All Kinds of Frakked Up
All Kinds of Frakked Up
Summary: Something of a Wake… welcome to the Air Wing, Arsen.
Date: 79 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 12, Gold Squadron Berthings, 79 ACH

Gold Squadron is the viper squadron 'Fighting 58th' on board the battlestar. The room consists of double bunks along the walls with lockers in between each area. An oblong table sits in the center with chairs around it and there is a shower and changing area off the far end that is shared with the Raptor squadron.

Pilots were killed tonight. Others were killed too, but it's the pilots that have struck a cord with one Kalypso Leto. The news of one pilot's death in particular, since she knew him from back home. That pilot was a member of Gold Squadron. A Viper pilot, rather than a member of Ares and a fellow Raptor Jockey like the blonde woman who is presently sitting on what used to be his bunk. She got back to the Genesis and the moment she could, changed into off-duties, grabbed a bottle of scotch from her stash, and went across the hall to Gold Berthings. The curtains on Tychon Armedes bunk are not all the way drawn, so it's possible to see the woman sitting there with the bottle and two glasses of scotch. One is just sitting next to her untouched. The other is drained and refilled. She's not crying, but she's definitely not quite with it right at the moment… what she is doing is wearing a jacket that's obviously too large for her as she drinks there. Alone. Because, this is a healthy way to cope with losing a friend. Yes. Yes it is. Ahem.

Its been one Hades of a night, and with the structural damage done to the Officer's berthings, Eve has no choice but to rely on her first fall back: pilot's berthings. She's already blushing before she even steps through the hatchway, clutching a pillow to her midsection and giving a tentative glance around. Shit night, all the way around.

Arsen isn't good at these things. It's not that the ECO doesn't have feelings or anything. He's just simply no good at sympathy. He's very good at being glad he isn't dead. The tall, lanky young man makes his own way into the pilot berthings, slowing and stopping so he doesn't bump into Eve. Once she's cleared the doorway, he makes his way in all quiet and awkward. He gives a nod to the woman he flew the mission with. "Hey," he offers simply. His brow wrinkles a touch, but he stays quiet.

"Hey," Kalypso returns quietly to the ECO, peering out from beneath the bunk. She swirls the scotch in her glass and then just knocks it back. Her mis-matched eyes follow Eve briefly, but she doesn't really speak to the shrink. She does at least give the woman a nod, that's safer than words that might invite her to psycho-analyze or whatever it is those types do. She looks at her bottle and the other glass and picks it up, holding it out towards Arsen. "Hell of a night. Want a drink?"

Eve at least knows which bunk is Micah's. He must still be out and about, doing paperwork or reviewing flight films or…whatever the hell it is that Pilots do after a particularly hairy mission. She offers a brief pinched smile to Arsen as he shoulders past and makes his way towards where Kalypso is hitting the bottle solo. She doesn't have anything to say, she didn't know the fallen, but she can surely sympathize. She expresses her condolences merely by staying silent. She's slipping towards Jailhouse's rack, returning Kalypso's acknowledgement.

Arsen has never had a drink in his life. Being a bit of a bookish shut-in, the young man hasn't really experienced a lot of things. Pushing a hand through his dark hair, he levels his gaze on Kaly and gives a nervous smile. "Er…sure. What's in it?" Completely and absolutely clueless. He returns Eve's smile, though he's no less nervous or awkward. "Hey. I'm Arsen Demetriou. I don't think we've met, but I could be mistaken. I'm… gonna' have a drink." As tall as he is, it's hard to miss the awkard mannerisms. He leans towards the bunk Kaly sits on and points his thumb back towards her. "So…uh…right." Turning, he rests his bespectacled gaze on his crewmate. Still, he doesn't say anything. The best impressions, he's found, have always been the quiet ones.

