A Reminder About the Birds and the Bees
A Reminder About the Birds and the Bees
Summary: Melia schools Tais and Steven about the birds and the bees and reminds them the bee needs a little cap…
Date: 120 ACH
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Naval Officer Berthings Genesis - Deck 12
120 ACH 23777 Souls

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.

Drusilla comes in from Corridor 12C.

Karan comes in from Corridor 12C.

Drusilla was wearing her off duty dual-layer tank top. That was, of course, to say that she was out of uniform, and when she was out of uniform, it usually meant that she was transitioning between one status to another. In this particular case she had just withdrawn from the shower and was all sparkly clean and fresh scented. That was good. She was fond of being sparkly clean and fresh scented, it made everything around her seem somehow fresher, as if she were a harbinger of good hygiene. Enroute to her berth, she navigates the Officers' quarters from the vicinity of the showers, generally avoiding anybody she didn't take to and letting anybody who didn't take to her avoid her.

Who's to say whether Brother Karan is someone Drusilla takes to, or not. He's certainly not the most sociable fellow, and is more often spotted with a book on scripture and the curtains drawn on his bunk, than anything else. He climbs through the hatch with a sheaf of papers under one arm, this evening. Dressed in duty blues, he keeps his head down for his own brand of avoidance.

Tais reclines on her bunk, looking upwards to one above her. Face down on her abdomen is a large physician's desk reference. Her arm is extended to the frame of the upper bunk, as though invisibly writing on the metal, her lips moving silently as she appears to move from one side to the other. A motion from the hatch pauses her fingers from the resultant mixing of serotonin reuptake inhibitors and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and she turns her impromptu note taking in a slight wave. With her other hand, she secures her glasses more firmly to the bridge of her nose, her eyes moving past the JAG towards the scurrying brother.

A few more steps. Yes, just a few more steps. She estimated the distance in her head, divided it by her approximate rate of progress. Only a few more seconds remained until her trek came to a close. Yes. Yes, she was successfully navigated her way to the bunk without actually having to speak to anybody. That doctor was a threat, Drusilla felt her eyes upon her but they were soon diverted to the brother. Oh, dear! She'd not anticipated Karan's sudden appearance. No way of avoiding it now. She put on a smile, passably pleasant. "Good evening, Lieutanant." she greeted.

"Sir," replies the chaplain crisply, as Drusilla offers her greeting. He makes eye contact only briefly, and for the sake of politesse, and continues on toward the table in the middle of the room. His sheaf of papers is tossed down lightly, and a hint of a smile given the doctor in her bunk as he sets to unbuttoning his jacket.

Reason number 846 why Tais is not enamored of the military is when one is addressed a particular rank, it could be forty-five others turn their heads to respond. She simply smiles, watching the determined path the JAG takes, the slight furrowing of her brow which appears to indicate her displeasure at having to share space with those other than her equals or her specialty. Another return smile to the man, each afforded a speculative consideration before she once more raises her hand to note the gods know what on the bunk above.

That wasn't so bad. Like two ships passing at sea, Drusilla and Karan went their separate ways. The lady lawyer proceeded to her bunk without incident. She turned to sit upon the mattress. Her hand arose to cast errant hairs away from her left eye, offensive little tendrils that threatened to obstruct her vision. Where was it? She looked about her personal space. Ahh, yes, there it was. She reached for her book. A novel, not really to her style, rather on the romantic side, but it was old and that made it palatable enough with such a slim array of options. She'd traded it with one of her civilian aids on Carina, what a mess that was. She'd no idea of her impact upon the others around her, was not aware of the inconvenience she'd caused Tais in her courtesy to the chaplain.

Karan seems, for a little while, like he might be content to continue in his antisocial behaviour. The papers are rifled through with his fingertips, while he continues unfastening his duty jacket with the other hand. Eventually, Tais is addressed with an under-the-lashes glance. "I'm sorry, I don't believe we've met." There's an expectant pause.

Another pause, Tais' hand raised heavenward. Her head turns slowly, another smile lifting her lips and for a brief moment eases the severity of her features, "We crossed paths for but a moment, brother before the CMO discharged Lieutenant Novella." She lowers her hand, pulling herself fluidly into a sitting position, legs tucked beneath her and the book moved to the mattress, "Doctor Tais Pomona."

