Background Noise

The snow flew wildly around my face as the Raptor touched down not more than a thousand feet in front of me. I couldn't make out who was inside, but I knew a Colonial raptor when I saw one. With use of the stick I had found, I held myself up and waited until I could see well enough again. The sound of the hatch opening and then someone coming through the drifting and blowing snow.

I smiled. "I never thou—"

The arm raised and then something blossomed in my chest, I could feel the bullet rip through bone and flesh. The metal smashing past living tissue to burst out the middle of my back, taking half my spine with it. I'm sure the shock on my face was funny.

I fell back into the snow, gasping as the blood pooled around my body and colored the snow. My eyes stared upward into the cold, blue sky and then it was blocked by the figure who held he smoking gun.

I saw the eyes. The face. Impossible. I tried to form a word, but then there was only buzzing in my head. How?

Then, nothing. She didn't even feel the hand yanking her dogtags off.

The figure smirked and walked back to the Raptor, leaving the woman in the snow.

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