All Hell Breaks Loose - Marines
All Hell Breaks Loose - Marines
Summary: Also known as 'Barbeque'd Rooster'
Date: 2 ACH
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The Raptors launch with a gut churning sweep. This isn't a little joyride, this is flying the deadly skies to drop Marine asses into hell. Around the Raptors flashes of light shine through the canopy as the Raptors race toward the Carina. The Raptors sweep around as the Pilot calls back, "Ten seconds to board."

Private Keegan is strapped into the Raptor, rifle ready to go and gripped tightly in his hands, knuckles white as he listens to the TAC chatter. He hasn't said anything, good little Marine that he is.

Private Bell sits quietly in the Raptor, the small scout looking even littler than usual. And paler, which just emphasizes her freckles. Her eyes rove between her superior grunts as she waits, holding her breath for whatever is to come.

Nervous? Maybe just a little bit. But Eli is strapped in, currently petting her rifle and murmuring softly to the weapon. She doesn't have Betty today, so she has a replacement: Arlene. Anyhow, all suited up and just waiting, those intense blue eyes flick from person to person. When on duty, she's not a he or a she, just a marine. With a gun. And a love for violence. All combined nervous might mean aroused…who knows! Asexuality is a beautiful thing.

"Hands off cocks and on socks, Marines!" snarls Gunny Cox, going over final checks on his gear, "We're to secure the boarding position, search, rescue. Been authorised for lethal force with hostiles. We Are To Expect Trouble." Not one to sugar coat things, Rooster, "We're moving by fire team, room sweeping and securing. Sloppiness is not an option!" This said, he locks the drum of his oversized machinegun into place, "We're the few, the proud, the frakkin' awesome! Lets do this!"

Skip's face is without expression as he looks over his weapon. He looks up and over towards the others, nodding at Rooster's words. Not adding something, though.

Keegan shouts along with the rest of the uproar that follows Rooster's calling. He checks his rifle, an automatic movement of his fingers, and shifts his weight on the seat, ready to rock.

Ramiro's eyes are cold as ice, staring at the floor as he grips his rifle. The muzzel pointing downwards and the safety engaged, he rocks back and forth with the motion as he glaces over his gear one more time. Head jolting up at Rooster's voice, he grits his teeth and nods. "Ooo-rah!" He sounds off in reply. Making a small religious gesture, he mutters to himself. "Lord of light may you never be distant from me…and near always." He quietly issues a prayer, and then begins to psyche himself up, taking quick breaths. He jolts a little bit to the side, smacking Keegan's helmet. "Game face time, private! Game face.!"

Exterior shot: Raptors hurtling toward the Carina, swinging around to attach, bottom to the hatches on the Carina.

Interior: The pilot calls to the Marines, "Attached. Locked. You're going into an airlock overidden and opened, leading into a maintenance hallway. We read a ten meter hall, turning left into a main area. Sounds of combat from within. Open hatches, and kick ass, Marines, Gods'speed."

"Hoorah!" Bell grunts, trying to look a proper Marine for the Gunny. They teach them how to grunt in Basic. She checks her rifle. Then she double-checks it. And three times…

Eli is all about the 'Oorah' however…that loud sound of 'lets get some ass' is spelled. A glint in those eyes and facial features arranged in a serious expression, adjusting grip on Arlene.

"Bell! You're on point," Rooster orders the scout out, "Rest of you I want on roomsweeping. Acceptable marine casualties are NIL, got me? No Heroics." he says, hefting his gun. "Move out, Heavy weapons bring up the rear, you frakheads are with me." He pauses for a moment, ordering the lads into position, "MOVE OUT!"

"Right-o, Gunny," Bell pipes, getting to her feet and moving on out. Fast and quiet. Good little scout that she is. She's still pale, but she manages to exchange a smile and wink with Keegan as she flits into action.

Keegan moves as soon as the call comes. He flashes a nerves-riddled grin at Bell and lets her ahead of him, then he jumps into the line of Marines filing out of the Raptor. Raising his rifle, tucking the butt against his shoulder, those black boots move with quick steps as he heads out of the bird. He turns to cover the corner of the Marine in front of him, walking sideways as they start the sweep of the room.

Skip nods a bit as he hears that, and starting to move to get into the right position. Moving out right after the scout at point have done so. Rifle kept ready as he looks around carefully.

