Apostrophe Signature Algos
Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari as Apostrophe 'Sig' Algos
Name: Apostrophe 'Sig' Algos
Callsign: None
AKA: Sig
Age: 23
Branch: Caprica Algos Family
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Painful Encounters
Position: Future Trophy Wife
Rank: Hot
Ship: Unknown
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Mena Suvari

Biographical Foo


Coming soon.


  • Brewin'.
  • Boozin'.
  • Buyin' stuff.
  • Forgery.
  • Petty larceny.
  • Offending poor people.
  • Pulling cons.
  • Flying fast ships.
  • Burning through cash and credit.
  • Looking good.

Distinguishing Features

  • Aura of rich girl.
  • Designer wardrobe.
  • Attitude.


  • Daughter of a wealthy and well known Caprican Art Dealer and failed novelist.
  • One of a set of identical twins: Apostrophe & Ampersand 'Sandi'.

Pre IC History

The Good, The Bad…

Apostrophe Signature Algos was born to a life of ridiculous wealth and privilege on a little colony called Caprica in, you guessed it, Caprica City. Her father, a well respected art dealer, wanted only the finest things for his little girls, whom he named after punctuation in a fit of depression over a failed career as a novelist. Oh, woe to the children, one of whom was named Apostrophe, the other Ampersand. The eldest twin, Ampersand, quickly learned to go by Sandi, thus retaining some sort of normalcy in an otherwise abnormal growing up period.

The twins were trained by private tutors in various subjects including the sciences, the arts, and various other humanities. Such as, oh, firearms. Rich people like to shoot things. The rarer the thing being shot, the better sport it's considered to be, you know. Family dinners were more about showing off for company or, if private affairs, interrogation. Social manipulation became a handy skill early on, and both girls learned it well, branching out into bullying when they were finally permitted six months in public schools toward the end of their junior year. Both were relocated (kicked out) and enrolled in a private academy where the behavior continued, but the protests of other students and teachers was shut up with large, er, donations to the institution.

What are the things growing girls need in their late teen years but are not afforded by things like law and (pfft) regulation? Booze, drugs, and (duh) fake documents. Years of top notch art classes paid off in the end, and Apostrophe proved to be quite the adept hand forger (computers pffft). Brewing was a joint effort, but even the crappiest boiler rooms are sufficient to support a still, and later both spent a summer with an uncle with a distillery. Wonder what they did on nights off (besides the hot help?).

The Ugly

Since graduation, and with a distinct lack in the completion of college, the girls have gone separate ways. Apostrophe took a semester off from University, without telling either of her parents, to embark on a wildly expensive pleasure cruise with a bunch of other trouble makers, thrill seekers, and pilot types. Daddy Algos is going to be supremely pissed when he gets the bill. (Or, well, would, if he hadn't been incinerated.)

On the Grid


  • 58 ACH : Stupid Hair : A misguided shrimp of a pilot deigns to insult Sig after attempting to use her to win a bet.


  • Don't say that word.

Kill Count

I might break a nail.



  • Designer anything.
  • Gifted stylists.
  • Fast ships.
  • Expensive champagne.
  • Diamonds.


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