Captain Alexis Rose
Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts as Alexis Wreath-of-Roses
Name: Alexis Wreath-of-Roses
Callsign: N/A
AKA: Alex Rose
Age: 35
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Weapons Department
Position: Chief Weapons Officer
Rank: Captain
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Leonis
Actor: Naomi Watts


Alexis Rose is actually, according to rumor, from a self-sufficient communal-living township on Leonis and her real name is Alexis Wreath-of-Roses. Of course, she doesn't talk about that and if you asked her it would seem like her life began when she was eighteen - living and working in the big city. She attended the military academy in her early twenties and was assigned as a weapons officer aboard the Battlestar Helios for a little over ten years before she was offered a promotion. Replacing the outgoing Chief Weapons Officer of the Genesis, Alexis has been aboard the Battlestar for just over a year. She's got a reputation for being friendly enough although utterly serious about her job.


  • Shooting the rivets out another ships hull at ten clicks.
  • Keeping an eye on the 'FNG's.
  • Making sure everything shoots straight and when it should.

Distinguishing Features

  • A rural Leonis accent.
  • A hair-thin scar above her eyebrow.
  • Bottle blonde.



Dadaces Rose came from a background of prosperity but chose to reject it in favor of a more liberal, open approach to life. Despite its relative poverty in comparison to the other colonies, Gemenon was still home to a few wealthy families and the Roses were one of them. Although the eldest sons of the family were required to attend seminary in the hope of becoming priests, Dadaces asked his parents that he be allowed to attend Delphi University before fulfilling the 'religious obligation' of the elder Rose males. They agreed and Dadaces left for Caprica - the day he departed would be the last time he ever set foot on Gemenon.

At Delphi University, Dadaces claimed to have had his eyes opened. He embraced the misgivings he had always had in regards to religion and instead began to follow a path of less-structured 'good will towards others'. It was at Delphi U that he met Chloe Teres who he married after completing his education degree. Rather than take a better-paying job on Caprica, Dadaces and Chloe moved to a small self-sufficient community on Leonis after it was recommended to them by a friend. The township, called Odenathus after its then-mayor and founder, was only just starting out and Dadaces eagerly agreed to be a teacher at the local school while Chloe worked part-time at the town's library.

Early Life

As a way to detach himself from his oppressive family life on Gemenon, he cut off contact with them and changed his last name to Wreath-of-Roses after a practice that was quickly becoming a tradition in Odenathus. Strong believers in community, the townsfolk had little to do with those not members of their small group of around 200 and were self-sufficient to the point where they supplied for themselves all the staples they would need. It was into this liberal environment that Alexis Wreath-of-Roses was born. In many ways she took after her father, but primarily she took after him in the fact that she grew to reject her upbringing.

Although her childhood was happy, Alexis did not like the idea that all things were mutually owned by the town and not individuals. Despite being raised on these ideals, she spent much of her childhood either in school or in her mother's library and as such became well-acquainted with the concept of property. She was not greedy, but she could not relish the idea that another person had just as much right to something she had worked hard to earn for herself simply by virtue of being her neighbor. She read stories of heroes and by the time she was a teenager she was of the opinion that merit and reward had to be earned and not simply given.

Formative Years

Alexis kept her opinions to herself throughout most of her youth, although as she believed herself not as 'thoroughly indoctrinated' as everyone else she often came off as aloof and solitary. She felt the need to question things - wanting to know why there were differences rather than simply accepting and loving them. She wanted to know what things were like outside of Odenathus and could not bring herself to accept that she should not go there simply because past experiences had driven her parents away from it. So when she was of age she ran away from home, finding work for herself in one of Leonis' few large cities in the winter at the Temple of Apollo while she picked grapes at a vineyard during spring.

At the Temple of Apollo, Alexis assisted the clergymen by keeping the books and keeping track of donations and where they were to be spent. It was during this time that she fell in love with Brother Diego Gyges, or what she believed was love only to be turned away as Diego felt his studies to become a priest more important than romantic pursuits. Unable to bring herself to work at the Temple anymore, Alexis opted to leave when the first opportunity presented itself. She signed up for the Colonial Navy and left Leonis to attend the Academy after her aptitude scores revealed her to have the makings of an officer.

Military Career

At the Academy, Alexis did particularly well. Having managed to overcome the aloof and sometimes anti-social behavior of her youth, she made many friends and found herself right at home in the military chain despite her occasional questioning nature. She felt that she was legitimately contributing and grew increasingly fond of the organization as it rewarded her based on her personal efforts and did not suffer anybody to simply slide through without contributing. She found herself the happiest she had been in many years and, after finding her aptitude with the weapons systems of the navy's various aircraft, she gladly accepted a post on Battlestar Helios as a junior officer in the Weapons Department. Although initially going by her given last name, Alexis found many of her superiors had trouble actually using it when addressing her and by the time she was twenty-five she was going by the shortened version of 'Alexis Rose'. Despite never changing her name officially, it soon came to the point where nobody called her 'Wreath-of-Roses' anymore.

Alexis' time on Helios was a long and prosperous one, ending with her serving as a lieutenant and first officer to the Chief Weapons Officer aboard that ship. Around the time of her thirty-fourth birthday, opportunity knocked yet again with the opportunity to transfer away from Helios to serve as Chief Weapons Officer aboard Battlestar Genesis. Despite having spent all of her professional career to that point aboard Helios, Alex gratefully accepted the transfer and was promoted to Captain upon her arrival. A highly capable leader with vast knowledge of the ship's weapons systems, she also has a keen interest in smaller craft (such as the Colonial Viper) and frequently submits (whether requested or not) written suggestions for upgrading the efficiency of their weapons to the Deck Crew. Beyond that, she is a capable tactician and weapons operator despite having operated in relatively few combat engagements.

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