"It's Scotch. From home, Caprica… when there was a Caprica to call home," Kalypso says, her words already slurring ever so slightly. She passes the glass she'd been symbolically using for Tychon over to Arsen. Nothing like getting to know your newly assigned ECO like introducing him to booze and getting drunk the first night you've worked together. She pours herself another glass. "And now I've lost another piece of home," she lifts her glass towards Arsen, "Cheers." She peers out towards Eve as the woman slips towards Jailhouse's sleeping space and moistens her lips. "Haven't really met you either, but I've seen you around. You about sent Jailhouse to the floor of the gym. You're okay in my book."

Eve peels back the curtain to Micah's bunk, grimacing a bit. For some reason it has 'bachelor pad' written all over it. She tosses her pillow inside, before giving Arsen a bit of a nod at the introduction which she assumes is aimed towards her and Kalypso's memory of the treadmill incident. "Lieutenant Evelyn Sloan, Em Dee. Company Psych." As if that explains why she's not getting the warmest of welcomes in the pilot berthings. Maybe not what she's doing sitting on the edge of Jailhouse's bunk, however, reaching to undo her shoe laces.

It was the warmest welcome Arsen could manage, really. He's a bit like a fish out of water at the moment. Still, he does offer a polite nod to the psychologist as well as a wave. "Good, good. Umm…Nice to meet you, ma'am." Gingerly, he takes the glass from Kalypso then, facing her. "I know. I'm from Caprica too. Seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?" He is a touch guarded with his words as if he were easing into very cold water. Mostly, he just looks worried. Raising a brow, he keeps his eyes on Kaly as he takes a first sip of the scotch. That sip seems to go down fine at first, but he soon breathes in hard, hunching over with drink still in hand. He manages to whack his forehead on the frame of the bunk as well. "Ow! Ow! It's plaid and it's on fire… Ow!"

"Didn't know that," Kalypso says. Of him being from "home", that is. She slides over a little on the bunk, dragging the bottle with her. It's been recapped of course, but she's making room in case Arsen wants to join her on the bunk. But then he's whacking his head and she winces. "Easy there, sugar," she says. She then smiles a bit, tilting her head. She's drank enough in her day and witnessed enough people doing so to recognize the signs of a first-timer. "Second sip's better… might make your head feel better too."

Eve smiles as Arsen meets his first stiff drink, "You too. You'll excuse me, I'm exhausted." She murmurs, then tucks her boots to the side and crawls in Micah's bunk. Seems she must have some sort of repoire with the man, if she's crashing in his bunk. A hand starts to pull the curtain shut.

Arsen is in the middle of grasping his head and making sure a drink doesn't spill. With the most silly 'scrunched up' look on his face, he nods over to Eve as she climbs into the bunk and shuts the curtain. Returning his eyes to Kalypso then, he takes a few deep breaths and takes a seat on the bunk, careful not to hit the other side of his head. "Yeah. I mean - I didn't get out a whole lot." A shrug is given then and he looks balefully at the amber liquid in his glass. "I'm fine. Really. Hitting my head just gets the synapses firing. It's a wonder I have any brain cells left." He takes another sip of the liquid, having much less trouble with it before. He still puckers his lips a bit before taking a sharp breath in through his teeth. "So…I'm not any good at the…I don't know. Broaching subjects. If you feel up to talking, I'll listen…I guess."

Kalypso continues to smile a little, amusement dancing in those peculiarly mis-matched eyes of hers. If nothing else, Arsen has managed to lighten her mood a little with his 'head-banging' bit. Not that it's appropriate to find that funny, but she's had a few to drink already. "You, sugar," Kalypso says, lifting her glass and pointing one of he fingers that was curled around it at the ECO, "Are like my… what… frak… opponent… no… opposite! Yes. That's it. You're like my opposite on that then. I got out plenty." She takes another sip of the scotch in her glass and hugs the coat around herself. "I broach subjects. I just blurt it the hell out, why beat around the frakkin' bush, eh? Ty was a good guy. We ran the same circles a'fore he enlisted. Never dated or anything, but he was a good friend… me, I was a crappy friend." She takes another sip. Ah, Arsen's done it now. Get the inebriated pilot talking. "You know, he brought me a cupcake in the brig last week for my birthday."

