A Stitch in Time
A Stitch in Time
Summary: Novella rages against the machine that is life.
Date: 116 ACH
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Novella wanders into Sickbay once more, much to her chargrin. Stupidity got her here, though. Her own. That's on her mind with her pained walk through the hatch. As usual, she stops by the Memorial Board and kisses two fingers which then touch to a photo as she passes. Afterwards, she wanders to an empty bed and just sits down, the relief visible on her face.

Tais steps out of the Recovery Ward, weighed down by several charts. A nurse, much to Tais' gratitude is nearby, relieving her of her burden. Seeing Novella enter, she parts her lips to speak and then falls silent when she sees her reverence towards one of the pictures. The Memorial Board is something she tries to forget is there and most of the time she succeeds. And then there are moments such as these which bring it all to the fore. Once the Lt. is seated, she then speaks, "Lieutenant, thank you for meandering your way in to see me."

Novella rubs tenderly at her legs. "Trust me. No meandering on these limbs. I have to plan my destinations in advance." She sighs and looks up to the Doctor. "I'd give anything just to run again." Her right shoulder lifts and falls. "So, I take it I need to get inspected by you, yeah? Maybe get these painful-ass stitches out?"

You say, "That'd be the plan." She moves towards the pre-packaged kits, now at a premium, ripping one apart to extract the staples and stitches infusing the Lt's flesh. Turning to set them nearby, she pushes a stool to where the woman sits before seating herself on it. Looking over her glasses she asks, "Are you taking the pain pills we discharged you with?""

Novella nods a few times with the idea of pulling out the staples and stitches. Assuming the curtain is closed, she's standing carefully and dropping her blue's trousers on the floor. The stitches and patches areas cover her thighs. The tunic is also unbuttoned and left open for her to get the stitches on her stomach. "Not yet." That, in reply to the Doc's last question.

Tais' face settles into one of slight disapproval at her response. "It's easier to heal when you're not in debilitating pain, Lieutenant." Leaning nearer, she takes the staple remover first and methodically pinches them free.

"Maybe. But I figure I'd rather save it for someone in serious pain than me wit ha few leg cramps." She winces as the staple is removed. Her eyes close purposely and her breathing becomes deep. "Unless you figure I need to take them to heal properly." Though nothing short of death will probably keep her out of a cockpit.

Tais gently rebukes as she bandages the formerly stapled expanse, "The least amount of pain you're in the faster you'll heal. I'd like you pain-free." She then moves on to the sutures, for which she uses a tiny Littauer scissors.

The LT shakes her head. Thats not what she wanted to hear. Her breathing keeps at a slow and steady pace as the Doctor works on Cav's wounds. "Wonderful. So if I pop my loopy pills I can get back in the cockpit faster." There's a brief pause. "Do you all have anything for killing pain that doesn't impair judgment?"

Tais bandages the freshly mended flesh, removing her gloves afterwards. "There's guided imagery, massage therapy, physical therapy. Take your meds for a couple of days, then we can get you off them and on to something else."

"I have to help plan a rescue mission, Doctor. I need to be sober, not cracked out. I can't take anything until I get my pilots back. After that, I'll pop my pills." Novella touches the bandages lightly, feeling for them with her closed eyes. "The Major said I was supposed to see you for physical therapy or something, right? What do you want me to do? The last Doc had me swim laps."

You say, "Water and still seeping wounds are not a great combination at the moment." She keeps silent on the Lieutenant's need to remain cogent as she stands to reach for a print out on a variety of low impact exercises she can perform in her barracks which she hands her. "Once your pilots are back, then we'll get you in the gym for more extensive work outs and some water therapy.""

"Still-seeping? Godsdamnit." Novella sighs and rolls her head back, obviously agitated by that news. She pounds a fist into the bed and looks back to the paper Tais offers her. She reads it over a few times and nods. "Fair enough. It should be sometime in the next few days when I get them back. Does that work?"

Tais nods, stepping back and shoving her small hands into the pockets of her lab coat, "Keep your leg elevated if possible. Use crutches as much as you can. You can do this smart or, well, not."

"Major Zaharis said I can't use crutches because of my shoulder. Puts undue pressure on one leg and might damage it or something." Novella is all sorts of happy about this. "I can't sit around all day. Nobody did jack or shit for my frakking pilots while I was lain-up in here. I know that doesn't mean much but imagine that some of your patients went missing and then you're told through the rumor mill that nobody has done anything yet." The LT is mad, but her anger doesn't seem directed at Tais. A general frustration might be a better way to describe it. "'Smart' would have been looking for pilots which are getting to be a rare commodity. Especially experienced ones." when she seems like she might go into a full bluster….she stops. Her head dips. "Sorry, Doctor. Its not your fault. I'm just.. pissed-off and in pain."

Tais listens silently, understanding implicitly. "One of those things I can help, the other will come with time and effort. Split the pill in half, it will take the edge off and let you think." She turns, walking over to extract a cane from the depths of a closet. "Only one arm."

Novella looks to the woman once more with her suggestion. "That didn't even occur to me." She nods a few times. But the cane gets a disdainful look from the proud pilot. "I, uh.. I dunno, Doc. You sure you want me to use a cane? Will that damage healing in one of my legs?"

You say, "Either that or a wheel chair. Work with me here, Lieutenant. You can't help your pilots the way you are."

Novella has left.

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