Summary: The day after Colonial Day, Sage finds Micah in the sports bar.
Date: 49 ACH - 01/02/09
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Settting: Panther Sports Bar - backscened

It's the day after the Pyramid Match on Colonial Day. Dane Ramiro has showered, cleaned up, and changed into a different C-Bucs jersey. Sitting alone at a booth in the Panther Sports Bar with a small basket of food and a beer, he's idly passing the time by himself while his eyes are watching one of the historic matches on the screen. Just a little before lunchtime, he's ahead of the rush.

It's about the time that someone makes a score on the screen that Sage enters the bar. She could be meeting someone here, or just heading in for lunch ahead of the crowd. Catching the shouting on the screen and some people clapping backs, she glances up and grins. "That's the spirit!" Not like she hasn't seen it a few times now anyway.

The historic matches seem to be on repeat every day throughout the bar, there's no telling how many time this one has been played. There's a sign above the bar that a recorded version of the prior day's match will be aired during the evening rush. Turning his head at the sound of Gionis talking to the screen, he smiles quietly to himself and watches her for a moment. Giving her a little wave when he thinks he's in her peripheral vision, he tries to get her attention.

Sage is actually in a skirt. Imagine that! Catching the wave, she turns to see who it is and then begins heading over in that direction, "Sniper Shot, fancy meeting you in a sports bar." Her hands rest on her hips as she breaks open a wide grin. Then seeing the basket of food and beer, "And ready for most anything, I see. How are you doing today?"


Short and compact, is the best way to describe this twenty-something woman. Her golden, brown hair has the bounce of curls most of the time, unless she straightens it with some product. She doesn't even look the type to be a sports figure, but it shows on the courts. Some may recognize her as one of the top players in the Aquarian Aces Pyramid team.
Dressed in a light, blue cotton blouse that hangs just off her shoulders. The front has a lacing of darker blue ribbon through the eyelets and it is left untied off the top two leaving a small gape of cleavage. The lower edge of the blouse is slightly ruffled at the waist and a blue-jean skirt hangs to about mid-calf. A pair of white slip on loafers rest on her feet.

Ramiro flashes Sage a bright smile, motioning with a hand to the seat across from him. "I'm doing pretty good, bruises have pretty much all gone away after that hit. Figured I'd take an easy day for today." He pauses. "Want to join me for lunch? I'm just getting started."

Sage turns to look at the bartender and indicates a 'two' and points to Ramiro's food, then to herself. She'll just take what is available for now. "Thanks, thought I'd beat the rush too. Whenever something good is still served, people tend to want to eat it up." Settling into the seat across from him, she continues to smile. "I didn't think I hit you that hard."

Ramiro laughs. "Well you meant to hit me that hard. I'm pretty tough when it comes to all the slamming around and everything but I didn't see it coming." Ramiro laughs, settling in across from her and waiting to touch his food until she's served. "I had a great time, though, thanks for letting me play with you guys."

"True. I did mean too," Sage isn't going to deny it. "I had alot of fun, we'll have to see about doing that again." A grin and she rests her arms on the table as she waits. "You are a good player though, it's almost too bad you didn't go Pro. Fighting against the C-bucs is one of my favorite things to do."

"Yeah…saw that live myself a few matches when I was posted on Caprica." Ramiro starts, giving her a broad smile to beam at her at her assesment of his skill. "I played in high school. We came this close to taking district but Petty Officer Sullivan's school, with her brother on the team, stole it from us. Small world there right?" He pauses. "Kinda took the wind out of my sails on pro-tryouts, decided to enlist instead."

Sage thinks a moment, "Sullivan? Oh yes, I met her. She's a nice lady. It was also good to speak to someone where I didn't have to crane my head. Height disadvantaged people have to stick together you know," it's about that time her beer and basket arrives. Taking the napkin, she lays it on her lap and reaches for the salt. Greasy food and salt. "That you knew each other and ended up here is a small world. But you shouldn't have backed down from the tryouts. You don't seem like a quitter."

"I'm not…" Ramiro shakes his head, giving a little shrug. "A good number of the guys on my team were enlisting after the school year. My parents wanted me to work at the Colleges on Gemenon, but being that our household has a long tradition of worship to Apollo, you can imagine their surprise when I made sniper." He smiles to her. "No offense intended, but in the end with current events and all, I think I made the right choice. I can shoot for shit in the marines." He grins.

