Summary: Adele and Rhea deal with the fall-out from Zaharis' pill-popping.
Date: 40 ACH
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Townhome A Carina - Main Level

40 ACH 6285 Souls

This two-story home is comfortably sized for a small family. The downstairs holds the living room, kitchen, a half-bath, and a small bedroom or office. The other two bedrooms are upstairs, along with the bathroom.

The main living area is furnished with a long comfortable couch and two matching chairs accented with a pair of small end tables. A wireless unit sits atop a cabinet along one wall, and a sliding glass door leads out to a small porch.

Adjacent to the living room is a small kitchen and dining area, separated up by a breakfast nook countertop. The modern conveniences are available, including a large refrigeration unit and countertop stove, micro-oven, and plenty of counter space. The dining area has a table and chairs for four.

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It's an awkward hour that Adele requested Rhea's presence - most of the people on the Carina are asleep by now; the street lights still adhere to a certain schedule, and they have been off for a while now. Adele's porch is lit, though.

Rhea comes anyhow, awkward hour or not. She doesn't look like she was dragged out of bed. Her hair's wet, like she showered quickly before grabbing a shuttle, and she's dressed down in off-duties. She looks tired, but not in a particularly negative way. The sort of tiredness that comes after hard work, and hard thinking. Though there's more than a little concern in her expression as she knocks on Adele's door.

There is only a short pause between Rhea's knocking and Adele's shadow against the peephole. Spying Rhea, she opens the door and beckons Rhea inside. "Thanks for coming," she mumbles. Her tiredness is undoubtedly negative; she's actually quite haggard looking, and tense beyond her usual prim stiffness. She walks further inside and sits down with a flump upon the couch. "Reece is asleep," she explains with a flick of her gaze up the stairs. "It's Jesse."

"Yeah. I figured if it was about the Sprocket you would've said something in the message," Rhea says. Her gaze goes up the stairs anyhow. A little smile coming to her face as her thoughts turn to her son. "Maybe I'll crash here tonight, if you wouldn't mind. Reece and I could have breakfast or something…" She trails off, noting the haggardness. And follows Adele to the couch, plopping down next to her. She sighs. Bracing herself. "What happened?"

"He needs to detox," Adele states plainly, reaching up to dig her thumb and forefinger into the sockets of her tired eyes. "He's addicted to uppers and sleep meds," she explains further, applying a little more pressure before pulling her fingers away and looking at Rhea intently. "He's asking for leave right now on the pretense of needing some time off, I think. But he's coming to stay here," she gestures towards her bedroom, "and he's going to suffer. It won't be good for Reece to be here." She sets her jaw, obviously holding back some hefty emotion.

Rhea blinks, breath catching. Like she's been slapped. "Jesse's not…" But she can't finish that sentence. Not really. The idea obviously shakes her. She runs her fingers through her hair. "He's been wound up lately. Off. We talked about it last night. Almost got into a proper fight about it. I thought it was the whole mess with the Persius…with Ephraim…" She clears her throat. "…but it started before that. What the frak happened, Adele?"

Adele's face untenses briefly at Rhea's mention of the Persius and Ephraim, and for a second her expression turns sympathetic, but she sucks in a breath and tightens her jaw back up at the question. "I don't know. I think he started right after the PAS blew up. I saw his hand tremble in his office after he was treated; I thought it was just nerves. I'm sure he just wanted to keep himself going. He figured he'd be able to control it - it's pretty textbook, really." She closes her eyes, rolling her neck. "Smart people, stupid choices." She opens her eyes and continues to explain. "He couldn't sleep on the baxadrin, so he tool seronol to counteract it. It's extremely dangerous, and he knew better. That's the worst part." Her lips purse, the tip of her chin quivering slightly.

