Are You Ready?
Are You Ready?
Summary: The MPs talk about an open investigation, and Eli gets ready to take the test to become the permanent Sheriff.
Date: 93 ACH
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Eli is at her desk as usual, chewing on the end of a pen and flipping through files. Very busy. Deep in concentration.

With a folder grasped in his right hand, Shem steps through into the security office. He shuts the hatch behind him.

Eli looks up when the hatch opens, eyebrow raising as she gets to her feet, tucking her pen away and standing up straight. "Sir." It is a soft greeting, right to the point.

Shem nods in acknowledgement. He's taken to wearing his sidearm when on duty, and he's looking more distrustful lately. He approaches the Sheriff's desk. "You have some time, Browne?"

Eli nods firmly. "Yes sir." She pauses and then quietly moves to put her files and the like away, frowning a bit.

"Seems to have been a rash of deaths lately," Shem comments, tone offhand, as he sits down. He sets the folder down in front of him.

Eli grimaces. "Yes sir." She tugs her pen back out, idly twirling it before settling back down herself. "Most unfortunate sir."

Shem grunts. "How are you proceeding on the Sister Marie case?"

Eli tugs a file out of her desk and flips through it with a hint of a frown, nodding slowly. "As quickly as can be expected, once the reports have been delivered it will be out of our hands unless they wish our help. If so, I'll be making Lance Corporal Mirin the liason between us for, if they desire, a joint investigation."

"Yeah?" Shem asks. "She any good?"

"She's new, sir. Very new. So she needs the experience and to really stop talking about how new she is. So far, this seems to be the best way. Investigation instead of actually having her do handson work and screwin' stuff up cuz she's used to shoot first, ask questions later…sir." Eli replies honestly.

Shem takes a deep breath. He moves to the filing cabinet and starts pouring himself some coffee. "You want some?"

Eli shakes her head slowly. "I've had alot of coffee lately, sir."

Shem nods. He returns to his seat. "I hated black coffee, you know."

Eli blinks and peers at Shem curiously. "You hated coffee sir? I'm sorry…I think we could try to have tea provided but that might be even harder sir."

Shem lifts his eyebrows. "Nah, you put some milk in there, I'd like it. But now, with this frakkin' war, you make do." He takes a slow sip. "Anyways, the Old Man wants me to name a proper Sheriff, so it's time you re-take the exam."

Eli ohs and hmms, looking thoughtful. "I don't know if we have any cows or milk producing livestock…something I can look into." She has to pause though and stare at Shem for a few moments. "Ah, of course sir."

"Don't bother, I'm just jawin'," Shem tells Eli. He pushes the folder that he brought in forward. "Give yourself three hours. I'd like it back at my desk by tomorrow, alright?"

Eli just nods slowly and rests a hand on the folder, taking a deep breath. "Yes sir."

Shem watches Eli. He sniffs, scratching the side of his nose. "You think you're ready?"

Eli just bows her head. "As ready as I could be sir, I have been studying sir."

Shem takes another slow sip. "Alright. I'll get out of your hair, then." He stands, taking the coffee with him. "Good luck."

Eli raises to her feet, offering a salute before looking back down to the file with a thoughtful expression. "Thank you sir."

Shem transfers the mug to the other hand and returns the salute. He turns around and walks out.

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