Captain N. Addie 'Fender' Nikos
CPT Nyx Addison 'Addie' Nikos
Sandra Oh
Sandra Oh as Nyx Addison Nikos
Name: Nyx Addison Nikos
Callsign: Fender
AKA: Addie, Ad
Age: 29
Branch: Military
Faction: Navy
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air Wing
Position: Gold Squadron Leader
Rank: Captain
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Scorpia
Actor: Sandra Oh

Biographical Foo


Addie is a Lieutenant with the Battlestar Genesis' Air Wing. This is her first rotation aboard the Battlestar. She's known as trouble on wheels, in the sky, and in space. She flies fast and cuts things a little close sometimes. Her greatest skill seems to be her targeting. She gets along with almost everyone, and is known to seek out the best trained marines to spar with. She has a huge family, and many of her crewmates may have served with a Nikos at some point during their career.


  • Making friends & influencing people.
  • Busting the chops of those that deserve it.
  • Getting parties started.
  • Drinking marines under the table.

Distinguishing Features

  • Small stature, big presence.
  • Scar: Just below her ribcage, left side, there's a four inch scar running across her abdomen. The origin is known to a select few.
  • Tattoo: A brown, gnarled branch with delicate pink cherry blossoms is tattooed up her side, from upper thigh on the left side up along her ribs to terminate just below her armpit.
  • Tattoo: On the right, Addie wears a detailed black and grey tattoo of a striped tiger crawling down her shoulder and upper arm.


  • Callsign: Fender. It was given to her after her squadron saw her drive a land vehicle for the first time. She's a hellion behind the wheel and firmly believes the fenders are there to be used. She's no stranger to fender benders. She does things close. Woe to her wingmate.

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

The Nikos family is huge, devoted, religious, and rowdy. Anyone who has ever gone drinking with a Nikos would never forget it. Growing up in the family is a good time, always challenging, never dull. That sums of Addison's childhood, and pretty much everything after.

The size of the Nikos clan is impressive. They are a family of many, many children, and almost every single member is currently or has been in the military, navy or marine corps. The sheer number of cousins and siblings currently deployed is enough to put one on just about every Battlestar just by sheer volume. As far as she is aware, Addie is the only Nikos currently stationed here at Genesis. It is, however, a huge ship, with a nearby station, and it's not an assignment she can write home to Scorpia about!

There aren't very many Nikos' in the Colonial Air Wing, but a few are scattered around the various battle groups: Lieutenant JG Nemesis "Wicked" Nikos, serving aboard The Siren, and Ensign Clio "Smalls" Nikos and Ensign Robert "Bobber" Nikos, both serving aboard the Battlestar Orion. Many of the others, such as Sergeant Nikomedes Nikos and Corporal Kyros Nikos (also of the Orion) are enlisted in the Corps.


The requirements of the Colonial Navy have been met, though Addie hasn't really gone much past it. Her strengths lie in action, combat, and piloting rather than academic pursuits. She briefly showed an interest in Medicine, but the urge soon passed. If it doesn't have wings, she probably isn't interested!

Military Service

Previous assignments: The Ram (Lunar Class LCV), The Siren (Lunar Class LCV), Battlestar Persius (Mercury Class Battlestar).
She made her way through the ranks smoothly, but transferred every few years to keep her skills sharp and to learn from as many different pilots as possible. Battlestar Genesis is still new to her, and she hasn't quite settled in yet.
Addie is coming up on her 10th year of service.

On the Grid


  • 30 BCH : Deck Spills : A chat with the Deck Chief ends with Fender owing a cuppa to the CMO.
  • 14 ACH : Gars Gone Wild : Some marines shouldn't be left out of their cages.
  • 22 ACH : Thoughts of Rooster : A cigar, a stairwell, a conversation (with Rue).
  • 27 ACH : Good Coffee : Interdepartmental friction is resolved by a visit from the acting CAG to Marine HQ, and the S2's desk. OR IS IT?
  • 28 ACH : Lick It Stick It : Addison & Shem in the Rabbit Hole with a Triad Deck, Booze, and Bets.
  • 41 ACH : Oh Boy (Or Girl) : Savannah has a bun in the oven.
  • 44 ACH : Captain Ensign Bulkhead Sandwich : Jailhouse throws a little too much 'tude. Fender gets physical.
  • 45 ACH : Oh, Wingman, My Wingman : Addie shuffles some Air Wing assignments & Novella takes it like an officer.
  • 52 ACH : Give No Quarter : What's this? A distress signal? To the raptor mobile!
  • 52 ACH : Flashlight : Addison meets the new guy (Orion).
  • 53 ACH : Abandoned : Event. Air Wing looks pretty and the marines git 'er done. Some more spectacularly than others.
  • 53 ACH : Bothered & Brigged : Addie tosses someone's honky ass in the brig.
  • 53 ACH : Bootrifugal Force : Micah & Addie talk, Dyna slaps a bitch.
  • 58 ACH : Fights & Misunderstandings : Pilot fight night.

Kill Count

Raiders: 5
Centurions: 0


  • None as of 30 ACH.



  • Motorcycles.
  • Trashy Romance Novels.
  • Leather.
  • Tattoos.
  • Vipers.
  • Open Space.
  • Marines.


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