Back to Work!!!
Back to Work!
Summary: Reed and Fotilas discuss a few things in Sickbay, including his return to duty.
Date: 37 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
37 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
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Reed is at the side of his bed, nurse at his side, carefully helping the Major back into bed, moving his legs up and back as Reed settles back into the bed, face stony from concentration. The nurse then brings the blanket back up over him.

There's a light knock a the door as it pushes open. Fotilas leans around the door to peek around. Seeing that people are indeed awake, he moves in and closes the door behind him. "Afternoon, Major," he says quietly. The XO's eyes avert to the nurse for a moment with Reed's concentration. Don't want to interrupt something like a recovery.

Reed looks to the door, "Colonel, sir." He swallows as he settles back in the bed, the opposite of coming to attention, the nurse, finishing settling the Major in, "You'll have to excuse my lack of coming to, but.." The nurse nods, to the Major, saying sweetly, "..but if you tried it, I'd have to put your catheter back in." Reed looks at the nurse, nodding, "Thank you for the walk, PO." The nurse nods, taking a tray and moving for the exit, looking to Fotilas, "Sir." she greets on the way out. busy around here.

"Carter, if I wanted you at attention in here, I think Zaharis would find a way to ensure the rest of my deployment was painful." Fotilas speaks softly to the Major and winces a touch at the mention of a catheter. OMG. He looks to the PO with a touch of fear. "Petty Officer." Settling back in on the recovering gentleman in the bed: "I didn't want to bug you during early stages of recovery. Sometimes I can be a bit abrasive.. or so I'm told. How are you doing?" He turns a touch to look for a chair.

Reed gestures to the bedside chair, "Well, sir, my early stages of recovery largely involved a Coma, so I'm sure you wouldn't have hurt my feelings." He says with a smirk. "They call this limited mobility. Warming up for PT and the real pain." He smiles, "Mostly walking me around like an old man to try to get everything they put back together in me working. I'm up to clear liquids and nutrient compounds, though, so I'm off the IV feeding. That's good."

"Well during your coma, the Commander and I were heavily involved in tactical matters. I don't think I left the CIC for thirty-six hours. I smelled awful, too." Fotilas allows a smile to crack. "Glad to hear about the IV feeding, though. I wasn't aware you were walking again, either. Damned happy to hear that, too." He sits down in the chair, leaning forward onto his knees. "What're you keeping yourself busy with in the meantime? I've got stacks of paperwork I could offer. Facinating stuff about repair orders, logistical updates, behavioral issues…" He tries to make it sound as enticing as possible.

Reed grins, "I've been reading, doing generally nothing to slow or hamper my recovery, sir. The walking is a new thing really, just started it and I'm still limited to this room. While your paperwork offer is tempting, I believe that you'll need an on duty officer who can be held accountable for handling the work properly. Anything of interest going on at the moment? We had a Condition Two recently.

"Good man. Need anything new to read? I don't have much myself, but I heard some scuttle about the Pandora's Deck Chief running an unofficial library of personal books." Fotilas offers it with a raised brow. But the decline of his offer gets a shaken head. "Damn. Ah, it was worth a shot." The last, though, gets a glance back to the door to make sure its shut. "Colonial Military Code 199." A distress call. "Confirmed source being the Battlestar Persius. Near as we can tell it jumped out of drydock during decommissioning. We're working on making contact with her as we speak. But that's Close-Hold, so don't discuss it with anyone. But you're entitled due to your condition and actions, Major."

Reed closes his eyes briefly, then opens them once more, and nods, "Understood, sir. I hope we can establish contact. Two battlestars improve chances greatly, and if she's not in much condition, even parting her out will solve a lot of problems we have."

"My thoughts exactly. We believe there to still be survivors on board, but we can't confirm anything. The people are important, but a Battlstar prepped to be scrapped? Logistical goldmine for the Deck and Engineering." Fotilas settles back into the chair, finally. "Anyone been able to get you information on anything else? Stuff you have heard scuttle on but nothing firm?"

Reed looks around, and shakes his head, "Not really, sir. I've been stuck in here and haven't seen the outside since my little disagreement with the Centurion on the PAS hangar floor. I'd be grateful of any fresh scuttlebut or even some new jokes, sir."

