Summary: Genesis finds the stranded ships and things go to hell in a handbasket.
Date: 52 ACH - 01/04/09
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[Intercom] Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the fleet.

[Tac1] A voice from CIC, "This is Battlestar Genesis, transmitting Colonial Military verification Tango X-Ray Zulu 113. We have decoded distress message and are responding. Authenticate Colonial Identification with transmission on Gamma 994, immediately.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "CIC, Scorch, Raptor 215. Pre-flight in progress."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "CIC, Cornbread, Ready for launch."

[Tac1] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Genesis, Hera. Transmitting Colonial ID codes now. Cannot say that everyone here is pleased to see a Colonial Battlestar, Genesis, Last one most of these people saw stripped out their FTLs and left them for dead."

[Tac1] Orion says, "CIC, Orion, Ready for launch."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "CIC, Tempo, preflight complete. Standing by."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "CIC, this is the CAG. Viper and raptor compliment ready to launch."

[Tac1] Skip says, "CIC, Hound. All systems green. Ready to launch whenever."

[Tac1] From CIC "Hera, Genesis. There is no need for alarm. We do not know what happened to you previously, however we are not hostile. We are glad to find survivors. Request permission to launch Vipers to begin exterior Ship survey operations."

[Tac1] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Request? Urm. Granted Genesis."

[Tac1] Cag, You are go. Launch, and survey, begin survey and establish full CAP.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "CIC, Scorch. 215 preflight green. Ready for the black."

[Tac1] Hera, Genesis. We are sending a party to your ship for face to face meeting and situation report.

[Tac1] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Genesis, Hera. Clearance granted for landing on Hera. We're interested in meeting your representatives."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "All vipers launch."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "CIC. Cornbread. Launching."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Hound launching."

[Tac1] Orion says, "CIC, Orion is angels."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "CIC, Tempo, away!"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "CIC, Jailhouse, preflight green and in the pipes."

Space the final….wait, wrong show. There are those who Believe…

CUE: Backdrop

It's damn dark out here atleast until all ships jump into the area. That funny, queasy feeling fades and everything comes into view. Ten ships sit around an old moon. Space dust and some bits of asteroids are floating through the area. Not anything huge to worry about, unless it sucks up into the tailpipes. In the distance, a reddish planet can be seen. Luckily there doesn't seem to be any cylons in the vicinity.

[Cornbread_1623: Sloane] Bursting from the launch tube, Cornbread maneuvers into the beginning of a typical CAP Flight pattern. Nothing flashy today, no rolls or hard banks, he's keeping one eye on his Dradis and the other on the large number of ships nearby.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Micah's ejected from the launch tube shortly after Cornbread, afterburners lighting up as he's spit out into the black.

[Charon_840: Warwick] Turning around a little as he gets out of the tube, Hound brings his Viper up towards the others, ready for what might be coming now.

[VIPER_1742: Orion] Orion plays it by the books. He's a little stiff on the stick, in fact. His viper not moving as smoothly as it possibly could have. He dampens his burners and slides neatly into the flight group.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The ships in front, Mainly the Destiny, the Hera and the Nebula — are right near the Scylla. The Nebula being a large freighter, The Hera having the looks of one of the Caprican Training Vessels for Pilots and the Destiny. The newest ship off the Caprican Cruise Liners. It is known for its tropical paradise vacations.

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] Wrongway's borrowed raptor powers up smoothly and slides out of the flight pod, shifting direction once some momentum is built up and swinging over to form up on Raptor 215's wing.

[RAPTOR_215: Bayless] Raptor 215 soars out of the launchbay, on a parallel course towards the newly found vessels.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Rolling to port, Micah guides his bird into standard escort position just ahead of the raptors.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] From the Destiny, people can be seen crowding along the huge viewport. Within, an actual 'wave park' can be seen as well. Some people wave, but others look solemn. They don't exactly look like they are enjoying their extended vacation about now. But some chick-let in a Polka Dot Bikini is waving and jumping up and down, bouncing left and right in her top.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo gives a little roll to feel out the controls, then settles into formation.

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "This is Fender. Orion, take Hound's wing. Tempo, take Cornbread's wing. Follow the leader, people."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Scorch, I'm on your wing."

New DRADIS Contact: Fender_211 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Wrongway, Scorch. Copy wing assignment."

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] After Fender's given her instructions, Micah slips in to form up at the Captain's wing smoothly.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Fender, Cornbread acknowledging. Folling CAP pattern Bravo."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Fender, Tempo, copy. Cornbread, Tempo, moving to your seven, over."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Once the go-ahead is given for the Raptors to land, the lights flicker on in the hangar bay. The Hera has opened her doors to give the welcome signal.

[Cornbread_1623: Sloane] Continuing his CAP pattern, Ensign Antonio Sloane, a.k.a Cornbread takes a CAP pattern that will send them on an overhead pass of the ten ships. Turning the yoke so that his viper turns upside-down, he scans the cracks between their fleet for signs of action.

[Tac1] Orion says, "Fender, Orion. Confirmed. Hound, I am on your five."

[VIPER_1742: Orion] Orion throttles up and sticks down a bit, changing his trajectory to rest his craft behing and to the left of Hound's.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Wrongway, Scorch. Hera's signalled clear to land. Permission to dock?"

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Following her wing, Tempo's bird belly's up for a chaser survey along his path, eyes open.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Fender, Jailhouse, got your wing and the Hera in sight."

[Tac1] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Bring her in, Scorch, nice and smooth. I'll come in behind."


Central Docking (#1640RXF) Hera - Deck 5

52 ACH 6285 Souls

Central Docking on the Hera is clean. Frighteningly clean. Resembling the Hangar bay of a battlestar in structure, this area has been cleaned and kept clean. all the parts trucks are spotless and stowed away, the spare parts bins are organized and filled with spare parts that seem to be taken straight from the boxes. Tools are stowed in top of the line tool lockers as full manufactioner sets. The deck floor is kept clean and clear, Tyllium tanks sparkle, drone racks and the drones themselves have a high shine on them. The shuttles are all vintage, customized, and stored in their berths with reverance. There are such ships as a '45 Virgon Whispchaser, a '62 Caprican Cloudburster, cherry red, a '55 Aquarian Sleekslider painted electric blue and fitted with optional missile batteries. In one berth is a '70 Nova Limo Shuttle, jet black and with enough of a high shine on the outer hull that anyone walking by can clearly see themselves.


[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Copy, Wrongway. 215 on touchdown approach."

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Easy does it, enjoy the flight time. Eyes open, everyone. Anything amiss, report. Jailhouse, good to see you there."

RAPTOR_215 comes in for a landing.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Good to see you too, Fender. I have visual on the landing party, alpha oscar kilo so far."

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Samuels only shifts a little in his seat, trying to keep from jostling anyone else during landing. Hey, maybe he'll get lucking and bikini babe might need a bandaid.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

There's just something about being in the belly of a Raptor with a gaggle of gung-ho Marines that makes Jocasta smile; feels like home. However, her warm-fuzzies aren't significant enough distraction to keep her from minding the DRADIS and ensuring that the only company they've got afoot is Colonial ID'd.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Ramiro nods to the SST members and Gaelan as final approach happens. Unbuckling himself from the restraints, he keeps his rifle pointed downwards and stands. Leaning back for Skip to get the first drop off of the Raptor, he watches the door, waiting.

RAPTOR_214 comes in for a landing.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Skip starts getting out of his seat and over to the hatch as soon as the ship lands. "Come on now folks. Nice and easy." And then he starts moving to get out of the Raptor.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

"Ho-ah." The words comes along with a yawn as Hazzard, feels that it is about time to get ready. The Major is talking about bikini clad women. He continues to chew on his gum as he brings his weapon up and holds it in his left hand as he unbuckles himself. Since he is supposed to take high grounds, he doesnt seem to inclined to be the first one out. "Which channel do we use Dane, for firing solutions?"

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Tempo this is Cornbread. Keep your sights on starboard and I'll watch port side."

[Tac1] "Tempo" Dynames says, "Tempo, aye, peepers peeled."

[From RAPTOR_215:]

As the ship moves in for it's touchdown, Nately, likewise, reaches up, hitting the release on his safety restraints and standing up. The Private brings his weapon up to check, and then, the barrel goes down, to the deck plating. Nice and safe. He hovers, though, wanting to stick with Hazzard. He ticks off the seconds quietly, hrming a little bit to himself…

Skip climbs out of RAPTOR_215.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Bayless throttles the Raptor's engines down to standby and exhales a bit before keying the comms once more.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Orion, Hound. See anything out there?"

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Zaharis has been watching the ships in the viewport. People jumping around, bikinis. Doesn't look too bad…yet. "Medical stay on the back line until contact's been made and cleared," he reminds the group sitting in the Raptor.

[Tac1] "Scorch" Bayless says, "Scorch to all points, 215 reads safe touchdown. Now disembarking."

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Rue lands the ship. Once it's settled in, she powers it down and goes to the hatch. "Alright. Let's go make nice." The hatch is popped and she steps out.

