Almost Isn't Good Enough
Almost Isn't Good Enough
Summary: Snatch has a snack then naps, and Lex's studying is interrupted by Ramiro sporting some squishy emotions. Lex's reaction really isn't one he expected.
Date: 53 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 9, Roosters Nest (Obs Deck), 53 ACH

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.

Pvt Lex is seated in the front of the Obs Deck, off to the far side, curled up on a couch with a pile of manuals. One textbook is open over her lap. She sits cross legged on one of the mini couches facing the view port. A pen is in her right hand, and her left hand rests on the page, lightly bandaged. She makes some notes in the margins of a diagram. Writing in books!

Snatch greets the deck with a prime view of her tonsils, eyes squeezed shut with the force of a massive yawn. Some sort of grain bar swiped from the mess half-unwrapped in one hand, she plods down toward the viewport once she has eyes open enough to do so without taking a tumble. Munch.

Lex makes another note in the margin of her textbook. She reaches up to run a hand over her hair, brushing fringe out of her eyes. She drops the pen in the spine of the book, and reaches up to tighten her ponytail. She glances up as she does so.

Snatch takes another slow step down toward the viewport, looking from a distance as if she were staring out of it, though her eyes seem focused rather on some point between her and the glass, a blank sort of nothing stare interrupted only by the occasional munch from her grain bar.

After dropping off his sidearm at the weapons locker bitterly, Ramiro makes his way back to the Observation Deck. The door opens and Ramiro steps through, quiet and his arm in a sling. Not paying attention to who's in the room, he moves to a chair and sits, staring out of the viewport in quiet contemplation at the Hera outside.

Lex watches Snatch eat for a while. She reaches down to tug up the sleeves of her sweatshirt to around her elbows, not at all shy about using the lightly bandaged hand to do so. She picks up her pen, and taps it against the open textbook on her lap. Tap tap. Tap tap. At the arrival of another figure, Lex's eyes turn to Ramiro. She studies is profile for a long, silent moment.

A faint twitch of a furrow forming between the Enginesnipe's brows is really the only sign that there's anyone at home behind those quiet eyes, some sort of introspection being at work despite the dull eyebeams she's aiming vaguely in the direction of the viewport.

Ramiro simply stares at the Hera for a long time before he feels that strange psychic impression that he's being watched. Moving his eyes, he sees that it isn't Snatch, so he continues to follow the trail until his eyes fall on Lex. He's still got a few smudges of hydraulic fluid in his skin, stained and will disappear when the skin flecks off. Standing, Ramiro moves across the floor to where Lex is seated and without another word, sits down, wraps his arms around her, and pulls her into a silent hug.

The study vibe is pretty much harshed by being hugged. Marines do not hug in public. Lex is pulled in and squeezed, arms trapped by the circle of Ramiro's. There's a distinct moment when an onlooker might think she's going to stab the man with the pen just so she can escape. She doesn't, though. She doesn't fight the hug. The book is flipped halfway closed over her forearm as she lifts a knee to brace a foot against the edge of the couch cushion. Finally, she turns her head a little, forehead pressing against the side of Ramiro's neck. She exhales.

Snatch gives up on staring, rocking a half-step back from her spot and pivoting loosely toward the front row of seating, meandering down the row a little bit before kneeling sideways onto one seat, bending at the waist and plunging arms and head into the next seat, curling up for a nap before she has to get back to work.

Ramiro rests his head on Lex's shoulder, closing his eyes. In a one armed hug, his arm in a sling, he lets out a long, exhausted sigh. "I'm sorry." He whispers, trying to force his mind to calm down. Practically rag-dolling against her, he manages to hold her tight with his left arm. Shoulders tense with pain and frustration, he dips his head to rest his forehead on her shoulder. "I don't know if it was my bullet." He says quietly.

There's a pause from the blonde marine as Ramiro apologizes. Confusion sets in for a moment, until he explains. Bullet. Lex sits up, and pulls away a little. That, my friends, is a scowl. "So what if it was?" Poor Snatch. Can she sleep through the argument that could be about to happen?

