Summer Glau
Summer Glau as Adelaide Maerker
Name: Adelaide Maerker
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: Ade
Age: 19
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Deck Department
Position: Assistant Deck Chief.
Rank: Specialist
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Summer Glau



Adelaide Yama was born of Caprica to perfectly normal parents, her mother Jnen worked as a school teacher in Caprica city while her father was into politics and served as a minor figure on the city council. Adelaide was a handful, she was intelligent, clever, and getting into everything as a child. Her parents had a hectic and stressful few years while she was a toddler and by the time she was starting school they we're ready for a brake from her mischievous ways. School was an amazing thing for the young child, she has so much to get into and other children to help get into trouble with. Disepite the trouble she caused it was never meant in spite, or mean to get r anyone else hurt, mostly she was too curious and interested in things to keep her little hands off. Her teachers seeing this got the young girls interests turned to other activitie,s it was around this time that her love for building and creating was discovered.

Ade was also a kind and generous person with enough empathy to make her a trusted and easy person to get on. She had a lot of friends because of this and people willing to confide in her. The years pasted happily for Ade though she was never gifted with any siblings her mother, got ill and was unable to have any more children. Having such a hard time with her, the two wasn't sure that was a bad thing, they loved they daughter but at times she was trying. By the time Ade was sixteen she was giving a lot of thought to joining the colonial fleet, she has heard they had a lot of cool stuff she could tinker with and that certainly appealed to the young woman. Her parent were happy for her to do this, the fleet was a safer place as anywhere and no cylon attacks for 40 years meant the war was well over why not let the girl go play up in space she'd at least be kept out of trouble.

Adulthood/Basic Training

At 18 Adelaide Yama enlisted as a Deck hand in Colonial fleet and was shipped off to their training center for advanced training in Viper and Raptor repair. The technical side of her training was easy, well not too easy but it was enough of a challenge to keep her busy, the problem was the military etiquette and protocol, it just wasn't her style she couldn't Yes Sir and No Sir all the time it grated on her very being. This she would have to be ver come before heading to the fleet a fact her instructors knew would be a big issue, discipline would have to be enforced on the woman by any means possible. A few times scrubbing the toilet and having free time taken away from here ensured that the woman learned her Sirs and Aye Ayes. So training wasn't all that much fun for Yama, she endured it like any other recruit the days of back braking, ear piercing yelling were a means to an end and that end was life in the fast lane. Joining her training, she also picked up a little basics first aid, hand to hand combat and weapons training, these were not focused on too greatly her technical skills were what the fleet needed, plenty of other hot headed eat shields for the fleet.

First Assignment

Once the grueling training was over Yama was finally shipped off to the fleet, with a serve warning on her file for being a little undisciplined but very good at her job, keep her out of trouble and she'd do you proud. Her first view of a battle start was everything she dreamed it to be, the active flight deck the bustling corridors, the laughter and the noise of the barracks, it was like heaven for the young woman, and where she truly felt at home. Fleet life was little different then training, things were more relaxed and as long as she did her job and kept her head down things were okay. Her commanding officer was a grizzled old space hand called Liam Tren, a dark skinned man from Sagittaron, he was patient with Yama, almost kind and understanding of her need to rebel a little, though he also told her what it meant to be disciplined, she knew that old man was right and as much as she hated it the military had a reason for all her rules and regulations, this was a turning point for Ade and a coming of age. As a reward for her improvement, Liam taught Ade a little about the arts of brewing, she found out a while later that the man's family owned a vineyard and he had grown up with distilleries and spirit making Vodka being one of the man's favorites. There wasn't a think the man couldn't make into a drink and the flavors and combination he came up with delighted the crew and made him very popular.
A year after her assignment on the Behemoth, Adelaide was reassigned to the Genises, is would be the last ship she's ever assigned to, not two weeks after her arrival the colonies are destroyed and the rag tag fleet of ships is formed. Only her love of brewing and the need to support and comfort those around her keeps her going, she knew her parents didn't make it, they would have been at home happily awaiting her next letter and bragging to family and friends of their smart little one up in the fleet. Yama never wanted a boring life, but she never excepted to be so far from home and running for her life. Every day is a new challenge and every day something is going wrong, something needs to be fixed, yet she's alive and life will go on. So say we all.

IC History

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Being laid back
Brewing with her homemade Still
Listening and caring to those around her
Confident Tech and Deck hand.


Has been known to worship the goddess of love Aphrodite, though after a recent conversation with Brother Karan, she's become very interested in the cult of Ares, god of war.


These people have affect Adelaide life the most while telling her story. Though it would seem that Adelaide has been seen with a lot of men, it's just her nature and her bad luck in not being able to find anyone that accepts her as her. She may have a bad reputation for being a flirt and sleeping around, but this is her way of just dealing with the day to day life of surviving perhaps, soon someone will take her in hand and calm her down.

  • Jackson JaX Miller- Has the honor of being the first man to brake Adelaide heart, though she is over it finally she still can't help but sigh when she sees this former Deck hand.
  • Phelan "Wolf" Rhodes - Ex-fiance whom is now at odds with the Adelaide, she hopes perhaps to win back his friendship, but the love is gone.
  • Major Pietr Gaelan- Gealan has become a good friend and Confident, whom the she can talk to reliably.
  • Colonel Reed Carter- Adelaide Has been running into the Colonel alot lately, which has been a nice surprise it always shocks her that he takes the time to even look down as low as she is and spend a few moments talking to her.
  • Lieutenant Paavo Mirentin- A teacher a friend and most of all a person to whom she can look up too. Paavo has alot to do with her recent maturity.
  • Captain Maureen Helena McKenzie- Ade has only just recently meet the Captain but took an instance liking to her, and has even agreed to get together and drink. Perhaps Mckenzie will be the sister figure she's needing right now.
  • Major Rhea Zimmermann - Ade has worked with the Chief engineer a few times, and was even recruited for a speical project bt her. The have a good repore and working relationship.
  • Captain Josh Maerker- Josh Maeker is Adelaids husband and father of her child. The two have been married almost a 6 months.
  • Azad- Adelaide's first Minion and trainee she's been working a lot with Azad to get him ready for work on the flight Deck. These two can also be found working together on various projects.
  • Calvin Lysander- Adelaide has been seen a lot with this pyramid player, though what their relationship is isn't very clear, though the too see some what intimate.
  • Any man, all men if it's got a pulse she'll be chasing it.
  • Her Birds
  • Booze (Though recently she's been a little off them)
  • Cigars
  • Sleeping in until noon (If only she could)

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