The Hera deck has crews working around, bringing in the ships. As the Raptors are brought into the Deck, a small crowd of people are around, one older man and a younger man standing in the front. As the Raptors unseal and open, the younger man steps forward as the older man stands to the back. He straightens, in Military fashion, but does not salute. As the Marines make an enterance, he watches, carefully, the people hanging back, there's an air of nervous tension, focused to the younger man as he speaks.

"James Groupman. Petty Officer First Class, Retired. Second in Commannd of the Hera. Former CIC Comms operator of the Battlestar Cerberus." He says, crisply, then steps to the side, "James Vesperia Fulton. Bossman. Hera captain." The 'Captain' is clearly in lowercase, denoting the head of the ship,and not a military rank. The older man steps forward as he's introduced. He looks around at the Military personnel. "On behalf of the Hera. Damn good to see you."

Rhea nods again to Rue, more or less confident they'll arrive safely. Though she looks mighty pleased as the Raptor comes in for a landing. She stands, unstrapping herself, and heading out. "Diplomacy isn't one of my strong points," she replies dryly to Rue as her boots hit the docking bay.

[Tac1] Orion says, "Hound, Orion. Nothing but black."

Standing in back Fulton and his welcoming committee is a blonde vision all in white. Apostrophe paces slightly, strappy white heels tick on the floor with her steps, slow and even as she paces, awaiting the arrival of all that glorious uniformed man meat. A bottle of ridiculously expensive champagne is in one hand, a single crystal flute in the other. She glances down at her toes, then bends a little more, and huffs. "Oh. Poo." She straightens, and tosses her hair over her shoulder. And she looks up raptors arrive. "No one will notice it's chipped. They wear matching outfits." Sniff. Shoulders back, chest out, perfect smile on.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Bayless glances over to Jo, unsealing and removing her helmet before getting her straps loose. "Everything copacetic?" she asks her.

"Hello captain," Rue says as she steps from Raptor 215. Offering a salute, she steps right up to the welcome party and offers a gloved hand. "I'm Major Savannah Rue, Commander Air Group of the Battlestar Genesis. Pleased to meet you."

There is another cute girl behind Apostrophe. Her hair is cut short and dyed a black, with purple highlights. Tall and model-like, or should we say 'statueesque'. The dress she is wearing is strapless and a deep amber color. It falls to high on her thighs and the heels she has on, gives her another two inches. Topping out at six feet. "Ooo…Marines. I think my thighs quivered.." she whispers breathlessly near Ap's shoulder.

Gaelan steps off the Raptor, eyes sliding around to the Marines as they take position. Noticing Rue he passes a glance to Desusa, "I will get a security assessment. Keep the squads in check. I don't want a frakkin' surprise." Patting Desusa on the shoulder he immediately turns course to Rue and walks over, his hand resting on the rifle his finger near the trigger but flattened out to prevent a misfire. Standing next to Rue his eyes slowly survey the crowd as the other ear listens for an introduction.

Skip looks around carefully as he gets out of the Raptor, nodding a bit as he hears Fulton's words, and then Rue speaking as well. Glancing towards the rest of the Marines, he starts moving a bit to the side, so he could have at least some view of the area.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

"Looks clear," says Jammer, following suit and popping the seals on her helmet in order to remove it for a bit of 'fresh air'.

Lex climbs out of RAPTOR_215.

Groupman holds his position as Rue steps forward to Fulton. For a moment there's the focus on the two of them, then Fulton steps forward, shaking Rues hand, "Welcome aboard." He says, with a smile, then Groupman is shaking Rues hand, and as a cheer goes up amongst the people of the Hera, others start forward, offering handshakes, names going around, introductions, relieved praise, laughter.

"Captain Fulton," Rhea says briskly, stepping forward not far behind Rue. "Major Rhea Zimmermann. Chief Engineer of the Genny." She waits until he's gotten the hand-shaking with Rue done before she offers her own calloused paw. "We got your message. That was a clever bit of work with the light signal coding. Who was behind that?"

Gars stands close to Skip, eyes scanning the civilians for any possible threats.

Piling out of the Raptor, Ramiro immediately looks for higher ground. Looking over his shoulder to Hazzard and Nately, he points Nately to remain on the wing of Raptor 215 using hand signals. He then points Hazzard to do the same on Raptor 214. Turning, he steps forward and moves to a two-o'clock position not far from the front. Watching the exits, he tilts his eyes to look over Fulton and the two women in a near robotic manner. Sensing no danger, he looks to the hangar doors, watching carefully.

Zaharis steps off the Marine clowncar of a Raptor, his boots lightly thumping as he makes his way down the ramp with the primary medical unit. The secondary one is making their way out of Rue's Raptor over there. His dark eyes flicker from face to face of the 'welcome party' before he nods to Fulton. "Captain." He extends a hand as well, once the line moves. Shuffle, shuffle. "Major Jesse Zaharis, Chief Medical Officer of the Genesis. Brought over some hands to help out with any injuries over here."

Lex steps quietly in behind her unit, rifle held two handed across her chest, fingers nowhere near the trigger. Her eyes scan those present, pausing here and there when something just demands noticing.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Bayless clambers out of her seat, resting her helmet in it, and cocks her head towards the open hatch. "Okay, let's go out and be social then. Can't let the CAG have all the fun." With a smile, she makes for the hatch.

Bayless climbs out of RAPTOR_215.

Desusa has kept silent all the way here. Focusing on some ancient theme in his mind and keeping to himself. His M58 sitting all nice and pretty inside its holster. Once they land, he vacates right beside Gaelan and nods. "Alright people," he turns around a bit, "You know the drill. Secure perimeter." He gives the hangar a small glance over. Not to impressed, it seems.

As the Marines fan out, Samuels hangs back as instructed, his medic pack shifted so its now hooked over one shoulder. As people shift forward, his grip on the strap grows tighter, knowing that if these people have been stranded, there are items within it that could be invaluable to the Hera folks. As Zaharis steps forward, he's right behind, offering a nod to Fulton as he's one of those aforementioned helping hands.

Hazzard is one of the many black clad Marines that makes their way out of the Genesis Raptors, but unlike most of them he does not cling to the Raptors to secure it. Instead he searches with his gaze for a vantage point, as he keeps his long barreled rifle in his hands. Uncertain of where this will lead he move over to the designated Raptor and quickly makes his way up on its back/roof and crouches down there to keep a watchful eye of the preceedings.

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "This is Cornbread. No movement yet but I'm showing alot of external damage. Four of these look like they've been through the grinder."

Snatch clambors out behind Rhea, and more or less stays there, coming to a sort of easy attention once her Cap'm seems to have found a place to stand. She doesn't, however, step forward when the Cap'm does, even whiffling back a little bit as if to extricate herself from the thick of the introductions.

The hand signal for the affirmative goes up, and with his weapon in check, Nately nods, tapping the top of his helmet and remaining near the Raptor, keeping the area around himself secure and keeping his eyes opened up. He catches sight of a couple of the women, tilting his head slightly and raising a slight eyebrow… Hmm. He says nothing, though. S'business.

Another woman does a wild wink to Lex. She's dressed in low heeled pumps that must have cost a fortune. She licks her lips in a broad tone of suggestion. "I do like female marines."

Desusa looks around and gives a few hand directions to a couple more marines as they filter out. Once all have taken proper postings, he turns to walk slowly towards the Brass Pile.

"If you don't mind my saying so… I'm glad to see a friendly face out here," Rue adds as she does the rounds of hand shaking, pausing to shoot a smile to Gaelan. "Especially this far out from, well, anything." She eyes Apostrophe briefly and the spikey haired girl behind her, offering a hand wave before turning her gaze back to Fulton. "What kind of difficulties have you had?"

Apostrophe's eyes light up as she's whispered to. "You are not kidding." She turns her head slightly, raises the champagne bottle, "But they're probably dreadfully poor." …. and POP. The cork pops out loudly, sharply, and shoots several feet into the air. Probably not the best time for that sort of noise with lots of armed marines around. Fizz fizz. "Aw, shit." Some splatters to the deck floor, almost getting her shoes.

Fulton shakes Rues hand, releasing it, "Major, I think we both know this, but I need to speak with Command at soonest. As soon as things settle a bit." He turns to Rhea, narrowing his eyes, "Major.. Rhea -JO- Zimmerman? You used to be at the Scorpion Shipyards." He laughs, "Was gonna try to offer you a job one day." He looks to Zaharis, and nods, "We've been organizing our medical needs, we have some doctors." Be this time, he's raising his voice to be heard over the din of the celebrating.

Skip is already moving to do what Desusa said, keeping his attention on the work at hand, not too much on the people. Expression quite neutral at the moment.

Gaelan eyes glance back along his troops as they take position. Nodding to Desusa and the men as they settle into place he looks back towards Fulton, he defers on the multitude of handshaking at the moment and comments in a rasped tone, "Major Pietr Gaelan, Batallion Commander for the Battlestar Genesis. We will need to get permission to do a full security assessment. Do you have a full crew roster of everyone that is on board this vessel?" Straight to business. Seems the Marine doesn't like the whole fanfare idea at the moment.

