Another Frakken War

Master Chief Petty Officer Lucian Agrippa's Journal

The toasters are back. I thought this deployment would be a last spacegoing tour before my godsdamned forced retirement. Looks like I was wrong. Only fitting to have earned the stripes and shit fighting the bastards…might as well end in the same way.

Looks like the Colonies got themselves charbroiled…the brass says not to make any assumptions…but those motherfrakkers also left what civvies they couldn't load up in a timely fashion to die. Maybe some brave soul should slip some Sun Tzu into the old man's cabin…

Appraise war in terms of the fundamental factors. The first of these factors is moral influence.

They frakked that axiom all up.

Looking at the bright side…I'd wager that they got atleast three of the ex-wives…and three out of four ain't bad.

And retirement sure as shit just got canceled.

Reminder: Form an a quick scuttlebutt pipeline to the gun deck…forgot how much it sucks being locked away down there, away from the information and clear situation. Also, kick Spec Miller's ass…can't let him get away with callin' me Sir, and not knowing what Guns meant. Godsbedamned.

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