Drusilla tucked up her feet and leaned her back against the wall. Steadily she opened the book to her page mark and began to scan the lines, one after another, paragraph by paragraph until she finally came to the end of a page. A wetted fingertip and onward, the process continued in repetition. She glanced upwards during the transition. Ahh, how nice. The Chaplain and the Doctor were introducing themselves to one another. It struck her then that that between the three of them they pretty much covered the professional tripod, each one respectively representing the laws of God, Nature, and Civilised Society. Oh, fudge. She'd forgotten the accountants. Oh, well, they weren't really important anyway.

The JAG is briefly regarded by a pair of steady, lucid grey eyes, and then Tais again as she resettles and introduces herself. "I'm Brother Jerome Karan." There's that flickering smile again, here and then gone. He shrugs out of his duty jacket and slings it across the back of a chair before settling down. Fading bruises, healing cuts and welts are mostly hidden by his dual tank tops, though not entirely. "It's good to meet you, Doctor Pomona. Did you transfer in from another ship?"

Tais glances at Drusilla's book and deadpans, "They all die in the end." And then her framed gaze is once more trained upon the cleric, "The Odyssey, right before…" She trails off as no further explanation is necessary, "Though I've been sleepwalking on this ship for a few months."

"Oh -reallly-." Drusilla said. Her eyes widened, sparkling brilliantly upon the news. She always did enjoy a happy ending. "How intriguing. I can not say that I particularly care for the style of the prose, rather droll really, but reading material has been so -dear- of late." Passable reading material at any rate. This classified, droll or not. She looked to Karan, including him into the conversation. "Do you not find it so, Brother Karan?"

Tais will need to remember to weigh her words carefully around the JAG and that she takes things literally. Slowly, she raises her knees, slipping her arms around them as she watches the two of them. Tais finds herself often observing overly much, curious as to their lives before, what drives them, their likes and dislikes; though none of this is ever set to a query, simply reflected in her steady gaze from one to another.

Karan lifts his eyes to Tais, expression somewhat circumspect. "The Odyssey. It rings a bell," he muses quietly. The papers on the table are shuffled through idly, like his mind's elsewhere. "I beg your pardon?" he murmurs to Drusilla. "Do I not find which so?"

Drusilla's attention was divided between the novel and her colonial comrades. Each proving more interesting by the minute, it was difficult to decide which to concentrate her attention on. Fortuantely she had enough attention to spare, for now. "I was disappointed in the third chapter. She should never had run off with that wretched farmer." Finishing the line, her eyes switched from prose to professional. "Do you find yourself reading much, Doctor Pomona?" A gentle smirk punctuated the statement, as if in afterthought. "For pleasure, that is." she ammended.
(D) "The reading material, Brother Karan." Her mind flickered to yet another avenue of thought, registering Karan's response. "Novels are quite sparse aborad ship, I find. Scarcity makes the collective more dear, I think, beyind the intrinsic value of the prose."

Steven comes in from Corridor 12C.

Tais glances back at the large medical manual, scooting it further behind her back with an unobtrusive push, "No, not often for pleasure…" Who is she fooling? Not ever for pleasure since she becomes guilt ridden not continuing her medical studies and the gods knows she has a surfeit of time to bury herself into her work and the books which go with it. As the hatch opens, Steven enters and she falls silent in the face of his presence for an uncomfortable moment. Her hands come to clasp in her lap and upon closer inspection, the knuckles are white with clenching. Her voice, when found again is hoarse, "L-Lieutenant Deschain."

"Novels— no. No, I don't usually have time for them," the chaplain murmurs absentmindedly, dogtags jingling as finishes his sweep of the papers and pushes out of his chair to approach his bunk. A pen. He needs a pen. Deschain, whoever he is to cause such white-knuckled terror in Tais, is behind him and thus not acknowledged just yet.

"Ahhh." Drusilla exclaimed in understand, or at least the guise of it, as Tais and Karan stated their present relations with fiction. That was, to say, distant. The lady lawyer's smirk turned gentle, indulgent. "How unfortuante." she said softly, as much to herself as to the doctor. She paused to read another paragraph, her mind setting aside the other officers momentarily to read the text, then shifted her attention again as she looked back to the others. "Do come see me if ever you should feel the desire and I shall be happy to lend you access to my libr—" The lady lawyer abruptly stopped in mid sentence. Her cheeks flushed pink in sheepish embarrasment. Her library was on the PAS, very far away from here and very much cinders. "I shall arrange provision of reading material such as you like."

Greje comes in from Corridor 12C.

