Aedon "Lawyer" Rhadamanthios
Christopher Egan
Christopher Egan as Aedon Rhadamanthios V
Name: Aedon Rhadamanthios V
Callsign: Lawyer
AKA: Aedon
Age: 24
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Viper_Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aerelon
Actor: Christopher Egan




Aedon Rhadamanthios was born in Swanshire, although Swanshire wasn’t so much a town as it was a large collection of farms where folks knew their neighbors pretty well. As the eldest son and the inheritor of the family name (quite literally), Aedon learned the trade which involved tilling the fields, tending to the animals and generally being able to do every little job that had to be done on the Rhadamanthios farm. He grew up out there in the fields, not only growing crops but slaughtering the animals when it was time and keeping the carcajou off the property with a strong arm and a steady aim.


In that most rural part of Aerelon, it was traditional for the parents to decide who the children would marry. Fortunately for Aedon, his parents picked a winner and no mistake – Mopsus Doe del Boccyo. He already knew her and had seen her around quite a bit, and when his mother told him to start courting her when he was fourteen he knew he could be satisfied with the life that was laid out ahead of him. Having never known anything but the countryside, Aedon never had any desire to get out and see the worlds. He had enough work (the farm) and problems (big agriculture companies) to keep him busy without adding to them.

By the time both he and Mopsus Doe were seventeen they were betrothed, promised to marry each other by the time they were twenty. Unfortunately, the farms were under threat from the big agriculture companies that not only tried to put them out of business but sought to buy up all the best land. At the risk of her family farm’s foreclosure, Mopsus Doe up and joined the Colonial Fleet and their marriage would have to wait. Aedon knew she never forgot him, though, because she would send him machine parts in the post.

Aedon wasn’t the engineer that Mopsus Doe was, but he was capable and the pair of them shared more than a few friends who were skilled mechanics. They began to try and put together a ship out of the parts Mopsus Doe would send home, buying (or stealing) parts from a junkyard several miles down the unpaved road when something proved too big or expensive to be acquired by his girl in the Fleet. Every time she got shore leave, she’d come home and help them work on it. It was during one such leave that they got matching tattoos to signify their promise to each other. Hers a tattoo of Castor and his tattoo one of Pollux, both on their lower backs.

It wasn’t very long after Mopsus Doe returned to her post after her shore leave that Aedon had what he believed to be a vision. Whether it was just the midday sun getting to his brain or his mind playing tricks on him, Aedon believed he saw Castor watering a horse down by the barn. Traditionally appearing before disasters, he believed that something dreadful was going to happen to Mopsus Doe and resolved to go and find her. Without the money to afford passage on a regular liner nor the clearance to know where the ship she was stationed on even was, Aedon resolved to go out aboard the ship that he, his betrothed and their friends had put together in the barn. A rickety old hybrid of a Raptor and a civilian shuttle that was far from space-legal. But desperate times called for desperate measures.


It was when the bombs fell on the Colonies that Aedon reasoned it was time to go, unable to convince anyone else to leave their farms – all of them determined to keep their land Cylon-free. Alone in his homemade ship, Aedon took to the sky with the purpose of finding that ship that had his Mopsus Doe aboard it and … well, he hadn’t thought that far. He just wanted to be with her and the ship they’d built was the only way to do it. He made a risky jump in the direction of the Genesis’ last publicly-known anchorage, without the supplies or fuel for a sustained voyage.


Fortunately, his worries about supplies and fuel were lessened when a critical systems failure after the ship’s first jump caused it to almost fall apart in space. Aedon had flown some smaller, speedier transports back home on Aerelon but even though he’d wired most of the systems in the ship he didn’t really know what to do when they all decided to fall apart on him. His oxygen running low and his engines well and truly offline, Aedon drifted alone for hours before the civilian liner Caliope came across the wreckage. Bringing him aboard, Aedon learned that they had only just managed to escape the Cylons and were fleeing from them without any plan as to where they were going.

Aedon fell in with the crew of the Caliope, using his limited electronic and mechanical experience to aid in repairs as well as flying shuttles whenever they would do dangerous runs to distant, isolated and (sometimes) deserted mining stations for supplies and fuel. Although the Caliope survived, it was barely able to sustain itself and so the crew were glad to find a battlestar when they chanced across one. The Solaris had been on the run from the Cylons from day one and were still fleeing from them, having suffered a number of casualties. It was upon seeing the Solaris and hearing the call for volunteers that Aedon realized the woman he was seeking out was probably long dead. Distraught but far from giving up, he signed on as a volunteer viper pilot – a nugget.

His training on Solaris was a haphazard affair. He did not have the college degree that Colonial Fleet officers had, but he had flight experience and he was fit enough to control a viper. His heavy accent and Aerelon Plains dialect made him, at first; almost untranslatable to his fellow pilots and his rural ways were the source of more than a little fun at his expense. Nevertheless, Aedon had always been easy going and he never took such things to heart. His perceived lack of sophistication earned him the call sign of ‘Lawyer’, a joke at his expense, for sure, but one he could certainly see the humor in.

Finishing his training aboard the Solaris and receiving his commission as an Ensign, Aedon found himself in a number of engagements and was quite astounded to find that he survived them. The Solaris was running and running hard with the Cylons right on their tails but despite everything he had survived and survived long enough for the truly amazing to happen – they found the Battlestar Genesis.

Recent Developments

Aedon recently arrived aboard the Genesis, finding Mopsus Doe still alive and well and working as an engineer there. The pair immediately set about planning a wedding and getting Aedon a permanent assignment aboard the ship.

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