Funnelling from the Raptor, Ramiro immediately disengages his safety on his rifle and keeps it at the ready. Falling in position to advance with Rooster, he moves along the side of the group. Checking his corners, he advances with the team.

Once the Marines drop into the Carina, they're faced with an Airlock chamber, open and a hallway of bare metal past that, turning to the left.

As soon as the Marines are settled, sounds of weapons fire, screaming are heard in the distance, and a closer sound. A Kthunk Kthunk Kthunk sound as if someone wearing metal boots were stamping and approaching. The lights flicker, and around the turn in the hall ahead a light appears, about seven feet up. It's red and it's moving as a 'Whhhhhum Whuum' sound is heard. The lights flicker back on and there it is. It's something not seen before. A metal Anthromorphic robot with flaring metal sweeping out from the slender waist, spindly legs and wicked stylized claw like hands and a head with the single eyeslit where the red eye slides left and right. The robot decides to not be your friend and its arms come up, claws retracting, out flips a cylander which is hollow, pointing it at the soldiers.

Marine Sense tingling, it's a gun! Time for action.

Eli tenses up from her place in the boarding party? Who knows what the technical name is but she's up and prepared, holding her rifle at the ready and narrowing her eyes as she stares down the chamber and prepares to follow further orders, following along and then those eyes widen and very eloquently. "…what in the…" Is murmured under her breath.

Private Bell moves quickly on point, eyes flitting about. Not that the big metal robot is exactly hard to spot. "Oooooooh, frak!" she breathes, fumbling with her rifle. Cylons are the stuff of history books and campy war movies for the kid. "Toaster!"

"Son of a bitch!" Keegan breathes the words through his teeth. He drops to kneeling beside the guy next to him as that cylinder comes up, locking target onto the hulking piece of metal stomping towards them.

Orders discharged, Rooster settles back at the rear of the squad, machinegun sweeping. "Steady lads," he says, his own game-face settling into place, the gun safety clicking fully off, "Anything as much as looks at you funny, frak it." Then the thing turns the corner on him, the game-face becomes a snarl, "FIRING POSITIONS, WRECK THAT TOASTER!"

"Oh, that's an ugly one," Skip remarks as he hurries a bit to the side, so he can get into a better position to help taking out that ugly Cylon thing.

"CONTACT!" Ramiro barks out, nearly sliding across the floor into a skidding position about ten feet from Rooster's right arm. He'd never seen one before, but had read much about them. Either way, this wasn't going to be fun. He quickly keeps his brain on ice, raising his rifle to fire.

Keegan is down on one knee, bracing himself as his finger locks on the trigger. "Come on, you bastards, let us show you what we got!"

"Oh frak, oh frak, oh frak, oh frak, oh frak….!" Bell mutters under her breath and she hastily gets her weapon up.

Eli brings her weapon up to aim at the metal freak of…well not-nature. Her jaw sets and she squints again.
<COMBAT> Eli aims at Cent1.

"Bell get down!" Ramiro barks out, turning slightly to get a different angle as he lines up the Cylon in his ironsights.

Skip gets his rifle ready, aiming for the head of the robot, frowning a bit as he does. "Bring it on…" he mutters.

"Conserve your ammo, make all the shots count, dammit!" Rooster says, bringing his own weapon to bear on the Cylon and training it, "Heavy weapons, take it out!"

<COMBAT> From Ic_Builder: FIRE AT WILL
<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)
<COMBAT> Keegan attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightArm)
<COMBAT> Eli attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Chest)
<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to RightArm)
<COMBAT> Rooster attacks Cent1 with Mg and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent1 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> * All PCs have fired. *

<COMBAT> Cent1 attacks Rooster with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Chest)

Keegan's rifle shot is lost amidst the roar of the other Marine fire, lights flashing along their row of barrels. "Yeah eat that, frakker." He mutters under his breath, rising from his knees to a low crouch. He turns his head and the rifle slightly, sweeping the area around them.

Rhea adds her rifle shot to the general hail of bullets. It just pings the toaster, but she manages to hit the thing. And not throw up. She's counting that as a victory.