Sage picks up a fry and twirls it into some concoction she has made out of sauces on the table. "Current events? Yes, but we won't do this forever. Gemenon?" A smoother smile, "I thought you had that look in your eyes. Most Gemenese get it. It's all fire and brimstone when they are determined to gain something." The smile raises to a grin and a flash of white teeth before she eats the fry.

Ramiro blushes, but manages to smile broadly one more time. He shrugs demurely. "I'm not all fire and brimstone but I am religious. Is it really that obvious though? I think all of us Gemenese that play the sport relate back to the original mentions of it, the way they used to play in temples so the Lords could watch. There's some magic in the game for me, you know?" He smiles. "So maybe after the war I'll go pro…"

Sage gives a slight shrug and a little smile, "Only for those that are used to it. Some are heavily fanatic. Some have no belief at all and there are others of us who end up about the middle," the beer is given a small sip and she sets it back down, "After the war, you should go pro." A nod in agreement. "I had a couple kids ask me if you were from the C-bucs, they wanted an autograph."

"Really? I guess I kinda peeled out of there a little too quickly then didn't I? I'm not exactly used to alot of that sort of stuff, aside from the occasional kid making a toothy-grin salute at me when I'm walking around." Ramiro replies, starting in on his food after taking a quick sip of his beer. "So you really think I could hack a pro team, huh?"

"Why not, as long as you don't play for that trash—-" Sage suddenly laughs, "I'm sorry, I love picking on the Buc's they think they are so cool remaining number one." A shake of her head with a bounce of curls, "No, you were probably right to run off. I was going to show you around a bit, but ended up with that Amazon on me. Not sure what that was all about."

"Is she not about the biggest damned woman you've ever seen in your life?" Ramiro gives Sage a wide-eyed comical look as he leans forward, his hands on the table in a mock look of disbelief. "I'm surprised she's not being put into a breeding program for the marines so that we can have monster troops." Ramiro says, leaning back with a chuckle. "I'm sorry, that's probably rude, but wow…I suppose I'm lucky that she didn't take fangirling to me."

Sage almost chokes a little on the next fry she was chewing on, as she begins to laugh and brings up the napkin. Her eyes water as she coughs, laughs and tries to catch a breath. "Oh gods!" And a fanning to her face, "Do not go that route, I'd feel so sorry for the gentleman she would breed too."

Ramiro simply smiles and goes back to his plate of fingerfood. It appears to be some sort of imitation chicken over imitation cheese next to a helping of fries. Eating for a few moments, he swallows his food before replying. "So I know your stats and your game history, but not alot about you, Sage. What makes Sage…Sage?"

Sage wipes her fingers off as she places her hand around the bottle of beer, "Sage Gionis is the daughter of a man who owned Gionis Enterprises on Aquaria. Her dad liked Sage, her mom liked Mariska. Mariska is the debutant. Sage went to play Pyramid. Not that daddy was happy." A smile curls and she takes a drink of the beer and then sets it down once more, with a slight lift of her shoulders. "I found I enjoyed sports all through school, it was meant to be."

"Well you definitely made a name of yourself through it. You seem to love it so I have to tip my hat to that." Ramiro replies, pausing for another bite and then a sip from his bottle of beer. "I remember back at the C-Bucs stadium when I first caught wind of you, I saw you on the court stretching up and I thought there was no way a girl that short could take a pass. Then I saw you sneaking in on alot of those passes. Fast as hades." He shakes his head. "Don't take that as a creepy thing. I rooted for the C-Bucs."

Sage begins laughing again, "Yeah, I had to make up for the tall ones. But it worked out and I got in, because the coaches couldn't see me doing it either. Have to make up for it in some way." She raises her fork and picks up a piece of chicken/cheese bits. "I had to have surgery on my left knee awhile back though. It gives me some trouble at times, but it isn't going to keep me out of playing." A small smile, "I don't know what I'd do if that happened."

"Coach maybe?" Ramiro replies, a lift to his eyebrow. Good dinner company for the woman, he seems to be keeping the dinner topic on the person with the more enjoyable job. Looking down to his plate, he picks up another morsel of food and eats it, washing it down with some beer. "Figure there's more than enough here on the Carina to start the league back up in some form."

Sage gives a small nod, "I guess I could coach." Not that it would be bad, but she wouldn't be in the thick of it. "Like I mentioned before, I do work with the kids here. They enjoy learning and it keeps their minds off floating in space with enemies wanting to destroy us everytime we move." After a moment, her smile comes up again, "So, tell me about Dane Ramiro."