Steven steps inside the hatch and does a quick glances around moving from face to face. He looks about to leave when Tais says his name. He stops in his tracks, and turns to look at her. He clears his throat, "Why this isn't pilot land at all… This is … one section over…" He nods to Tais, "Lieutenant Pamona.. I didn't know you were bunked.." He steps out of the way as Greje arrives.

Karan rifles about in his bunk for a moment before retrieving his pen, and casts a curious glance toward the doorway where a pilot seems to have shown up. "No, that's down the hall, Lieutenant. Aft side of the ship." As if Steven probably wasn't already perfectly aware of that, by now.

Tais watches the ebb and flow of fleet enter the barracks, even as she slips her feet into her boots, the jangling of dog tags lost in the shuffling of papers, conversation and such. She stands from her bunk and pushes her glasses to the bridge of her nose. "If you'll excuse me, I've reports to finish…" The usually unflappable Doctor is, at this moment, clearly flapped. Her eyes spear towards the Lt. (JG) and walks towards him and then past him as she shoulders the heft of the hatch outwards.

Another human being, another distraction. Drusilla marked her page, setting the slip of ribbon between the pages as she closed her book and set it aside. She would come to it later. For the time being she was more interested in the individuals around her. Like Tais, she too fancied herself an observer of human nature. The motive behind her interests were different, yet nonethless valid in their own right. She cast her eyes appraisingly over Steven, gaguing his demeanour, registering the tenor of his voice. While everyone she met classified as some variety of curiosity or another, this one took priority for the time being. Or was he? "Good evening, Doctor." the lady lawyer said as Tais stood up to make her departure. Drusilla found herself the witness of a flurry of dynamics flittering back and forth about the room. She did not know what was going on, but -something- seemed to be and her ignorance of the situation was a constant bother.

Steven blinks again in surprise, and steps out of the way as Tais passes by. He lifts his hand to rub the back of his neck, and glances back toward the hath, "Right.. Down the hall…. other side of the ship…. Got it."

Greje runs a hand through her hair as she tries to head through into berthings, only to find the doorway crowded. "Oh! I'm sorry," she apologizes for nearly plowing into people, her mind having been off on some Olympian crag.

You head towards Corridor 12C.

Steven comes in from Naval Officer Berthings.

Tais stands with her back against the cold metal of the corridor, looking down at her fingers as she tries not to pick a hang nail. One leg is cocked, resting against the housing as she waits for the airman to make his way from the barracks.

Steven steps out of the hatch, and after a quick look around walks over to her, "Tais?"

Tais lifts her head, a stunning smile on her face which lightens her expression, brightening her features, "I thought they were dissecting you for dinner after walking into the sanctum of the Officer's berth."

Steven chuckles, and moves over to the wall next to her, "It was a calculated risk.. I thought it was worth it."

Tais's eyes, behind her glasses are wide as the innocent question is asked, "Was it?"

Steven smiles slightly, "Of course it was.. I found you didn't I?"

Tais's eyes fall, the rush of blood to her cheeks making her recall her days when he would notice her in the hallways at school. It was both exhilarating and hated at once, these feelings of not being in control he evoked in her.

Steven nods as a crewman passes by without so much as a glance at them. He looks back to her, and smiles, "I feel like I just snuck you out of study hall."

Tais ducks her head even further as her skin heats. Her voice is soft, nearly a whisper, "I think you did."

Steven chuckles softly, and leans closer to her, "So… Where can we play hookie?"

Steven's breath excites her skin, much the same as it did years gone by. Her face lifts, noting his proximity to her, so very close as she looks into his eyes, losing herself in them. "There…There's no bleachers…but there is an observation deck on deck 9."

Steven nods once, and leans to whisper near her ear, "Show me…" He doesn't move at all , his dark eyes watching the blush of her cheeks.

Tais stills, her own framed eyes locked to his, afraid to lose this moment, afraid to move. His name is wrung from her, an ache encompassed in that single word. Another crewman, head averted breaks her from her need of him and she straightens, taking his hand, her own behind her back so those coming their way cannot see her death grip on his fingers.

Steven comes in from Corridor 9A..

Tais enters quietly, not wishing to disturb anyone. Seeing no one, she turns towards Steven to say something clever, she hopes, but falls silent.

Steven glances around the empty deck, and steps close to her, slipping his arm around her waist, "Nice view."

Tais's back arches to you, her hands coming to rest on your chest. Her face is inches from yours as she whispers, "Yes." Not only does he render her thought-free, she is now monsyllabic.

Steven smiles, and leans in to brush his lips across hers. He echo's her word, "Yes." but thens falls quiet to watch her face.