Bell adds her rifle shot to the general hail of bullets. It just pings the toaster, but she manages to hit the thing. And not throw up. She's counting that as a victory. *re*

The Centurian, lets loose with a volley of bullets, only to be greeted with a wall of lead tearing it to pieces. it twitches, gets hit some more, flops back, something inside goes fft, more bullets rip into it, twitch, more bullets. eye blows out, more bullets. it lies still, more bullets rip into it.

Anybody close to Eli would hear a maniacal little laugh when she opens fire on the robot, aiming for and managing to blast the Cylon right in the chest. At least she's consistent with where she likes to aim? And it is so beautiful, really, the destruction of metallic life forms she lets out a little /woop/, grinning, but she's still on guard, scanning the area warily and then tensing when Rooster gets hit, moving forward to his side, bringing up his 'six' so to speak. "You dyin' or…good to go?"

Ramiro's eyes widen as the round of fire rolls over the Cylon. Keeping his eyes on the hallway for more contacts. Keeping his gun trained on the robot, Ramiro starts to stand and talk to Rooster. "Chief you want me to call this one in? I know they're assuming but I haven't heard anythin over the Tac confirming Cylons…"

"CEASE FIRE!" Rooster yells over the noise of the exchange, raising his own gun before the Centurion even hits the ground. Its the Machinegun that therefore takes the brunt of the fire, the Gunny catching a much less fatal but still damn painful richochet against his vest. He staggers back, managing to keep his footing through sheer stubborn force of will and ground teeth… "Frak." he says after a few moments, checking the extent of the damage, "Call it back, they need to know."

More shooting in the distance, more screaming, dying, tick tick tick.

"We got more company," Keegan says, lifting his rifle towards the sound of the gunfire. He doesn't move without orders but he's tense and ready.

Skip fires his rifle as well, nodding for a couple of moments as he sees the enemy fall. He frowns a bit more as he notices Rooster getting hit, and then nods a bit as he hears Keegan, and the sound of the gunfire. Glancing back to Rooster.

"You OK, Gunny?" Bell asks, turning about to look wide-eyed at Rooster. But the sound of more violence makes her gulp. "More up there. We moving?" Her voice manages not to break as she asks whether it's time to go into the dying zone. Just barely.

"Bell. Point. Eyes on yourself!" Rooster orders, shrugging at Skip as he looks back, "Onwards, you damn apes, you'll not die today, the corps still needs you to shoot toasters." He checks his gun, fastens his vest tighter to him and steps forward, "We're still playing this careful, but quickstep this time, ON!"

"Roger that, Sarg'nt…" Ramiro says, moving into position to knee beside Keegan. "Cover me private…" He adds, moving his hand off of his trigger to thumb the communicator on the side of his vest. "HQ this is boarding party Ramiro. We have confirmed Cylons on the Carina, one enemy down, moving down hallway towards intercept, over." Ramiro manages, letting go of his communicator and starts to quickstep with his commanding officer, Rooster.

Keegan doesn't need anything more than that. He rises to near full height, hustling his ass along the corridor towards the sounds. His back kept carefully covered by the wall, he keeps an alert eye out all around them as they move.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "HQ this is boarding party Ramiro. We have confirmed Cylons on the Carina, one enemy down, moving down hallway towards intercept, over."

"Sure-sure," Bell pipes out as she quicksteps on. In front, toward the scary noises.

Keegan does this while covering Ramiro, hell yeah.

"You heard the man. Let's get moving!" And so Skip does, following relatively close behind Bell.

[Tac3] Fotilas says, "Copy, Ramiro. Continue operations. Be advised, we will be jumping back as soon as you have the situation under control. Keep me updated. Over."

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Roger that, HQ, will advise Sergeant Cox we are enroute, over."

[Tac3] Fotilas says, "Understood. Genesis, out."

Down the hall, past the remains of the metal thing that's well and truly frakkin gone now. Around the turn in the hall, clear and the hall leads into an open area with the sounds of shouting and people running.

A man in a civilian staff uniform skids to a stop, seeing Marines boarding and he shouts. "THEY ARE HEADING FOR THE BRIDGE." He points towards a doorway, "THEY REACH THE BRIDGE THEY CAN DESTROY THE WHOLE SHIP! TAKE THE C COMBING 20 METERS THAT WAY THEN UP TO CUT THEM OFF!! COUNT SEVEN, CONFIR-" BRRAT and the helpful mans face explodes into a mess of blood and goo as the same Kthunk Kthunk sound comes and around a corner from where the Marines are more steps are heard. They're coming, time to set up shop to welcome them.