"Dane Ramiro huh…" Dane starts, chuckling a little bit. Pausing to eat some more of his food, he wipes his hands clean and sips from his beer. Holding it in his hands, he looks to her. "Well…I'm from Gemenon. Played high with the Citadel Myrmidons. After school I enlisted and shot good enough to be a sniper. I managed to make it here for assignment only a few days before the bad news happened." He pauses, looking to her. "I was a Lance Corporal then, I've managed to get decorated and promoted a few times since then. I'm now a Sergeant and in charge of the fleet's Scout Sniper Team."

Sage continues to eat sparingly as she listens. Wanting the food to last while she sits here enjoying the chat. "I'm not sure what all that means, but it sounds like you did a good thing. Congratulations on getting decorated and promoted, you no doubt deserved it." Another swirl of a fry, "Is there a Mrs. Ramiro?" She ventures, having not seen a ring.

"A Mrs. Ramiro?" Dane looks up with a little smile. "No there isn't one. I'm not married…" He shrugs, looking to her. "I dunno, I have this deep, sinking feeling that if there was a Mrs. Ramiro she'd have grey hair by now with as much trouble as I tend to get myself into on away missions." He chuckles, looking to his beer for a moment before he takes a sip. "What about you? Is there a Mister Gionis?"

Sage shakes her head, "No. Not even close really. You'd have the grey haired wife, I'd have the husband that wondered why dinner wasn't on the table and the house cleaned and gods knows what else. Since I have practice and games and everything that goes with it."

Dane looks to her, laughing a little bit. "Oh come on I couldn't see a girl like you with a guy that would actually come home looking for food on the table. If anything he'd probably be the type to put food on the table for you." Ramiro adds, taking another sip of his beer, setting the bottle down. "So aside from teach and play what do you do around here for fun?"

Sage laughs along with him, "I wish!" A little shake of her head, "Well, it seems that we players try to keep the sport alive in all honesty. We have this huge stadium still, and will probably lose it. But we can still play when we get together. Besides that, the teaching of the kids. And..uhm…keeping up my hopes."

"Keeping up your hopes for what? Just everything in general? I get leave from time to time, maybe I could arrange to come over and help. I'm willing to bet a few more kids will be coming your way after the match yesterday." Ramiro replies, finishing his food and setting the basket aside. "As far as the stadium goes, I haven't heard any sort of rumors regarding it being altered. Even as it stands now it'd be great for refugee sleeping in a pinch though."

Sage chews on her food and nods, "That we'll have a home again one day. We'll rebuild and try to have some sort of life. This is a big ship, but it isn't really land. It isn't a blue sky and sunshine and…" she chuckles. "You get what I mean. If I think about it too much, I could go stir crazy myself."

"You know…I think I say this alot of the time so please, stop me if it's cheesy and overly optimistic." Ramiro starts, looking over to her. "I tend to be one of those 'thinks in the present tense' guys and right now I'm in a sports bar having a beer with a pro Pyramid player. If I find something to think about in the present tense…" He shrugs. "…situation don't look so bad. Sure, there's risks and everything in day to day life, but it's all relative."

Sage blushes under that bit of scrutiny, "I see you aren't just a good shot with a gun," taking the last bite from her basket and sets it on his to be taken away. She then wipes her hands on the napkin and adds that to the pile also. Glancing back to him, she simply watches him for a moment, remaining silent.

Ramiro flashes Sage a charming smile, downing the last of his beer. "It takes attention away from my horrible pyramid shot." Ramiro replies, setting the empty beer bottle on the side of the table. Rubbing his arm over his scar, absent-mindedly, he watches her for a long moment. "When we first met you said some people around here respect what we do." He pauses. "There alot of people here mad at the military?"

"I don't think they are necessarily mad, but it isn't like we want to be ruled either. We really have no choice though, with the Battlestar our only defense," Sage takes another sip of her own beer. "Mind if see that scar again?" Chicks dig scars y'know! "I don't think I got the full story there."

Ramiro lifts up his sleeve, showing the scar. It looks like a rather painful and deep one, a very clean line cut into his bicep. "I was on a combat drop and the Cylons were headed right for us. We made a firing line and were taking them down, but there was a fellow marine of mine that got a nasty headwound and couldn't see. One of our combat medics and myself ran out and pulled the guy out of harm's way. He was…" Ramiro pauses. "…pretty much gone for." He looks to Sage. "He lived. D'artanion and I, she's the medic, took some pain for it. She got shot and I got cut through by the Cylon. Dropped my rifle and got out my pistol and unloaded a clip into the thing. My CO finished it off." He chuckles quietly, shaking his head. "Damn thing fell on top of me and I woke up in Sickbay. We saved the guy's life though."

