At 120 MPH
At 120 MPH
Summary: Orion discusses his outlook on death with his squadron leader.
Date: 79 ACH
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Recovery Ward

This is a large room holding over twenty bed stations for patients to recover after having treatment severe enough that they cannot immediately return to duty. Each station has various connections for medical equipment, a bed with collapsible railings, fold out table, adjustable positions and a privacy curtain.

Orion is sitting up in bed, more or less making himself as comfy as one can be, given the circumstances. He's got a book laying over his thighs… flight stuff. Maneuvers, tactics, flight characteristics. If getting shot down isn't a motivator for improving quickly, and if having members of your squadron blasted into dust isn't a fine motivation to improve, nothing is. There's a cup of water next to him, on a table, half empty. Or half full, depending.

Captain Nikos stalks into the recovery ward. It's what she does. She's little, so she moves with authority. She pulls a chair, and drags it all the way across to the bedside, even if it's noisy and makes an annoying scrape sound. She kicks it around with a foot, then completely bypasses it and steps up to the bedside. "You don't look dead. Are you planning to bleed out and die anytime soon?"

Orion looks up sharply at that voice. "No, sir. You won't be rid of me that easy." Bitter, arms a little twitchy… he's had quite a shit day, you know, but he doesn't look wounded, walking or otherwise. "Reckon my Uncle Marcus had the right idea. Best way to go is doin' a hundred twenty, slammin into a brick wall while gettin a blowjob."

Addie nods. "Thank you for that image, Ensign." Her voice somehow manages to be almost perfectly flat, as if he's just suggested something she's tolerating in a command sort of way. The Captain gives the wounded pilot a once over, a careful one, then says, "You look like shit. Do you need more water?"

"Glad I could help, Captain." His smile is toothy, but no way the whole thing was natural, based on general body language. "I ain't drowning in the stuff… not thirsty." He gives his half-empty cup a glance like it insulted his dog or something, then turns back to her. "I'll be alright. Doc says I might even avoid some brain damage. Not that anyone'd notice."

The manual is removed from Orion's lap. The Captain tips back to sit in the chair, taking it with her. She kicks the chair back at a most unsafe angle, and puts her feet up on Orion's bed, still in duty uniform. "You're right, probably wouldn't notice." She flips forward, and selects a particular section on the maneuvering with combat damage, and she points to a section. "Read up on this, think up some questions. We'll discuss when you're more lucid." And not talking about blow jobs.

"Yes sir." Orion glances at the page. "I don't understand what happened, to be honest. I'm fixing to put a big bandage over whatever I frakked up. I don't see how I could've gotten away from this, though. One guy swoops in high, the other came in so low I barely even saw him. I get these warnings over comm that I got a pair of shadows on my six… was worse than dogfighting school." He glances at the page again, "Lucky I didn't…" He pauses, "Well… I got lucky."

Addison thunks the chair to the floor, rises, and replaces the text on Orion's lap. "Don't think too hard or you might brain bleed." She waves a hand in the general direction of his head. "Skill and luck combine and here you are alive. Don't blame, just get better. I'll review the footage with you when you're out." She leans in briefly, the only time Addie can tower over most of her pilots. "You page me if they're not giving you enough drugs."

"I'm fine." No. He's visibly not. Physically, maybe. "Doc says it's just a 24 hour thing. I'll be back in CAPs faster than shit through a goose. Thanks, Captain." He grabs the book and peers at the page she's highlighted.

"You'll be on CAPs when the Major or I clear you for it. After we review the footage, but before you think up any other colorful colloquialisms to levy upon me." Captain Nikos shakes her head slightly, leaves the chair where it is, and notes, "Don't fib to your Captain. She does not like it." Addie refills his water from a small nearby pitcher, then turns to go.

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