<COMBAT> Cent2 (NPC) has joined the combat on team 2. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent3 (NPC) has joined the combat on team 2. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent4 (NPC) has joined the combat on team 2. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent5 (NPC) has joined the combat on team 2. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent6 (NPC) has joined the combat on team 2. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent7 (NPC) has joined the combat on team 2. (IC_Builder)

"Sarge…operations says we will be jumping back once we take the Carina back." Ramiro stops beside Rooster after finishing the communication. Keeping his weapon at the ready and hinting at urgency. Snarling at the sight of the civillian being killed, he kneels and braces for fire.

Bell skids to a stop when she comes upon the civilian man. Trying to look all tough and reassuring. "Don't worry. We're gonna help…" She trails off when she gets splattered with blood from him as he's gunned down. She chokes. Reaching up numbly to wipe some of his blood off her cheek.

Keegan is right next to Ramiro, keeping the man's back. He moves quickly to the right as they spot targets, dropping down again and raising his weapon. "Come get some!"

"Good lads," Rooster says in admiration, lugging along his support weapon, carried from the hip, accuracy can go hang, "Firing positions and covering arcs, dammit. I'm not writing any godsdamned letters to your parents." The Gunny does as he orders, keeping a wary eye on the marines in front. "FIRING POSITIONS, SECURE THE CORRIDOR. DO IT DO IT DO IT!" Rooster yells, throwing himself down and setting up his own position, "Good man, Ramiro, stay with me and keep those frakheads updated."

Skip frowns as he sees the man getting hit, and moves to get into firing position. Shaking his head a little bit as he hears Rooster, but he doesn't comment, just sneaks forward just a little bit to get into the right position when those big uglies come running.

Okay…that was a little frakkin' gross. Eli, sticking close to Rooster without trying to be obvious, blinking and ignoring any splatter on her face as she raises her weapon again, preparing to take aim AND shoot something. Ramiro is there, so she's moving forward quickly to take up firing positions, securing the hall. "You heard the gunny!" She barks out.

Oh good gods. The stamping is Centurions, coming in two by two formation, the first two, okay, the second, um.. frak? the third pair, just makes it worse. Six centurions in a tight square formation, firing in all directions, covering every direction, not ready for a concentrated attack from one side. They are formed up to kill civilians. The all turn to see the Marines and swivel on their hips to aim at the marines, but their grouping is awkward.

Staying beside Cox, Ramiro lines his sights on the first Centurion in sight, dropping to his knee. Thumbing his radio on quickly, he lines up to fire, preparing to get out a call to HQ.

Skip aims for one of the Centurions in the group. Finger on the trigger as he gets ready to fire.

Bell lets out a strangled gasp, frozen for a moment. Still trying vainly to wipe away the splatter. The Centurions snap her out of it, though. Enough to scramble and get her weapon up, at least. Her hands are shaking. *re*

Eli takes aim as all the robots come into view, preparing to fire and gritting her teeth.

Keegan jams the butt of the rifle against his shoulder, aiming for the one he's got the best line of sight on.

Bringing his gun to bear and checking the feed, Rooster thumbs the mechanism to full auto and prepares to lay down some serious firestorm. He has some fair amount of glee at the concept of letting Savannah loose on cramped cylons, oh yes. The dakka will be beautiful.

<COMBAT> From Ic_Builder: FIRE AT WILL
<COMBAT> Rooster attacks Cent2 with Mg and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)
<COMBAT> Ramiro attacks Cent2 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg)
<COMBAT> Eli attacks Cent4 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)
<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent3 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Chest)
<COMBAT> Keegan attacks Cent5 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Abdomen)
<COMBAT> Cent2 attacks Rooster with Centur and barely misses!
<COMBAT> Cent3 attacks Eli with Centur and misses horribly!
<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent5 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightArm)
<COMBAT> * All PCs have fired. *
<COMBAT> Cent4 attacks Keegan with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Abdomen)
<COMBAT> Cent5 attacks Rooster with Centur and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Chest)
<COMBAT> Cent6 attacks Keegan with Centur and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg)
<COMBAT> Cent7 attacks Ramiro with Centur and misses horribly!

