A Smile Like Yours
A Smile Like Yours
Summary: Some gym time becomes pick-up time for Hazzard, Mellie and Ver'Krugen.
Date: 1/11/09
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Gymnasium Genesis - Deck 9

59 ACH 23817 Souls

Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.

-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----

Still a relative early morning in the ship's fraked up time system, the gym is near empty. Since no music is played in here, the first sounds to indicate someone is here is the 'twacking' sounds of someone hitting the punching bag.

Hazzard bounces on his feet, circling that rotating foe that hangs down from the roof. Now and then he unleashes a series of punches and kicks.

No one should be this cheerful and bouncy in the morning - no one. It should be illegal. But yet, legal or not, here comes Mellie bouncing in, curls askew, smile on her lips, clearly ready for a workout. She looks around for a moment, following the sound of the thwack, and throws Hazzard a wave on her way by. It looks like a running machine is her destination. How fitting.

And there is is, the opening that near imobile enemy has waited for. It has been punished for a near hour soon by the relentless Marine, but patience has been on its side. The wave from Melia, makes Hazzard look up and raises one of his gloved hands in greeting. Realising to late that the bag he has been puniching is in motion. What goes up comes down, some scientist made that clear a long time ago. And punch a bag, attached to the roof to the left it will eventually swing back.

"Miss Su..OMpff" Hazzard stumbles and falls down on his ass on the sparring mat.

Melia glances over her shoulder at the ompff and grins wryly, still heading toward her running machine. "Looks like the bag is winning," she teases. "How're you doing this morning, Sergeant?" Her grey shirt gets stripped off, leaving her in the brown tank, and the running machine gets turned on. Sounds like a slow warmup.

Hazzard slowly gets to his feet and chuckles softly. "Looks like it…" he shakes his head and takes the moment to fetch his towel to wipe his face and neck. Stripped of both grey and brown, he sports only his beanie hat and a pair of thin punching gloves. "I'm fine, trying to improve myself..Can't let a Nebula incident happen again..You know, I'm not in charge but I can atleast make sure my superiors have the best tools available."

Melia dips her head as she starts slowly warming up on the machine. "I…get the impression, and have gotten the impression through talking with you, that you're a little more…" Her lower lip disappears between her teeth as she clearly tries to figure out the best way to phrase this. "A little more connected with extenuating circumstances." There. No Marine insult there. She looks relieved.

Hazzard furrows his eyebrows as he looks over towards Melia, the often hard read eyes of the Marine seems to have a little sparkle in them as he nods his head. "You dont need to beat around the bush with me, Melia." ok, he is truly off duty now as he uses the first name at this point. "Words are just words remember..And lets face it, I'm harder to offend then you are.."

A shoulder lifts and she grins wryly at him. "Honestly, the first time I saw him, I told him to remove his head from his ass," she says quietly. "Though I'm sorry he's in the position he's in. No one should ever have to go through that."

Hazzard puts his towel to rest over his shoulder as he leans against the wall by the punching bag. An eyebrow remains arched as he studies Melia. "We are talking about Dane or?"

She gives him an odd little look. "Gars," she says, shaking her head slightly. "We had a little…altercation at lunch not too long ago. Nothing huge. My CO was there, his CO was there. We just hissed at each other, mainly. I may have fluffed a bit, but I kept my claws in."

"You know I like you right?" Hazzard begins, as he pushes off the wall and makes his way over to the free weights. "But at times you loose me..Ok, Gars..and I was there at that lunch." he looks over towards Melia and smiles. "First time we meet that lunch."

"Yep," she says, picking up the pace a little, grinning. "And like a cat. When two cats meet for the first time, there's generally a little hissing, a little fur out of place, somtimes a bit of swiping with claws. I didn't shred his ass, no matter how much I might have been tempted. He'd have eaten me alive."

"That would have been the case." Hazzard replies as he picks up some free weights and settles down on a bench. Turned so he can still view Melia, he then starts to work on his upper arm strength. "Remind me, how did we get into Gars..When you said I was, used to exentuated circumstances?"

"Extenuating," she says, starting to exert herself a little on the treadmill. "And we got into Gars because I was saying you've got a clue about things and, even in a bad situation, won't go in with your guns blazing unless it's absolutely, positively, one hundred percent necessary."

