All Is Fair...
All Is Fair…
Summary: In Love and Pyramid. Andi and Jarred have a little friendly one-on-one on the court. (OOC Note: they disregard the three step rule when frakking around.)
Date: 36 ACH
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Center Courts Carina - Training
35 ACH 6285 Souls

Four courts are placed here for practice by the Pyramid teams. Small, stadium benches are near the courts for those watching to have a place to sit. Paths lead off to the Gymnasium and Pool/Sauna areas.

Contents: Andi Wireless 865
Exits: [G] Gymnasium [O] Out

The training courts are empty, the bleachers deserted. Pyramid seems to be the last thing on anyone's mind after a Jump, especially in the tense times where they aren't guarded by Battleship. Anyone, but Andi, that is. She's in the middle of one of the courts, standing in one of the 'safe' zones of the court with the heavy leather ball in her hand. It bounces off the metal of the goal with a thud and bounces back in a rythmic pattern.

The sound of someone whistling announces Jarred long before he comes into view and when he finally does appear, it seems like he's not overly concerned with the fact that they've jumped. He's got a towel strung over one shoulder, a bag over the other and a water bottle in one hand. Moving towards one of the benches, he's depositing his gear down before finally turning to look around. Spotting Andi, he lifts finger and thumb to his mouth, offering a shrill whistle before raising the hand in a wave. "Hey Good Looking!" There's a quick smirk and then he's beginning to jog out onto the court, "Whatcha doing?"

When she turns at the whistle, Andi is clearly grumpy. Its what happens after a bender and you happen to kiss your best friend and might just mean it. "Waiting for your sorry ass." She says with little welcome in her voice. The ball is palmed in one hand, her arm slung back, then pitched forward to whip the ball at his midsection.

There's only a soft laugh at the apparent grumpy mood and Jarred's giving a quick shake of his head, "Aww .. sorry to keep you waiting." Then, he's blinking as the ball is suddenly pitched at him. His body turns to the side, but he's not quick enough to avoid it entirely and the ball bounces off of his side to tumble to the court grounds before rolling a few feet away. He's offering a smirk as he lifts a hand to rub at the spot. "I guess you didn't have good dreams then?"

Andi pads forward quickly, body low as she scoops up the ball from the courts. "Frak, you're slow. I think all that alcohol finally killed your last brain cell." She pivots her body, flicking the ball at the far goal for a dream shot, but it misses the round goal by an inch and clangs noisely. "I slept just fine. What about you?" She doesn't /really/ need to pass by him so close, but its a fine opportunity to shoulder him.

There's a grunt, followed by another smirk and Jarred is shaking his head again. "Slow .. right. 'least I can take a pounding without falling over." Watching as the shot is made and missed, he's giving a soft snicker, "Nice try. Looked like you were gonna make that one." Then, he finds himself being shouldered, but he hardly moves this time, choosing to stand his ground against it. He lifts a hand and then waggles a finger at you, "Oh, I slept like a baby. Great dreams too."

Andi is built for abuse on the courts, so when her shoulder meets a solid obstacle, she grunts, but doesn't let up. Her smaller frame loses, however, and doesn't disrupt his, so she's off to get the ball again. Playing her own impromptu pick up game, it seems. "Yeah? Like the kind where you win the championship all on your lonesome, roar of the crowd kinda dreams? Or the kind about the waitress in a short skirt who can't stop bending over in front of you to pick up napkins n' shit?"

As she doesn't let up, Jarred simply gives a quick wink which is shadowed by a smirk, "Face it beautiful, I'm sturdier then you are. You're fast. I'm sturdy. It's why we make a good team." When she finally takes off after the ball again, he's watching, though her idea of his dreams has him giving a hearty laugh, "Nah, neither of this." A hand lifts, playfully tapping at the side of his cheek as if thinking, "It was actually someone in one of those little french maid outfits."

Andi grunts as she picks up the ball, not even waiting to fully straighten before she's sending it sailing towards the goal with a, "Lace is for prissies." And then the ball sinks home, and she's giving out a hissed, "Yesss…" Fist pumping in the air as if that was the game point.

Watching as the ball is picked up and shot back towards the goal, he grunts softly, "Ya, that's it." He falls quiet though, watching as the shot is made, to which he's giving an approving nod of his head, "'bout time you made that. Should have had it on the first one, ya know?"