"Get it right up you!" Rooster howls with glee as his machinegun opens up, spraying the cylons with punishing fire…
Then it all starts going wrong. Another blast to the chest causes the Gunny to drop Savannah, unfortunately directly into the line of the other Centurion's fire. Frak… explosive rounds explode in the drum, taking the beautiful machinegun to the gods and blowing a serious chunk out of the Gunny's side. Guess the letters will be written about him.
"Skip," Rooster says as he pulls himself to his feet, "You're in charge, I feel like a parlay…" Delerium through shock? Awesome thing.. Ramiro is probably close enough to hear the ticking of the grenades as Rooster staggers forward, stumbles into a run at the Centurions and screams "YOU FRAKHEADS KILLED MY GUN!"

The Centurions all lock weapons on Rooster as he breaks from the Marine formation and rushes them, they begin firing, small bullets unleashing in rapid fire into the Marine, shuffling, trying to get a line on him, they still remain in a tight formation. They are immune to suppression fire, and they don't duck when fired at, and they don't quite get suicide runs either, they're the suiciders, not the humans.

Whiz ping! Keegan grunts as a bullet tickles his flak vest, then grits his teeth as another bites his left leg. "If that's the best you can do you better bring it on." He talks through his teeth, keeping his rifle trained. Then suddenly rooster goes all Rambo and his mouth kind of drops open. "What the…Gunny!"

Bell lets out a squeaked, "Frakfrakfrakfrakfrak!" as she fires. Not the most frightening battle cry, but she manages to chink one of the oncoming toasters. And, again, not throw up. She brings her rifle up again, but fumbles it at Rooster's roaring and running. "Gunny…!?" She gapes, unable to turn away.

Keeping his aim on the 2nd centurion, Ramiro manages to speak over the channel, hoping the firefight isn't going to distort his message too much. "HQ this is boarding party Ramiro. We have civillian casualties. Enemy enroute to bridge. Received intel on shortcut up C combing 20 meters to our portside and then up. Verify route, over!" Ramiro barks, rising as Cox rushes forward. "COVER HIM! TAKE EM DOWN! GO GO!"

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "(obvious sounds of gunfire) "HQ this is b-rty Ra. We have civ-n casu. Enemy enroute to brid. Received intel on shortcut up C combing 20 m- to our port— and then up. Verify rte, over! COVER HIM! TAKE EM DOWN! GO GO!""

Skip fires off his own shot, then pauses a bit as he hears Rooster's words, "Parl…" he begins, before he goes silent as he sees Rooster's action. "Frak!" Another brief pause, as he looks between the others remaining. "Keep firing! Give him a chance to…" A brief pause as he considers. "Just give him a chance!"

"Bell help me out here!" Keegan shouts at the private nearby, pointing the rifle at the one that he and Skip are focused on.

Eli hits the deck to avoid getting shot after firing with a bellowy 'raaaaaaaaaaah'. Then everything goes crazy and Eli frowns as her bunkmate gets turned into a flour sifter and her eyes widen. "You shot gunny you BASTARDS!" She rushes into position to cover the hit gunny, bringing up her gun again to aim.

Rooster's last actions in the universe are to a: push his intestines back inside his body and to b: dive forward at the bunched Cylons, still screaming, but now its "Savannah! Savannah!" as the burly Gunny flies through the air in some horrific and bloody parody of a rugby tackle…
Theres a moment of silence.. and then a tiny, barely audible explosion followed by several VERY LOUD ONES indeed. The remains of Gunny Cox dancing amid the Cylons, fragmentation shrapnel, bits of bone and thankfully unidentifiable organic matter turning the area into something resembling the inside of a food processor. Bang.

[Tac3] Fotilas says, "<voice calm> Ramiro, repeat your last. All after 'C combing.' Understand civilian casualities and enemy enroute to bridge. Over."

The explosion takes the group of Centurions in the center of their group. Pieces of metal fly everywhere, Centurions go all over. the smell of detonated G4 and flash cooked meat fill the area. As the explosion dies down, the very least the Marines have to do is select new targets as Centurions lie, unmoving, except for one, legs blown off, gun arms melted, it turns its smashed head to the Marines and tries, pitiously to crawl at them with elbow stumps, red eye gleaming hatefully out at them.