"Bubbly!" Comes the excited cry of another female.

Jocasta finally climbs out of the Raptor, flightsuit sans helmet, but she doesn't appear to be in a particularly palm-pressing or meet-and-greet sort of mood. Instead, she lingers on the wing of the bird and merely watches the goings on silently.

Zaharis nods to Fulton. "Good to hear, captain." That they have doctors is the best news Medical could've hoped for just now. He folds his arms, casting another look around the welcome party with a raised brow and a little amusement.

It's gonna take a little more for the Private by Raptor 215 to 'jump.' Nately's hand does tighten on his rifle slightly as he hears the noise, but he does wait, eyes keen. He says nothing, though, still. He glances toward Jocasta as she climbs out, nodding. "Thanks for the smooth ride, sir," he comments idly toward the pilot. Then it's back to scanning.

Bayless makes her way over to the group, unzipping her flightsuit's collar just enough to more easily breathe. She slows a bit to allow Jammer to catch up, but nods to her once she apparently opts to hang back. She then remains silent while Rue gets acquainted before speaking with her.

Lex blinks at the display of womenfolk in various positions on the boat. She does not, however, comment. Her eyes also return to scanning for weapons of a less fleshy kind.

Fulton looks back to Rue, "Major, you would not believe the things we've been having problems with, but we need to settle things down a bit." He looks to Gaelan. He nods, "Of course Major. I imagine security and initial survey of the ships will be top priority. We have a Census of the survivors, marked and counted, you'll want to do it again, I'd imagine, but our numbers are 17,545 Souls in all the ships."

A steward in a real butler's outfit comes from down the small set of stairs. "Will there be guests this evening, sir?" He directs toward captain Fulton.

Desusa is now standing right next to Gaelan. Giving Rue and the rest of the Genny's officers a breif nod before looking over to the security detail he previously ordered. A fly won't fart without Gaelan or him knowing about it first, that's for sure.

Women..The next more scandalous then the first, yet none earns Hazzards attention. With tight tops like that it is very unlikely there is a deadly weapon hidden under it, soo the ugly people earns his attention as he crouched sweeps the hangar with his rifle. Over his comunit, to discuss fire solutions and possible threats with the rest of the SST members he whispers 'Dane, does your faith say anything about this?'

Rue blinks widely at Fulton. "17545 survivors?"

Zaharis' attention also gets pulled back to Fulton at that number. "Seventeen…" Nah, he's not going to repeat Rue. But the expression's mirrored.

Rhea is surprised when Fulton makes use of her full name, but it makes her grin broadly. "My reputation precedes me," she says dryly. "You got it right. They used to call me R.J. back in my enlisted days. Along with a couple other colorful things. Looks like I would've taken that job if I was smart. Appears the pay'd be better." She can't help but smirk a little at all the glitz. Not that she seems to mind. She seems glad to see other living beings, period. "When you've got a moment, we can discuss any repairs that might be in order. Looks like you've got six ships that should be able to make the leap out of here, with some work." But she lets the Marine and pilot-y matters take the stage for now. Her own eyes widen at that number. "My gods…"

Snatch continues subtly backing toward the raptor she'd just disembarked. Not quite in full retreat. Just a little befuddled. These people -have- heard the bad news, right? Fulton's number of survivors takes care of that question, though, and the number is enough to make her stop squinting suspiciously at the populus.

Apostrophe pours herself a flute of champagne once the bubbly has calmed down a little. She hands the bottle off to the woman behind her, a little distraught at now having one sticky hand. She looks for someone less tailored to wipe it on. Here marine, marine, marine.

Fulton waves off the butler, "Yes, Go away." He turns to Rues, "Yes, and we're the only ones with Weapons and FTL. We found this fleet, after they were raped by the Battlestar Pegasus." He looks at her, and looks around the Majors present. "We need to talk about this."

The amazon takes the fluted champagne glass and dangles a diamond braclet on her wrist. "Tauron 80, a very good year for sparkling champagne."

"Don't thank me," Jammer says to Nately. With a gesture pitched to Bayless' back, she says, "She's the pilot." Alright, truth. It's hard for Jocasta to remain nonplussed when she hears the number that rolls out of Fulton's mouth; it's nearly three times the number of people they've been floating around with before.

Rue is fairly quick to recover, though. Her expression is warm as she says, "That's fantastic. And I'd like to hear more about what's happened… I promise to share our own adventures in return. What news we have to share, we will. And, obviously, we've set up a CAP to protect the combined fleet." The smile she's wearing fades though, when Fulton mentions Pegasis and the word rape. "… A Battlestar did what now? Yes, we need to talk."

Gaelan his brow furrows quickly as he looks around. Nodding at the comment, "Yes. We do. First we need to get everyone back to their quarters. My Marines don't like large groups, so get your necessary command people and advisors. Send everyone else home." Glancing to Desusa he nods to the man, "This could prove interesting."

Dane Ramiro eyeballs the butler before turning his vision to the exits, including the stairs. Smiling quietly at something issued over his comm unit, he declines to answer. His shoulders huff really slightly as he's gotten the joke. Looking to Apostrophe as she wipes her hand on his sleeve, he gives her a cold, expressionless look before turning his eyes back to the exits.

[Tac1] Orion says, "Hound, Orion. I'm your seven, over."

Skip keeps his attention on the people present for the moment, frowning a little. Looking to be ready in case anyting should happen.

"Fair enough," Nately replies quietly." Then, he glances back to the fore, blinking quietly as the number's announced. He says nothing, but makes a slightly impassive expression. Yay, headcounts! As he watches the exchange between one of the women and Ramiro, the younger Marine bites his lip slightly… and shakes his head.

Desusa rubs his chin a bit and looks at Gaelan, "Hm. Yeah." He is still pondering the Pegasus bit, it seems.

Bayless blinks at the survivor count, then looks over to Jocasta and silently mouths the words, "Seventeen thousand?!" to her. At the sound of Fulton mentioning Pegasus' piracy, she turns back and frowns. The thought's completely unconscionable to her. She turns back and heads over to Jammer. "Looks like the boss and Maj. Gaelan are gonna have a powwow with Hera's captain about the Pegasus thing. Gods, it blows the mind."

[Tac1] "Cornbread" Sloane says, "Cornbread. Making second pass."

Zaharis draws in a breath and nods, glancing at the other military folks standing about. He half-turns to look back at the medics. "Samuels, you're in charge. Keep everyone together, no losing my personnel."

[Tac1] "Fender" Addie says, "Jailhouse, Fender. On me. Let's take the long way 'round."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Good, Orion. Still looks safe around here."

Using both normal eyesight and the scope on his rifle, Hazzard switches channel on his comm. /This is a turkey shoot…No visible threats./ he murmurs over for the rest of the Marines, especially the two Majors named Gaeland and Desusa. /From a military point of view..We can restock without casulties here/ he invardly thanks himself that it is a Marine channel.

Samuels snaps to attention at Zaharis' words. "Sir, yes sir." He says briskly, just as he catches one of the other medics out of the corner of his eye. A hand reaches out, clamping the lesser medic on the shoulder. "No ta-tas until after you've finished dinner." He admonishes the other, who was apparently about to go out and try his luck with the Rich and Fabulous.

Fulton looks around, and nods, "Groupman, sound General Quarters." The man nods and Fulton looks back to the Brass, "Look, let's head to somewhere quieter, and I can brief you." He looks to Zaharis, "We have a couple dead Skinjobs for your morgue, Major, and you can send people around to survey the Hera." He says the last to all the Majors.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Fender. I'm with you, eyes open."

[Intercom] General Quarters. General Quarters, All hands to Quarters, stand down from Alert Stations.

Rhea nods shortly to Fulton, her own expression darkening at mention of the Pegasus. "I saw your message. We aren't from the Pegasus." She looks back to her engineers. Snatch in particular. "Del Boccyo! You're in charge of the tech team. Group up with one of these fine Hera men and assess the repair situation. On this ship and others, if they've got schematics." She nods to Fulton, eyes narrowing quizzically. Skin Jobs?

Zaharis raises an eyebrow at the terminology. "Skinjob, captain?" He asks in a way that doesn't expect an answer while they're standing out in public. But clearly that goes past the CMO.

"Alright," Rue starts to look towards Bayless before she asks the question everyone else probably has, "Skinjobs?"

Gaelan eyes the captain as he comments, "Skinjobs? What the frak is a.." Eyes slide to Zaharis curiously of some fancy medical lingo. Watching him a moment his eyes dart to Desusa as he comments, "I want you to take the men and one of those raptors and go to each of these ships for assesment. I need to stay here and talk with the Captain."

Jocasta acknowledges the pilot's return to casual conversation with a chin-up sort of salute and waits until she's shoulder to shoulder before opening her mouth. "Makes you wonder where we're gonna put 'em all," she says.

Desusa examines Fulton as he mentions skinjobs, "What?"