"Well I know some basics. We've gotten almost everyone out of the Recovery Ward from the Leonis mission. Those that made it back, anyway. We had some Viper pilots injured during the fighting last week where you met your injuries." Fotilas sighs. "Supplies are running low and we're on emergency rations for almost everything. To be honest Reed, I could use your mind back for some help. We've got the mind for the same thing, but your head operates different. Which.. isn't a bad thing. At all." He pauses. "When is Major Zaharis saying that you might be able to do some light duty?"

Reed shakes his head, "He hasn't, but I might be released to Bedrest in Berthings in a day or so. I've heard of all the supply problems and shortages, but without the whole picture, I'm pitching in the dark. I don't even know what I'll be assigned to once I -get- light duty."

Fotilas nods. "Good to hear. I'll be pleased to see you out and around the ship again. But yeah, about the problems. If you want something to work on, I can get you the information as long as Zaharis is in agreement that you can handle some work." The XO seems pretty adamant about that. "But only if you want it. I'd love to pick your brain on some things." A Colonel consulting a Major.. must be a healthy respect there. "As for where you are assigned? I can't help you there. Anyplace you'd like to go in particular? I can't promise you'll get it, but I'm open to hearing ideas for when I discuss it with Regas."

Reed shrugs, "Well, sir, I have a C-19 classification on Capital Ship Weapons systems and targeting, as well, as full Command package I still retain from COing the PAS. I'm a little overqualified as Watch Officer and a Weapons officer, but I think I could do some good in CIC with a rotation at the Conn."

The Colonel listens and simple nods once more when he finishes. "Understood, Major." He's letting ideas bounce around in his mind. "Well I can see what I can do there. In the meantime, shall I check with Zaharis about getting you our supply figures..? Or would you prefer to keep current habits until you return to duty?"

The XO can't hide his smile. "Damned pleased to hear that, Carter. I'll talk to Zaharis and see when I can get it to you. Its not a lot of information, if that tells you anything. Ammo and fuel are down to dangerous levels." He shakes his head. "Is there anything I can get for you, otherwise? People you want me to grab to come visit?"

Reed considers, then shakes his head, "No one you can send up sir, not off the top of my head. My sidearm and gunbelt is safely in the MAA lockup, I'll go down there, once I can to collect it. And I've made a few preperations for my release already, but thank you, sir. That's always good to know there's people on the outside pulling for you."

"Pulling for you, Carter? Hell, man." Fotilas snorts, chuckling. "We need you. Cool head, wealth of knowledge.. Just take the time to heal right. I don't want you down for any longer than is necessary. And that's an order." His voice gets a bit more serious. "If I find out you're pushing too hard and its interfering with your recovery, I'll give Zaharis permission to do his worst and I'll pull you from duty until I'm satisfied." Yep, he's still the Executive Officer. "We can't afford to lose you, Major. No more than we can afford to lose Zaharis, Regas, Zimmermann or anyone else in command." He slowly rises from the chair. "But I do need to get back to the CIC. If there is anything I can do for you, send a runner. I'll have Ensign Peters drop off the information."

Reed nods, then, "Sir? Permission to speak freely? Won't take long, sir."

The Colonel's brow quirks. "Uh, sure. What's up, Reed?"

Reed takes a breath, swallows, then, "I recall from the Taproom, something, and I don't wish to step into your personal affairs. But she was one of the PAS Contractors, and therefore.." He shakes his head, "Memory Eleutherios. I recall you and she talking in the Taproom. I'm sorry that she didn't make it through the Raider fire as the PAS personnel were evacuating."

Most XO's are unflappable. Fotilas is one of them. He doesn't have a personal life. But there's something there and he looks away for a moment. He sighs. "Yes, thank you." He looks back to Reed. That hit closer to home than the Major might have expected. "She and I were seeing each other…" He leaves something off the end of it, though. "I appreciate the information."

Reeds jaw tenses, and he nods, swallowing. The XO was seeing her, but the Major was her CO, and he obviously feels the responsibility for the loss of her life. "Aye, sir. I'm- That's all I wanted to say, sir."

Fotilas nods. "I'm sorry for your losses, Carter. Few people have a better appreciation for the burdens we have than others at the top of command. We don't get to pass the buck." Or the cubit. Or whatever they say. The man pauses for a moment to reorganize his thoughts. "Get better." He nods to the man and turns to leave.

Reed nods, "Aye aye, sir." He says quietly, and lets the XO leave him with his own thoughts.

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