Air Wing Honors, Part One
Air Wing Honors, Part 1
Summary: Bayless hands out a commendation and a couple promotions.
Date: 128 ACH
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Ready Room Genesis - Deck 11
128 ACH 24277 Souls

The Ready Room is for pilots to get their assignments for the daily CAP. Rows of seating line six deep and back to the wall. At the front of the room there is a whiteboard, star maps and a podium for the CAG or Squadron Leaders to address the room. The flags of the colonies stand along the starboard wall as well as plaques of recognition. One plaque stands above those who have lost their lives and reads:
Captain Ide 'Screamer' Kolis
May he rest in peace among the stars.
So Say We All.
'Star Screamers' - Fighting 58th

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Micah comes in from Corridor 11D.

Micah has arrived.

Novella comes in from Corridor 11D.

Novella has arrived.

Warwick comes in from Corridor 11D.

Warwick has arrived.

Phelan comes in from Corridor 11D.

Phelan has arrived.

Bayless is seated in one of the front-row chairs, leafing through a number of CAP logs in her metal clipboard. Her hair is worn down over her shoulders, but she's dressed in her nicely-pressed duty blues.

Novella steps through the hatch in her blues, the clothes pressed immaculately. Her hair, as usual for situations like this, is tied in a tight bun behind her head. A few other pilots follow in behind her. She steps forward around the elevated seats and just moves to sit down at the front of the room.

Warwick follows after the others, dressed properly as well. Looking around for a few moments, before he seats himself on the back row of seats. Looking around for a few moments, before he leans back a bit in his seatr.

Micah is likely one of those that filters in after Novella, also dressed in his pressed and neat blues. Boy can certainly clean up when he wants to; he even looks like he's put a brush through his hair, and tidied up his goatee a little. He picks a seat in the row behind Novella, and settles into it with his customary -thump- to the bottom of hers, to say hello.

Phelan enters and stands at the back of the room near the door, his hand still bandaged up from the gunshot wound. He stands quietly in an at ease posture and watches quietly, not wanting to disrupt this in any way.

Bayless glances over to Novella as she enters, then takes notice of the arrival of the others'. Smiling slightly to Novella, she says, "Was hoping for a better turnout than this, but…" She sighs and rises from her seat, taking position behind the podium. "This… will be an abbreviated meeting from what I'd intended. Specialist Miller, whose presence I was hoping on, is flying a training CAP at present and therefore will be unavailable. On my oath to the Fleet, Specialist Miller will receive that which he is deserving at a later date." Bayless casts a look to Micah as if to push the point home. "Also, I've been informed by Chief Tauro that the project he is working on is not yet complete, due to priority given to the Vipers and Raptors damaged during the Peerless incident and the subsequent SAR. That portion of the ceremony will also be conducted at a later date, likely in conjunction with the bestowing of honors to Specialist Miller."

Novella nods to Bayless' comments about a better turnout. There's a couple of the NPC pilots filling out the chairs as well. But the thinned ranks of the Wing are obvious. "Could be worse." She then falls silent, listening to the CAG explain how things will be going with the next meeting.

Warwick keeps silent for now, just listening to the others and looking towards the front. A bit lost in thought, perhaps.

A few more pilots filter in and take seats nearby, two straight out of CAP and running their fingers through sweaty helmet hair. Micah lifts his eyes at the look from Bayless, but remains in his chair for now while she speaks. The project seems to come as news to him, judging by his slightly raised brow.

Bayless sighs and continues. "The first order of business is to bestow a posthumous commendation for meritorious service and valor in the line of duty to Ensign Antonio Sloane." The CAG's face is a mask of stone, hiding the emotions slamming through her brain at the thought of Cornbread's cold-blooded murder. She produces a plaque… okay, a framed sheet of paper… a certificate of the honors Sloane has been granted, then shoots a look to Micah. "Lieutenant Saint Germain, front and center."

This catches Novella a bit by surprise. Her brow lifts at the mention of Sloane's commendation. Her own emotions about the matter are kept in check, though. No smiles. No tears. Just the hints of pride at the edges of her eyes. But at the mention of Micah, her head turns slightly to look at the man before letting her attention fall back to the CAG.

Warwick's expression changes about as much as a statue as he listens. Glancing first at the paper-plaque, then over at Micah as the man's called to the front.

Micah's mouth firms a little at mention of Sloane, chin lifting a fraction. Pilots don't often have to deal with death, in this way; squadmates having pistols put to their heads at point blank range and shot. It takes a moment or two after Bayless has spoken for him to rise, and he's a little stiff when he does, but he's on his feet and moving crisply toward the podium Bayless is standing behind. "Sir," comes almost as a growl, as he draws to attention.

Phelan continues to watch quietly from the back of the room, no emotions on his face at all while the proceedings take place. He remains at his at ease posture at the back of the room.

Novella continues watching as the CAG addresses Micah for the offer. Her face does her best to remain inpassive but more of that pride creeps onto her face.