Tais's lashes flutters to her warm cheeks behind her glasses.

Melia comes in from Corridor 9A.

Steven stands very close to Tais, in the near empty lounge. As Melia comes in he glances over, before looking back to the doctor.

Tais has her back to the hatch and in the darkness, it can be discerned the airman's arm is around Tais' back.

Melia comes darting in, book under her arm, cup in hand, looking as though she hasn't slept in a couple days, definitely worn around the edges. She doesn't spend much time looking around or really paying attention to people - she just heads over to the darkest corner as far away from anyone else as she can get.

Steven lets out a long breath, and glances down at the deck a moment, before lifting his eyes to look at Tais. He takes his arm from around her, picking up her hand, "Its…uh.. good to see you again."

Tais squints in the ambient light of the deck, feeling the air around her shift as another enters. She catalogs the short stature, the quick and wiry way of movement and smiles gently, "Melia." One of the few people she doesn't mind introducing the man with her to as her dear friend. Laughing softly at the Lieutenant, she takes his hand and moves towards the silently studying woman, if she's amenable to be introduced, that is.

She hears her voice and her head pops up, curls bouncing. "Evening, Lieutenant," she calls quietly, smiling a bit. "And Lieutenant. Nice to have a quiet evening, isn't it?" Of course, what she doesn't mention is that it's a quiet evening because a good portion of their friends and coworkers are in an unknown situation on an unknown mission down on an unknown penal colony.

Steven nods to Melia, "Good to meet you. I didn't really expect it to be this quiet.."

Tais looks up as Steven speaks, a look of wonder on her usually sullen face. Even in this light, it can be seen that she glows. "Melia, I would like to introduce Lieutenant Steven Deschain. He's with the Ares Squadron. And…we've known each other a very long time. Steven, Ensign Melia Sullivan who's with my medical team."

Melia looks up to Steven and smiles warmly. "Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. You're with a great squadron. They're a wonderful group of officers." There's a glance between Tais and Steven for a moment, an eyebrow raised ever so slightly. "I…just came in to study for a bit. Though I think maybe the storage closet might be better." The book closes.

Steven clears his throat, and glances at Tais, "Didn't mean to disturb you ensign.."

Tais looks hopeful, "There's a storage closet?"

Melia blinks at the pair of them for a moment and then nods. "Just down the other end of the corridor, off of a side corridor," she says, head canting to the side. "It's usually where I study if there are folks here." She looks up to Steven and smiles a bit. "You didn't, Sir. But I think I did."

Steven coughs, and looks back to Melia, "Uhh.. Tai… Doctor.. Lieutenant Pomona… was just showing me the uh.. Observation…"

"And now, I'm going to show him where to store…things. You stay and enjoy the quiet. Yes…stay." And with that, she grabs the pilots hand and with a confident smile towards the ensign, Tais pulls the man from the deck.

The poor Ensign hesitates only for a moment, clearly torn about something. "Ah…Sirs? Might I suggest a brief swing by 13? Front-line personnel are required to use birth control." She nods to Steven. "And he's front line. There's some in the cabinet by the bandages." And yes, she's blushing. Furiously.

Steven coughs, and looks back to Tais as she drags him off. He calls back to Melia, "She outranks me…."

Tais halts in her tracks, her impetuous nature shriveling like a male's member in a cold shower. Her face is aflame, equal to that of Melia's, though she glad of her warning of protection. Framed eyes look back at the Lieutenant, realizing once more she is no longer the callow girl from their high school days, wanting to cop a feel behind the bleachers. At Steven's protestation, she looks at him askance, "I'm not going to pull rank for sex, flyboy!" As much as she'd love to…

Steven glances back to Melia for a moment before leaning in to whisper to the doctor, "Tais….. That was a joke…." He watches her for a moment, falling silent again after that.

Melia laughs softly and shakes her head. "Go have fun," Mellie calls quietly. "Major Z outranks HER and we've already got one pregnant in the medical department. The Lieutenant will just have to wait her turn. Major Z can only deal with one pregnant woman under his command at a time. Otherwise his head will explode." She's grinning now, though. "Go. It'll take you two seconds, Lieutenant. Or if you want, I'll get them and leave them outside the door." Apaprently she's all for people having fun.

Tais sniffs softly, her arms crossing, "The mood has passed."

Steven lets out a long breath and paces a few steps muttering, "Frack me runnin…" He holds up his hands, both shoulders rising, "It was just a little humor Tais…" He looks over to Melia, and shakes his head. He turns his eyes back to Tais, "I was kidding…."