Apostrophe looks blankly at Ramiro as he gives her a look. "What." She obviously didn't do anything wrong. The flute is raised, and she sips the bubbly, and turns to walk clear across the hanger deck to get a closer look at some marines with guns. All this crap isn't news to her, so she's checking out the merchandise.

Fulton looks at the Majors, and pales, "Holy frak." He looks between them, then around at the Genesis personnel. His tone sharpens, "Get some people to the Nebula, Cargo 332, cold storage 9. Bag them and get them secured."

Desusa looks to Gaelan and nods, "Am on it, Major." He nods and files away with a final look to Fulton before he turns around completely.

Does this ship have a nurse. Well HELLO NURSE. She comes down the steps slowly. White heels. White …uh nurses outfit. Little white cap. "It is simply incredible!" As the skinjobs are brought up. "I can show you!" Big smile.

"Outta my way," a female voice that has dropped pretense of culture and class says. There's a little commotion towards the back of the crowd as a few people meet with well-placed elbows and unforgiving hands that shove airheads and bimbos out of the way with no remourse. More than a few pass glaring looks after the blonde woman that is making her way to what would be considered the "action" here. "Excuse me," she says, once she's closer, opting for a bit more polite, "Are you here to rescue us or take what little we have left?" Alright, maybe etiquette isn't in the books.

Bayless shakes her head. "Frak if I know. But one battlestar left 'em high and dry already. I'll drop my wings before it happens again…" She then sees the confusion on her crewmates' faces and frowns, then sees the woman make the accusations. "Frak, here we go…"

Snatch straightens, if only subtly, reflecting the usual amount of military procedure in Engineering. "Ou-ais, Cap'm," she replies smartly enough, and nods to the rest of the snipes before looking to make eye contact with one of the Hera Engineers.

Skip keeps his attention on the area for now, stayin silent for now. Pausing as that woman is pressing forward, and glancing over there for now.

Zaharis is now watching Fulton carefully. One brow is in permanently-raised position. He calls back to the medics, "Samuels, send two over with the captain's good men for that cargo. You go with them. Leave Keller in charge here."

Ramiro raises an eyebrow confusedly at the mention of the skinjob. Giving Apostrophe a noncommital look, remaining quiet, he turns so that the explanation of the skinjobs is in his peripheral vision. It's not an explanation at all. He tenses and eyes the nurse, adjusting his grip on the handle of his assault rifle. Whatever it is, he's not liking it.

Fulton looks around to the Majors, "Okay, soon as you're settled, we're off." He steps back, rubbing his face, and thinking, intently, how do you explain this?

"Why do I suddenly feel like we've been left out of some giant cosmic joke?" Rue asks outloud before starting to follow Fulton. "Bayless, if anyone needs a ride, tag you're it." She moves along after Fulton, then, pausing to eye the woman moving through the crowd with the question. "We aren't pirates, ma'am. We're answered the distress call to help."

Nurse Lissa gives a little follow with her hand. She toesteps so her butt does that wriggle as she walks. Once they are all piled into the Limo Shuttle - yes they do have one - it's Up Up and Awayyyy!

Samuels hears the order and gives a nod and a "Sir." Before pointedly pointing at Keller. "Ta-tas bad." He hitches his head at two others, motioning them back to the Raptor so they can go check out these supposed Skinjobs, which sounds like a bad name for a porno, at this point.

Gaelan eyes slide to Desusa quickly. "Secure it. Take the team, follow the advice of /our/ Medic only. If it goes to Genesis. Take it to Gen. Immediately."

Desusa has turn away from the brass group and begin yelling the names of the marines he is taking. Yell Yell.

Bayless looks over as Rue hands out the orders and nods. "I'll keep her warm, boss." She shakes her head. "What's this 'skinjobs' thing they keep talking about…?"

Meanwhile….on the Nebula. Marines land.


Docking Bay (#1874RXF) Nebula - Docking Bay

52 ACH 6285 Souls

The docking bay of the Nebula Cargo Freighter is located in the small 'Head' of the craft. The Gemini Class Freighter itself consists of a front module containing the Bridge, Docking bay, FTL drives, and connection to the rest of the ship, then a skeletal framework designed to secure, and connect large modular storage cases, behind that the sublight engines. The modular cases house life support systems, and connections for passengers and material to move from case to case. The landing and launching facilities are crude, but serviceable. A solid design for minor maintenance and repair as well as the capacity to store two shuttles in the back section of the control area while receiving two more craft from the outside. At the back of the bay, walkways lead off in two directions, to the Bridge, and to the back, toward where the cases are interconnected.


A fancy limo shuttle lands, along with a Raptor from the Military that found this place.

Desusa unbuckles once more and checks his sidearm before ordering the team to file out.

Skip moves out, making sure to be one of the people in front out of there.

The limo shuttle doors open and the nurse with the short dress and cute white cap is stepping out. Nurse Lissa waits until the rest of the group climb out of the ships. "You honestly will never believe this! I think it is a fake myself."

Gars follows Skip, eyes scanning his surroundings for any possible threats

Hazzard continues to chew on his piece of gum, looking rather..neutral about the whole finding and saving alot of refuges. Being the practical marine he is, he considers the possible options left to a more pragmatic Commander. Until given another order, he sticks near Major Desusa.

Medic Samuels once more steps out of the Raptor, he and the other two sticking to the back of the pack. Wills and Glover fall in line behind Samuels who was put in charge of retrieving what ever these so called 'skin jobs' are. They only move when the Marines deem it safe to do so, no matter what Nurse Lissa says.

Bayless gives the nurse a quizzical expression as she climbs out of the shuttle, then falls in step with the Marines. She glances to Jo, as if to ask 'what the hell could they be talking about?!'

Lissa makes her way to Desusa as some of the crew and refugee's come around to start ogling. They don't look like a very happy group. No, not at all.

"Get the frak away from us. None of you are shooting us like they did! We've got weapons now." Shouts someone from the back.

Gars takes an immediate step up in front of Desusa and aims his weapon in the general direction of the spoken. "Safeties off!" he calls out as things suddenly became anything but friendly.

Once everyone else has emptied the Raptor, Jocasta lingers once again on the threshold of the hatch, as if uncertain as to if she should leave. Still, if Bayless is inclined and there are Marines afoot, surely no one would— and then the shouting starts. Yeah, see? Whatever these 'skin jobs' are, Jo can wait to get the story second-hand.

One of those refuges or crew members seems to look slightly out of place. Dressed in a semi-formal suit that's most certainly quite uncommon aboard a freighter, Simon Corran stands off to one side, mingled within a small group. Hands clasped behind his back, a small smirk rests upon his lips and for the moment, he seems to be merely watching as things unfold. At the shout of safeties off, a single brow lifts upwards and Corran is turning his attention in the general direction of the marine.

Desusa steps down from the raptor and watches his surroundings. Once he spots the nurse, he nods to himself and says, "Stay frosty, people." He looks to the mass of people and looks to Scipio, "Staff, keep an eye on the crowd." To the nurse, "Let's go." He keeps cool… until Gars shows up in front of him, "Corporal…" He brings his hands up towards the people, "Calm down. Calm down!"

Is this a sudden riot? As soon as that Marine speaks up, people are starting to move forward. Things they had in hand and were possibly hiding. Pipes. Bats. Sharp knives. And the sound of a gunshot suddenly goes off…"FRAK YOU! YOU BASTARDS!!!"

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Gars rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

<Trait Roll> Bayless rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Eve rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Desusa rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Corran rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

<Trait Roll> Jocasta rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Great and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Skip keeps his weapon ready, and nods as he hears Desusa's words, "Yes, sir." He looks over at the others. "Okay, keep calm. Everyone keep calm!" he calls out, loud and clear enough for everyone present. And then the shot goes off, and it hits his arm. "Frak!" Stumbling a step or two backwards.

At the sound of the gunshot, Desusa quickly moves to pull out his weapon and points it at the croud, "Flash! Flash!" He screams to his marines.

Bayless starts to look to Jocasta to see what's holding her up, but the shouting and following gunfire causes the Raptorjock to smash herself flat against a bulkhead. "Sonuvamotherfrakker..! Jammer, get low!" she calls back to the ECO.

As the snap shot rings out, Sergeant Hazzard brings his rifle up into ready position and takes a step forth to shield the Major. From the corner of his eye, he notices the red mist appearing behind Skip. "Gars, -HOLD- your fire!" he as he with the rifle tightly pressed to his shoulder. A mili seconds pause and then he lowers his rifle, pointing it to the ground and holds his left hand up, palm towards the crowd.

The medics aren't dumb, they get low. The sound of gun fire is a Bad Thing (tm), and Samuels is looking immediately for wounded on their side. "FRAKKERS. We're here to help! We brought engineers to fix your FTL Drives…we're friendlies! Gods dammit we're friendlies!" He's skittering like a cockroach after Skip.

"Man Down!" Gars calls out as Skip takes the hit… and he flicks his werapon to automatic and empties the entire mag, all 30 rounds, in one long 3 second burst into the crowd.