Arsen takes another sip from the glass as she speaks. His eyebrow raises again…as if he has to use quite a bit of effort to keep it down at normal height. Really, it must be an intellectual wiseass thing. Taking another deep breath after the sip, he gives a nod of his head. "Yeah. My social life is awful." Giving a short laugh, he raises one hand to rub at his forehead a bit. As Kalypso begins speaking again, he nods to her in a more earnest fashion. Saying nothing for a long moment even after she stops speaking, he finally clears his throat. "If you were a crappy friend, he probably wouldn't have brought you a cupcake for your birthday. Unless he wrote 'I hope you choke' in the frosting or something… which probably didn't happen. I mean - nobody's perfect, you know? I'm sure he knows it."

People are moving in and out of the Gold Berthings, right? Seeing someone else slipping in isn't that unusual, after all. However, what might be unusual is the fact that said someone is NOT a pilot in any way, shape or form. Chione Dike, Ensign of the dreaded CIC comes in and glances around with a frown. "Frak, I thought Cornbread came back here. Anyone seen Cornbread, we got seperated, I promised him something to drink, then turns out it was Officer berths that are all fraked to hell and back," is said with a tired demeanor and a soft voice.

The Gold Squadron Berthings are mostly quiet, though yes, there are pilots moving in and out. Some are already settled in here, curtains on their bunks drawn. It's certainly quieter than usual in here. Possibly from the fact that four pilots were lost tonight. Two Raptor Bunn—er… members of Ares Squadron are sitting on one of those recently deceased pilot's bunks. The bunk of the late Tychon Armedes. A bottle of scotch between them, the pilot and ECO (who has a bit of a red mark on his forehead where he smacked the bunk) are drinking and talking. Kalypso is wearing the coat that Tychon had brought to her in the Brig the other day and by the rosy color of her cheeks has had plenty to drink already. She laughs and gives Arsen a smile, leaning to give him a solid bump with her elbow. "Damn straight," she laughs, slurring on, "That's a frakkin' good point boy-o. But I'm perfect. You just haven't learned it yet." Kalypso's eyes alight on the newest arrival and she leans out of the bunk, drawing out her cousin's name, "Chiiiii…"

Arsen does indeed have a sizable red mark on his forehead that is distinctly bunk-shaped. The very tall Ensign snickers softly at Kaly as she bumps him with her elbow. With as much as he's drank over the past years, which equals to zero, he is already feeling the scotch as it works its way through his system. He takes another sip of the drink and smirks at Kaly. "Okay good," is all he answers her. When Chione comes wandering in, he raises a brow at her and waves a little with his free hand. "Cornbread?" Seeming a tad befuddled, he takes a quicker sip from his drink.

Blue eyes narrow as she eyes Kalypso, first the jacket, then the Scotch. The Ensign darts her gaze around the berthings before walking over and holding out her hand towards her cousin. "Gimme," is all she says with an arching upwards of her eyebrow, and suddenly thudding to the floor. "You're not drinking ALL of that. Where'd you get that anyway? Cornbread," she then says, towards the person she doesn't know, "another Viper jock, he's Aquarian. About the only Viper jock that's not into womanizing and dick-waving. I think he finds it a challenge to be different." Then she looks back at Kalypso. "I mean it. Gimme. You are NOT going to be the only one getting drunk. I promised Cornbread I'd get drunk with him tonight, too, that we'd find you, and get good and plastered. Archer was his frakkin' wingman. Hand the hooch over."

Kalypso leans back a bit, using one hand to prop herself. The jacket she's got on drops low over her back shoulder, sliding partially off. She drains the rest of the liquid from her glass of scotch. Rather than handing Chione the bottle, Kalypso hands her the empty glass. "I'm not drinkin' it all, m'drinkin it with my new ECO here. Arsen, this is Chione, Chi, Arsen. He's a scotch vigin," Kalypso finds this amusing. She opens the bottle and pours some of it in the glass she handed Chione. "Dunno where Cornbread is… but m'not waiting for him to get plastered." Right. Because she's already there. "Sides, last time I got drunk with Cornbread, we both wound up in the Brig an' he got stitches." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kalypso is now taking a swig of the scotch straight out of the bottle. She wipes her mouth on her sleeve. "Everyone I care 'bout is leavin' me… You're not allowed to leave me Chi."

