Dr. Adele Pike
Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett as Adele Elizabeth Pike
Name: Adele Elizabeth Pike
Callsign: None
AKA: Dr. Pike
Age: 33
Branch: Scientists
Faction: Contractors
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Research
Position: Researcher
Rank: None
Ship: Carina
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Cate Blanchett


Dr. Adele Pike is a prim, guarded individual who nonetheless thought it would be good for her career to take a contract with the PAS as a medical researcher, though it meant sacrificing the comfortable life of privilege and privacy she so cherished in Caprica City. She specializes in researching aerospace preventatives, and seems to take her job very seriously - sometimes to a humorless degree.

Distinguishing Features

  • It used to be pantsuits, but they were all destroyed when the PAS exploded. Now, Adele can be seen in the pyramid themed T-shirts she snagged from the Carina's gift shops.

Pre-IC History

Family Life, Education, Etc.


Born on Caprica, Adele Elizabeth Pike is the only child of Kathryn Pike nee Kerensky and Redford Pike of Caprica City. Her mother's family had been wealthy for generations, their name well-known in Caprica uppercrust circles. Adele's childhood was comfortable, her parents making sure she attended good schools and rarely wanted for much when it came to material things, but from the time she was very young her parents were more "those other people in the house" than real parents to her. Her mother had never worked a day in her life, and spent most of her free time preserving her position in their social circle. Her father was a government prosecutor, frequently at the office or away for long periods. She had the occasional friend in childhood, but was always a guarded girl who preferred her privacy.

Medicine had interested Adele since high school, something which disappointed a father eager to see her go into law. Still, he supported her as she went through high school and began a pre-med track in university. Her mother, however, would have preferred to see her lovely daughter get married and be well taken care of, much like past generations of women in their family had been.

Needless to say, over time it became clear that Adele would not live up to this expectation. After a broken engagement with a young man of similar upbringing and considerable family assets, her mother was appalled and the rift that had already begun forming between them widened considerably. Adele turned all her focus to her studies and ended up graduating medical school and was offered an internship at Caprica City General.

Adele enjoyed her internship, and leapt upon the residency opportunity that was presented to her, specializing in preventative medicine. However, she soon discovered an affinity for research, and after a few years she switched departments and began to research full-time. Researched opened a lot of doors for her, and she stumbled upon the burgeoning field of aerospace preventatives, then accepted a contract with the Air Wing of one of Caprica's many naval bases. When she was offered a contract in deep space upon the Space Station PAS - she couldn't say no.

On the Grid



After arriving on the PAS, Adele established her niche as a medical researcher under Dr. Gregory Haskell, an aerospace preventatives specialist on the station. The department was small, consisting only of Drs. Haskell and Pike, and Adele made it her mission to push for its expansion - until the war started.

She moved under Dr. Matt Reighner's command after the attacks, using her skills in synthetic biochemistry to manufacture pharmaceuticals. She was making a little headway, and then the PAS imploded.

Now she is living on the Carina, with Reece Zimmermann, Major Rhea Zimmermann's spawn, as her 12 year old roommate.


  • In what she would describe as a lucky accident (apparently she was "just trying to get a plant to grow") Adele discovered the correct light frequency for the Muskeg eels to reproduce at a rapid rate. Eels have since become the food staple for the fleet. This discovery prompted an offer of a commission into the military with the rank of Lieutenant, but Adele declined to take it.


  • Cats.
  • Club sandwiches.
  • Looking classy.
  • A certain pair of snarky eyebrows.
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