Jocasta doesn't need to be told twice. This sort of thing was half the reason she stayed near the ship in the first place. She takes cover inside the Raptor with a hasty two-step and grabs the tac comm to let the birds in the air know what's what.

"Frak! Frak!" Says Desusa as Gars opens fire. He looks down to where Skip fell and begins to broadcast into his Comm piece.

As shots begin to ring out, Corran does the only smart thing that there is to do. He's moving to hide behind something, anything, that would stop himself from being shot.

The entire group is now nervous, pausing as the shot goes off. Maybe they didn't mean for someone to shoot. Just scare them off the ship. But the screaming from the Marines to 'subdue' the crowd isn't a happy thing either. Incident INCOMING like white on rice. The crowd, probably ten to fifteen rush forward now, pipes and bats, knives, everything is out there. But the spray of automatic gunfire mows the civilians down like grass. Blood flies, bodies open up and splatter insides and brains all over the deck….. and they thought the Scylla massecre was bad.

Skip grimaces as one hand moves to where he was shot, looking towards it for a few moments. "Hades…" he mutters. And that word's repeated as he hears the gunfire. "Frakkin' Hades and…" He trails off, starting to get back on his feet, as quickly as he can.

Desusa still has his gun draw after the attacker crown is gunned down by Gars, "Frak! You motherfrakking…" He looks to Gars, "Corporal…!" He slowly moves over to here the bodies are and looks around for more hostiles. "Sergeant Hazzard, get some elevation and give me overwatch!" He glances to Gars, "Secure your weapon, Corporal!"

Gars, having reloaded in less than a second after his weapon went click, swtiches to burst and keeps the barrel aimed at the downed crowd and the squirming wounded. As Desusa addresses him, Gars simply says, "May I suggest you evacuate, sir, before they get some friends down here."

Whatever might have been, is no longer now. Footsteps of people running and screaming back into the ship. The only thing left on the deck now, is possibly a few hiding and crying. Plus those dead.

As the gunfire dies down amongst the cries and screams from the refugees who surged forward, Corran takes this opportunity to step out from behind his hiding place. His hands are raised to shoulder height and his gaze begins to flit between the marines, "Stop shooting!" He looks over towards the bodies and a grim look takes hold of his face before he's looking back towards the marines.

Fear, rampaging emotions..People are dying all around him and one of them who is shot is Staff Sergeant Scipio. But trust in Zeus to keep a cool head and Hazzard is one of his experienced Marines. The order is given, and Hazzard dares a quick glance to find the most convinient elevated position available..As the hangar is slowly being cleared, the designated Marksman starts to move move back towards the Raptor. "Staff…you ok?" he calls, over the crying of civilians. His own goal, to get to the top of the Raptor.

"All ships will get a sudden plea for help from the Nebula. "They are killing us all!" Frantic. Disjointed and crying."

Bayless slowly moves away from cover and can't believe her eyes. She fights back a tear of anger, "Motherfrakking idiots…!" She looks to Jocasta. "Jammer! Get hold of the boss, double time!!" Gars gets a stare, then Desusa a look of shock and confusion.

Desusa leans down near the bodies and listens to his TAC piece. "Copy that. Standby," he says after a message gets thru. He looks to Gars and points to the raptor, "Corporal, get back to the raptor and secure Staff Sergeant Scipio's evac." He now looks to Corran and lowers his sidearm. "No more firing," he brings up his hands once more. Trying to convey a sence of calm to the man coming up.

Skip gets properly to his feet now. Starting to search through his uniform for where he's got something to stop the bleeding with. "I'll live," he replies to Hazzard, nodding a little bit.

When the gunfire ceases, and the echoes of it are still ringing out through the hold of the Nebula, Samuels is behind Skip, popping up with a roll of gauze in one hand and Quick Strips of adhesive in his mouth. "Hold still." He grunts. "Gotta stop this bleeding." The other two medics are looking ready for orders, but its Samuels that barks to Desusa. "Sir. Permission to tend to the wounded."

Desusa looks back quickly to Samuels and nods.

"Understood, sir" Gars says, flings his rifle over on his back and hurries over to aid Skip onto the Raptor for immidiate casevac. "Come on, Staff; Time to haul ass. Doc; do your job on the Raptor or just patch it together and let it be done at Genesis. We aint got time to frak around."

Bayless breaks into a dead run for the Raptor, intending to get the ship fired up for the trip back.

Bayless climbs into RAPTOR_215.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

[Colonial] "Bossman" Fulton says, "This is Johnothon Fulton, to Nebula, Fulton to Nebula, People of the Nebula, I do not know what is happening over there. Medical teams are en route to help, the Military are here to help, these people are not, I repeat not from the Pegasus. They are here to protect us, and we need to let them do their jobs. Clear the decks, and remain calm. I know you're frightened, but I am speaking with Genesis leadership now, they are not here to harm anyone."

Corran doesn't exactly look convinced. Instead, that grim look remains fixed upon his face and he's giving another shake of his head, "What more do you people want? You strip us of everything useful and leave us floating in space. Change your mind and came back to kill us now?" His attention slowly turns towards Gars.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Meanwhile, in the ship, Jammer's been on the comms. She turns to look over her shoulder, helmet now on, and seems relieved with it's Bayless and not the homicidal maniac.

Skip looks over at the medic, and then at Gars, then back at the medic. "How long will this take?" he asks, very quietly. Starting to move over towards the Raptor, moving at a pace he's sure the medic can keep up.

Hazzard stands upon the wing of the Raptor, with his rifle at the ready. Watching the area around the Major, making sure no threats reveals itself to the Major or the civilian he is talking too. "Glad your still with us Staff." he mutters without looking towards either of the people making way towards the Raptor.

Desusa waves Hazzard down without looking and addresses Corran, "Sir, this was just a misunderstanding…" he tries not to look down but he has to, "Frak."

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Bayless angrily storms aboard and works to get strapped in and her helmet back on. "What's the word on comms, Jammer?" Mind on the job, Rach. Mind on the job. The startup sequence is punched in, now all that's left is to wait for the others. "Frak me sideways…"

Samuels waves the other two medics ahead, staying back to tend to the Genesis Marine who takes top priority. Wells and Glover inch forward, stepping into the massacre with stomachs of steel as the start to pick over the fifteen prone figures. It doesn't take long to take up a count. That guy with no face doesn't even need to be checked for a pulse. "We have two!" Two breathers out of fifteen. With an ashen face, Samuels moves along with Skip. "Faster if you can shrug outta your shirt. We can just stem the bleeding for now. Do you require Morpha?"

One of the men splattered with gore, took a shot across his upper leg and groin. He's in heavy pain as he groans out and rolls his eyes up in his head, passing out.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

"DRADIS is still clear. Word from the outside world says it's still just us out there…" Jammer then pitches another look over her shoulder, which requires her whole upper-body to turn and eye the hatch. "…whatever that means any more."

Gars supports Skip as needed, escorting the Staff Sergeant and the medic to the waiting Raptor.

Corran is about to speak again when Fulton's message comes over the comms. He's giving a slight frown and he's looking back towards the bodies before returning his gaze to Desusa. Slowly, one of the mans hands lower, while the other points to departing figure of Gars, "Misunderstanding? This was massacre." Corran gives a slight pause, letting his hand lower again. "We were left here, stranded and stripped of all but the very basic of supplies by another Battlestar." His hand lifts then, motioning towards the scene of the massacre, "There is little wonder they were aggitated. And yet, rather then detain and sort this out, your men mow them down." He's giving a shake of his head and at the call of two people still alive, he's beginning to move towards the bodies, his attention shifting towards the medic, "What do you have for supplies? I'm a Doctor."

Getting that shirt off, like the medic suggested, Skip shakes his head a little at the mention of the Morpha. "No, save that for those who need it more." He's doing most of his movement unsupported for now. "Just stop the bleeding, and I'll drop by the sickbay when we get home."

[Colonial] There is no answer over the colonial band. Until a word comes to answer Fulton by a grief stricken voice. "I'll blow this ship and everyone on it. That is our answer to the military killing our people."

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Jocasta is on her feet in an instant and hanging out of the hatch.

Jocasta climbs out of RAPTOR_215.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Bayless gets her helmet sealed and shakes her head, her concern for military decorum put to the wayside for now. "Prepping for dustoff." As she inputs the necessary commands, she says as an aside, "I feel the same, Jo… but we'll wait till after we're back on Genesis before anything's said or…" Then the grim message comes over the Colonial channel. "GodsDAMMIT..! Jo, get those people aboard! NOW!!"

"Corporal, your medpack." Hazzard asks as he looks towards Gars as he makes his way into the Raptor. Accepting the medpack from the Corporal, he continues his overwatch duty.

[Colonial] "Bossman" Fulton says, "This is Fulton, who am I speaking with? Marsters, is that you?"

Jocasta abruptly appears out of the hatch of the Raptor, "Evac NOW! BOMB!!" She's suited up and helmeted and the Raptor's prepped for take-off.

[Colonial] "Does it matter?"

[From RAPTOR_215:]

[RAPTOR_215: Bayless] Raptor 215's engines begin to fire to launch standby thrust.

