Matthew McFadyen
Matthew McFadyen as Alister Sarkis
Name: Alister Sarkis
Callsign: Slipstream
AKA: None
Age: 28
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Viper_Pilot
Rank: Lieutenant JG
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aquaria
Actor: Matthew McFadyen



  • Rather startling light grey eyes.
  • Tattoo: A faded ring on his right thumb.

Pre-IC History

Alister Sarkis was a prominent member of his family's business. Predominantly, that was fishing and hauler-based activities. Sure, some may have found it exciting and a good living, but it wasn't for the bright and energetic kid most took to calling 'Ally' (Much to his chargrin.) The second he reached the age of 18, he was up, up and away, taking the slow-track route to a naval career. Every exam he took he scraped by with almost medicore marks, but always just getting enough to pass.


Just smart enough to blitz through High School with average marks, no mean feat for someone spending almost the entirety of his youth working elsewhere. Educated also at Military Training School, mostly in Viper-based fields.

Military Service

  • Previous assignments: Battlestar Erasmus.

It was on Battlestar Erasmus that Alister settled into his role of a Viper pilot, breaking all expectations garnered by his lackluster test results. On the roster for six years, he earned the nickname Slipstream for his habit of getting close enough in training fights to burn the nose of his Viper on the exhaust of targeted vehicles. Despite 9 (just) years of total service, 6 of which were on the Erasmus, he was never offered a promotion to Lieutenant. He has never known why, but never complained about such. Re-assigned to the Genesis at the end of his tour, citing (unofficially) that he was getting tired of the same ship. During his time he gained somewhat of a reputation as a solid pilot, taking minimal risks in training and combat, but at the same time making other pilots somewhat wary, with crews stating that it was as if he didn't really care about anything, he was just doing a job. (More than once, the word Cyclon was banded about as a joke.)

IC Info


  • Drinking. Often to Excess. Not all in a rush though. Some might not even notice he's been drinking.
  • Flying, although you wouldn't know it.
  • Reading, no matter what it actually is.
  • Unarmed Sparring. Some say it's the only time he seems truly human.
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