Watching as the ball is picked up and shot back towards the goal, he grunts softly, "Ya, that's it." He falls quiet though, watching as the shot is made, to which he's giving an approving nod of his head, "'bout time you made that. Should have had it on the first one, ya know?" He's jogging over to reclaim the ball, though he does cast a look over his shoulder. It's one of those looks that travel down her form and then back up and it's ended with another wink, "Figure you'd look good in lace. Scampering around. Cigar in one hand. Beer in the other."

He has the ball, he's not in a safe zone. He's fair game. One thing about being fast is you can build up momentum quick, and Andi is barreling low for the man. If he doesn't move, he's going to end up splattered against the goal. "Eat shit, Rellik." She growls.

Hey, who says you need to be quick when you have the ball. Jarred watches as she barrels towards him and for a moment, he considers simply sidestepping. But rather, he hefts the ball in his hand for a moment before throwing it towards Andi's mid-body, "Nah, no thanks. Not that appealing to me."

Andi doubles over as the ball hits her stomach. Instead of trying to avoid it as he did, she's trying to absorb it. Doesn't stop her from barrelling forward, however, just slows her down a bit. When she smacks into him, she's turning, so he gets side checked and she's slamming the ball back into the goal. "Two to zero."

Ruhroh. Plan failed. And Jarred realizes this far to late to be able to get out of the way of the barrelling Andi. As a result, he gets smacked into and pushed back into the goal with a deep 'Umphf', followed by a quick grunt. There's a quick gasp for air and a hand flails outwards, trying to grab her before she's able to escape way, "Frak woman. That was sneaky."

Andi is snagged, stayed for a moment. Breathing is deep from the physical exertion, apparently she was intent on getting a work out and is succeeding. "All is fair in love and Pyramid." Not that she'll settle for being idle long.

There's a grunt and Jarred is shaking his head, "Ya know. I'm making a list of all of these. Payback's gonna be a royal bitch, you know that?" And regardless, he's trying to a leg behind hers and to give a little push, so that she'd fall backwards to the courts, "Why don't you have a seat. I wouldn't want you to strain yourself."

Well, that certainly achieves the desired effect, and Andi goes sprawling on her ass in the middle of the court. For the moment, she doesn't bother getting up, just merely propping herself up on her elbows. "I can kick your ass on this court while still sitting on mine." She threatens, but at least there's a sparkle to her eyes now, some hint of mirth fighting its way through her bravado.

There's a soft 'whoop' as Jarred's trip has the desired effect and when Andi winds up on her ass, he's turning slightly, moving to stand at her feet, looking down at her. Arms lift upwards, crossing over his chest and he's giving a faint smirk, "Sure, you can kick my ass at Pyramid. But I can kick your ass … pyramid." The smirk shifts slowly into a smile and his arms uncross so that he can extend a hand down to her.

Andi gets a hint of a pout on her lips, "Aww, but I'm a girl." As his hand is extended, she slaps hers into his. But before he can tug, her other hand is lifting to clamp onto his wrist with every intent of using her weight to bodily haul him down to the ground with her.

"Frak! So you are! Gods, I never noticed. Somehow managed to overlook the breasts and the ass." There's a quick roll of his eyes and it's clear that Jarred is still teasing. As such, when she clamps her other hand around his wrist and pull, he finds himself being brought off balance, though for a moment, it appears like he might regain it. Unfortunately, he doesn't and he ends up toppling to the ground, half on her and half off.

Andi gives an oof of pain as Jarred topples, the plan backfiring some what when she too becomes a casualty. "Aw, frak. When I told you yesterday you were getting soft, I should have said fat." She huffs a piece of her short hair out of her eyes, while simultaneously trying to push at him. Of course the close proximity just reminds her of last night, and the kiss, and for a brief second her features soften.

There's a lopsided grin that sets upon Jarred's lips as you try and push him off and then his shoulders lift in a slight shrug, "Not fat. Muscular. You .. " He moves a hand, poking at your side, " .. are surprisingly soft. You'd make for a good pillow, you know that?" He's giving another quick wink and if he's reminded of the kiss, it's not readily evident. But, he's making no move to roll off, nor does he make it very easy for her to push him off.

Andi pounds a fist into his shoulder, but she can't get much force behind it sprawled out as they are. "A pillow? More of your lace and feather duster dreams? I'm not soft!" She grouses, eyeing him as he winks at her. "Two to zero." She reminds him of the score.