Desusa says nothing to Corran as he speaks. He knows it is better if this 'incident' is discussed with cooler heads. He looks to Haz, "Sergeant. Secure the bod…," he is interrupted by the colonial broadcast. "Gars, Hazzard. On me!" He begins moving towards the bridge of the ship.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Zaharis holds on as the ship comes in for a landing. He snaps his belt off the second the thing is stable, heading for the hatch. The medics with him do the same.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

"Gods be with you two," Rue adds as brings the ship in for a landing, surveying the hangar before plunking the raptor down.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

Gaelan quickly unseats as the ship lands. Unsecuring the hatch he disembarks.

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] Raptor 214 comes in for a hasty landing, bumping once or twice as it lands, but settling firmly on the deck.

[From RAPTOR_214:]

"Taking point…" Ramiro calls out. Popping the hatch, he jumps out, thumb over the safety of his weapon.

As the order is given by the Major, Hazzard lets his rifle hang down along his side in its sling, before he moves down upon the deck of the hangar and moves quickly over towards the medics and the wounded/dead. "Rationing, Doc." he mutters before he dashes after his Major.

RAPTOR_214 comes in for a landing.

[Colonial] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Of course it matters, Marsters. Listen to me. Doing this isn't going to help. You know me, I sent the call for help, and these people came. they're not here to… finish anything, they're here to help us. Blowing the ship is not going to do anything but help the Cylons. These Military people have been fighting the Cylons for as long as we've been running from them. They're not with Cain, or the Pegasus. Can you hear me?"

The sudden news and orders and tension has Gars whipping his head back and forth. As things settle in his head, he pulls two fresh magasines from Skips combat-vest and heads on after Desusa. "Roger!" he confirms the order given.

Desusa is already running towards the bridge of the ship. Hazzard and Gars in tow.

The deck is covered in blood. The bodies are still warm. Gore on the decks, the dead. Intestines, brains, arteries pumping out blood like a funnel. 15 bodies in all lay there, but only two seem to have some kind of lifesign.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Gaelan quickly disembarks to see the Major heading off towards the bridge as he barks out as loud as possible, "MAJOR DESUSA! On me! NOW!" Eyes dart around sharply as he looks to get a quick survey of the entire scene and try to piece what is going on.

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Bayless glances out as Rue's Raptor touches down hard, then sees the Marines heading away from the Raptors. "What the godsdamn hell…?"

Nearly slipping on the blood as he hits the deck, Ramiro eyes over the bodies and looks in the direction that Desusa is/was headed. Gars and Hazzard with him, he scans the room for contacts. Eyeing over the bodies, he frowns at the number of weapons compared to the number of bodies.

[Colonial] There is no answer. There is breathing though. Heavy breather. "I'll give the other ships three minutes to leave the area as best they can. This is not to hurt yours, Fulton."

Zaharis and two medics come at full speed out of the Raptor. None have their weapons drawn, their only shields being the vibrant red crosses on the brassards that all wear. One of the medics almost trips, staring at the mess, and Zaharis calls back to him. "Don't you freeze now, Lauris." He turns and calls into the medical bay. "We're members of the Colonial Medical Corps. We have no weapons drawn, we're here for the wounded!"

Desusa continues running towards the hatch that leads to the bridge. He knows this vessels and knows that is the only part on this ship you can transmit into the Colonial band. "Move motherfrakkers! Move!!!" He kicks the hatc open and heads out.

Samuels is near Rapter 215, busy wrapping Skip's arm. Wells and Glover are attending to the two living out of the fifteen prone forms. "Three medpacks between us…" Glover tells Corran, who has identified himself as a doctor. "I don't know if we can stop this bleeding…" Wells said ashened face as he tends to a man who took a line of bullets across his groin and upper thigh.

Ignoring the fact that he's wearing an expensive suit, Corran extends his hand towards the medic, "Just give me your supplies. Let me worry about whether I can stop the bleeding. I think you folks have done enough here." He offers towards Glover, "And do it quic.." He cuts off as Zaharis calls otu and the man is spared a mere glance before he's looking back to the medic.

Two majors, issuing commands..but only one is directed towards him soo Hazzard runs after Desusa, skipping over the bodies on the ground and exits through the hatch after the Major.

"HAZZARD!" Ramiro barks out as Desusa ignores Gaelan's order. Jaw stiffening at the mention of the three minute countdown, he looks to Gaelan and Lex. "Frak…three minutes to safe distance? Damnit…"

Skip is waiting for Samuels to do the medical wonder-work on his arm. Watching the people head off, he grimaces a bit for now. Muttering something under his breath.

[Colonial] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Marsters. This is the wrong choice, that's all it is, you're not committed. You know the Nebula. You have Wives, Husbands, Sons and Daughters on that ship. People on the other ships families. Don't make yourself into the monster that the Cylons are. Don't take from them, the people that they love. You've worked to save these people, don't betray them like this."

[From RAPTOR_215:]

Jocasta climbs up into the cockpit of the Raptor and peers out of the windscreen, looking just as utterly mystified as the El-Tee. It's like watching lemmings stampede and throw themselves off a cliff. "I have… no idea, sir…" And that's saying a lot. She used to be one of these crazy frakkers, after all.

[Colonial] No answer. The com is cut off and wires ripped out.

Gaelan eyes glare at the hatch as he looks back to Ramiro and he points, "Highground. Now." Looking to the small squad he points, "Secure your weapons. Help the wounded. Civilians first." Looking over to Lex he nods, "I hate to do this to you, but get the frak up there on the Major's ass and dismantle this bomb if you find it."

Zaharis eyes Desusa as he goes. The two medics start branching off towards bodies, moving fast. The CMO's dark eyes only turn up a moment as the conversation continues on the wireless but he can't do anything about all that. Just the people right now. He motions one of the medics over to one of the men on the ground that still appears to be breathing, popping his kit.

Meanwhile….on the Bridge.


Bridge (#1877RXF) Nebula - Bridge

52 ACH 6285 Souls

This is the Bridge of the Nebula. Entering from the aft of the room, one finds themselves looking down over the flight control stations, and is given an excellent view of the long curving viewport looking into space, directly ahead of the craft. DRADIS and FTL stations are here as well as sublight controls and power/environmental stations.


[Colonial] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Marsters… Nebula!"

It is a nice expansive Bridge on the large freighter. But only one person is here. The ships captain, Marsters. He stands there. There isn't anything on him, so the bomb isn't there. There is a panel at his side though, that is now in countdown. The comm has been ripped out.

Desusa is leaning back on the edge of the doorway. Weapon lowers but he has a frim grip of it between his two hands. He is breatjing heavy, "Captain. This is Major Desusa of the Pandora," he looks to Gars and Hazz to make sure they are in position, "We want to come in a discuss this situation." He takes a quick peek inside and brings up one finger to Haz and Gars.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo's Viper maintains her wing spot on Sloane as they continue to circle helplessly. The pilot glances in train-wreck horror at the chrono as it ticks the time away, her pores leaking with gusto, the white knuckle grip on her control sticks the only thing keeping her hands from shaking themselves boneless.

Dashing after Desusa, using his feet up against the wall at the corners to converse speed Hazzard spares a glance towards Gars whom is on his tail. "Frosty" he hisses.

Once at the bridge he lets his rifle, the M115SDM, hang down in its sling along his right side to pose as little of a threat as possible. With a large weapon hanging visible down along his side, it may be easier to ignore the fact that he holds his M58 in his left hand.

Lex spends 1 luck points on Where dat bomb go, mon!.

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Pvt Lex comes in about a minute after the others, sliding a little as she slows from high speed to not. Her boots are bloody from the deck in the bay. Her rifle is slung over her shoulder, and her eyes are on the room. She ignores the people present, eyes searching the consoles and equipment. Demo expert on a mission.

"I'm sorry, Major. This has been waiting for this very moment. There is nothing you or your men can do. We won't be treated like this again. You can die with us and your sins will follow you into hades." Marsters tells Desusa, quite and controlled.

[Fender_211: Addie] Viper 211 swings in an arc to pull back further from the Nebula, giving it plenty of room in case it decides to go boomboom. Never can be to careful with Colonial property.

Desusa is concentrated on getting this done without any more bloodshed. "Captain," he says, "Can I come in?" He gives Lex a small glance as she takes a peek too. No, not gonna ask what she is doing here. He checks his gun once more and ponders, "Frak this!" He slides his gun back on its holster and takes another peek inside.

"Corporal..shut the frak up." Hazzard hizzes as he looks towards Gars with narrowed eyes, as he leans against the wall simply waiting and letting the Major try to sort with without more blood.

[Nemamiah_109: Micah] Nose up, afterburners hot, Jailhouse is close on Fender's five as she peels off into a wider arc. He's silent over the comm.

[Cornbread_1623: Sloane] Pulling out of the pattern to safe distance, Cornbread begins a new defensive pattern. "Frak…." He mutters to himself, off of the tactical channel. "Cmon guys get outta there…cmonnnn…"

"Come in, Major. We'll have a nice trip soon." The captain seems fairly too quiet about all of this. As if he has handed his soul to his God by now.