Bayless comes from behind the podium with the certificate. "Lieutenant Saint Germain, as the officer that was Ensign Sloane's on-site CO at the time of his death, I ask you to accept this commendation on his behalf. Do you accept?" she asks, holding the certificate with both hands in front of her, eyes locked with his.

Novella continues watching as the CAG addresses Micah for the offer. Her face does her best to remain inpassive but more of that pride creeps onto her face.

Warwick keeps his gaze on the happenings now, nodding a little bit quietly as he listens.

Micah's tongue flickers across his lips, but otherwise he's motionless while Bayless presents the commendation. She'd have to be blind though, not to notice the faint sheen to his eyes. When she's finished, he takes the remaining step closer, hands loosening from their parade-rest clasp. "Aye, sir. I do."

As Bayless hands him the certificate, she nods and says, "Remain at fall-in, Lieutenant. You're not quite done here." She then looks in Novella's direction. "Lieutenant Novella, fall in please."

Novella rises from her chair and moves to the front of the room. She comes to attention beside Micah, her shorter frame a full head under the man beside her. "Sir," she greets crisply, her back straight.

Micah accepts the certificate, and is just about to fall back when Bayless gives her order. Nodding once, he tucks the plaque under his arm in a vaguely protective fashion and remains at attention where he is. His lips twitch slightly when Novella's called up, not quite a smile.

Warwick keeps quiet as he watches for now, expression still a bit thoughtful.

Bayless steps over to Novella, brushing her hair back over her shoulders. The sharp-eyed ones in the room will notice that Bayless' rank insignia has been swapped out from Captain to Major. "Lieutenant Baylee Novella, you are hereby relieved of your position as Genesis Gold Squadron leader and are, effective immediately, reassigned to the position of Assistant Commander, Air Group. Additionally, you are hereby promoted one grade to the rank of Captain." Bayless reaches over to the podium and hands Novella a pair of Captain's pins. "Congratulations, Captain Novella."

Novella finally shows some emotion. She takes a deep breath and /really/ tries to surpress her smile. But? Ultimately she fails. The words strike her home and the pride overflows from her. Cav is finally living up to her family name. "Thank you, sir." She takes the pins carefully.

Warwick is unable to hold back a half-smile at this point, as he watches the happenings up front. Keeping quiet for now.

They're pilots, of course they're sharp eyed. At least, St. Germain certainly is, and the new pins don't go unnoticed. His eyes flicker from them, to Bayless, to Novella as the new rank is imposed. And there's a huge welling up of pride in his expression. He virtually has to bite his tongue, to keep from saying something inappropriate.

Bayless nods with a prideful smile to Novella, then looks to Micah. "One downside to the Captain's reassignment is that we have an open billet now. Which I now intend to fill. Junior Lieutenant Micah St. Germain, you are hereby reassigned as leader of Genesis Gold Squadron and, additionally, are promoted one grade to the rank of full Lieutenant." She reaches over to the podium for the second set of rank pins resting there and hands them to Micah. "Congratulations, Lieutenant."

Phelan takes a long slow breath in the back of the room, making sure to keep his face expressionless otherwise. He stares straight ahead now, waiting for this to be over so he can be on his way.

Novella doesn't care. She ventures a glance to Micah. Yep! There's a beaming smile for him. But, she keeps quiet. Her eyes quickly return forward until she's dismissed.

Warwick smiles very briefly at this announcement as well, before his expression turns back to that of a statue for now. Just listening.

Buh-link. Micah's visibly alarmed at hearing this, and his eyes snap back to Bayless before the words are even finished coming out of her mouth. His mouth is dry, so he has to swallow before speaking gruffly, "Thank you, sir." A hand is held out, palm up and somewhat belatedly, for the pins. "Ah'll try to do them justice," is added with a feeble smile.

Bayless places the pins in Micah's open hand and nods. "I'm holding your ass to that, Crow," she says mirthfully. She then says to the room at large, "Ladies and gentlemen, Genesis Air Wing. This gathering will reconvene in a date to be determined for the items of business we were unable to see to this evening. I'll notify you as to the time, but the place will be the Deck. For now, you're all dismissed."

Novella stands straight, facing the CAG while she makes the announcement. Once called to dismiss, Cav turns to Micah with her hand extended. "Outstanding, LT. Congratulations." She's probably not so much proud of herself as she is for her friend. Her eyes are just glassed. Happy day.

Phelan quickly exits at the dismissed call, glad to be out of there before he makes a comment.

Micah nearly drops the damned pins, his grip upon them's so fumbling. They're switched to his other hand though, and a salute crisply offered when she dismisses them. "Thank you," he mumbles again. "And congratulations yourself, sir." It's offered genuinely. Then he's turning to Cav and clasps the offered hand, going so far as to tug her close for a hug. "You too, Baylee. Your parents would be real proud." Sloane's plaque is held onto protectively, not a chance he's going to drop it now.

Bayless smiles at the rare show of affection Micah shows Novella and gives both their shoulders a gentle pat. "You guys earned this. Let nobody tell you different. I'd love to hang out and drown the happy in moonshine but I got a CAP to fly. Congratulations again, both of you." With that, the CAG makes her way to the hatch.

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