A Sharp Right Turn
A Sharp Right Turn
Summary: Greje, Dane discuss panthers, star charts.
Date: 59 ACH
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There's a slightly urgent knock at the door, coming from a muscular arm of some sort. Ramiro, having unloaded his gear and returned from his away mission to the red planet is empty handed, but unshowered and smelling of jungle.

Greje's office door is closed. Which typically means she's not there. But at the knock, there comes her voice, strainedly professional. "Come in."

The door opens and closes quickly as Ramiro steps into the room. His hair is damp, as if he managed a severely quick shower after decontamination. "Sister…" He says with a bit of urgency. "I received your memo and am reporting. There's….something I also need to speak with you about in confidence." He says, quickly moving to stand in front of her desk.

Greje looks to be attempting to hide behind a pile of books on her desk, papers floating loose among them on which there are scratched notes, and her laptop open in the middle of the mess, on which screen her eyes are fixed in a squint. She looks up at Dane, looking like something the cat dragged in, features ashen verging on a sickly green. "Please close the door," she asks of him. "Have a seat."

Ramiro double checks the door before sitting down. "I had to upload my intel for post mission debriefing. I can't clear anything to you yet but I need to know if any of this jogs something." He replies, not even mentioning the dream he wrote to her about. "Two female jungle cats on each side of a sleeping male in the center." He pauses, running a hand through his hair. "An ampitheatre. Ritual tables over an ampitheatre of some sort." He pauses, putting his hand on her desk. "Greje…I'm not crazy, but something said there that they've been waiting for us. When I neared something, the wind whispered 'unbelievers stain'." He pauses, watching her.

Greje collects nine strips of paper cut in equal widths from one sheet, standing slowly as she listens, moving her way around the desk to hand them to Dane. "Tell me if anything here looks familiar to you." All the strips of paper look remarkably similar, at first glance, each one marked with a series of random-looking dots drawn on it, some larger, some smaller. On three of the strips she'd described with as much accuracy as she could muster the circuit of stars surrounding the vision of the omphalos. The other six are more or less random. For control purposes. And their order adequately shuffled. She takes a breath and considers the next bout of imagery set to her. "Dionysus," she remarks, "The theatre is a temple to Dionysus, the table that of Dionysiac theoxeny… Dionysus is associated with jungle cats, as are the Maenads who follow him, who are sometimes depicted as large felines," she posits her best guess. "The stain of unbelievers is the stain brought when the uninitiated attempt to view the Lord's orgiastic rites. Was this another vision?"

Ramiro watches Greje closely and then turns to the paper. His face goes pale as he looks over the drawings, then looks back to Greje. "Where did you get these? Are they from a text?" He asks, standing in front of Greje now. He reaches out to her shoulder, shaking his head. "The dream I told you about was a dream." He pauses. "What I just asked you about though? No…it wasn't." He gives her a serious look. "Two female panthers between one male on a stone, the male was sleeping, Greje. I can't explain it but I heard when one of the panthers yawned that they knew we would come. Greje…" He pauses. "My patrol saw them too."

"Just tell me if you recognize any of them," Greje repeats with an even voice, then, raising both brows. "Panthers? Real panthers…" she stands, pacing in the small space between her desk and bookshelves. "The all-beast… the sacred cat of Dionysus. I…" she turns toward him, "Did the others hear her speak?"

"None of them mentioned it. None of them even batted an eyelash." Ramiro replies, watching her pace in front of him. "Yes…I recognize them. They're from my dream that's why I asked you if they were from a book. I had them while I was sleeping in the temple on the Destiny…" He trails off.

Greje turns back toward him, one hand on her stomach. "Which ones?" she asks. "Can you pick them out for me?"

Ramiro turns to her, silently watching for a moment, before he points to the one with the circle of stars around the omphalos. He taps the ones that are an exact depiction of his dream, and completely ignores the ones that aren't related at all. He looks quietly up to her.

Greje watches Dane point out the three strips that describe the circuit, and closes her eyes, not otherwise moving. "Thank you, Dane," she replies, then opens her eyes again. "I've been going through star charts Major Carter has provided me with access to. I'm authorized to give you access to them as well. I need you to look through the charts in any spare time you have and see if you see anything that matches those patterns of stars. I've been doing the same… no luck, yet."

Ramiro raises an eyebrow. "Wait…" He pauses. "…I didn't draw anything for you, I just sent you a memo and you've already got approval from Major Carter on this?" Ramiro asks. "Greje…how did you know about this? I mean…sure I'll look but…what aren't you telling me?"

