Nan Zhang
Nan Zhang as Aja Fawn Raegan
Name: Aja Fawn Raegan
Callsign: Tassles
AKA: aja
Age: 29
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: (Ares Squadron)
Department: Air Wing
Position: Raptor ECO
Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Ship: Genesis (Formerly of the Solaris)
Homeworld: Aerelon
Actor: Nan Zhang

Did you hear the one about the exotic dancer from Virgon and the Aerelon Raptor Pilot? Well, the punchline is Aja Raegan. Her mother was a dancer in one of the Cabarets on Virgon when the fresh faced Gillium Raegan went to spend some well-earned down time. Even at her young age, Lotus seemed jaded with the life of a dancer and when her eyes met the roguish Gillium's, she decided he would be her ticket out. What she didn't bank on was falling desperately and irrevocably in love with the jaunty pilot. They were stationed on a variety of Colonial bases and she gave him three children, Aja, Sonya and Kellin.

Aja followed her father around like a tiny shadow. He taught her to fly, when he was around, he coached her in how to fight and not to ever be overlooked. And he educated her in the value of family and duty. Her sister, Sonya became a fashion designer and Kellin, the only son went to live with his grandparents on Aerelon, after several brushes with the law where he found enjoyment working the land. Aja chose a similar path to her father by joining the Colonial Navy and it was with a father's pride that he watched her earn her wings and her Lieutenant's stars. Rather than becoming a Raptor pilot herself, she chose to be an ECO, more of a supporting actor than a lead. She was assigned to the Solaris, though found herself in the Sickbay of the Genesis during a rescue mission.

She earned her callsign "Tassles" after revealing her mother used to be an exotic dancer back on Virgon and a rather drunken attempt to emulate her mother's former career. It went horrible awry and resulted in a broken wrist after falling off the bar and being grounded for six weeks.

When sober, she is quiet, respectful, though when she's been into the booze, anything goes. She has the attractive Aerelonian burr as many do and the exotic beauty of the Sian clans from Virgon.


  • Colonial Naval Military Academy, Ballinasloe, Aerelon Naval Base
  • Naval War College, Colonial Fleet Academy, Picon Colony
  • Officer Candidate School, Colonial Fleet Academy, Douarnenez, Picon Colony

She was not a great student, but she memorized well enough to pass the tests. Some say she has a photographic memory and her call sign before her memorable sobriquet ceremony to "Tassles" was "Snapshot".


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