"Frak." That's the only coherent response Rhea can come up with. "That stupid frakking son of a bitch…" She makes herself stop, pausing to try and come up with something more constructive than profanity. She sighs. "I should've seen it. He's been so gods-damned off-kilter ever since the station imploded…I was too wrapped up in my own bullshit to even pay attention…" She lets out another long breath. "Where is he now? I'll…figure something out with Reece. I don't know what but…just let me know how much time you need." She clenches her hands in her lap. "My mother was a junkie. I am *not* letting my kid see that…frak it, Jesse. He's better than this mess."

"He's supposed to be asking for leave," Adele replies, not having bat an eyelash at the profanity spouted by Rhea. She stares at a blank spot on the wall for a moment, then sighs. "I don't want to excuse his addiction, and I'm not coddling him - that's the last thing he needs. You know how he needs to be held accountable for his own actions." And for things beyond his own control, but Adele doesn't add that. "But right now, we can't yell at him no matter how much we need to. He's taken the first step. He's admitted his addiction and he knows he needs help. Everything else can wait." She swallows, dropping her gaze to her hands. "There can't be any obstacles between where he is and that door." She points at the bedroom, "or he's liable to lose his nerve, and then we'd have to involve… others."

"Is he, now? Leave, huh?" Rhea's tone is harsh. She sounds doubtful. But she keeps her spitting to a minimum. "Frak, Adele, I'm not going to bust his balls when he's too delusional for it to do any good." She moderates her tone. "Whatever he needs to stop. The rest…well. We can deal with that as it comes. Is there a reason he's not doing this on the Genesis? In an actual medical facility? Or I have missed the rehab splendor that is the Carina free clinic." The question is pointed.

Adele stares at Rhea, her eyes flickering out of the cold dullness they've adopted. "He's the Chief Medical Officer, Rhea. If this was a normal circumstance, if morale wasn't such a precious commodity, then I would have marched straight to Regas myself and informed him that Jesse was making a mess of himself." Clearly, she's still having trouble wrangling with her conscience. "But these are not normal circumstances. And he's good at what he does, when he's not guzzling baxadrin." She grits her teeth, anger bubbling on the surface of her expression. "The process is the same, no matter where he is. Cold turkey. I can get some Ditralin from the clinic to help allay some of the withdrawal symptoms, but he's going to have to suffer it out. And I'm going to be beside him."

"You would have, huh?" Rhea's tone is less harsh, but it's still pointed, and she regard Adele levelly. "Where's he been getting his drugs, Adele? Buying them off a Pyramid court dealer here? I don't think so. You think that's not going to be noticed? On a ship where they do inventory multiple times a day? You think the other *doctors* he works with aren't already suspicious, the way he's been acting? What? He's just going to disappear on leave for a few days, come back all rested up and nobody's going to be the wiser? People aren't stupid." She sighs. "If he's serious about kicking this, he needs to tell Regas himself. He *is* a good doctor. And a good officer. He's held that Sickbay together through impossible circumstances. His record is exemplary. People've done a hell of a lot worse since the attacks."

It's Adele's turn to get fiery, and she does so by standing up and pacing with long strides around the front room. "I know where he's getting them, Rhea. But if the /doctors/ were really suspicious, he wouldn't have looked at me like I had grown another head when I told him he looked strung out. He would be receiving his licks right now, no doctor in their right mind would let a suspicion like that rest." She folds her arms across her chest and stops pacing, turning to face Rhea. "I don't give a shit about protocol right now. He's gotten as far as he's gotten and I'm not going to encourage him to take any extra steps, all right? The fallout can be dealt with as it comes. He needs to get better, and the understanding is that he's going to get better here, Rhea."

Rhea just keeps her eyes locked on Adele through all that. She snorts. "Jesse can be a master of diversion when he wants to be. They trust him. When the Genesis docs have two seconds to take a look at the situation, they're going to put the pieces together. You are *not* blind enough not to realize that. And frak, Adele! You think I give a shit about *protocol*? He is my best friend. I love him. He and Reece are the only family I have left…" Her voice chokes for a second, but she plows on. "…you can't fix him. People fix themselves. Or they don't. You'll help him. So will I. Jesse's strong. But he can't fix this by hiding from it."