There's a laugh as she pounds a fist on his shoulder and he's shoulders lift in an awkward shrug, "Maybe." His head lowers a bit, bringing his face closer to hers and there's a grin upon his lips, "Tell ya what. We start again. If I win, you'll run around my room in that lace and maid's outfit. If I loose. Well .."

Andi narrows her eyes slightly, "You'll be wearing the lace." She lifts her head, licking the tip of his nose messily. "No deal. Two to one. Suck it up and remind me why you're good enough to be wearing the Stinger colors, Rellik." Her eyebrows shoot up in silent challenge.

There's a blink and then Jarred murmers "Frak." He's silent, until she lick his nose and he scrunches his face up slightly before giving a nod, "Fine. You got a deal, Andi. Can't wait to see you in that outfit." Apparently, he thinks he has no chance of losing. Bending down a little more, he kisses the tip of her nose and then hoists himself back to his feet.

Andi doesn't think anything of the kiss to the nose, they've been friends for years and exchanged those sort of affections before. Just like the friendly banter they are shooting back and forth that likely will dissolve into insults of his manhood and her inability to reach things on the top shelf. She edges up, quickly manuevering into a crouched position before she straightens. "Your ball, hot shot."

It's hard to tell if the kiss to the nose meant anything and he's up to his feet and moving to get the ball rather quickly. Retrieving it, he simply bounces it lightly in his hands for a moment or two, giving a quick grin towards Andi. "Fine. Fine." And so, he's simply huffing the ball past her and towards the goal. Maybe, to just get the game starting to flow and as it misses and bounces to the side, he's beginning to chase on after it, "Come on, short stuff."

Gods bless Pyramid and its full contact sportness. Its like being on the playground and eight all over again, where you tag the one you have a crush on the hardest. That /has/ to be why Andi is barrelling after Jarred again, right? "At least I'm tall enough to kick your ass…" She engages in a scramble for the ball with him, trying to steal it from his grasp.

There's a reason Jarred's sent out against the big boys, instead of those that are fast. When he plants his feet and lowers that shoulder a touch, he's damn hard to move. So, when Andi barrels towards him and he winds up at a halt, he's already planting his feet, preparing for her hit. It does move him a bit and he's scrambling to keep a hold on the ball with one hand, while pushing at her with the other, "Get. Mine. I wanna see lace!"

<Opposed Roll> Jarred - Sports versus Andi - Sports
<Roll1> Jarred: Great <Roll2> Andi: Fair
<Result> Jarred WINS by 2.

Andi is pryed off of him with the strength in his hand, having to relinquish her hold on the ball. "You'll see lace alright.." She backs off, preparing then just to play a bit of defense and to try and guard the goal. "The little birdies'll be wearing it when they fly around your head, after I knock you to the stars.."

<Trait Roll> Jarred rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

With the ball firmly in hand, he's spinning towards the goal and eye'ing it up. Looks like he's going to try for another of those long shots, though he doesn't immediately throw it. There's a grunt, followed by a smirk, "Ya, ya. Don't worry. I know right where to get the outfit, too. Saw a matching set of bra and panties just the other day. And a french maid's outfit. Think it would fit you perfect." He's bolting forward and then to the side before hurtling the ball towards the goal. Unfortunately, he seems to have distracted himself, for it's no where near close to the goal.

<Trait Roll> Andi rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

"OOooh! BRICK!" Andi shouts, already in pursuit of the wayward ball, scampering after it like a squirrel hot tailing a nut as it skitters across the floor. One hand scoops it up, and she quickly moves to a safe zone, touching the ball to the ground as she eyes which way she wants to go: over, through, or around Jarred. "S'long as you make sure that bra's in your size, sweet cheeks." She darts left, shooting wide. SCORE!

"FRAK!" That trails off into a soft mumble of curses as the ball goes wild and Andi manages to retrieve it and score, "Frak Frak Frak." He's shaking his head again, jogging forward to claim the ball from the goal and move back to the center court, "Alright. Time to just barrel through you. Gloves are off now, Andi." He's giving a quick wink, "What we playing to? And .. you ready?"

Andi rolls her head to each side, as if loosening muscles in her neck. "Whaddya think. Five? Means you have an awful lot of catching up to do, there, stretch." She puckers up and blows him a kiss. "I was born ready." The minute he moves to step out of the safe zone, she looks ready to be on him.

