Stephanie March
Stephanie March as Alexander Theopolis
Name: Alexander Theopolis
Callsign: None
AKA: Xan
Age: 30
Branch: Branch
Faction: Civilian
Organization: News_network
Department: Civilian
Position: Reporter
Rank: None
Ship: Corina
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: Stephanie March

Alexandra Theopolis has ink running through her veins and a nose for following a story to the end. With her father a former member of the Tauron Council, he was privy to many of the darker aspects which languished beneath the depths of one of the wealthier colonies. Also, his job as head of the news organization TNC allowed him to use his journalistic acumen to rip the cover off of many sordid actions taken by both the underworld and the Federal System itself. It also made Jon Theopolis an exposed target. His last report came during the beginning of the last Cylon attack, in similtiude of his father, Avery Theopolis' on air radio broadcast during the first Cylon war when Tauron was under attack from both Cylon basestars and ground forces.

Journalism is in Alexandra's blood and though Jon Theo tried to negate the fact his only child was a daughter, she tenaciously followed in his eloquent footsteps. She was one of the first to break the story of delegate Perah Enyeto's refutation of her involvement with the black marketeers who backed her campaign to the Quarum even as she tried to push their influence to a haze covered back ground. Once the story broke, Ms. Enyeto suddenly disappeared, her swift rise to fame snuffed out like a flame.

Alexandra has the tenacity to follow a story to its conclusion, can assume any disguise needed in her pursuit of a lede. She can be ruthless and empathetic in turn, depending on what the situation calls for. But she never backs down, or quits in her search for the ultimate prize. The truth.

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