Aftermath - Pandora Engine Room
Aftermath - Pandora Engine Room
Summary: Rhea and Fotilas assess the technical damage in the wake of the Pandora disaster.
Date: 17 BCH
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Docking Bay Pandora - Docking Bay
17 BCH 2085 Souls

The docking bay of the Assaultstar Pandora can hold atleast three raptors and a couple shuttles. This is separate from the Hangar Bay which holds the viper squadron.

Contents: Fotilas Rhea RAPTOR_122
Exits: [HBC] Hangar Bay Causeway [SH] Shuttle Transfer
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The FTL drive is blown, the engines are down, wires have been yanked out of access panels and power grids and there're still signs of debris from where the walls and ceilings gave out. The bodies are gone but not all the blood has been cleaned up. But, somewhere on this frakked up ship, Rhea found a working coffee maker. She's main-lining a cup of it black right now, while she fiddles with a power grid.

Fotilas, not a man to sit around on his rear, heads to the Pandora in search of information. Well, a woman in particular. A few enlisted were asked for directions and he makes his way back to find her. Rather than be a spectacle, he's in his green duty garb instead of his standard officer's uniform. "Captain Zimmermann," he greets as he approaches. "Just the woman I've been looking for." A very somber tone.

It takes Rhea a moment to register that someone is talking to her, bent over a power grid as she is. Or what used to be a power grid. It's been blown up real good. "Fotilas?" She motions him in with jerk of her hand but doesn't give him her immediate attention. She gulps what's left in her coffee cup, grimacing at the taste. That cup had obviously been sitting there for awhile. Nose still wrinkled from the taste, she hustles over to the pot she's carted into the engine room. To get herself a hot, if not fresh, cup. "Well, you found me. What brings you by? Not to be rude but, unless you can use a wrench, I don't have a lot of use for you right now." It's safe to say his major's pins have gone unnoticed.

The man only nods when she recognizes him, stepping in. "I'm afraid I can't help you there. I've got a lot I need to do as well, but.. well I think you have your own hands full. Colonel promoted me to XO." He mentions it in passing as if he's just passing the information. Fotilas' eyes are scanning the room. "For the time being I need to get what you can tell me. State of the ship? What's nonfunctional and also..if you've got any theories on what the frak happened?" His gaze finally settles back on her.

XO? Rhea blinks. Ahhh. He /is/ wearing major's jewelry, isn't he? It's obviously news to her. She's been on the Pandora taking stock of the damage since the flattop hauled it back. Though, after that bit of information sinks in, she's not exactly surprised. Or embarrassed at trying to shoo him. "I missed that. I've been kind of out of touch over here for the past several hours. That's good. Gods knows the colonel needs all the good men he can get right now. Coffee?" She's drinking the stuff by the gallon, but it doesn't look terribly appealing. "The state of the ship, Major, is FUBAR. Frakked up beyond all recognition. I'm shocked life support is still functioning, honestly. The power grid was blown, so I can't even tell how bad the damage to the engines and the FTL are, but this thing sure as Hades isn't going anywhere. Somebody mucked this bird up about as badly as you can without nuking it."

"Don't worry about it, Captain. You're here working while I was pinning myself. The last thing I'll do is chide you. But thanks. Appreciated." He can take a compliment when he hears it. But Fotilas is more concerned about the situation with the Pandora. "Yeah, coffee. Please." He moves to follow her to the machine. "I saw all the scoring and blood on my way in. Its been a long time since I've seen something like this. In your opinion, is this the sort of damage that can come from internal issues? Such as Engineering screwing up real bad? Or do you think this was more deliberate?" His face has become somewhat inscrutable, as has his tone and inflection.

Rhea smirks. Obviously she wasn't worried about being chided for trying to throw somebody out of an engine room, whether they outrank her or not. She motions her thumb at some cups it looks like she dug up from the galley. The thing looks to have become a communal pot for the snipes and security personnel lingering on the Pandora. She leans against the counter where it's housed, drinking more coffee down before answering. "I don't have a report that will tell anyone anything useful yet. It'll be another twenty-four hours, at least, before my crews have any idea how somebody might've managed this. All I can tell you now is what you can see with your own eyes. Even the most incompetent, hung-over Engineering crew does not yank wires out of their own controls." She walks over to a panel and grabs a fistful of the wire that's hanging out, to demonstrate (obviously power to that panel has been cut, as she doesn't fry in front of Fotilas). "Somebody put a wrench in the works. I don't know why, or how extensively, but this was most certainly not an accident."

Fots moves for one of the cups and fills his own mug, the liquid sloshing in. He doesn't seem terribly concerned about decorum for the moment. "We don't need anything typed just yet. We will, but a verbal report will do. And sooner is better." He's the XO and his job isn't to be liked - which sucks for his already vacant personal life. Though he stares as she holds the bundle of wires. "Wow. Yeah I can see what you mean. Forgive me for asking the obvious questions..but is there any reason you can think of that they might be yanking wires out of their control systems? It sounds like insanity." The mug finally gets a big gulp.