Greje goes back behind her desk to take another drink of tea as he raises very reasonable objection to the circumstance. She picks up her mister and mists her plants with her free hand, keeping her eyes focused on the activity. "Brother Karan and I both experienced that vision that night." She even manages to sound calm about it, by now, as if hoping that if she keeps cool enough about it he won't jump to the same conclusion that she did when she first found out.

Ramiro simply blinks, jaw slowly dropping. "You and Brother Karas had the same dream…vision?" He corrects himself, now labeling it as a vision. "Shades…" Ramiro suddenly blurts out. He looks to her. "Greje we landed on a beach head. The water's edge. Panthers? Shades? To the water's edge where your mother lies unburied. Her bones…the shades will lead you." He pauses. "Greje, we followed the panther tracks to the site…"

Greje sits down slowly, pulling up the screen with the Pythian scrolls on it on her laptop, where she'd been in the process of adding the newest Pythian prophecies to the Official List, seeing as how there's no longer a Delphic Court to run these things past for approval. "It's true," she replies. "We live in a time of Scripture come to life," she murmurs numbly, her highly Academic mind seeming overcome by the sheer literalism of everything that's happening, trying to adjust her worldview a decent ninety degrees. Not as far as an atheist would need to, but it's still pretty jarring.

"Greje…" Ramiro says slowly, trembling a little bit. Ramiro was the one that spoke the words, interpreted from the Tongues of Kobol that Greje was uttering during the channeling of Apollo's voice. Taking in a slow breath to calm himself. "…what do you think the breaking storm and the sun-rain means?" He asks quietly. "The prophecy didn't say the breaking of the storm. It's the breaking storm." He finishes, being the one who helped her record the prophecies, he knows them well. He lowers his voice, and reaches out to touch her shoulder. "Please…I have to file my report and how am I going to tell them about the whispers? Greje, have you heard whispers?"

Greje shakes her head as she considers the words, "Dionysos deinotatos epiotatos te…" she murmurs in one of the old tongues. Dionysus the most fierce and most gentle — the two halves of the god. A crashing storm and a gentle sun-rain? Her thoughts are on Dionysus at the moment, considering the findings at the site. She looks up, then, "Tell them the truth. They deserve to know it. You're in your right mind and you heard what you heard. You weren't under any influences on the mission—" she presumes, "And they'll be able to test for that if they have doubts. They have your psych evals on record. If anyone has further questions, I'll be here to speak with them on your behalf."

Ramiro stares at her for a long moment before slowly nodding. "The fierce and gentle." He says, only getting the key words. "Allright…I will do it. Lords watch over me." He smiles. "I will send them a missive, but something tells me if someone impure enters those sites, or if someone harms those panthers…Dionysus will not be pleased." He swallows, leaning over and giving her a tight hug before turning and running out her door. He has to move fast.


Regas steps inside after rapping on the partially open door. "Captain," he begins as the LT follows him inside. There is a memo in his hand and he doesn't look too happy.

Karan never looks terribly happy. At the moment, it's a smidgeon more uncertainty than his usual disapproval, tempered by a bit of sleeplessness. He waits a pace or two back, hands clasped behind him.

Greje is, as before, at her desk, behind a small barricade of books and papers— working late, looks like. She looks up, and then stands, chair bumping into the bookshelf behind her, the Captain giving Regas a salute. "Sir," she replies. She'd habitually ask if he wanted any tea, but— he doesn't look like he wants any tea.

The memo is held before her, "I'm sure that you can explain this prattle I received from my Marine SST Sergeant Ramiro. Atleast, I hope you can. Is this some kind of joke?" The commander drops it on her desk.

The name seems to ring a bell with the Lieutenant, though he doesn't speak on it. There is, though, a glance toward the note.

—Original Message
From: Ramiro
To: Desusa Fotilas Gaelan Ramiro Regas
Date: Sun Jan 11 17:17:55 2009


Sergeant Dane Falcus Ramiro
Major Raul Desusa
Major Pietr Gaelan IV
Commander Tarik Regas
Colonel Jameson Nicolai Fotilas

I write this letter in the confidence of my superior officers, knowing well the implications of my statements. I do so full well knowing the social, career, and personal risks of this message. Please refer to my recon report for necessary sections of this memo. This was omitted to keep the AAR to military standards.

Twenty Two days after the Cylon attacks I was asked by then Captain Greje Karthasi to assist her in a rite to summon the voice of Pythian Apollo. I had not partaken in a rite of any sort before. In interpretation of the Tongues of Kobol, Pythian Apollo was asked "Where should we go now." Documented in the Chaplain's office, I interpreted the following reply.

