lieutenant's within the department would be an acceptable replacement. I could still assist on legal matters as they arise, to ensure that things are running smoothly. As for priorities .." He wets his lips and the continues, "Well, aside from ensuring that your orders are followed and that order and discipline are maintained, I believe it would be beneficial to continue focusing on these 'issues' that arise. The creation of an economy. The formation of a Civilian Government. The transition of Military Police and Marines off Civilian Ships. These should all be priorities for us, as in the end, it allows us to focus on what we are. A Military Battlestar."

Regas nods a little, "But you don't feel most of my orders are for the better, Major." He sits down then, leaving the folders alone as he watches the JAG for a long moment. "Whether you believe them as being the good for the people or not, I do. Twenty-some-thousand now, Salin," he reverts to the man's given name. This wasn't what I was planning, but it is what we have been given. Not that we can please everyone, but the over all, is important. The many, before the few."

There's a bow of Salin's head and he's offering a quick smile, "As JAG, Commander, it's my responsibility to ensure that the orders fall within the confines of the rules, regulations and laws that we swore an oath to protect. I would have been remiss if I had not made my displeasure known." He pauses, "As Executive Officer, I'm still bound by the same rules. But, they would be addressed behind closed doors. It's my belief that the XO is also there to ensure that the Captain of a ship see's all aspects and all plausible impacts. Then, if the order is issued regardless, he's to ensure that it's followed, whether he or she believes, personally, that it's for the best."

Regas pulls out a drawer and raises up some more damn paperwork, "I'm going to find my stamp one day so I don't have to keep writing my name." The papers are flipped two or three times as he makes a scrawl across them which resembles his signature somewhat. "I hope you realize what you've just got yourself into, Salin," the papers are dropped on the top of the folder pile for him to sign. "Because your ass just got raised up, but the shit below it is still quicksand."

Another drawer is opened and a black box is tossed to the folder stack too, "Get to work, Colonel and find me a damn replacement for Pepper."

There's a very soft laugh and Salin is shaking his head slightly, "I never could get used to using a stamp." Then, he's falling quiet for a moment and there's the quickest of blinks before he's giving a quick nod of his head, "Will do, Commander." A step forward and he's moving to pick up that box, "I believe Pepper has someone in mind for a replacement, already. I'll speak with her and then this Ensign, to ensure that she's viable."

Regas waves with his pen, "Good, and make sure she or he can make coffee." He frowns at the cold stuff on his desk right now. "Get with this Captain Solon and Major Carter about those drones also. I want to know what is on them. Plus that map, they are working on it as well. We're running low on metals for refitting our ships. We're going to have to start pissing off some people, but available scrap is our priority. Vending machines aren't needed. Tanning booths aren't needed, pull the ships Captains in and find out what they can yank."

Listening, Salin gives another nod of his head, "Will do, Commander. I'll get with the Major and Captain as soon as they are available and then I'll meet with Ship Captains and Major Zimmermann to discuss what's available for us to scrap for the metal." A pause, "Anything else, sir?"

Regas shakes his head, "That should do it for now. Good luck, you are going to need it," a hint of a smile then, "Welcome to my world." A motion to the door, "Now, get out, I've got naps to take and people to skin."

"Thank you sir." And with that said, Salin brings himself to attention to offer a salute before he's turning on toe and heel to make his way out of the quarters.

Salin leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

Salin has left.

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