Hazzard narrows his eyes, but nods his head slightly as he sits there lifting weights. He takes a moment to study himself in the mirror by the weights, making sure he focuses on the proper muscle groups. Fifteen repetitions, where he grins in pain for the last two before he puts it down on the floor and looks at Melia once more. "Soo I take it that is a good thing in your eyes…?"

"Anything that keeps friends alive is a good thing," she says with a spare shrug. Apparently excess movement isn't in the cards when she's running. There's that usual energy, too. "It shows discretion and subtlty. I don't get along too well with people who are too blatant or showy. I tend to make fun of 'em, to be honest. They make great targets."

"Dont watch me playing Pyramid then." Hazzard shrugs as he leans down to pick up the weights once more for the second repetition. "I wont say I'm a better Marine then Gars." at this point most people could do that. "He is an assault marine, I am a trained sniper..Tact and subtlety are virtues on my book..At times."

"Different methods for different people, I guess," she says quietly. "I understand the Marine mentality - logically. But I've never really experienced it. Marines tend to be a bit more bonded, a bit closer to each other than regular personnel."

"We are grunts..most of us have seen combat one way or another, we eat, bleed and die together..Hard not to bond." Hazzard lowers the weights to the floor once again as he rises up from the bench he is seated upon, as he wipes his face with the towel once more.

Mellie considers that for a few seconds more as she ratchets up the run. Gone is the whole "cutely running" thing. Now she's sweating and throwing her all into what she's doing. "Definitely a little more intensive, I guess is the right word." Talking's coming a little harder for her right now. "Navy, we can be close, but we're not that close."

Hazzard watches Melia go all out on the machine and curls his lips into a little sly smile. Ohh there'll be some rumoring in the Marine country tonight. "Proximity of death I guess…I know Gars had a discussion with Captain Nikos about it, he failed..Navy kills are, clean where as Marines are muddy..I guess that is the differance..I mean Death is death, hurts as much..Right?"

"Marines tend to deal in quick, painless and in large quantites," she says with a grin. "Navy is a little more clumsy about it, unless our snipers are involved. We focus on the not killing and the peaceful solutions, when we can. Marines are generally the right tools for the larger jobs. Not saying Navy can't kill and be effective," she says. There are a few more pauses for breath this time. "But Marines tend to be more focused."

Hazzard smiles. "You've got me focused enough Melia..soo you must be a good Navy personel." he chuckles and moves over to his dufflebag that is placed by the sparring mat.

She gives him a little bit of a baffled look, head tilting a little. Unfortunately, she can't concentrate on head tilting and running at the same time. Something needs to give, and it's the head tilting. "I'm a medic," she says finally. "Though, sometimes I wish I'd gone Marine rather than Navy."

Hazzard brings up his top and the shirt from his bag. "I'm quite pleased your navy…Takes you out of the line of fire." he puts on his t-shirt and top combo. "Why if I may ask, would you rather be Marine then Navy?"

"There are times it's difficult being -behind- the line of fire," she tells him, finally starting to slow again. "When there are wounded up front, I really can't go in until the danger's mostly passed. I'm not in it for the danger, but I don't have the same training as a Marine medic. Granted, I don't see combat often, but I DO see it." There's something almost haunted in her eyes, just for a moment.

"Look, my brother once asked me." Hazzard picks up his bag and slings it over his shoulder. "why I do what I do right..He asked if I was some kind of war junkie, adrenaline freak." For a moment, he glances over towards the hatch and then back towards Melia. "-I- know how you feel Melia..but trust me, it will ruin you..And I'd hate to see that smile and energy be destroyed."

Melia slowly comes to a stop, now soaked with sweat. "Maybe," she says quietly, stepping off the equipment to reach for her towel. "But it would be better than watching people die, or having to stand back and wait. In a war situation, which we ARE in right now, no matter what people say, we need to be able to GO. To work. Do do what we do."

"And die, add more casulties to the list?" Hazzard arches an eyebrow as he looks at Melia. "You wont do any good, if you rush out to save someone..if the area is not clear.."

"It's not that," she says quietly. "I don't know how to explain it. I just feel…limited. Held back, I guess. There are only so many bandages I can wrap, so many skinned knees I can clean before I start feeling like I'm not accomplishing -anything-. I know that what I do is important. Don't get me wrong." She swipes the towel over her face, not quite irritated with herself, but frustrated.

"You wanna get into the fight?" Hazzard crosses his arms as he studies the sweaty navy medic. "Feel like your doing something to help sway the cause of the war..Be a part of the team, feel the danger..the adrenaline, the rush?"