"Sail to the water's edge, to where your mother lies unburied. Her bones will mark the hour of the breaking storm and sun-rain. The shades will lead you."

I have come to recently learn that a shared dream has been had, depicting a star cluster with the Omphalos. I wrote a memo to the Chaplain about the dream, and just learned today that she has had the same dream. I believe this can be submitted as evidence of a sort, that we have not simply created a mass hallucination. There are timestamps involved.

Panthers are large felines, and Maenads are said to come in the form of large cats. Dionysus is also associated with jungle cats. Dionysus is also known to be both fierce and gentle, depending on how the Lord is angered. I spoke with Captain Karthasi and she informed me that the stain of unbelievers is the stain brought when the uninitiated view the lord's rites.

When I came upon the first site, with the panthers on the Red Planet, I heard a voice in my head state "We knew you would come". Upon nearing the second site, quite possibly a temple to Dionysus, I heard the wind whisper "Unbelievers Stain".

I know that this is not my place, but what I am suggesting is this:

Per the above mentioned prophecy, our landing zone was beside the water's edge, and the ruins appear to have been left and lost, there may be a tomb there. Shades could very well directly relate to the panthers, as we followed a trail with panther tracks to find these sites. I have no explanation for the shared dreams, nor do I have an explanation for these voices. It is my religious belief and duty to you to plead the following:

Please, do not under any circumstances harm any of the panthers. Please do not allow uninitiated or those who are not of the faith approach these sites to the degree that they have to be cleared through the Chaplain. Please have faith in that the site and its contents can be documented, perhaps even learned from, but it must be done by biased personnel. Dionysus is both fierce and gentle. I believe that the "Breaking Storm" and the "Sun Rain" in the prophecy relate to that we face danger if Dionysus is angered. One is gentle, the other is fierce.

Sergeant Dane Ramiro
SST - Genesis


Greje picks up the note, and hms quietly as she reads through it, furrowing her brow. "It's not a joke, sir," she replies, "We did share the vision — I know that for a fact. And I trust him not to be making things up about the voices. He's a very religiously minded individual, he wouldn't make something like that up. He asked me my opinion on whether he should mention the voices in his report, and I said that if he heard them he should report them. He seems to have reported quite a bit of speculation, however, along with the facts as they stand. It's of course up to you what happens with the site and the creatures living there— I haven't seen them and know very little about them. But, for my own part, I agree with the recommendations he's made. I don't necessarily expect you to follow them, but I -do- agree with them."

"Captain, I am a simple man. I believe in what I can see, what I can touch. Other than that, having prophetic dreams, following the myths in the scrolls, and hearing voices. That is a hard one to swallow. I have too many people's lives hanging in a balance. What we need is food, fuel and water. If you can produce that out of thin air, I'll start to believe. Otherwise…" Regas makes a motion to the memo, "Someone needs to speak with this young man. I'd put it down as fatigue and have him talking to Dr. Sloan. You advised him, Captain. You fix it, before the entire ship thinks he is nuts."

"Commander. Sir." The Lieutenant swallows softly before directing pale eyes toward Regas. "With due respect, sir, I shared the same vision as Captain Karthasi and Sergeant Ramiro." He pauses, and glances briefly to Greje. "I do not believe any of us are.. nuts. I do also feel that this behooves more study. It needn't be made public to the fleet, sir."

Regas turns his glance toward the Lieutenant, "This ship is like a sieve. You can't keep anything quiet." He makes a heavy frown at both of them. "Once that place is cleared, you both carry your butts down there and find out what this is all about. I want no interruptions of crew doing their jobs though. IF they have to go into this place, they will. Food sources are more important than whatever he feels is bad. Understood?"

Greje actually smiles feebly at Regas, "I understand your hesitation, sir. I understand it only too well," she harried-looking Academic replies. "All I know is that I took pilgrimage with the Sergeant to the Destiny, and in the middle of Aphrodite's rites I have a vision. I return from Pilgrimage the next day and find that Brother Karan had had the same vision on the same evening. Later that day I get a message from the Sergeant, saying that he, too, had had that vision on that night." She picks up the little test she made for Dane, "He selected of nine options the three patterns of stars that I saw make up the circle around the omphalos," she states for emphasis, showing him the three and then the six other random strips of dots she'd drawn up as a control sample. "I talked to Major Carter. He had no explanation. -I- have no explanation— this— doesn't happen, sir. Not outside of Scripture," she shakes her head, just sort of wondering at it. "I thoroughly agree that he should be seen to, psychologically. If it -was- an hallucination, he -needs- treatment. And by all means, if you have doubts as to his sobriety, test him for influencing agents, as well. But I'm willing to believe that this is something beyond that which can be readily explained."