<COMBAT> Cent2 (NPC) has left the combat. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent3 (NPC) has left the combat. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent4 (NPC) has left the combat. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent5 (NPC) has left the combat. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> Cent7 (NPC) has left the combat. (IC_Builder)
<COMBAT> IC_Builder changes Cent6's damage to 7.

Ramiro unloads a clip in the process to buy Rooster that precious time. Ducking his head and turning as he ejects his clip, he shields his face from the explosion. "So say we all, Sergeat…" He whispers, and then tilts his head to speak as he reloads. "Shortcut up C combing 20 meters to our portside and then up. Verify route. We're racing Cylons on this one, HQ. Reporting KIA on Sergeant Cox, Sergeant Scipio assuming command, over."

Skip doesn't look away as the Gunny goes boom, although he frowns a bit as aims for the one remaining Centurion. "Let's finish this," he calls out to the others.

Keegan turned his head just in time to avoid being blinded by the explosion. He coughs, looking back at the mess as it clears, staring but only for a split second. His rifle comes back up towards the crawling Centurion, hatred gleaming in his eyes.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Shortcut up C combing 20 meters to our portside and then up. Verify route. We're racing Cylons on this one, HQ. Reporting KIA on Sergeant Cox, Sergeant Scipio assuming command, over."

Bell snaps out of her stunned gaping when Keegan shouts her her. But there are tears in her eyes now. Which may frak with her aim. "Gunny?" she murmurs, stunned. Like Rooster might hear her and magically glue his parts back together. She blinks to try and dismiss the tears, but that just makes them run down her cheeks. The smell makes her gulp and go even paler.

Eli watches this…mess happen, she does. Her bunkmate ending up all over the…hall and that's just something that stays with you. Expression tightening and her eyes going dead before she turns to aim for the last living Centurion.

<COMBAT> From Ic_Builder: FIRE AT WILL
<COMBAT> Eli attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightLeg)
<COMBAT> Bell attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Head) !!KO!!
<COMBAT> Keegan attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to LeftLeg) !!DOUBLE KO!!
<COMBAT> Skip attacks Cent6 with Rifle and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightLeg) !!DOUBLE KO!!

[Tac3] Fotilas says, "Understand command assumed by Sergeant Scipio. Continue as fragged, will verify route ASAP. Over."

[Tac3] Fotilas says, "Ramiro, route verified. Continue operations. Over."

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Roger that HQ, enroute. Ramiro out."

The robot drops in the hail of bullets. Thud, it's fragged to hell. From there, things turn quiet. and the path to the bridge awaits.

"Hey Sergeant, HQ verified that guy's route." Ramiro nods down the hall. "Down C combing 20 meters and then up, must be a lift or a ladder." He adds, falling into position, moving when Skip gives the call.

Keegan dumps a few rounds into the sparking metallic body, breathing hard. He looks down, muttering a quiet prayer before he gets back into position, following up.

Bell brings her gun up and just starts shooting, still crying. And she caps the Centurion in the head. She's teary, but she's a Marine.

Skip nods as he hears Ramiro's words, "Let's go." He then looks over at Bell, and takes a step in her direction, offering quietly, "Save the tears until we're back safe…" Then he looks back to the others, "Now!" Starting to move in the indicated direction.

Eli's aim is a little less than focussed as she takes a deep breath and steals herself, following after Skip and moving with a purpose now.

Ramiro doesn't have to be asked twice. His face is an expression of complete and utter lack of emotion. He's simply gone cold and is doing his job. "Sarge, I'll take point…" Ramiro calls out, skipping ahead to the front of the position to relieve the grieving Bell. Kneeling at the first turn, he slices the pie to get a full view of the next area, providing cover protection for his team.

Keegan is following along, quick steps and rifle at ready.

C combing opens to the Marines with no contacts, 20 meters in the bowels of the ship there's a stairwell going up. Past the stairs, there's a large sign reading 'Bridge' with an arrow. Outside the bridge is a Civilian Staff member with a pistol belt. He holsters it as soon as he sees the Marines. "In here. Cameras show no other boarders. We need jump coordinates, but are.." He swallows, slightly shaken, "..we're ready to follow orders." He moves aside to allow Bridge access.