"I don't give a frak about the danger," she says, moving toward the weights and settling herself down astride the bench. "Or the rush. The adrenaline is part and parcel of the job. I want to feel like I'm doing something PRODUCTIVE. Something that might, maybe make a difference." The energy is there, but the smile has faded to introspective frustration.

Hazzard grits his teeth, he knows the feeling the woman has..It is what any marine on sick leave feels when his friends are out there dying. The desire to make a differance. "You do Melia..You kept me alive on the Nebula.." he sighs softly and starts to make his way towards the exit. "Look, I've got to find Doc Z for a checkup, see if I can get back in rotation..You owe me a VIP game, dont try to cheat me on this Melia."

She gives a low, quiet laugh and shakes her head. "Get out of here. I'll see what I can set up for VIP, see if we can't get some fun going." The haunted look is still there, though. "Have a good one, L.T. Good luck with Doc."

"Ohh it'll be fun.." Hazzard says with a chuckle as he offers a finaly nod and glance over towards Melia, before he soaked in his own sweat makes his way out, to attend physical checkup.

Hazzard has left.

Ver'Krugen comes in from Corridor 9D.

The hatch to the gym swings open and Roy Ver'Krugen steps inside, dufflebag carried over his shoulder. Closing the hatch behind him, he moves on over towards one of the boxing-bags to get some practise.

There's a small woman who's quite happily lifting weights. Ok, so they're not big weights - she's also not that big of a woman. Currently, she's seated and doing arm curls. Apparently she's been here for a little while, given the sheen of sweat she's sporting. As the hatch open, she looks up and grins at the newcomer. "Here for some pain, Sir?"

"Huh? Wha'?" Ver'Krugen says as he looks around, as always, his mouth stuffed with chewing tobacco. "Who? Me? Hell, Im just a lowly PFC. No need calling me sir. Im as Private as they come around her." Tossing the duffle bag onto a bench, he then moves on over to the bag hanging from the ceiling. As he flexes his fingers, he takes a glance on over at Melia; it is perhaps a bit too obvious that he does undress her top to bottom in that brief moment. Chewing his tobacco, he quirks an eyebrow and then starts to pound the sack of sand.

Melia blinks at him for a moment, pausing, then chuckles quietly. "PO3," she replies. "Marine and Navy meet again." Then it's back to lifting her little weights. There's not a whole hell of a lot to her, but she's clearly determined.

Ver'Krugen throws his punches as he moves around the sandbag, hooks and jabs and straight slugger hits. "See" he then says. "No need calling me sir, when you outrank me" he grins, teeth a shade of brown due to the amount of chewing tobacco in his mouth.

Mellie's nose crinkles a little as she considers that. "You know, I don't know that I've outranked someone in a very, very long time," she says with a quiet laugh. "Of course, that doesn't matter much here in the gym. How's your morning been?"

"My morning's been swell" Ver'Krugen says, throwing a couple of more punches. "Cant complain. For instance; Right now Im talking to a nice girl, who also happens to outrank me. If I were to complain about that, I would be mad, wouldnt I?"

Melia chuckles softly and dips her head. "Probably a little touched in the head, yes. Though, that all depends on who you're telling about it, too."

"I suppose" Ver'Krugen smiles as he keeps jabbing the large bag hanging from the ceiling. "So you're saying I should keep it to my pals that I talked to a nice girl in the gym today, and not tell her about it?" he then asks, tossing Melia a curious glance.

"Precisely," she says with a grin, eyes twinkling a bit. "Otherwise, they'll look at you funny. Of course, if she doesn't know you were talking with her, I'd have to wonder about her mental stability."

Ver'Krugen pauses a moment and walks over to his dufflebag and retrieves a canteen and has some water. Swallowing it down, he lets out a sigh as he enjoys the cool drink. "So" he says as he returns the canteen to the bag, "You're saying it is preferable to talk with your pals about the cute girls one runs into, rather than actually telling the girls in person that they are… y'know… hotties?"

"Mmmm, well," she murmurs, continuing the arm curls, slowly. "It all depends on whether or not you think the woman would appreciate being called a "hottie." Some women don't. Some will just smile and pat you on the head and say "thank you." Some women prefer the slightly more candy-coated version - you know, "You're beautiful" rather than "Gawd, you's a hottie."" She lifts a shoulder, grinning.