This would be a rich time for the Fundamentalist one of the pair of Chaplains, to jump in with some scripture that supports the validity of this. Or, perhaps, to insist that a psychiatric visit is unnecessary. It almost seems to cross his mind, too. But Jerome's blessedly silent as the Captain responds to Regas' words, expression one of a distant and faded warmth.

Regas simply grunts under his breath. "Just see to it, Captain," he tells Greje. He turns to Karan and then scoops up the memo. "Keep me informed. But try to keep it in layman's terms." He lets himself out, not one for staying around to long once he's done talking.

Greje coughs, "Yes, sir," she replies. It's really the only thing -to- reply, after all.

Karan waits until the Commander's gone, before turning back to Greje. The look on his face seems somewhat expectant, though not quite demanding. "I wasn't aware that anyone outside of the priesthood, had experienced a vision, Sister. Are you at privilege to tell me what was in that memo? I.. only managed to glimpse it." And he probably shouldn't have done that much.

Greje looks to the door, "Close that?" she asks. "I'm not even sure what -I'm- cleared to know, right now, but I'll let you know the basics of what I do if you'll be sure to keep it between us," she offers. "I'd like to hear your input on it, anyhow."

Karan nods quietly, and steps back to pull the door shut with a soft -click-. He seems marginally more relaxed with Regas gone, though not by too much. This is still Karan we're talking about, with his stick up the ass. "Of course, Sister, you have my word."

Greje takes a quiet breath. "Dane went on a reconnaisance mission to the red planet. While he was down there, they came upon an ancient theatre and three panthers, a sleeping male and two females, flanking. One of the females spoke to him, telling him that they had been waiting for us. He also heard a whisper, talking about the stain of the unbelievers. What do you make of it?" she asks, not giving any of her own opinions in an attempt not to bias his own.

Karan averts his gaze for a moment, focusing on one of the books upon Greje's shelf as if it might help stir his memories and analytical thought processes. "The panthers, of course, are Dionysus' domain." His eyes drift closed. "Ivy crept, wound, clung, bound the oars and decked the sails in heavy clusters. Dionysus himself, grape-bunches garlanding his brow, brandished a spear that vine-leaves twined, and at his feet fierce spotted panthers lay, tigers and lynxes too, in phantom forms." There's a breath. "The stain of the unbelievers, seems quite straightforward to me. Faith in the gods has become a thing scattered and dispersed to the winds. Not a day goes past, that I don't speak with someone who has grown bitter and disbeliving. The rites are built upon trust, not understanding, and people seem to wish for the latter."

Greje relaxes visibly as Karan recites scripture to her. It's something she misses. Long nights in the dorm lounges at Delphi, listening to someone read aloud from the texts. It brings her back and graces her features with a slow smile. But she tenses again as he goes on about unbelievers, though she nods her head, "I can understand that interpretation, Brother. But for the time being I'm afraid we're going to have to settle for making certain that -if- there are ritual objects down there which must not be seen or handled by the uninitiated in Dionysus' mystery rites, that those objects are not tainted and destroyed. I am initiated in and ordained to perform Dionysus' mystery rites… since the Commander has given us permission to go, I'll go and see," she tells him.

The visible relaxation, causes Karan to smile slightly. It eases away some of that gauntness about his eyes, and he takes a step closer. "I understand, of course, Sister." There's a soft sigh. He's an academic, an intellectual, of course he wants to go down there and see what's what. "Perhaps you'll permit me to accompany you to the planet's surface, at the very least? There may be other temples, other relics.." His voice is slightly imploring here, as he places his hands upon her desk. "..I will not tarnish them. I will purify myself beforehand, I will seek no knowledge and no insight unless.." He falters.

"Of course, Brother. And I have no doubt Dane will want to go down, again, as well. I should post a request for anyone else who's been initiated in the Lord's mysteries, too… a marine would be nice. I can't help be a little nervous wandering off on my own down there. I'll be glad to know you're right behind me, at least," Greje smiles wanly.

"I.. would rather it were not made a free for all, so to speak." His hands remain upon the desk, head tilting a little as he studies Greje. "The stain of the unbelievers," is repeated carefully, to remind her of this. "I'm sure a contingent of marines would be practical, but they shouldn't be permitted inside the temple. I'm concerned about the liberties you've taken, with Sergeant Ramiro, to be perfectly honest."