Being short, Sage gets to rise up and put her knees on the booth. Which happens to have her leaning over the table itself so she can see better in the bar light. Not that it isn't a good view at the moment! Right down the front of her shirt. Her fingertips reach out to touch the scar as she winces. "Ouch…gods, you were really lucky, especially with that thing falling on you after all the rest."
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Ramiro blinks as she does so, turning a little so that he can give her a better view of his arm. Looking it over himself, he glances down his arm and notices the view down her shirt. His cheeks turn a soft shade of red as he looks back to his arm. It isn't often that he gets civilian attention, much less from someone famous. "Yeah…I didn't feel it at the time but I spent a while in the Recovery Ward. The doctors there are amazing." He pauses. "You wouldn't believe the kind of luck I've had so far. This scar's just the only visible effect."

Sage glances from the scar to his cheeks and notices the change in color. Her eyes meet his as he talks, but for a long moment there whatever he is saying just goes through one ear and out the other. The old saying of animal attraction. "You have the nicest eyes…" yeah, his conversation went left field somewhere.

Ramiro raises his eyes from his forearm to Sage's watching closely. He gives her a little, surprised smile. "I do?" He blinks, sensing a sudden turn in the conversation. There's a few drawn glances from the bar as the rumors start to begin. Ramiro doesn't notice, but he does give her a small, witty look. "You just said something nice about a guy in a C-Bucs jersey, Sage."

Sage blinks suddenly. Looks down to his jersey then up again. And also seeing what he SAW. "Oh lords," she flops back down in her seat, the blush moving from her upper chest to her face. A sudden laugh and she holds a hand over her cheek. "I'm so sorry. Honestly. I'm not sure what came over me."

"No no no it's not a problem." Ramiro replies with a blushing grin, shaking his head. The hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he tilts his head to the side, talking out of the side of his mouth a little. "I uh… yanno.." He looks to her. "…don't get told I have nice eyes often." He lets out a chuckle, slapping a hand quietly down onto the table. "You have very nice eyes too Sage."

Sage starts laughing again, feeling a little better. "Why thank you very much, Dane. I try to keep them washed and dried every day, so they don't get to weird on people." She sits up a little straighter now and takes the last drink of beer. This is what beer does to you.

Dane watches her for a moment and glances to his empty beer bottle. Seemingly not bothered or offended, he simply chuckles, shaking his head. "So…" He pauses, looking across the table to her. "…I'm Gemenese but when this war ends and I do try my hand at pro, you think the Aces will give me a tryout?"

Sage looks around the room a moment and then back to Ramiro, "I think we're being talked about," ahem. A nod follows, "Since I'm the only Ace I've seen, I guess that would be a 'yes'." She has bubbles left in her bottle and sets it aside too. "I probably should get going here. It was so good to run into you again though."

Ramiro shrugs at her mention of them being talked about. Seems he doesn't really care. At her mention of leaving, though, he slides out of the booth. Seems his parents had taught him manners. "We'll run into eachother again I'm sure, Sage." He looks to her quietly. "I can't really send word ahead but when I do come I usually drop by here. If I want to track you down, where should I ask around for ya?"

Sage slips out of the booth and stands too. Now, she gets to look up to the tall marine. "Oh, most any place. I do have an apartment over at the housing area though. 203. And I think I'm listed on the wireless also." She feels suddenly like some highschool girl in front of the lead quarterback. "" and she puts her hand out to shake, "..don't go getting all cut up while you are away."

"I'll do my best." Ramiro replies down to Sage with a little smile. He seems to either not be too worried about it or it's a numb subject for him. He stands nearly a full foot taller than her, and he moves his hands to his back pockets as he speaks with her. "I'll drop by sometime, allright? But for the kids? Let's surprise them when I show up to help, allright?"

Sage nods her head with a wide smile, "It's a deal. And maybe we can hit the courts too, see how we do with just a little one on one." She turns around then and begins making her way out. Did she just leave him with the bill too?

Ramiro turns to watch her walk away, still replying within earshot of the woman. "We'll have to. Maybe you could help me with my aim." Ramiro smiles, turning back towards the table. The server then walks over and sets the bill down. Picking up the bill, he reaches into his pocket for his wallet with a chuckle. "Aquarians…"

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