Bell sniffles "Frak it" at Skip. Not so much cursing him as the general situation. She hastily wipes her sleeve across her eyes and moves on. "I got it," she snips at Ramiro. Jogging up with him, if he still wants the front. She slows when they reach the civilians. Blinking and trying to look heroic. She kinda fails. *re*

Skip nods a bit, as they reach the civilians. "Sounds like we need to get this little boat of yours the frak out of here," he suggests, before he looks to Ramiro. "Get HQ on the line, let them know the bridge is secure and that we should be ready to jump to the coordinates given by them." Then, to the civilian with the weapon again. "How many of the walking heaps of junk were there onboard?"

Eli is here, following, with her gun, standing at the ready.

Ramiro gracefully steps back, allowing Bell to take her original position. Once the team is through the stairwell door, Ramiro closes it and engages the manual lock. "On it, Chief…" He says, moving to knee outside of the bridge door to keep watch. "Boarding Party Ramiro to HQ. Carina bridge and crew are secure and awaiting coordinates, over?"

The civilian outside the door points inside, and from the Bridge comes a voice, "Marines, in here!" A man inside the Bridge turns to the Marines as they enter, looking at Skip. "Seven, confirmed." Oh yeah that's what the nice man said before his face exploded. One in the first corridor, six outside, Rooster blew away 5 and the team finished the last one. "We're ready to do what's needed." He says, bearing of a captain. "We have causalties, and saw the fight. We're ready to receive data, or if you have a navigator, we're ready to turn over NAVcom.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Boarding Party Ramiro to HQ. Carina bridge and crew are secure and awaiting coordinates, over?"

[Tac3] Fotilas says, "Excellent work, Marine. Pass my personal thanks to the rest of the force. We will pass coordinates momentarily. Is the Carina's FTL still operational? Over."

Bell discreetly asks one of the civvies for directions to the nearest Head. So she can throw up in the proper location.

Keegan gracefully ignores Bell's retching.

Skip nods a bit, "Then they should all be taken care of," he replies. "They'll probably get us the coordinates in just a few moments, and then we'll all be out of here, safe and sound." Looking at the rest of the little group for a couple of seconds.

"Sarge is the FTL up and running?" Ramiro calls out to Skip while watching the hallway, just in case. "HQ wants verification that their FTL is green."

The captain nods to the questions, "We have full FTL, spun up and ready at a moments notice to get the frak out of here. We're at Seventy-Two percent Tyllium, and ready to go as soon as we get jump coordinates on where to go.

One of the Civilians tells ball, down the hall, second door to the right.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Ramiro to HQ, Carina has full FTL, cycled and ready for exfil. Seventy-Two percent Tyllium and ready to jump on command, we've got the bridge access locked down, no further sightings of enemy on surveillance, keeping watch, over."

Ramiro nods to the Sergeant and the captain, reaching over to grab his communicator again as he gets comfortable. "Ramiro to HQ, Carina has full FTL, cycled and ready for exfil. Seventy-Two percent Tyllium and ready to jump on command, we've got the bridge access locked down, no further sightings of enemy on surveillance, keeping watch, over." He pauses, releasing the send button. "Hey Sergeant, permission to scout out and take a lay for survivors?"

[Tac3] Fotilas says, "Copy, Ramiro. You should have the coordinates coming to you now. Commence jump countdown for two minutes beginning… /Now/. Confirm jump when you arrive. Genesis, out."

Bell has sprinted off to make use of the facilities. She'll return shortly, minus whatever was slopped out in the mess hall this morning.

Keegan, not in the mood to listen to girls hoarking, scuttles off to help with the survivor search.

Skip considers Ramiro's request for a few moments, "Just be sure we've got everything that needs the communication with HQ done first," he replies, with a bit of a nod. "After that, finding out what's still left should be a priority."

Eli is here still, looking emotionless as ever and adjusting grip on her weapon. Guard Dog, grr, argh.

The Captain turns to the Navigation, and the man at the console looks up, nodding, "Clock synch and coordinates recieved." The Captain nods, "Synch, Release Navcom to Genesis commmand." He then looks at Skip. "We're a sports habitat and transmission ship, Soldier. We don't know fully what's happened, but we're ready to cooperate in any way. I'd like to speak with your top CO as soon as we're out of fire line to coordinate."

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