"Alright" Ver'Krugen says and finds a seat on the bench next to his dufflebag. Scratching his neck, he seems to give it some thought. "Right, so, lets speculate, for theoretical purposes only then, that I wanted to tell you that you are kinda good looking. How would I do that so that you would appreciate the compliment? For pure speculative purposes that is."

She grins over at him and shifts her arms, moving to a different exercise. Low weight, high rep seems to be her mode. "Well, the fact that you cared enough to ask that tells me a lot of good things," she says, dipping her head. "Of course, that you looked at me like I was a piece of steak, still on the hoof, about ready to go over your own personal campfire was more…amusing than a turn on. I damn near asked you to redress me when you were done."

"Hey" Ver'Krugen says and shrugs, grinning with his mouth full of chewing tobacco, "Can you blame me? With you being you, how could I not try to get a mental image of all that tasty stuff." He then chuckles and digs out his canteen once more and has a sip. "You saying you wouldnt check out a hot guy if he only wore his shorts?" he then says. "Not that you're only wearing shorts… but y'know… Y'know."

There's a sparkle in her eyes as she watches him, shaking her head with bemusement. "Actually, I wouldn't. Not in the same way you were checking me out. Don't get me wrong, I like looking at other men and women, but a man isn't a piece of meat I want to play with." Her nose wrinkles a little. "I guess that makes me weird, huh?"

"So, uh…." Ver'Krugen says, rubbing his nose a bit. "You're… Y'know… Like 'em females then? No offense, just wondering, thats all. Just wondering if its worth my time trying to chat you up, or if I should just step back and enjoy the view."

Blink. Blink. She stops dead in her tracks, which seems to be very odd for this energetic little woman, and just stares at him for a few long heartbeats. "I…err," she asks, a little helpless. "Do I…females…" He can pretty much see that poor hamster spinning in his wheel, out of control. Then, simply, she squeaks. "No, I like men. I'm not…I mean, you are…I just…" The hamster dies.

"Great!" Ver'Krugen grins. "Then Im still in the game." He makes an almost theatrical 'pheew' as he wipes his forehead with his palm. "I was a bit worried there that yet another cute chick had run off for lesbo-land. Thank the gods there are still some hot honnies alive for us men to chase after." And with that, he takes another drink of water from the canteen.

Mellie just continues to stare, though her body remembers to continue doing the normal things like breathing and moving again. "I didn't know there -was- a game," she says in a weak voice. But then she grins, seeming to come back to herself. "So, why Marines? What's your billet?"

"Oh, there's no game" Ver'Krugen says and waves it off as he puts the canteen down. "Just a figure of speech, y'know." He then wipes his mouth from some drops of water. "Why the Corps?" he then says and shrugs his shoulders. "Dunno. Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess. It's a job. You get free meals. A place to sleep. And you get to travel… Well… Used to get to travel. And ontop of that, you get to meet cute girls in uniform. What's there not to like?" he says and splits his face in an honest grin and then winks.

Mellie dips her head slightly, considering that. "Sounds like you joined up for all the right reasons," she says brightly. "Seems like it's a good career. I've met up with a couple Marines here on ship."

"Really now" Ver'Krugen says and arches an eyebrow. "I would lie if I said I was ashamed to ask; Who?" he then leans forward to rest his elbows against his thighs as he, with great interest, awaits the reply. And maybe, just maybe, the eyes dips to Mellies chest ever so briefly.

She continues to watch his face as they talk, head canting ever so slightly to the side. "PFC," she says gently. "The girls won't talk to you. In fact, they won't even give you the time of day unless you pay the rest of the package proper respect. The eyes are the gateway to the breasts for most women." Her tone is utterly dry. "Sergeant Dane Ramiro's a good friend of mine. L.T. Hazzard's another friend. And I've met your CO a couple times. I ran into the Sheriff once, but that was when I was first aboard."

"Hey, babe" Ver'Krugen says,shrugging his shoulders. "Im all about respect, y'can rest assured of that. And especially a cute girl like you. Why, that smile alone is worth spending a day just watching. And lets be honest; If I only was looking into your eyes, I would be neglecting your tits, your hips and your butt, wouldnt I? S y'see… Im respecting all of you as much as I possibly can…. Shit, perhaps its time to introduce myself; I'm Roy. And it wouldnt surprise me if your middle name was 'Delish'."