Melia cocks her head to the side slightly. "Lieutenant, with all due respect, that's bullshit," she tells Tais with a little smile. "You're looking at him like he's a sugar-coated cupcake. This isn't to kill the mood. It's to make sure you can have many, many, many happy moods before your next duty shift. The last commander had a plan to ship all the pregnant personnel out, that's it, out of the military. We kinda need you -here-. And besides, even if you don't use them tonight, you should get the quiet time in the closet while you can. I'm working on Organic Chem and start Physiology next week, so I'll be in there during off duty hours." IE: Get the time in while you can.

Tais's eyes sweep his frame, lust momentarily flaring behind the glasses, "It appears I'll have to, yes." Her stance dissolves as she looks towards Melia, "He hates being told no. He never has been, women from Libris to Caprica. I can't fall that easily into his lap." As the Ensign elaborates, Tais whispers, "Oh…" Seeing the wisdom in her words.

Steven shakes his head, "Here we go." He looks over to Tais, "We were just talking. I was being friendly. She was a pyramid fan. That was years ago!" He looks over to Melia, "Back in school….Years ago."

Melia's attention bounces back and forth between the pair of them for a moment, then she smiles and leans back in her seat. "You," she says, pointing to Steven. "Go to the Sickbay and get what you need. They'll only be released to you as you're front-line. You," she says, pointing to Tais. "Go get your blanket and pillow from your bunk. Go to the storage room. Spread the blanket and pillow out. I don't suggest those to insinuate you two are going to be making love, but because you really don't want to know what's on that floor. That storage closet is frak central. I've made sure it's cleaned regularly, but still. Sit on the floor. Talk about old times. Be damned glad about the fact you've found each other again. Then, when you're done, pack up and go your separate ways. Repeat, as necessary, over the next few months. This isn't about yes or no, it's about you," she says, nodding to Tais, "Needing to connect with someone from your past. Something I dare say you," she says, nodding to Steven. "Need as well. Reunions in public suck. You have to be polite to people. Go talk in private before all hell breaks loose again. Make the most of the quiet while you can, ok?"

Tais blinks at Steven who has the audacity to resurrect that incident twenty years ago, reminding her of the girl with the perfect teeth, a perfect body, perfect Pyramid Barbie hair, "Now I'm really out of the mood…You going to tell me next that it was just pillow talk, baby?" Her words are drowned out by the little whippet standing on her hind legs and making her see reason. All sorts of damned reasons why she needs to shut up and drag this man to the storage closet and to stop trying to combine the past twenty years into a public display. Once more, her voice trails off to a whispered, "Oh."

Steven's eyes widen, "Pillow ta…You standing there the whole time!" He looks over to Melia, without having heard or understood the intructions, "She was even prettier than this girl… We talked for ten minutes.. I never even knew her name!" He swings to look back to Tais, "Was I supposed to ignore her?"

Mellie's lips twitch just a little at Steven's reply and she cocks her head to the other side, propping her cheek up on her palm. "The Lieutenant is definitely not someone to be ignored," she agrees with him. "Rather like you're doing now. Do I REALLY need to take you both by the hand, walk you down the halls, get things done, then stand in the storage room to direct? I'd be perfectly happy to if that's what it takes. The pheremone concentration in this room just increased exponentially. Please don't make me into the air traffic controller on this one. I'm Gemenese. And I have a hell of an imagination." Her lips twitch slightly and she grins at both of them. "Lieutenant," she tells Tais. "If you get any more out of the mood, you're going to trip him and cuddle him to the ground right here. Lieutenant," she says, turning to Steven. "I think you're going to need to make the first move. Sickbay's on 13. You can be up and back in under 5 minutes."

Hermes on a crutch. Just shut up and drag her to the gods damned storage closet. The wish streaks through Tais' thoughts like a comet as she is now suitably silenced, standing there looking at her own sugar-coated cupcake before her.

Steven looks from Tais to Melia and back again. He shakes his head head, watching Tais, "Fine… Don't be in the mood. Its not like I don't …." He trails off falling silent before he leans forwards suddenly kissing the woman. After a moment of that he takes Tais's hand pulling her toward the hallway, "Deck 13…. Thanks Ensign."

Ahhh, there we go. Mellie just shakes her head slightly, a bit of a wistful look in her eyes as she watches him swoop in. But she turns away, leaving them to their privacy with a quietly called, "Evening, Sirs. Have fun."

You head towards Corridor 9A.

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