"This place is the technological equivalent of a mad-house right now, Major," Rhea says. "Look, I understand the gravity of what I'm saying. I wouldn't if I wasn't absolutely sure. Ask Captain Gaelan if you want a second opinion. He and I aren't exactly kindred spirits but I'd bet we're in agreement on this. You heard his report yet? He and his Marines shot a woman on the bridge who had explosives strapped to her. Not much else she could've been doing but trying to throw a wrench in things, to put it mildly. Mutiny, sabotage, an attack by dissidents or pirates…sir, I don't know. For all I know, maybe some of the crew *did* just lose it. People aren't my concern. I deal with machines. And machines do not experience catastrophic system failure on this scale without a very good reason. Somebody hurt this bird, and her crew, real bad and they probably meant to do far worse."

Fotilas sips again at the mug and glances around before he says anything else. "I heard the Captain's report. As for the woman loaded with explosives.." A furtive glance moves to a passing Petty Officer. The idea bothers him a lot and its easy to to tell. "I have to agree. I wasn't aware you had been told about that aspect of what happened in CIC." There's a pause as he gathers his thoughts. "You're right, though. I won't ask about the people. But I'm trying to figure out if maybe there is a reason they would want to yank wires out other than to sabotage." Another sip of the mug. "Have your people watch for anymore nutjobs. Obvious Gaelan has his boys and girls aboard.. but I've ordered the ship to be shut down and close to all personnel except your Engineering team. We may be dealing with a crime scene and the Colonel is waiting to hear back from the Admiralty on it before we proceed."

Rhea nods to Fotilas. "Gaelan had his people clear every room before we set foot in it. Right now, I'm more concerned about structural damage than nutjobs in closets. But, like I said, people aren't my department. You're quite right. Nobody has any reason to be here who's not fixing things or working security, and maybe a couple medics the doc wants to send in case we cut ourselves on something sharp. But again, sir, no. One panel, I'd say maybe. But this was extensive, deliberate tampering with quite a few spots on this ship. You *don't* do this if you're trying to keep a ship running properly, and you *can't* do it accidentally."

"I've ordered another, more detailed sweep so you may see him and his teams again. Hopefully they can stay out of your way." Fots sighs and drains the mug before setting it aside. "Thanks for that, by the way." He licks the last of it from his lips as he eyes the structure around him. A shake of his with her last words, his eyes to fall on her once more. "I read you loud and clear, Captain. But I'll leave you be for now. Look to be ready to brief the Colonel and/or myself on what you know sometime in the next eighteen hours." A pause. "Do you all need anything? Supplies? Extra manpower?"

Rhea snorts softly at the prospect of tripping over Marines. Not that she objects. She can see the sense of it. Her lips crook into a faint grin as Fotilas downs her coffee. If he can digest that, he can take being XO, most likely. She shakes her head. "Not at this moment, sir. The repairs…" She winces. "…well. Let's just say I hope the Admiralty decides to haul this wreck back to Scorpia rather than assign me to spend my natural life trying to fix it. But as far as going over it with a fine-tooth comb, that we can manage. We'll have something more enlightening for the colonel before he sits down to dinner tomorrow." She says it definitively. They /will/ have something. Pity her snipes these next eighteen hours.

He hates the coffee, that's a given. He doesn't even drink the junk left in the General Lounge. When she laments over trying to fix it, he shakes his head. "As it stands, just get it safe to stay on and have personnel aboard. Or.. as close to that condition as you can. But I get the idea this thing will be in drydock for a year or so to get it all patched." The man smiles a bit crookedly as she mentions having something for the Colonel. "Excellent. I appreciate it. But I'll leave you to your work. Best of luck, Captain."

"I don't believe in luck, Major. But thanks," Rhea says with a weary smile, finishing her cup and getting yet another before returning to what once was the power grid. Her smile quirks faintly as she regards him. "I'd say congratulations, but I don't think that's appropriate. I suspect you've been assigned a giant pain in the ass. But, for what it's worth, I'm glad you're the man at the XO helm."

Fots chuckles..a little dryly. "Well let's just hope its 'congratulations' then?" His eyes once again wander Engineering and he shakes his head. "But yeah, I think you may be right. Ah well. Take the good with the bad, right? Between this and the buoy, though..?" There's a lot he doesn't say but its written across his face. Its all got his gears turning. "Thanks. Good to hear that I've got support, too. Still a little nerve wracking. I'm pulling double as the Tactical also, as well." An even shrug meets him, though he recognizes that he's still sitting in the air conditioned CIC. Things aren't exactly bad. "Be safe and let me know if I can help out in any way. I'll find you tomorrow, Captain." He sketches her a light salute.

Rhea a respectful salute is offered to Fotilas in return. "Sir." She looks on point of saying something when he mentions pulling double-duty at Tactical. Mommy that she is. But she can't really talk during the going-on triple shift she's working on this wreck, so he's spared that. With no more ceremony, she returns to guzzling coffee and fussing over wires.

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