Astyoche's Evaluation
Astyoche's Evaluation
Summary: Evelyn gets tasked the psychiatric evaluation of Astyoche as court ordered by JAG.
Date: 36 ACH
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Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
35 ACH 6285 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

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[Intercom] Astyoche Kyrios, report to sickbay. Astyoche Kyrios to sick bay.

Astyoche comes in from Corridor 13B.
Astyoche has arrived.

Eve is standing near the open door to her office, a clipboard in hand, apparently waiting for someone which might have something to do with the intercom message that just squacked throughout the ship.

Shortly after the announcement, accompanied by two MPs, a particular inhabitant, thus summoned, enters the sickbay. She draws to a stop inside the chamber and looks around with a sort of melancholy humor to her features. Her face turns toward the open door a moment, and she says, "Hello?" in a slightly unenthused tone.

Eve gives a pleasant enough smile, considering the circumstances. "Miss Kyrios, my name is Lieutenant Evelyn Sloan, Em Dee. The psychiatrist aboard the Genesis here. Your two friends can stay outside here, if you'd be so kind to join me in my office." A hand sweeps towards her door, as if Astyoche has any say in the matter.

Astyoche looks back to the MP's a second with a tenative step forward. With noisey, beatsome death not forthcoming, she takes a more certain second and steps into the office. She stops and stands to, with a quiet, possibly confused, "Good evening, Lieutenant." though she manages to force a brief, if weak, smile.

You head towards Psychiatry Office.
Psychiatry Office Genesis - Deck 13
35 ACH 6285 Souls

This room is decorated in a deep, rich green color. Some plants are in pots here, including one climbing Ivy on a small trellis which stretches up the side of a wooden bookcase set against one wall, filled with textbooks. There is a desk in front of a few file cabinets in the corner of the room farthest from the door, while opposite the bookshelves there is a comfortable looking leather reclining setee with a large leather chair next to it with an unobtrusive table nearby with a box of disposable tissues on it.
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Astyoche comes in from Sickbay.
Astyoche has arrived.

Eve motions towards the couch, "Miss Kyrios," She begins, not using the woman's potential rank, given the situation. "I've been given the task of performing a psychological evaluation of your mental status, do you understand what that means?" She asks simply, moving towards a coffee maker in the corner of the room.

"You're supposed to make sure I'm fit for…. whatever they do to me, sir." Asty replies thoughtfully, suppressing the urge to clasp her hands, instead keeping them by her sides.

Eve gives a bit of a nod of her head. "Please. Take a seat. Would you care for some coffee?" Rations are getting tight, but apparently Evelyn has enough for a few more pots on special occasions and this one might just count.

"Thank you, sir, but no." Asty replies gently as she settles onto the edge of the couch, "You all need to be alert. I don't."

Eve still goes about the motions of filling a cup for herself at least. "Please be aware this session is not privileged, and our voices will be recorded for the purpose of a transcript which will then be handed over to JAG as part of my professional opinion. Do you understand?" She asks. Her words may be harsh, but they're not delivered as such. All in all, the doctor actually seems pretty warm, considering.

A wan smile and a nod, "I understand, sir." Asty replies. She rests her elbows on her knees and laces her fingers, stifling most of a sigh, then looks up Eve's way.

Eve clicks on the recorder near her chair as she settles in, "Let's just start with your name, hmm?" Evelyn asks, starting to fall within an easy pattern of doing her job. Coffee cup lifts to her lips as she waits for Asty's response.

"Astyoche Kyrios, sir." Asty responds easily enough, though her tone is even, not quite flat.

Eve leans back in the chair, like they are just two people having a conversation, even if it is a little one sided. "Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, Astyoche. Where you were born, where did you go to school…before all this happened." Whether 'all this' means the holocaust or the murder is left up to interpretation.

Astyoche nods, "I'm twenty eight years old, born in Telmeidas, Scorpia. My mother's name…" and she pauses, eyes lowering, "was… Astraea Perseides-Kyrios. My… father was Psiden Kyrios." She takes a slow breath, "I was the first born by four years."

Eve doesn't make notes, she doesn't need to. For once everything is being recorded. She merely nods, in a brief show of encouragement for Astyoche to keep going if she likes. "How many siblings?" Is asked lightly.

Astyoche's eyes close and her lips press together for a moment, "One… my little sister… Phaedra…" she says quietly. There is a moment's silence, "I'd hang out and play with the local boys when Mom wanted me out of the way, or I would watch Phae when she had a call, or was trying to make dinner."

Eve makes no show of emotion on her face, just that same placid mask where people see what they want to see. It could be the comfort they seek, or the scrutiny they fear. Each interprets it in a different way. "You were close?" Asked in past tense, which likely it would be whether or not the whole of civilization is considered wiped out.