<Opposed Roll> Jarred - Sports versus Andi - Sports
<Roll1> Jarred: Great <Roll2> Andi: Great
<Result> DRAW!

There's a roll of his eyes and Jarred gives a shake of his head and doesn't bother responding. Rather then simply step out of the safe, he bolts out of it. Angling directly for Andi. His body hunches slightly and it would seem that he's going to try and either go right through her, or veer off at the last moment. Unfortunately, it seems he's misjudged his tactics, as he finds her still between him and the goal, "Oh, Frak."

Andi is on him like white on rice, as the saying goes, holding her own as he tries to simply steamroll right over the top of her. Another scuffle for the ball ensues, but she can't seem to wrestle it away from him and vice versa. They're stuck for a moment, in a deadlock of flailing elbows, muttered cursewords, and hands clawing over one another for the ball.

<Opposed Roll> Jarred - Sports versus Andi - Sports
<Roll1> Jarred: Great <Roll2> Andi: Great
<Result> DRAW!

Alright, this is getting foolish. Jarred grumbles and grunts, one hand flailing in front of him to try and keep Andi away from the ball. Which, works, but he's also stuck and not able to get a shot at the goal. So, rather then go forward, he begins to pivot backwards on his feet.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Jarred - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Superb <Roll2> Jarred: Great
<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

No, no withdrawing. No twisting out of her reach. She gets right back up in his personal space and is finally able to slap the ball away. Of course her balance is all sorts of out of whack, and so she merely just falls ontop of the ball, trying to shield it from him. Here is where you pass to a team mate, but seeming how its one on one, she's left to fend for herself.

<Opposed Roll> Jarred - Sports versus Andi - Sports
<Roll1> Jarred: Great <Roll2> Andi: Great
<Result> DRAW!

Ack. Ball slapped away is not a good thing and when Andi manages to pounce ontop of it and just craddle it beneath her, Jarred gives a soft, playful cackle. He's moving and dropping to his knee's beside her, arms moving to snake beneath her to try and rip the ball out of her grasp. Alas, it's not to be and he can't seem to get the ball from beneath her.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Jarred - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Good <Roll2> Jarred: Superb
<Result> Jarred WINS by 2.

As his hands snake beneath her, she starts to laugh, "Hey. Frak. That tickles. Frak!" Andi squirms, trying to retain her grip on the ball but she fails miserably. She's left on her side, with Jarred having the ball, leaving him wide open to take a shot so near the goal.

<Trait Roll> Jarred rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Great (5).

There's a quick grin as Andi begins to laugh and when Jarred's able to get the ball, he's rising back to his feet, "Hey, could have been worse. Coulda grabbed something else." He's not waiting for a reply, for he's already turning and tossing the ball towards the goal. And this time, he manages to score!

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Jarred - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Superb <Roll2> Jarred: Fair
<Result> Andi WINS by 3.

<Trait Roll> Andi rolls Sports and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Andi rolls onto her back, her fist slamming into the floor. "At least I would've gotten a cheap thrill." She's pushing back to her feet, breath now becoming a little bit labored as their match continues. Padding over, the ball is retrieved from the goal, and she steps to the side, eyeing Jarred once more before she steps into the triangle. Step..step… on her third she's banking the ball off one of the backings, snagging it again, then driving it home.

<Opposed Roll> Jarred - Sports versus Andi - Sports
<Roll1> Jarred: Good <Roll2> Andi: Superb
<Result> Andi WINS by 2.

"Cheap!?" He simply grunts after that, though it's followed almost immediately a laugh. Moving as she does, Jarred positions himself just slightly to the left of the goal and as she steps from the safe zone, he's getting ready to move. Unfortunately, he's a little late and she's able to easily score. There's a grumble and he's moving to retrieve the ball and move back to the safe zone. There, he stands for a moment to watch her and then he's taking a single step forward, tossing the ball to bounce it off one of the walls, but it hits wrong and bounces away from him and towards her, leaving him scrambling.

<Opposed Roll> Andi - Sports versus Jarred - Sports
<Roll1> Andi: Superb <Roll2> Jarred: Superb
<Result> DRAW!

Andi reaches out to try and snag the ball, fumbling with it at the very tips of her fingers before she's able to gain control of it. One hand brings it into the center of her body, where the other palm secures around it. "You never did cost more than a few drinks and a shiny hotel key." Maybe she's teasing him about previous circumstances (certainly not with her) or maybe she's just teasing in general. Either way, she's headed towards him again, at full speed. Meeting that wall again, head on, she grunts.