Adele turns away from Rhea in the middle of that, glaring out the window, into the nothingness that is the Carina at night. She is breathing heavily, clearly affected by the words from the other woman. "He does need to go to Regas. But he's teetering right now, he's on the edge. I know I can't fix him." She lets go of a sigh, then she turns to face Rhea, looking apologetic. "He's not hiding from it, Rhea. If he was, he would have kept lying to himself. He can go to Regas after he's detoxed. In /private/. We can all encourage him to do it when he's clean and can make clearcut decisions. There is nothing they can do on the Genesis that I can't do in this room, with less people. You know how he keeps himself closed to the world, Rhea. You know how humiliating this would be if everyone in sickbay could see his suffering.'

"He can take the private room," Rhea says, doing her best to be as sensible as possible. "His people are doctors. They are professionals. They can deal. It's not as if he'd have to do it in the middle of CIC. The commander isn't going to make this some kind of public spectacle. Here, he's just going to have more room to put up more walls. He needs to get it done with. It'll hurt. It'll be hard. Nothing he's going to go through will be pretty. No matter what you do."

Adele lets go of a harsh laugh. "I'm a doctor too, Rhea. I know how to perform a home detox." She stands there, her arms still stubbornly folded across her chest. "No, it's not going to be pretty. I'm not trying to /make/ it pretty. I'm not frakking naive. I worked at Caprica City General, Rhea, and uppers are very en vogue among the upper crust. I've seen my share of withdrawl, and I've strapped more than one person to a bed." She pushes a hand through the front of her hair, dislodging a few wisps from her ponytail. "I'm not trying to be some vigilante doctor operating under the radar to save face. But this is what was decided, by a man who holds everything inside. If he would have held onto it anymore, it would have gotten to the point where he'd have run out of baxadrin or seronol and — gods, who the frak knows what would have happened." She breathes in through her nostrils, then lets the breath go through her mouth. "He will tell Regas. He'd rather do it himself than have his civvie girlfriend go do it for him, and I'll make it clear that's what's going to happen if he doesn't. But he's taken his steps, Rhea. I don't know that he has any more left in him. Can you just let this play out the way it's been planned?"

Rhea is silent for a long time. That tightly composed expression coming to her face. She stands. "You know what, Adele? Do what you have to do. I'll do the same." She stands. "I can probably get Reece a day pass to the Genesis. Not like I don't have several good excuses, and we're at Condition Three." She clearly doesn't like the idea. Battlestars and children don't mix. "I'm not going to stretch it past twenty-four hours. Beyond that…Reece has friends here his own age. Maybe Major Altair has room in that Navy Children's Holding Facility that's been dancing in my head. I'll figure something out. I'll be by to get him in the morning."

Adele swallows dryly, watching Rhea stand with that tight expression on her face. Slowly, her arms unfold from her chest and she lets out a haggard breath. "Frak," she mumbles, moving to settle her rear against the arm of the couch. "I'm sorry, Rhea. I know I'm probably frakking this up, but I love him. I don't want to try to make him do something if it has any chance of backfiring, and…" She trails off. Whatever words she doesn't say make her head hang anyway, as though she had said them.

"Lucky this doesn't have any chance of backfiring, right?" Rhea says tersely. She's tight-lipped. And far more unsure than she'd like to show. "I hope I'm wrong. I have to go. I've got shit to do. I'm sure you do, too." With that, she strides out of the townhouse. To catch the O'Dark Thirty shuttle. She'll be back as soon as she can pound a visitor's pass out of the appropriate department in the morning, to move her boy. Again.

Adele watches Rhea go, sliding backwards onto the couch from the arm. She lands with an audible thump and stares up at the ceiling unblinkingly.

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