Astyoche flinches subtly at the question, then comes a weak nod. She sighs, her voice strained, "I looked out for her all the time… especially when Dad.." She gives a shake of her head, then, "He had an affair a little after my twelfth… it was… Ma decided she couldn't live with a man she couldn't trust. Phaedra… she had problems growing up. She…" a crack of voice, "She was a good girl, but she had a hard time understanding things… and with Mom working to support us… I took care of her most of the time."

Astyoche's relationship with her sister established, Evelyn's careful to steer the woman around the emotions, probing the ones she needs specifically. "And what happened to your sister?"

Tendons float along the back of Asty's hands at the question as her muscles tighten, "She…" The woman chokes on the next words, her face contorting in pain and anger, then in a torn whisper, "…s-she was…raped a-and…. " A droplet falls from her chin, "…murdered…"

Eve picks the box of tissues up from its resting place. The recorder can't see tears, so she has to get it on record some how that the patient is crying without making it over obvious. "Here. Have a tissue." She says quietly, offering it over to Astyoche. "How did your mother take the news?"

Astyoche's hands part, one reaching out toward the offer without it's owner looking from the floor. After some minor adjustments to make contact with the box, she takes one and brings it to her face for the expected purpose. With the new question, her head shakes ruefully and her eyes open, "She was… she was trying to keep it together by the time I got jumped back home…" Sniff-honk! "Sh-she called for Phae by mistake a few times, and… she'd start to brim up."

Eve leans forward slightly, her elbow resting on the arm of the chair. "And where were you when it happened?" Presumeably on duty, but Evelyn doesn't presume anything. Besides, she'd rather hear it from Astyoche's point of view.

"I was on a CAP for the Nike… the ship I was stationed on." Asty replies mournfully, her fingers curling and relaxing around the tissue within their clutches, "I was relived and ordered back to the barn… That's where…" She closes her eyes, then, "The CAG was waiting for me… I never saw that look on him before… he wouldn't look at me, and he struggled for words…"

Eve can only nod, she can't put her personal self into the conversation, having to reserve her own emotions as part of the job. "So you were allowed to go back home. Then what?"

"We were interviewed by police… who she knew, if she had any vices…." Asty's head moves side to side again, "What we were doing…" She sighs, "Never saw my father, but… he may have been by before I got back…. she never mentioned him. We never talked about him." Her eyes open and turn Eve's way, "I resigned my comission, moved back home…. got a job flying for a local air show."

Eve raises her hand to rub at her lower lip, its an old habit of hers, when her brain is in overdrive. "Did they catch the attacker?" She asks, as if not already knowing the answer to that question.

"Third week or so, JAG came in… DNA from her…" Asty blanches, "….her rape kit matched her boyfriend." She shakes her head and wrings the tissues, "Mom was… she couldn't believe it."

Well there are certain details she knew, and others seem to be coming to light, but Evelyn's face never changes. "And then what. Tell me about him. Tell me about his trial." She has to go through all of this again with Astyoche, no matter how many times she's been forced to tell the story.

"Halcyon Delios, " Asty replies with barely controlled contempt, "El Tee on the Chimaera. Viper jock." She takes a slow breath, then continues, "He was from a family that was a big deal on Picon." Her fingers tighten around the tissue and she continues as bidden, "Prosecutor's office practicly had the rifles loaded, sir. Had DNA and an alibi JAG tore to frak-all."

Eve gives her a nod, silent confirmation that she should keep going. Keep rolling through the story. Apparently they're not to the meat of the issue yet, that Evelyn needs to dwell on.

That simmering contempt darkens her face and she is silent for a couple of heartbeats before, in a tight, quavering tone, "The-they were nearing the closing arguments, and, suddenly… all the evidence became a technicality…" Squeeze, "All of it."

Eve watches the play of emotions across Astyoche's face carefully, noting every little change, flinch and pinch. "So the case became circumstancial, and he was released on that technicality. Free to go back to his normal life as if it never happened. And you?"

Drip. A nod. "It never happened… but she was still…" the prisoner's words choke off, and no more come forth for several seconds, "I… I felt like everything was going sideways… It was after…. Mom started drinking… she barely spoke anymore." She dabs, then, "I… don't remember when I first started… thinking about it…"

Eve leans back in her chair, looking to coffee that's already growing cold, but waste not want not. She takes a sip, the lines around her eyes wrinkling up and betraying her age. As the mug is lowered, she murmurs. "Thinking about what." She wants to quantify 'it', make it seem less generalized and more real to Astyoche.