Lex doesn't ask permission to come in, but she comes in without her rifle ready. Privates. She doesn't speak, or otherwise draw attention to herself. She stays on Desusa's ass like she was born there.

[Charon_840: Warwick] As he hears that, Hound backs his Viper off as quickly as he can. Wincing a bit as he glances around, quickly.

[Tempo_1741: Dynames] Tempo's bird rolls and pulls out after Sloane's, with Dyna looking mounrfully back over her shoulder as they open distance.

Ramiro comes in from Docking Bay.

Desusa tells his men, "No weapons drawn. Take cover once you enter and be ready to take aim if things get close to the crunch time." He begins to slowly move into the room. "Lex, be ready to dash to that console." His hands are up to reflect that he comes in peace.

"I have my orders, sir," Lex replies quietly, almost, but not quite under her breath.

Ramiro, jogging quietly, comes up behind the group looking none too pleased. Sparing Gars a murderous glance, he watches the situation from down the hallway.

The captain is by the consoles. Des is moving up slowly with Lex stuck on his butt like he has velcro so she can sneak and see what is going on. Clock is ticking. On min-80 seconds.

Hazzard holsters his pistol before he makes his way into the bridge with Desusa, but breaks off once inside to find some reasonable cover. "Captain." he offers the suicidal Captain a slight nod of his head, before he stops by a railing to look down over the bridge and the concoles.

Lex's eagle eyes are on that console. Then she follows the large Desusa in like he's the finest cut of man this side of the cylon line of skin jobs she knows nothing about. Her rifle remains slung across her back, though her sidearm is at her hip, holster open.

Desusa comes in with his gang and ass tick. The major scans the room and spots the captain's weapons. "Captain, please belive us. We intend to save this vessel and its occupants." His tone is as soft as can be. "You must see that what you are doing is wrong."

Desusa spends 1.4 luck points on Talk man down..

<Trait Roll> Desusa rolls Protocol and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

"The Gods and I have spoken. It is wrong for what you have done. Not what I am doing." The captain's eyes are firmly on the man in front of him. "Do you believe?"

Ramiro lines up at the doorway to the bridge and lowers his rifle in Gars' direction. "Captain…the men responsible for the attack on your civilians are going to be tried under Colonial Law. Your presence in the process as a testifier is going to bring justice to their attackers." Ramiro calls out. "My name is Sergeant Dane Ramiro, Colonial Marines and I give you my word of oath to the Pythian Lord that we are -not- your enemy sir. We're trying to save lives…"

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of BeyondTerrible (-1).

Religion? Great. Where is Greje when you need her. "Of course I am a beliver, Captain." Liar Liar. He lowers his hands and sighs, "You must realize that the gods have granted us more time for a reason," he looks to Ramiro and smile-nods at him. He's got the spiritual backup he needs.

Ramiro spends 2 luck points on avoid massive fail..

Desusa spends 1.4 luck points on Speak the faith.

<Trait Roll> Desusa rolls Leadership and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

The captain gives a grave nod. "You should all believe." He seems to notice the spirtuality in Ramiro. Whether it works for his Leadership or not. His hands come up then and the switch is seen. "We should pray, it is almost time now." Less than a min.

Desusa watches the hand come up. There is a certain smile coming up to his face now.

Hazzard glances over towards Ramiro, deciding that there is one negitiator at any given situation not a squad discussion is better suited for another time and place. The veteran Bastard remains remains upon the top looking down over the consoles and the Captain, just waiting for that special sign to send the Captain to his Gods. As near all other Marines works to draw his attention, Hazzard decides to just wing it..That smile on the major says it is a go. The gun is drawn like at the firing range, and a shot rings out.

The captain's eyes close now. "Great ones. Take us into your loving arms and put these murderers in Hades where they belong." He begins chanting something Ramiro might actually know.

Thirty seconds…

"…to be judged by Themis and accused by those they have wounded." Ramiro says quickly, thumbing his safety off, rifle aimed at Gars' head. He glances at the Captain, seeing the raised arm. He takes that as his point. He quickly turns and fires a round at the Captain's elbow, continuing the man's prayer.

Ramiro spends 2 luck points on Blowing off Captain's elbow..

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Just as the shot is fired, Desusa pulls out one of his fragmentation grenades and slings it to the man's face to try and knock him down.

Hazzard spends 2 luck points on Making that fatal shot to cut the spine and sever the nerve connection..

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Lex is thinkin' how this man has lost his shit, then borrowed someone else's dusty shit, and not only lost that shit too, but pretty much chucked it down a canyon strapped to a jar of nitro. But that stuff? It's in her head. It's in no way visible. Yeah, baby, poker face. Poker face with needle nose pliers, clippers, and several tools we just can't talk about. She eyes the timer, she eyes the switch. The first shot is like s starting pistol. And she's off!

<Trait Roll> Desusa rolls Unarmed_combat and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Desusa rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Demolitions and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Twenty seconds….

As the shot rings out, the captain's entire lower arm is blown off. SPLAT of blood slings outward onto Desusa and the switch goes flying into the air. The second shot, hits him dead on in throat, sorry fatal, severing his spine from the neck. The artery opens up and splatters all over the viewport.

Then again, the bullets pierce through bone, flesh and anything else in the way.

KERRACKKK! As the viewport begins to splinter in spidery quickness!

[Colonial] Alarms begin going off on the Nebula. Decompression in CIC as the viewport begins to crack.

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Demolitions and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Desusa winces some as blood splatters all over him. "Frak!" He looks over himself first and then the glass, "Hades! Lex, Hazzard, get on that!" He begins giving a signal to clear the room.


The room. Is a SMRT room. The doors seal immediately.

Emotionally detached some may call it. Once the shot it made, Hazzard lowers his pistol once again, holstering it he leaps over the railing to offer his assistance to Lex. "Private you had the lead." Going on orders alone, to leave himself from thinking to much about the consequences or the fact he just killed a man.

Five seconds, no pressure, Lex. Nimble hands move with purpose, and she digs in with both hands. She hunches over the wires, counts them out, unaware of the counter ticking to 3. Blue or purple with stripes. Who the frak sorted this piece of crap? No time to question. Snip. "Oorah." That's as close to a prayer as she gets.

….it certainly is, the clock stops on One Second.

Ramiro, having been standing outside of the door when he fired the shot, hears the decompression warning. The SMRT doors close up right in his face, nearly taking his gun with it. "FRAK!" Ramiro slams his weapon's butt into the door. He turns and runs towards the hangar bay where the wireless is.

Desusa looks helplessly at the doors closing shut and then to the marine demo girl. That was tooooo close. Now, about that space trip they are about to take… "Folks, get ready to puff all the air outta your bodies." The window spider is a meanie.

Lex glances up from the wires as they do not explode. She watches the splintering spread on the viewport for a split second. "Thirty seconds to live ain't much…" She blinks at a spark from the black shield control, eyes going to the shiny. Nothing says love me like a fried electrical connection to a woman with a bomb kit. Except … er. A bomb. Go with it! She reaches a hand up to the console and gives it a whack.

It's crackin'. It's crackin'. The sound seems to be the only thing heard as breaths are taken. One small one still travelling across the glassed port and heading for the seal.

Lex whacks it again. "Do not make me strip you," she hisses at the fragged control panel like it's going to buck up and toe that line. The private might be a little off.

Ramiro comes back with one of the fire axes from the hallway. Ramiro tries to find a panel on the other side of the secured plating from the bridge. He's pissed. Slamming his fist on the bulkhead, he yells out. "USE THE COMM!" He then turns, looking to see if any of the hydraulic lines are visible to the door and starts chopping.

Desusa walks to Lex, "If you are gonna do something, Private, it better be quick." His gaze is fixed on the crack growing.

Something groans and the sound of metal begins to move now. A blast shield. Will it beat the speeding spidery crack?!

Hazzard watches the display halt at 1 and offers a little nod towards Lex before he ponders his options. Death by suctions, death by lead, death by agonizing freezing and suffucation in space. He spits out his chewing gum and shrugs his shoulders as he looks over towards Lex and then over towards the banging on the door to the CIC. He then takes a moment to quickly scan for any survival gear, hopefully someone thought of something like this ever happen in the NAVY..Marines plan for most things.

"Patience is a virtue, Major." Lex reaches for the control, hunches over the thing, and goes in both hands again to do the painful. Cross some live wires. It goes like this Dig, dig, strip, sweep, strip, clip. "Frak." Bzzzzzt.

There is the sound of a really frenzied marine hacking at the door from the other side. Digging pickaxe end of the fire axe into a pipe near one of the two doors, black-blue liquid starts gushing out in waves. Ramiro, suddenly shoves the axe in between the doordoors and starts to try to pry them open.

A quick glance over towards the view port and the battle between crack and shield, before Hazzard dashes off towards one of the cabinets. Flipping his rifle up, he uses the butt of his weapon to bust the lock and then rips it open. Evac suits. "Major!" he calls as he tosses the first one over to Desusa, before the rest is sorted..He is the last to go, soo if there are to few to go around…Then Private Lex is the one with the short straw.