Greje nods her head permissively, leaning back, "I understand your concerns about Apollo's rites. He hasn't had the training to interpret the Pythian voice… but neither had anyone else on this ship besides me, at the time, and honestly I didn't know whether there was another person so trained in the universe. I took a risk trusting in Dane's faith in the Lord, and I gave ritual reparations to Apollo for an imperfectly completed ritual, since Dane wasn't trained. But I think that considering Dane's eptitude in the role, Apollo approved of the choice."

Karan inclines his head a little to that, evidently backing off a little when his viewpoint's acknowledged. "It's understandable," he concedes. A tired smile flits across his lips, and another soft sigh to follow. "And I don't mean to sound.. callous, Sister, but he is either a marine, or he is a priest. A man or a woman cannot devote their life to both, without risking being tarnished in the eyes of the Lords. I.. am glad you have found someone so devoted. It heartens me, greatly, and I understand you felt that there may have been no-one left to do the gods' work. But when you are in need of water, you do not make do with turpentine. I feel that we should be cautious, that's all."

Greje nods her head, "I completely understand, I was worried about it, myself. But the faithful needed guidance, and no one guides like Apollo," she sighs softly, and then smiles, "In any case, you're here, now, so next time we'll be able to manage it properly. I'm -sure- Dane would like to hear about your experiences with the Golden Lord. He may be interested in becoming ordained in his rites someday— perhaps when he comes of age to retire from the Marines, and I suspect your viewpoint on Apollo will be closer to his than mine is."

"Mm. Perhaps." As in, perhaps he'll survive that long, to be able to retire. Jerome seems uncertain of that, but he probably has good reason to. "I would love to speak with him, yes. For each true believer, like a diamond in the dirt, it seems to ease the hopelessness. I think you mentioned he was Gemenese?" A moment's pause, and then, "There was something else I wished to ask you for, Sister." Something on a considerably lighter note, if his expression's any indication: he touches his lower lip between his teeth, eyes warm with anticipation.

"Yes, he is," Greje replies, "He's been occasionally up at odds against my progressive views a few times, himself, and I think it would do him good to speak with someone who speaks his own language, so to speak. And literally. My Gemenese is awful," she smiles a little. "What's that, Brother?"

There's a slight tic of one eyebrow at that, but Karan doesn't press any further. Not tonight. He does rest his hip against her desk though, thumb brushing over the grain of the wood consideringly. "I brought with me from the Destiny, amongst my.. meagre belongings, a few packets of seeds. It was intended for a small garden on that ship, but I see now that we have a need far greater. I'm.. not sure how much fresh fruit and vegetables we have access to in the fleet, if any, but I've got carrots and lettuce and peas and strawberries. Fennel, sage, thyme, rosemary.." He takes a breath, and looks up at her.

Greje actively salivates. "Oh, goodness," she replies. "I… I don't know. Do you want me to ask the Commander or somebody?" she ponders, "I know some people would hate it, but if we could cultivate any of that real turf on the Carina… well, it could be worth asking!" she notes.

Karan smiles gently, and dips his head in a nod. "Yes. Please. I would appreciate it. Perhaps the XO? I spotted him earlier today and was going to broach the subject, but.. he was engaged in other things. Either way, I think it would be very valuable to us. And to think I'd almost left them behind."

"Of course I will, Brother. By Aphrodite and all the Graces," Greje closes her eyes briefly, the expression actually nearing that of prayer, "I could do with a real carrot. Not to mention a strawberry."

Karan smiles a little more, and simply watches her for a few moments. He doesn't speak any further for the time being.
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Greje opens her eyes again. "How are you settling in, Brother?" she wonders.

Karan is still present, still gazing quietly at Greje. There's a chuckle, and a little sigh when she asks her question. "I still feel like a bit of an outsider here, but.. I'm sure it will pass. It'll start to feel like home. I should let you return to your work." He steps back from her desk. "When do you plan on heading down to the red planet?"

Greje considers, looking down to her work, "The sooner the better, I suspect. I'll find you when it's time."

Karan accepts that as answer enough, and dips his head to the woman. "May the gods bless your sleep and keep you safe, Sister." It's murmured softly, and then he lets himself out.


Nervous, from skulking around like a shadow in the hallways after writing his letter, Ramiro taps on the Chaplain's door quietly.