Arsen is currently sitting on a bunk with Kalypso, drinking from a mostly-empty glass of scotch. His bespectacled face isn't as green as it had been before, but the red mark from where head met bunk is starting to become a red welt. Not that he really cares at the moment. Drinking more of the liquid from the glass, he looks around then nods to Chione. "Oh." Oh. There isn't really much else to say to that. Looking over to Kalypso again, he lets out a quiet laugh and holds up his glass, pointing one finger at her. "Never drank anything before," he intones, clearing his throat afterwards. "Well… nothing alchoholic. Or corrosive."

"You think I'm going to go anywhere when things are actually starting to go right for me, you've got another thing coming," states Chione, looking at the Scotch, taking a deep breath, then tilting her head and downing all of it. Swallowing with a narrowing of her eyes, a wince and a shudder, Chione then holds the glass to her chest, before she holds her hand out. "My turn to pour," she tries to state as firmly as possible, after clearing her throat a couple of times, from her position on the floor.

A chuckle is then given to Arsen. "And you're hanging out with Kalypso? She'd sneak into her parents bar and pour us drinks before she could read, practically. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but you get the point," is noted, before the blonde shakes her weary head. "Where did you get that stuff? You been hiding a stash from all of us?"

Bayless heads into the Viper Room (tm), looking a little drunk herself, but holding her liquor a bit more handily than the rest in the room. "Wake in here?" she asks to no one in particular.

Kalypso and Arsen are sitting on the bunk of the late Tychon Armedes, with Chione standing just in front of them. "Like I said, scotch virgin," Kalypso slurs to Arsen. There's actually only a little more than a third of the bottle of scotch left. A bottle that Kalypso brings to her lips again for another swig. "But I s'pose that's jus' plain liquor virgin," so sayeth the Raptor pilot as she gives Arsen another solid elbow bump. "Yer almost empty," she says, attempting to pour him more in his glass. This results in her bracing herself and squinting at said glass as she tries not to spill any. "You can pour th'next round," she tells Chione. It might also be noted that Kaly is wearing one of Tychon's jackets and it's hanging off one of the woman's shoulders. "I got some from when I was on th'Hera. Didn' drink it there… was tryin' to quit, but…" she laughs, "Frak that. I needed a frakin' drink."

Arsen carefully holds his glass so that Kalypso can pour more scotch into it. He isn't to the point where he's wavering too much where he sits. The geeky-looking guy sits up a bit straighter once he's got more scotch in his glass and lifts it to his lips again. Turning his attention to Chione then, he just gives a shrug of his shoulders. "Well… I'm her ECO. Or I was for the last run, at least." As Bayless pops in, his attention is diverted once more and he raises his glass in a greeting manner. "Some people are. I guess this is where the party is." Clearing his throat again, he squints one eye slightly and shakes his head.

"You're going to spill, Kaly. You can't spill this stuff, it's too good. Give me the bottle, let me pour," frets Chione, watching Kalypso with a frown. "Nice to meet you, Arsen, sorry it wasn't under more desirable circumstances. Welcome to war," she offers coldly, before shifting her position to hold her hand closer to Kalypso. "Give me the frakkin' bottle, you're going to spill on his jacket for frak's sake," she finally hisses at her cousin, hoping that will snap Kalypso to some of her senses. Turning she looks over her shoulder at Bayless, with a nod, blue eyes shifting back to Kalypso again. "Lieutenant, drink of Scotch?" she asks, before straightening. "We're fresh out of glasses…"

"Was asking if 'the wake' was in here." She makes her way over to the bunk opposite the one Kaly and Arsen are sitting on and reaches out the waggling fingers of one hand for Kaly's bottle. "Grew up on Aerelon, Ensign, we perfected drinkin' outta the bottle to a fine art. Hook your CO up, wouldja, Wide Load?"

