Another Shift at CIC
Another Shift at CIC
Summary: Zephyr meets up with Drusus, who's apparently just returned from leave…
Date: 79 ACH
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Genesis CIC Genesis - Deck 11
79 ACH 23817 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.
Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.


Drusus gives a big just-back-from-leave yawn as he settles into his usual post up at the back of the CIC. Log in, check memos… your average beginning to your average shift.

The dull clunking of steps announces the arrival of Zephyr into CIC. The young tac officer makes his way in, a clipboard in hand. He scratches his head slightly as he scribbles something down on the pad. As he passes the back sections, near the entry-hatch he notices a rather conspicuous yawn in the corner of his eyes.

"Welcome back Specialist Cato." he says softly with a smile, taking the time to stop. "How was your leave?”

Drusus doesn't stand to salute since he's officially taken his post, and his fingers clatter over the keyboard as he flips back and forth from memoranda access to the encryption center, checking a few things that people have sent inquiries about. "Better than fine, Sir," he does reply with a quirk of a smile. "Have you gotten any time on the Carina, yet?"

Zephyr shakes his head slowly with a soft chuckle. "I'm afraid to say I haven't. Yet" he replies. "But it's good to hear you had a good time. Back to work though now isn't it?" the officer grins as he himself taps the pad he's been carrying. He glances down at his notes quickly, then back at Drusus and motions to the man's screen with his chin. "Anything new? Or of interest?" he asks.

"Just the usual, Sir," Drusus replies, "Encryption confirmation requests, lateral matrices' transferral orders… looks like people managed not to break anything too badly while I was gone," he offers a cheeky little grin. "You should go. Take your mind off of all this for a night."

Chuckling, the young officer shakes his head. "I wish I could, but I need to work on these few things" Zephyr smiles, waving his pad in the air, "General checking of charts and numbers and what-have-you…" Pulling back his left sleeve, he looks at his watch. "Though, I suppose I'll be off in a little while. You just starting your shift?" he grins, knowing that yes, the Specialist most likely only just started his shift.

Drusus returns the grin, "Yes, sir. Firmly attached to the CIC leash for another delightful ten hour stretch," he tells the Jig playfully, eyes only briefly hopping from the screen to bring that bright grin home with a winsome soul-green glance.

Feeling in a good mood, Zephyr decides to joke with Drusus a little. "Ten hours eh? Well, you know if you missed your job during leave, I could ask for your hours to be extended…" he says slowly, trying hard to conceal the wide-grin creeping into his lips. Condition Three, and it seems like it's been relatively quiet, most likely why the young Jig seems in a less formal mood, despite still being on duty. He's just friendly like that at times.

Drusus closes up the last of the memoranda with a quickly tapped out reply, then checks the shift code and begins running confirmation on it. "Mmm-hm," he affirms, "I was just a shadow of my former self without being able to bask in your radiant smile, Sir," he joshes back.

Zephyr nods, closing his eyes, admitting defeat on the banter for the time being. His gaze is kind when he reopens them. "Part of an officer's duty is to make sure his men do their work well. One way is to keep them happy. And one small way to keep them happy, is to be able to smile, even in the toughest times…" he says simply, as if reciting a lesson learnt long ago, "…My father taught me that. It seems to help at times I think" he muses a little more to himself now.

Drusus's brows furrow faintly as he scrolls through the confirmation results, finally nodding his head and sending the shift code down on the line. "H'm?" he wonders, having lost the conversation somewhere in the middle there. "Well, if you were waiting for the toughest times, these -would- be them, sir. Been working on your standup act?"

Shaking his head with a soft chuckle, Zephyr taps on Drusus' station lightly with his hand. "Keep up the good work Specialist Cato…" come the parting words from the young officers lips as an Ensign calls the Jig for some matter at hand. "Let us know if you find anything" he adds as he walks off towards the other officer.

NB: This is Zephyr's first RP! Yay!

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