Snatch seems capable so far. It's been a damned hard several shifts in a row, what with all the wreckage wrought on the abandoned fleetling. Her mouth is open, but she's breathing through her nose. The first rivulet of drool is starting to edge its way over the corner of her mouth to pool between her cheek and the seat.

Ramiro blinks, turning his head to look at Lex. "So what if it was?" He replies, a little bit of shock on his face. "Lex, one of us shot the bullet that almost frakking killed you." He replies, eyebrows furrowing with frustration. "You almost got sucked out into space, Nico." He pauses. "I'm sorry."

"While I admit that shit could have been handled better, one usually expects viewports to be made of sterner stuff." Must have been an old ship or something. Seriously. Lex's book really does smack closed as she slides her arm out of it, and puts a little distance between their bodies by turning on the seat, sliding a foot onto the cushion, a knee coming up like a barrier between them. "He had a detonator. We'd all be dead right now if someone didn't shoot him. We were both doing our jobs. There is no better way to risk your life than saving lives." She leans in then. "Almost, Sergeant, is never good enough."

Snatch's back rises and falls in a steady pattern, one arm planted under her forehead, the other on top of it to create a semblance of nighttime.

Ramiro pauses, turning to stare at Lex for a long, drawn out gaze. "Yeah…we would." He huffs, sneering a little and shaking his head in a defiant show of bitterness. He looks over his shoulder at the sleeping form of Snatch before turning back to Nico. "I know the drill, Nico, it's just I suppose that I didn't think that things would go like that so quickly." He pauses, reaching out to place a hand on her knee. "You okay?"

"If I'm distracting you, we have a problem." Lex's scowl deepens for a moment, but her pale blue eyes remain on Ramiro's. That is… until he touches her knee. She sits up a little straighter, then eases back into a relaxed, slightly slouched position. Her fringe falls into her eyes as she tips her head forward to look down. It remains bowed for a moment. "No. I am not. That's on me. I follow orders, I do my job, I don't care what it is." She leans in a little, and says much more quietly, in a hiss of breath, "Pandora marines are batshit insane. I walked through blood, then saved a bunch of no class corpsman from a man who thought he was saving his people from something worse than exploding in space." She sucks in a breath and sits back, jaw clenching. Her lips thin as she fights the rest of what wants to come out of her mouth. Nico Lex doesn't play well with doubt.

Ramiro goes entirely silent for nearly half of a minute. His eyes shift slightly as they can't simply focus on the same exact spot for that long of a period of time. "You might be…" He says quietly, deciding to be honest. He finds her eyes, his filled with confusion and frustration. He slowly starts to shake his head. "I'll find out what's going on. With Gars, with the Pandora Marines…all of it." He says, sighing as he moves to stand. Looking towards the Hera like it's a ghost ship, he looks back to her. "Keep your eyes open, okay Lex? I…" He pauses, shrugging as he's at a loss for words. "…I'll figure something out."

Lex looks up at Ramiro. She shakes her head. "Don't go risking yourself to try to fix something Brass is going to have to handle." She takes a breath, a deep breath. She blows it out slowly. "I keep my eyes open and my head down. It's what they pay me for." A smirks follows. "That and destruction of property." She tosses the textbook that was on her lap onto a pile nearby. She doesn't tell anyone she almost cut the wrong wire.

Ramiro looks back down to her, giving her another long stare. A small, weak smile tugs at the corner of his lip. "We'll talk about this later. I'm just gettting a bad feeling about this." Ramiro looks to the Hera, out of the viewport. "We're not sidearmed right now…" He adds, giving her a look as if he realizes that now is not the place. "…I'll see you in a bit, Nico." He says, and then trots up the stairs and out the door.

Lex nods. "Yeah." She glances over at the sleeping snipe, and then turns to gather up her books. Hopefully that conversation won't hit scuttlebutt status. "Shit." She says that quietly, then exits as well.

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