Kayvan Novak
Kayvan Novak as Azad Girard
Name: Azad Girard
Callsign: {$callsign}
Age: 26
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Deck
Position: Technician
Rank: Crewman
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aquaria
Actor: Kayvan Novak


Nothing can sum up Azad Girard's path through life better than being in "the right place at the right time." If he were in one of his more cynical states he would be tempted to describe it as "the wrong place at the right time" but one cannot deny his uncanny strokes of luck that have brought him to a place of relative safety when so many other souls have not been nearly as lucky.

Born on Aquaria to an Aquarian mother and a Gemenese father, both academics he was the product of a broken home and was generally confused about his direction in life, while constantly moving. His father upped and left, presumably to Gemenon when he was 11. Having been booted out of the house as a mild troublemaker and getting in with the "wrong crowd" he generally never took his petty mischief too far and managed to make it out of that kind of turbulent lifestyle without a criminal record. Always semi-fascinated by the social applications of technology, he nevertheless had a practical talent for it that he only somewhat focused for a long while. As such, he took his time through school, getting an education at the Kobol Colleges on Gemenon with quite high marks despite getting in minor trouble for pulling a few pranks. One of the more famous ones involved the slight..defacement of the Mainframe welcome screen which depicted the most recent Quorom delegate from Gemenon in a compromising position with a sheep. He barely managed to con his way out of expulsion over this one, but the fact of the matter was, he did con his way out and remained in.
However, he often took time off in between semesters to perform computer network administration, systems security, and database work for numerous private-sector clients, which paid the bills. As a result, it took him roughly eight years to get a degree in Informatics, which was presented to him shortly before the Cylon Attack on the Colonies. Strangely, he could have sworn he saw a man who resembled his father in the crowd that day. However, the man was nowhere to be seen when Azad waded into the crowd at the Commencement.

Shortly after his graduation ceremony he shuffled off to return to Aquaria. Due to low funds and a sort of desire to lollygag, he chartered passage on a commercial freighter, the Astra. Their regular Tech officer was ill and replaced by a sloppy drunk. Upon seeing evidence of the man's work, Azad conned himself into getting better digs and an under-the-table commission by convincing the crew to allow him to "assist" the man in his work(which usually consisted of him cleaning up whatever damage or sloppy workmanship was performed on the shipboard systems). Figuring he'd pass the time in space figuring out what to do with his life rather than deal with a passenger liner, little did he know that all Hell would break loose.

And it did. The one-two punch of the Cylon attack combined with the rather unfriendly meeting with the Pegasus stripped the crew of this ship quite a bit. Because he was not a regular crew member and the Colleges just processed his graduation and gave him his degree before the attack, he managed to slip under the radar and avoid getting press-ganged by the Pegasas crew. Staying out of the way, he lingered behind to help pick up the pieces and hold what was left of the gutted freighter's systems together, his somewhat dry humor helping him on even as conditions on the ship got worse and worse.

And then the Astra and its companion ships were picked up the Genesis fleet. A few months later, he found himself at a crossroads and very much wondering what a talented, versatile, if bored man of his age could do in this new world that had been created by seemingly one disaster after another.

Realizing that nobody was a civilian anymore(at least in the eyes of the Cylons), he enlisted in the Colonial Fleet is soon to complete training, with an eye towards technical work.
Of course, if he really wanted to bust his ass he could apply for OCS. He's considering it, even if that would make him a bigger target. He is currently weighing the possibilities of "keeping under the dradis" vs. finally becoming that kind of achiever he could always be. For now, he's content to learn the ways of the Genesis and the military before making up his mind.

He has sibling, a sister named Mahasti, who was several years older serving as a Tactical Officer(Lieutenant) on the Bellorophon. Current status unknown. They were close before she left home. He likes to hope she made it, if no-one else. And maybe she'd be proud of him. Or at least be really amused by his current place in life.

Physical Features

Eyes: Green
Hair: Very dark brown(Cut short)
Weight: 167 Lbs.
Height: 5' 11"
General Build: Wiry
Skin: Lightly tanned, olive.
Distinguishing Marks: A pair of white, ragged scars on his left cheek, a tattoo of a large, stylized phoenix-like bird on his forearm.


  • Computer wizardry
  • Electronics, repair, and tinkering
  • BSing, schmoozing, socializing
  • History and other "serious" academic pursuits
  • A little bit of musical talent
  • Getting in and out of bad situations without a scratch. Usually.


Currently he is making friends with his new-found-friends, the deck gang. Still, he kind of keeps to himself. While a friendly, charming extrovert he doesn't trust people easily.


Azad is fairly witty and has the gift of the gab. He is also inquisitive and is quite adept with things like pattern recognition, technology, understanding cause-and-effect, and grasping systems and languages.

He also has an excellent grasp of Colonial history and sometimes has a penchant for making jokes referencing it. Also familiar with esoteric arts like music, literature, etc.
However, he can strike you as someone with many cheerful accquaintances but is used to being guarded and self-sufficient, maybe a little paranoid. As a result, he doesn't keep very many people truly close. He functions better that way. Or maybe this is just a recent mode of behavior learned after the fall of humanity and practically everyone he has ever known. Or maybe it's both.

He is probably one of the least religious members of the Fleet. Not an outright atheist, but rarely can be seen in a Temple for anything other than curiousity's sake(without being overtly blasphemous).
As a result of the hard times piling up, he has a grudging recognition for the god, Hermes, who he views as a symbol of good fortune, wits, safe passage and a sort of positive outlook on chaos. This is less of a religious devotion and is more a metaphysical, philosophical attraction. Also, he doesn't have much time for the Gemenese brand of religion.

Interestingly, since arriving on the Genesis he had his first positive experience in a chapel after dealing with Genesis' Chaplain and being impressed by her scholarly bent and lack of perceived anti-intellectualism. He did really only pray to Hermes, though.

  • Computer theory
  • Technological hacking
  • Booze & smokes
  • Loud music
  • Academic theory, even if he's only an amateur
  • Keeping his ass covered
  • Getting even
  • Pretty women(like everyone else)
  • Tinkering
  • Hermes, the only God he seems to have any real recognition of
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