All Roads
All Roads
Summary: Regas ends his butt chewing with Salin.
Date: 38 ACH - 12/21/2008
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JAG Office Genesis - Deck 11

38 ACH 6285 Souls

The office of the Judge Advocate General is a normal office room in appearance, with a pair of desks and a bookshelf in one corner containing legal texts and reference materials. Each desk has a computer terminal on it and built in set of drawers. Across from each desk is a pair of chairs for interviewees to be seated. Also along part of the back wall are a row of grey, metal filing cabinets.

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At the moment, Salin is seated behind his desk, seemingly buried in a variety of papers, memo's and files. At the sound of the knock, he's lifting his head upwards to look to the door, a hand lifting to rub lightly at his forehead before he's calling out, "It's open. Come in."

Regas steps into the office, since he was nice enough not to barge in. The door is then closed behind him, "Major Altair," he doesn't ask if he is disturbing the man or his pile o' paperwork.

As Regas begins to make his way into the office, Salin rises slowly from his seat behind the desk. "Commander." There is a respectful nod of his head and then his hand is lifting, motioning towards a chair, an indication to sit, should he wish. "What can JAG do for you today?"

Regas simply nods to Salin, but he refuses the seat. "All roads seem to be leading back to you. I've made my rounds on what is going on with this Kyrios case. The marine CO lays the blame at your feet. The Sheriff points to my XO. So, I'd like to hear your side of why we are wasting all this time and resources on a Civilian."

And so, as Regas refuses to sit, so does Salin. Hands move, settling behind his back at an at ease position for the moment and he's giving another slight nod of his head, "Well, that's certainly interesting." There's a pause and his gaze drifts down to a file on his desk before lifting again, "The investigation into Ms. Kryios was placed in the hands of the Military Police, until such time as Colonel Fotilas asked myself to get involved and see to it that it's closed. Once I began to review what Lieutenant Shem had sent me, I was a touch surprised to learn that the MP's hadn't requested a psych eval. As such, I had Lieutenant Sloan conduct one and the findings were pretty much what was to be expected, considering. With that final piece of information, we're prepared to have a sentence issued to Ms. Kryios."

"And what did Lt. Shem send to you, if you don't mind my asking? And why am I understanding the Sheriff was ready to let her go at some point?" Regas twists his lips slightly, "I am not in agreement that she needs to be walking around on my ship, under guard or not. This investigation was not over. Nor was she shipped off to the Carina, where she should have been in the first place." His words are rising somewhat now, as he continues, "Is that piece of frakking refugee ship still on my deck? Did anyone even give it a second glance more than just to let it take up space?" His gaze narrowing down on the JAG major now.

There's a slight arch of Salin's brow at the mention of letting her go and he's giving a slight shake of his head, "I have no idea why the Sheriff would be under the impression or assumption of letting her go, so I can't speak to that particular point." There's another pause and his hands move from behind his back to shuffle through some paperwork on his desk. Finding what he's looking for, he looks at it for a moment before looking back to Regas, "Lieutenant Shem advised me of her prior condition and the events of the previous trial. No new information was provided, other then his opinions on her death and the theft of military property." There's no rise in his voice. Just that simple, neutral, courtroom-esque tone, "As to the Raptor that she arrived in? I can not speak to it. From what I gather from what Lieutenant Shem sent me, the MP's have not had Engineering or any technicians look into it." Hands return behind his back, clasping together once more, "Now, as to why Ms. Kryios is walking around under guard. I was not aware that she was a Civilian until only very recently. Initial reports that crossed by desk indicated that she was a Lieutenant. But, even if she was a Civilian, she would be re-activated for the purposes of sentencing." Another pause, his gaze settling on Regas, "She'll be off the Genesis within twenty-four hours, though, Commander. It's JAG's belief that she be found guilty of Criminal Homicide and theft of Colonial Fleet Property. She's going to be returned to the Carina and will be forced to work sixteen hour shifts aboard the Tracer."

Regas follows those words with a double lift of his brows. "So you are telling me, she is now guilty of all this from a military perspective. Has been re-activated to be tried by us. Then she's slapped with a dishonorable discharge, shoved to the Civilian authorities and tried again?" He just shakes his head, "No, don't even work on that explanation. Major Gaelan also says that JAG is hard to find, that you spend more time on the Carina than you do on this ship. From this point on, that better not be the case. Either you or your Captain, better be able to be found on this ship. Otherwise, I'm going to start wading through everyone's pile of shit." The Commander has been doing his pace back and forth in front of the desk, and then he stops. "And find out why the frak that ship is sitting there and no one did anything with it. It's obviously frakking useless now on finding out anything. Gods knows how many tech's have been crawling around inside it just for parts!"

His eyebrow lifts again and Salin is giving a simple nod of his head, "Interesting. No, JAG does not spend all it's time on the Carina. Most of our time is spent on the Genesis, with a day or two on the Carina to attend to Civilian Matters. I'd also like to note that Major Gaelan had no problem finding JAG just the other day to speak with us, nor have we received any memo's from him indicating that he requires our services." Throughout, his eyes simply follow Regas' movement, back and forth and then he's giving another nod once the Commander has stopped, "I'll speak with Lieutenant Shem and have him looki into why the Raptor was never investigated."

"Then I would suggest that you and Major Gaelan have a small chat," Regas seems to be done and he is then turning and making his way toward the door. "Make sure I get copied on any memo's about that ship. If something comes up after all this time, that they let lay fallow, someone is going to be joining Ms. Kyrios on the Carina for a nice stay."

"Aye, Commander. I'll speak with Major Gaelan immediately to ensure that things are … cleared up." Doesn't seem that Salin is overly impressed by that particular piece of news, but he's giving another nod of his head, "Will do, sir. I'll make sure that you receive copies of all JAG memo's in relation to this ship. I'm going to ask Major Zimmerman to have her techs have a look at it, regardless."

Regas doesn't comment on the promises, he just lets himself out of the office. He's tired of playing catchup lately.

You head towards Navy Offices.

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