"Finding him, sir…." Astyoche returns in a grim tone, "Finding him and making him pay for what he did to her." she looks the shrink's way. A pause, then, "I thought about killing him." and she looks at the floor.

Eve urges her forward with a not so subtle. "So you thought about it, but you didn't stop there. What happened next?"

"Over the next year I started talking to some friends, trying to find out what I could…" she Asty says softly, "Praying to Artemis… " She sets the tissue down before her and laces her hands, "I got word that he would be on Scorpia…"

Eve wets her lips slightly, her mouth going dry with the tale, but she covers nicely. "And what happened on Scorpia?" She prods her forward.

"I took… one of the Show's decommed Vipers. It was just brought back from retuning and I'd running it through it's paces to make sure it was proper." comes Asty's answer, her face flickering with somethiing, "He was on an Orientation flight, an area I knew." She shakes her head, "I ducked dradis and changed course."

If Eve were watching a movie, the suspense would be killing her. As it stands, she's with a patient and has to keep that incredibly neutral expression fixed to her features. "And then what."

Astyoche's eyes close, "I came into the zone through the buttes on the southwestern corner and set her down on the flats to wait." She sighs, then, eyes reopening, "About thirteen-fifty hours I had a Dradis contact riding higher than he should. I powered up, and skimmed the ground to gain speed and came up under him."

Eve closes her eyes briefly, as if picturing it in her own mind. They reopen though, focusing on Asty. "And then."

Astyoche slowly brings her gaze to Eve, "I leveled off parallel to his course. I could have rammed him, but…" her eyes lower, "I couldn't risk being wrong, so I levelled off and got onto his wing. I tightened up, and.. when I saw his face, when I knew it was him…" She looks down, "I rode him down, sir."

Eve gives another nod, she's full of those lately. "What do you mean, by rode him down…?"

Astyoche's hands open before her, then reclasp, "I pressed on him, we rubbed a couple of times… I was able to keep control, but he wasn't." She swallows, "He tried to outthrust me, but his angle was bad, and we were already fairly low. I yanked vertical out of his wash, and he buried the bird." The woman's breath comes slowly, "I…. circled twice, then set down nearby. I knew there would be craft coming shortly, so, I killed the Viper and… I climbed out. It wasn't what I expected, that feeling…. all I could do was watch the wreckage burn."

Eve doesn't make notations, but she does check the recorder briefly. Just a subtle tilt of the machine to make sure its still going. She'll make her own statements later, when she's reviewing the tape. "What -were- you feeling?" She asks gently.

Astyoche's hands slide along the opposing forearms, "When I… when I heard the hit, I felt… elated, he was gone to Charon for what he did to her. The Viper's stick was wiggling in my grip, I dismissed it as wing damage, and when I got out, when I stared at what I made… there was no heat. The flames weren't but two viper lengths away, but I couldn't feel it." Her fingers squeeze some into the flesh of her biceps and she closes her eyes, "It… wasn't until I'd slumped to the sand that I realized my hands were shaking… I wasn't afraid…"

Eve pays careful attention through here, this is the crux of the situation. Whether or not the woman feels remorse for what she had done. "What was it then? If not fear, then…? What do you think it was?"

Astyoche tightens in on herself, her lips pressing grimly for a few moments. She takes a quaking breath, then another, before a faint whisper, "… doubt…"

Eve won't touch her, of course, but Evelyn reaches out, a hand hovering for a moment. "Doubt about what." She says softly, before her hand is folded back in her lap.

"What…." she starts in a strangled tone, "…if I was wrong…" Haunted eyes open and turn only vaguely toward Eve, "… Artemis forgive me…." and her head hangs, "What if I was wrong…."

<Trait Roll> Eve rolls Psychology and achieves a degree of Good (4).

They continue like this for a bit longer, Evelyn prodding for answers that will help her form a professional opinion of the woman on the couch. Finally a knock comes on the door, the MPs needing to take Astyoche back to berthings. Evelyn stands from her seat, offering Astyoche another tissue. "I think that's all for today…"

Mutely accepting the tissue, Asty does her best to clean herself up and sort herself out before she says, "Thank you." in a quiet, if arguably composed tone. She takes a deep breath or two, then picks up the older tissues, asking, "Where should I put these, sir?"

Eve motions towards a trash can near the door, mustering another of those warm smiles for Astyoches' benefit. There is no forthcoming 'you're welcome' for undoubtedly the days ahead for the woman will only get worse.

Astyoche doesn't have any illusions otherwise. She nods and turns to deposit the refuse in it's receptacle before she turns back to the woman with a nod, "Good night, Lieutenant."

Eve dips her head respectfully, "Goodnight Miss Kyrios."

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