"Frak," Kalypso says drawing the bottle back and holding it to her chest for a moment. Her cheeks have that rosy glow and, though Arsen isn't wobbling where he sits, she certainly is. She looks at Chione, her jaw tightening a little and then relaxing as her face falls some. "Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure…" she assents, softly. She takes a last swig from it and then extends the bottle out. Whether Chione or Bayless get it first is up to the two of them. She blows out a breath that reeks of alcohol and sends her blonde hair dancing in front of her face. "Guess this is it." The wake, that is. "He's a frakkin sweetheart, isn't he?" Kalypso bumps Arsen again. Only this time she just leans on the tall, gangly ECO. "An' he didn't even complain when I started havin' such a time wit' the flyin tonight. An' made a mess of the landing. An'… Gods, I was all kinds of frakked up. He's not coming back, is he?"

Arsen nods to Chione, becoming solem for a moment. The ECO coughs nervously then takes another swig of drink from the glass. After giving the blue-eyed woman's greeting some thought, he finally just shrugs. "Don't think about it all the time," he replies in a more earnest monotone. He raises the glass again, but just keeps it partially covering his face as if he's hiding. Raising his eyes once more and lowering his glass a bit, he nods once to Bayless. "Hey. Nice to meet you, Lieutenant. I'm one of your new ECOs, I guess? Ensign Arsen Demetriou." Although his words seem a bit more confident, it's mostly because he's drunk. Looking such a mess in front of a commanding officer would normally be a situation where he'd be awkward as hell. As Kaly bumps him again, he moves a bit, but not too much. The leaning causes a bit of a blush to rise to his cheeks, but he just sits there quietly.

Chione turns towards the Raptor CO and motions to the bottle, mouthing 'Thank You', letting Bayless take it first as she settles back onto the cold, hard floor, still clutching her glass. Blue eyes look up to her cousin and then away, not certain how to answer. "We're all 'all kinds of frakked up', Kaly," she answers instead, before casting a sympathetic glance over to Arsen, letting it slowly turn into an appreciative smile.

A healthy swig from the bottle acts as preamble for the return of Arsen's introduction. "Welcome aboard. Rachael Bayless. 'Scorch.'" Scorch nods silently to Chione, then says to Arsen. "And welcome to what passes for the mourning process here in the Genesis air group. Woulda got here sooner but I was having a drink with this stripper from the Destiny." She drops that sentence like a boat anchor on the deck. Kidding? Yes, no, maybe?

"Cornbread made it back," Kalypso slurs out. She continues leaning on Arsen, dropping one hand onto his thigh as her head rests on his shoulder. Kalypso's eyes are half-lidded and she lets out a sigh. Poor Arsen. What a way to get to know the woman that's going to be flying you around in the black! "He's 'nother frakkin' sweet guy."

Arsen is a saint. Well, maybe not. That's what he's repeating over and over in his head, though. Kaly's really just drunk. The ECO sits there like a rock, stubbornly not reacting to the rather fetching Kalypso leaning up against him. He's so busy being nonchalant, in fact, that he seems to not be paying attention. Nodding slowly to Bayless, he gives her a light smile. "Well…you know. Some people take off their clothes." Shrugging, he takes another sip of his scotch and peeks over at Kaly, raising one dark brow upwards.

Chione watches Kalypso a moment, rising to lean forward, fumbling behind both Arsen and Kalypso a moment. Poor Arsen is right, two women in close proximity to him. Finally Chione has what she wanted, and pulls back, stuffing Archer's pillow against Kalypso's chest, before finding her seat on the ground again. "Yes, Cornbread made it back. Made it back a wreck, just like everyone else, Wide Load," notes the woman, before looking over her shoulder at Bayless. "Watch your six with that lot. Just … trust me on that."

Bayless nods a couple times to Chione. "Don't worry, Ensign… I sorta smelled something off about that crew from day one…" She sighs. "Last time I talked to Archer was at that club she worked at…" Another swig pokes the period on the end of that sentence.