"Mmmm," Mellie replies with an amused little smile. "PO3 Melia Sullivan, Navy Medic working under Lieutenant Craven in Sickbay. And that's not respect, PFC. I'm sorry if someone told you it was. Put that way, it's rather…insulting. In fact, I'd be surprised if you got anything other than an STD with that attitude." She lifts a shoulder, grinning over at him. "Sorry, I believe in honesty. It's a pleaure to meet you, Roy."

Ver'Krugen grins and chuckles at the response. "Hey, honesty is my specialty. Hence why Im telling ya why Im admiring your full atributes. Now, dont get me wrong; you're cute enoug to gimme a heartattack, babe. But no way in hell could a man not try to get a peak at what else you might have to offer, besides that overwhelming smile of yours. I mean, as a woman, dont you like it if guys takes notice of your body? I sure as Hades like it when women check me out" and with that, he straightens his back and flexes his biceps, although in an obvious attempt to lighten things up rather than impress.

She can't help but giggle at the obvious attempt and shakes her head. "Not really, no," she tells him, eyes crinkling at the corners. "I was born and raised in a fundamentalist, conservative religious family. That kind of scruitiny makes me decidedly uncomfortable." The weights get put back and she hops to her feet, heading over to a rowing maching. "Oh, this is gonna hurt."

"What??" Ver'Krugen says and almost drops his jaw. "Come on!" he then says. "So when you were, fifteen or sixteen, you didnt get that tingling feeling when the guy you had the hots for looked your way or offered you a smile? That I simply cant believe! Hades and back, I saw the other day that priest-woman, whats her name, go running after one of my sergeants in our berthings. You have to feel something, right???"

She settles into the seat and lifts a shoulder. "I was raised with four older brothers, PFC," she says, voice quiet. "The look you speak of? Yes, it happened once or twice. That nice, warm filling in the pit of my tummy. Seeing someone without clothes? No, that didn't happen. Look up fundamentalist Gemenese culture at some point and you'll understand."

"Well then, there ya go" Ver'Krugen says and slaps his hands together. "If ya get that tummy-feeling, y'do like it if guys takes a look every now and then. As you should, cos a guy would be out of his mind not to turn his head when you walk on by. So, sickbay, you say? Hmmm… Might have to get myself into trouble then so I have a reason to come on by for a visit… If you dont mind that is."

A brow raises as she starts the next part of the workout. "No, the tummy feeling was because I saw HIM, not his body," she corrects. "The body…doesn't have a whole lot to do with it. As I said, I appreciate the pretty as much as the next person, but I don't watch someone and start panting."

"Huh" Ver'Krugen says as ge scratches his jaw. "Ok, so lets start over; What should I point out about you, to really impress you? We've already established that the reason why Im acting like an idiot is because you're so cute I've obviously turned mad by looking at you. But other than that?"

Mellie grins up at him, shaking her head. She seems to be one of those naturally "happy" people. "Well, maybe you could point out whether or not I'm working this frakking machine wrong," she says, soaked with sweat from rowing. She's also not liking this whole "workout" thing. "That would impress me. Maybe ask me some questions about my life, rather than asking questions to my breasts. Get to know me, not my measurements. A woman is more than the sum of her bust/waist/hip ratio."

"But what a sum it is" Ver'Krugen says with a sigh as he gives her one final look over. "Alright" he eventually says and gets to his feet and walks on over to Melia and kneels down next to her. He takes a moment to study the rowing-apparatus and then nods, "Y'see… I have no fraking clue how this shit works. But I would love to find out why you became a nurse in the Navy. Also… Could you tell me your name again… I kinda… forgot." The last is added with a shrug and a 'Im sorry' expression.

Mellie continues to row, though glances over at him with a somewhat speculative look, one which is followed by a slow, easy smile. "I became a medic in the Navy because I was raised with natural medicine, herbalism, and knew there had to be more to healing than just the old ways." Her pace picks up a little. Up close, she's soaking wet, curls clinging to her face and neck, and she stinks. "As for my name?" Her attention goes ahead again. "You can just call me "Sir" until your memory returns."

"Ouch!" Ver'Krugen says as he sits down next to her. "Very well, then… sir. So you like it? The modern ways of doctoring people? Was it what you expected?"

"I do like it," she says with a smile, face brightening even as it reddens. "There are so many ways people can be helped. So much…well, no more wasted lives because people were too stubborn to use what the gods -gave- us. Yes, the old ways have their places, but there was so much senseless death from ignorance."