Greje is still in her office. Late and a half as it it. The lights are on and the door's open when the rest of the office suite is dark. She looks up at Dane and actually smiles. "Come in, Dane, make yourself at home. Would you care for some tea?"

"No…no thank you I have to get to sleep sooner or later and it'll keep me on edge." He enters, seating himself. Running his hands over his head. "I sent out the memo." He looks to her, letting out a nervous sigh. "Now starts the waiting period."

"It's not caffeinated," Greje notes. "I take a cup every night before bed… helps me sleep. But I've already had mine, and two cups just makes me get up in the middle of the night needing to pee." She looks up from her work with a smile, "I've seen the memo. The commander was through here."

"He was? You have?" Ramiro looks up, looking to the tea with a nod, deciding to accept some. "Allright…did you think that I was too demanding in the memo?" He pauses. "Good news? Bad news? I haven't gotten anything my direction yet."

Greje begins to make the tea. "I -do- think you were too demanding in the memo," she agrees. "And I'm pretty sure the Commander feels the same way. Dane, I don't even expect him to follow -my- suggestions when it comes to religious matters. I have to get his permission before I perform any major rites, lest they disturb the crew. You can't expect him to hold up everything on this planet just because you heard a voice. First of all, he doesn't even believe you heard it, second of all, even if he did he likely wouldn't heed anything it had to say. He's not religious, Dane, and if he ever -does- take suggestions on religious matters, he'll take them from me before he takes them from you. You ought to have simply reported what happened. Including the voice, in my opinion. But bringing the Pythian oracles into the matter was superfluous— and attempting to tell him what to do and not to do down on the planet was simply not wise. He has, however, given his permission for the brother and I to go down to the planet and see if anything's happening there. I'll go ahead, since I'm initiated in Dionysus' mystery rites, and see if there's anything there the unititated shouldn't be seeing or touching. Don't worry. We'll keep the sanctity of the place."

"Oh…" Dane replies, flattening his lips a little bit. "I meant more to give the entire ley of the situation and my feelings on it. I was…" He sighs, running a hand over his face. "…excellent." He shakes his head a little bit. Sighing, he lays back on the sofa like he'd just gotten back from a ten mile sprint. "I wasn't really thinking so much about how the wording came across as I was taking the directive in. Perhaps I was too excited about the situation." He pauses. "Great…frakking great."

Greje nods gently, "You were very excited. I would have been, too. I would have legged it first thing to the Commander, if I'd heard what you heard. You were doing what you thought was right, there's no shame in that. And there's no shame in making mistakes. Just, in the future, stick to what -happened- in your reports, and leave the task of making suggestions to the Commander based on religious considerations to me." She smiles. "He's used to having to tell -me- no," she jokes a little bit. "I did tell him that I agreed with your assessment, for what that's worth. He's just used to seeing it come through the proper channels, that's all."

"Well…reporting the voices to them was only going to get me a psych eval." Ramiro says, closing his eyes for a moment. "Probably still will." He pauses. "I thought when I was writing it that there's no way that you can report something like that and not include your thoughts and reasonings behind a solution for the system. Provide the command with mysticism or a hunch and you have to explain your reasoning and thoughts behind it." Ramiro sits up. "The connection between the planet and the pythian rites is impossible. The fact that I reported my dream not knowing you and Brother Keren had yours is…for lack of a better term, amazing." He looks to Greje. "But no, I would never even tell a marine lieutenant what they should do, I meant to convey that I was supplying a suggestion alongside what I felt they'd already view as an astounding claim." He runs his hands over his face. "Well better I take the beating for this than you. I'll take your suggestion, trust me. I think this might have set me back on confidence a few years from the commander's point of view."

"Maybe you ought to write the Commander a politely worded apology, and tell him what we've discussed here," Greje suggests, coming around to give him his tea. "And yes, he thinks you're a bit off your head. I suggested he send you for a psych eval, if that was what he felt— if simply to prove his supposition mistaken. Or, if you -are- suffering hallucinations, so that you can be properly treated. I don't feel that's so, in this case, but we owe it to the Lords to find out, don't we? And you owe it to yourself. You need to be in good health."

Ramiro pauses, nodding slowly. He stands, tired, and runs his hands over his face. "Yeah…I'll write an apology. To everyone that it was sent to. An explanation of the sorts worded correctly." He pauses, forgetting the tea. "I need sleep. I'll come by tomorrow." He says, nodding to her on his way out.

Greje nods quietly, taking the tea to herself. Two cups it is. "Do come. It'll be alright, Dane," she tells him.

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