Kalypso blinks her bleary eyes as the pillow is thrust against her chest. She wraps her arms around it, smiling slightly. Mmmm… sleep might be good… and then rather abruptly: "I have to pee." The words are just blurted out in drunken slur, as if the thought just occurred to her. "I'll be back," she declares. This is followed by the woman attempting to slide to her feet and hold onto Tychon's pillow all at the same time.

He doesn't seem to mind, at least. Arsen, that is. Caught between being a perfect gentleman and being rather buzzed. Really, he's drunk at this point. The dark-haired, tall ECO watches Kalypso abruptly get up and leave, clearing his throat nervously. "Alright then," he tells her, nodding. His eyebrow perks up once again and he crosses one leg over the other in a swift motion. All innocence and business now. "So! Tell me a bit about some of the other people I'll be working with?" He's far too drunk and flustered to direct this to any particular person.

"Don't look at me, I'm in CIC," notes Chione. "And currently bunkless. I know a few of the pilots, but just a few. Turns out I know almost as many Marines as I do pilots," she says, before frowning. "I should visit Marine country tomorrow," she notes softly, to no one in particular, before turning and looking back to Bayless. "Not off, just a different way of life. Some of the girls won't use you, abuse you and spit you out, but there are some that you need to just avoid, plain and simple. Talk to me later, though, I've been thinking about talking to Nick about setting up a place for Girls Night. He would be a big help, and he CAN be a doll."

Bayless nods and smiles to Chione before handing the bottle in her direction. "Can't wait… imagine there's a lotta us girls needing a night to go crazy."

Speaking of girls needing a night to go crazy. Kalypso did manage to get to her feet. She even managed to stumble a few steps towards the head, albiet not exactly in the straightest of lines. She does not, however, manage to make it all the way there without staggering and slamming against someone's bunk. Luckily the pilots that would normally be sleeping there aren't in it. Unluckily the impact causes her to wind up on the floor next to said bunk laughing at herself. She leans over onto the pillow that she's sadly still holding to her chest, using it to muffle her laughter. Stick a fork in her, ladies and gentleman, she's done.

Chione waves a hand at Bayless and rises. "You finish it. I need to stay sober enough to get Kaly into the head, then into a bunk. Then I've got to find Cornbread, I promised him I'd share a drink with him and we got separated trying to get to Officer berths, because that's all frakked to hell. Came here looking for him. He probably went to Ares looking for me at Wide Load's bunk. A promise is a promise. And any more, I'm not going to get down the hall." Dusting off her uniform, after all, it's the only bit of clothing she's got currently, Chione sighs before looking to Arsen. "Again, a pleasure," she states before moving after her cousin. "Come on, before you piss yourself, Kaly, let's get you into the head," she offers with a grunt as she tries to lift the other woman up.

Arsen smirks lightly at the 'girl's night' talk. He hasn't even managed to meet any of the guys yet, though he's probably the nerdy composition-writer to their football team by and large. Arsen watches the very drunk Kalypso try to get up and finally succeed… for a while. When she falls to the ground, the gangly ECO blinks at her and then stands up. Of course, he winds up banging the back of his head on the bunk this time. "Ow…frak!" Wincing and rubbing the back of his skull, he staggers over towards Kaly. He doesn't quite make it all the way over, so he just stands there looking like a scarecrow with a scotch in hand. Lifting a hand, he waves to Chione and lifts his glass to her. "I'll see you around, I'm sure. I hope she'll be alright." Moving back, he sets one hand against the bunk to keep himself steady while taking another drink of scotch.

"You're too good to me Chi," Kalypso slurs out as her cousin helps her back to her feet. The pillow is held in one hand, dragging behind her as the other is slung over Chione's shoulder. "Ty took care o' me when I got trashed at a party once. Held my hair an' everything… I felt like shit. Hey. You're not goin' nowhere, right?" Nothing like dragging a drunk pilot to the bathroom and then having to see about getting her into a bed. She'll just continue to ramble as her cousin leads her out. Ahem, welcome to the Air Wing, Arsen!

Bayless just looks at Kaly with a mixture of amusement and concern, but is silently thankful Chione's helping her through.

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