"But why Navy? Why not some hospital or something?" Ver'Krugen asks. "I mean, a cute girl like you would do wonders with helping kids and stuff… Right? Y'know, cos your smile would help you bond with them and all."

Melia can't help but laugh quietly at that. "I love children, but if I'd gone to a planetside hospital, my family would have found me and brought me home. Once I enlisted, they couldn't touch me. I was no longer property. No longer set up to be married and bred for as many kids as I could pop out."

"Oh…" Ver'Krugen says, scratches his neck and gives it a moments thought. "That sucks… Shityt life if ya ask me. Though… Im betting your kids would be fraking cute as can be… considering the mom and all."

Melia grins over at him, arching a brow. "Maybe," she allows. "But children are rather a long way off for me. It was actually a very good life - I didn't know any better." She tries a shrug, but it's hard with the rowing. "Mom paid a friend of my brother to kidnap and compromise me the night before my swearing in, a last ditch effort. Dad found out about it and…took care of the situation. Had I been compromised, I'd have been forced to marry and would have had to give up the Navy."

Ver'Krugen simply shakes his head, sitting a couple of feet away from the rowing-apparatus, watching Melia go back and forth, back and forth. "That's messed up shit, that is. Y'know; I would like to shake your daddies hand. Had he not taken care of his little girl, I wouldnt be here right now, enjoying your truly awesome company."

Her smile turns a little sad and she nods, once. "I'd like to shake my dad's hand too," she says softly. Then the rowing slows to a stop and she leans back in the seat, panting quietly. "Ok. I think I've done enough of a workout for one day." One hand reaches up to brush wet hair out of her face. "I was thinking of a swim, but I'd sink."

"Swim?" Ver'Krugen says and sits up straight, like a kid expecting candy. "Y'mean… Now? Like… Now?"

"Down, boy," Mellie mutters. "Sit. Stay. No, not now. I don't have a bit of energy for it. I'll wait and go tomorrow rather than pushing myself too hard. What about your workout?"

Ver'Krugen's face does seem to remind you of a disapointed kid. "Workout?" he then says and shrugs. "Oh, 'My' workout? Right… Well, I got so distracted by the simply astonishingly cute company, that I've totally forgotten about my workout. I would have to blame it all on you to be honest; your smile led me astray, and there wasnt anything I could've done. Your smile is really… magnetic, if a smile can be that. I dont know. Its something. It sure as Hades is something."

In a rather maternal, or at least big-sisterly, way, Mellie points to the punching bag. "Workout, Marine," she says with an impish smile. "You didn't come in here to pick up women. You came in here to perfect that already nice physique so you can impress your CO with your physical prowess, since impressing your CO is a priority over impressing potential conquests."

"So you think I have a nice physique, huh?" Ver'Krugen then says with an arched eyebrow. "Well, I dont know what to say. I am simply overwhelmed that a gorgeous woman as yourself would even take notice of a scruffy guy like me. Gods, you make me blush, superbabe."

Her finger continues to point at the punching bag and she looks at him - there's still a smile on her face, but she's starting to get that look in her eyes that usually doesn't bode well for the man receiving that look. It's one where she's likely repeating the mantra "the only cure for testosertone poisoning is acute lead poisoning, which is still illegal." "And Private First Class? You are to refer to me by my given name, when we're both off duty, by my rank or use the word Sir."

Hazzard has arrived.

Bag over his shoulder, Sergeant Hazzard makes his way into the gym with the gloves already strapped on his fists to indicate he aims to train with the punching bag again.

Melia is sitting on the rowing machine, soaked with sweat, pointing a finger purposefully at the punching bag while giving Ver'Krugen A Look. It's not a look, but A Look. While there's a smile on her lips, it's clear that the little woman is giving orders. Poor Ver'Krugen is sitting a few feet away from her, on the floor.

"Man I simply love a woman givin' orders" he says as he gets back on his feet, grin on his face, and heads on over towards the punchingbag indicated. Halfway there though, he snaps his fingers and turns around. "Melia! Right? That's it, isnt it? Sir Melia! Ha! I fraking got it. No way I could forget the name of a cute girl you, no fraking way. Im back in the zone." And with that, he turns, and starts to almost dance, in a funny sort of way, his way over to the bag hanging from the ceiling.

Once he's on his way to the punching bag, poor Mellie just groans and buries her face in her hands.