Ramiro spends 2 luck points on open door wide enough for someone to get through.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

The spidery crack. The metal shield. Crack. Shield. The shield halts about 2 inches from the bottom. And then the crack makes the seal and explodes. Glass flies everywhere and a suction is suddenly opened up. It'll be like fighting a wind tunnel to get to that door that is being forced open. Ramiro may even find himself sucked into the room.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

[RAPTOR_215: Bayless] The Raptor hauls fuselage out of the hangar bay at full burn.

Desusa looks at the EVA suit being tossed to him…but just then, the glass breaks.

<Trait Roll> Desusa rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Announcement: Genesis shouts, "Anyone outside the Nebula sees the blast shield start down. At two inches the glass explodes causing major suction. Or Major Suction, depending on how good Desusa is."

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

Hazzard is caught in the open as the view port finaly breaks, having just tossed one evac suit to Major Desusa, he turns to toss a second one towards Gars when the frak hits the fan. The sucking sound, and then a loud metalic bang as the rifle attached to his body with its sling bangs into the consoles as Hazzard is airborne.

A second banging sound is heard as the fully geared Marine is slammed into the consoles and then against the blackshield/broken two inches of view port.

It is a very painful experience indeed.

<Trait Roll> Gars rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

It's like being stuck on a wind tunnel. All sorts of shit start flying around , but our fearless hero… er… Desusa manages to grab onto a railing. He does his best to try and grab Lex, "There's a gap on the exit doors, let's try to squeeze you out…!" He sees Haz flying about too. "Sergeant!!!!" He begins moving closer to the window to try and pull him down. Gods!

Lex curses and grips the sparking console. Pelvis meets metal as her legs go flying up when mega maid goes from suck to blow. She doesn't even curse, just grunts, and holds on for dear life. "Thanks for the update, sir" Lex yells, or rather growls between clenched teeth. The metal of the open console bites into one hand as she white knuckles it.

Things do go slamming across the room. Anything that wasn't tied down. Suits. Locker doors busted open. Hazzard's pants are about ripped off him as his butt gets stuck there. Oxygen is at a premium now.

[Colonial] Ramiro says, "CIC THIS IS RAMIRO! Bridge is open! *yelling into the comm, rushing air* BOMB IS DISARMED. FRIENDLIES BEING SUCKED OUT!"

Hazzard is caught in the draft, he doesnt only have to work against Space trying to give him the worst blow job ever. But he is injured, barely conscious and everything not attached in the brig is assailing him. The fact that his pants is about to be sucked out into space is not the biggest concern he has.

Ramiro manages to get to his marine wireless, slapping it and finding the wrong frequency as he holds on for dear life. Yelling into the comm, he stops to stare at Lex, helplessly reaching out towards her. "Can you move!" He calls out, first thoughts fail. It's nearly fifty feet to crawl.

[Colonial] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Ramiro, this is Wrongway, moving my Raptor into position for a rescue if needs be…"


[Colonial] Ramiro says, "I've got the hydraulics to the door cut! They're too far away!"

Desusa is doing his best to move towards the Hazzard poster. "Hazzard… can you hear me?!" He is about an arm-length close to the marine and he extends his hand. GRabbing onto the railing with the other.

Gaelan comes in from Docking Bay.

Outside, you know….it's just as bad. Since the Bridge doors are sorta open. It is sucking hair right off the head…no he doesn't have hair…

Something hard slams into Ramiro's back. Good thing it wasn't the axe, which is now sliding across the floor right for Lex.

Turning the corner, Ramiro is half-hanging in the double SMRT door. Hydraulic fluid all over the place, Ramiro's managed to get one of the doors open and is hanging on for dear life with half of his body out of it. There's definite oxygen being sucked out of this section. The glass on the bridge, where Lex, Desusa, and Hazzard are, is about fifty feet away from him. Ramiro makes a grab for the axe and fails. "LEX! Use it like a pick!"

Zaharis comes in from Docking Bay.

[Colonial] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Ramiro, Wrongway. There's help on the way to your location, hang on."

The flight across the bridge has put Hazzard in a state that makes him unable to react to the good Majors urgings. Pressed up against the crack in the window along with the rather dead and bloody Captain of the Nebula, the Sergeant simply groans in pain. At this point even the blood in his face is leaving him for more nether regions making his face and fingers pale.

<Trait Roll> Hazzard rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

The good dead captain. His body is pressed against it too now. Anything with open wounds has already sucked up through it and out the hole. Yum.

[RAPTOR_214: Rue] Raptor 214 comes whipping out of the hangar on the Nebula. Maneuvering thrusters lift it upwards towards the CIC and that damaged viewport. Eyeing the damage from the cockpit, the pilot moves the Raptor closer. Closer. Closer. Until the ship is snug against the crack in question. Kerthunk.

Zaharis comes sprinting towards the bridge with Gaelan, carrying a long coil of rope that they grabbed from the supply closet. Who knows if it'll help, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Hazzard is the first wounded he spots, and he throws the rope to the nearest person.

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Great (5).

That Raptor drops your winds down from 200mph, to about 55.

Lex digs a hand into the console's edge, and her fingers tighten. She reaches for the axe just as it starts to slide by, saving Hazzard from a really close shave! Snag! Will it work like a pick? Let's find out!

Gaelan is just behind the Doctor as he notices Ramiro near the door. Grabbing the Sergeant's leg, he pulls back on the Sergeants leg to pull him from the room, "Sergeant. Get out of there!" Gaelan focuses on getting the closest Marine out before he gets added to the pile.

Ramiro's grip is starting to weaken when Gaelan pulls him out. Frantic, he almost fights the Major but then thinks the better of it. Muscles depleted and painful, he crawls along as Gaelan pulls at him, deciding to help anchor the cable from around the corner, tying it to a railing. They'll find him ready to evacuate should they make it back his way.

And damn it's cold…frozen Hazzard Buns.

[Colonial] "Wrongway" Rue says, "Plugging the hole… sort of. Get your people out, Ramiro."

Desusa grabs the rope tossed by Zaharis with his empty hand and lets go of the railing he was latched unto. The winds slam him close to Hazzard and he begins tying the rope on the sniper's leg so he can be pulled out in some way. "Line secured," yells Desusa.

Gaelan eyes slide around as he pats Ramiro on the back. Seeing the other end get secured he comments to Zaharis, "This isn't going to be easy." Wrapping his hand around the rope after it gets tied off and the Major calls out, "Desusa! Tie that like a frakkin' rappel line! I don't want to rip his leg off!" Ok. Maybe he does. But still.

As the suction lets up for a moment (Thanks, Rue!), Lex and her axe scrabble across the deck to wedge between those doors, using the rope as a guide. No one minds, for sure. She's not that heavy, and she moves pretty quick.

New DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_215 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

….icky captain parts still suck out through the two inches below the blastshield.

Desusa unties the leg and sighs. The heavy winds can cloud anyones judgement. He calls back, "Harness?" He has to be sure he gets it right next time.

Hazzard is cold, way to cold for comfort at this point. His eyes closed, the rifle sling has most likely left a rather nasty mark on his body, most of the blood in his body gathered in and around his stomach and the back..Where frost can be seen up over his ass, thighs and back on his uniform. Open space does that to a body.

Gaelan mutters under his breath and grabs the rope and slides down it. Wheeee. Digging his boots to slow his descent with his boots slowly he grabs the end of the rope. Straddling the Sergeant (you know you like it) he crouches down and ties the rope around the Sergeant's chest. Glancing to Zaharis, "Get back up that line." Looking over to Lex then back to Hazzard he begins to pull the Sergeant towards him.

Hazzard is a lifeless sack of very cold, and well armed, potatoes at this point. He doesnt resist the actions to save him, but naturally he isn't helping either as his mind has escaped to La-La land.

Okay, so Zaharis isn't kneeling by Hazzard. Back that up like a semi-truck. He grabs up the end of the rope that's behind Gaelan, wrapping the heavy coil around his hands and starting to pull back along with the Major.

<Trait Roll> Gaelan rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Zaharis rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls Strength and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Fair and achieves a degree of Terrible (0).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Good and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Gaelan continues to assist Zaharis pulling the unconcious body up. Wincing in pain as he is taking the brunt of the weight he starts to hoist Hazzard from his Frosty Buns section of the Bridge.

Ramiro flails due to being worn down earlier, but he keeps the rope steady. His strength is gone. Des moves in to help pull the body out of the room.

"Warned you about those ribs, didn't I?" Zaharis shouts ahead at Gaelan, a smirk in his tone. His boots are a bit slippery still from being coated in human blood downstairs, and he's not the most muscled person in the fleet anyway. But he pulls and pulls until poor Hazzard is unstuck.

KERPLOP! Unsuctioned. He begins sliding down the console there toward the floor.

Hazzard is still unconcious, but he is on the movie..He is good like that, making Marines work together without even saying a word.

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