<Opposed Roll> Jarred - Sports versus Andi - Sports
<Roll1> Jarred: Fair <Roll2> Andi: Good
<Result> Andi WINS by 1.

When Andi hits that 'wall', Jarred gives a soft grunt, nudging her with an arm as his other hand reaches for to where the ball is craddled at the center of her body. There's a couple of swat attempts made at it. "Hey now, it takes more then a /few/ drinks. Not much, but still." A wink and another swat. He just can't seem to get the ball from her and as a result, it leaves a portion of the goal exposed over one shoulder.

<Trait Roll> Andi rolls Sports and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb* (8).

Whatever was said or not said, whatever was implied with her words, or left up to the imagination, its his response that fuels her fire. The opening is noticed, and Andi is trampling his foot and throwing her body fully into a pivot using that as the fulcrum for her shot. Her beautiful beautiful shot, that sinks in without a clang of metal, just a sweet SWOOOSH. "Suck. THAT!" Andi literally starts to strut away, in some semblance of a victory dance. "Five points. Fiiiiiiiiive to one."

Blink. Blink. Blink. It takes Jarred a moment to even realize what is happening and by then, it's far to late. The ball is already sailing through the air and when he doesn't hear the clang of metal, he's turning with a "Ha!" Then, he notices the ball inside the goal and he blinks again before groaning softly, head drooping forward, "Oh frak." Slowly, he begins to look over towards Andi and then he starts to jog after her, "Uh .. you weren't serious. Right? Or .. is there a consolation price for 2nd place?" Well, out of two people, he did place 2nd.

"Bum bum bum, Jarred has to wear lllaaaa-ace." Andi dances, lewd gestures and all. When he approaches, she's poking at him mercilessly. "First, I'm gonna start by having you dust my room in your little french maid frillies… make sure you get the top shelves where I can't reach. Under the bed. The couch. Do you do windows too?" She asks, blinking big doe eyes at him.

The taunting and then the poking has Jarred growling playfully, followed by a quick shake of his head, "Frak!" One hand lifts to swat at the finger pointing at him. The second moves to poke back at her, "Fine. Fine. Go pick out the garment later and I'll hold true to my word tomorrow." He's shaking his head again, "Frak! I can't believe I lost. No way you should have won."

Andi gives one last round of laughter as she steps back from his fingers. "Aw, now don't be sore. At least I won't take pictures and have them wallpaper the locker room with them. Unless, of course, you make me mad." She warns with a suggestive waggle of her eyebrows.

The 'threat' causes his face to drop in momentary surprise or fear and then he's laughing, moving forward to try and grab her with both of his hands, "Now, that's just unfair. This doesn't leave your room, Andi. I gots a reputation to up hold." A slight grin, "And having pictures like that wouldn't help at all."

Andi is snagged mid dance at hip and forearm, not really bothering with trying to break his grasp on either. She leans forward, words playfully menacing. "Oh, now you're all concerned. Had it been the feather duster on the other side…"

When he's able to snag her hip and forearm, Jarred's drawing her slightly closer, narrowing his eyes ever so slightly, "Hey. Pictures of you in it would have only enhanced your reputation and popularity. It looks good on chicks." He can't keep his eyes narrowed, for he can't help but laugh again, "Ugh. I hope you have some booze in your room, beautiful. I think I'll need it."

Andi lifts her chin slightly, obvious pride at winning the match etched all over her features. "Yeah? Can't face your abysmal loss without it, huh? Alright. I guess it can be arranged. Sobriety was never part of the bet, afterall. But if you pass out drunk, there /will/ be pictures."

Another laugh is offered by Jarred before he begins to shake his head, "Pass out? Bah, you know that I wouldn't pass out." He's giving another shake of his head before leaning in to kiss the tip of her nose once more before finally releasing her, "Alright, come on. Lets get the frak out of here. Plus, you gotta swing past the shop and pick up the outfit. I'm going back to my room to prepare myself for this."

Andi smiles genuinely as the kiss is deposited on her nose. "Damn straight. You'll have to shave." She tells him plainly, flashing him one last wink before she's off to collect their ball. Its the same damn one they've been playing with since highschool. Likely its seen a lot of these silly bets come and go.

Jarred has left.

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