Melia is earned herself a nods and a /smile/ from Hazzard as he moves over to drop his bag down by the floor next to the punching bag. "VK, it would be Sir, Sullivan Sir..you fraking idiot." he mutters and studies the other Marine with a smile on his lips.

"Hey, sarge!" Ver'Krugen grins as he spots Hazzard. He then tosses a glance on over at Melia, and then looks back to Hazzard and winks, "Naaah. More like 'Sir, Delish superbabe, sir', if ya know what I mean, hehehe." Turning to the punchingbag he hands out a couple of jabs. "Man, I gotta get this woman out of my system", and with that, Ver'Krugen steps up his punches with increasing speed and strength. "Get Out Woman!" he says, perhaps a bit too loud.

Mellie looks up to see Hazzard and offers him a tired, weak smile. Instead of getting up, she starts rowing again, this time more slowly. She's safe on the rowing machine. If she doesn't move too quickly, they won't start snapping at her heels. Yes, the way to deal with Marines is to treat them like hungry, small dogs. And give them respect. And wear a better bra.

Seeing that Ver'Krugen took place by the punching bag, Hazzard leans down and picks up his bag once again. "Perhaps Private..Still, I'd take kindly on the fact you'd treat her..respectfully." he glances over towards Melia and studies the woman for a moment. "Why dont you go to the Destiny VK, I hear they barely have clothes on there..I'm sure you can be sexed up quickly."

"Hey, sarge" Ver'Krugen says and holds out his arms. "Im all about respect. I respect every woman there is, for one simple reason… I love 'em all. Man, do I love 'em."

Melia is looking rather like she's had a workout on so many different levels. But yet she keeps moving her arms, going for a nice leisurely row in the gym. Her lips move, but if the words "castor oil and salt peter" come out, they're certainly inaudible to everyone but a lip reader.

Hazzard glances back towards VK and arches an eyebrow. "That machinegun must have rattled your brain Private.." he chuckles with a shake of his head. "How about you try some social respect, instead of street respect? The PO is not a Marine, she is navy..try to be.." he licks his lips. "Subtle, tact.." he leans in a little towards the other Marine. "Navy personel are delicate.."

[Intercom] Pass the word. All Mission marines, report to Hangar Bay B.

Hazzard glances up at the intercom sound and grunts. "No more training I guess." he mutters and makes his way quickly towards the hatch.

Hazzard has left.

"Thank the gods Im not on duty" Ver'Krugen says as he listens to the comlink. He keeps punching the bag, moving around it as if dodging invisible punches thrown his way and then counterattacks with vicious jabs. Taking a moment to rest, he grabs the punchingbag and keeps it from swinging. "So, Melia" he says and looks over to the upset woman. "If I am to be honest for one second… How would I go about asking you for dinner? Flowers? Chocolate? Or just a straight question 'Would you like to go to dinner'?"

Melia looks up, blinking. Apparently her mind had started wandering. "Normally, the straight question would work," she tells him with a small smile. "However, I'm not in a position to go out with anyone right now. The Sergeant made me promise he gets the first dinner as soon as I decide whether or not I'm going to date." Her eyes twinkle, though tiredly.

"What??" Ver'Krugen says and then tosses a long glance down at the closed hatch out of which Hazzard left just before. He then looks back to Melia. "Assard? Assard got first dibs?" Blinking, he then looks down at the closed hatch once more. "Sly dog" he says and scratches his neck. Loking back at Melia, Ver'Krugen simply shrugs his shoulders. "Well, cute stuff; If Assard isnt your man, I would love to ask you out for dinner. Hell, I would pay for dinner just to be able to spend an evening looking at you smiling, babe."

Melia finally gives up on the rowing machine and glances toward the com. "I'll keep that in mind," she tells him with a small smile. "But, on that note, I need to head out and get some rack time. Marines went out. Means injured coming back. I figure I can get two hours before I need to be in sickbay." She pushes to her feet, wincing.

"Alright, babe" Ver'Krugen says and gives her a two-finger salute. "Hope to see ya around. Oh, thats right… If ya ever want to take a swim, lemme know. I bet I could swim from one end of the pool to the other faster than you."

Melia laughs quietly, eyes crinkling at the corners, as she reaches for her towel, draping it around her neck. "That's a bet I won't take," she says, heading for the door, the sound of her laughter following her out.

"Awwww… Heartbreaker" Ver'Krugen says with a wide grin, eying Melia good and proper now with her back turned. Top to bottom… mostly bottom.

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