Balancing Acts
Balancing Acts
Summary: Salin and Zaharis visit Regas in his quarters. Arguments are had. Good times.
Date: 44 ACH
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 12
43 ACH 6285 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.

It's probably a good thing he is all ready for a battle, because it is probably coming his way. At the moment, the Commander is in the small bathroom and shaving. He makes those weird looks as he moves his jaw slightly. Figuring it is his XO, he doesn't actually look that way, "Did I forget to make some other order you aren't happy with, Colonel?"

Having at least knocked first, Salin opened the door the quarters and slipped in once permission had been granted. There's a piece of memo paper held firmly in one hand and once within the quarters, he's giving a slight smirk, "It's Major Altair, Commander. I need to speak with you."

Zaharis didn't realise this was a Command gangbang. He's stepped in right after Salin, dressed in his off-duties and carrying a report in a black folder under one arm. A brow raises at Regas' greeting, and he glances at the memo that Salin's holding. OH BOY. "And Major Zaharis, sir." Another glance at Salin wielding the power of JAG, and he calls back towards Regas. "I can wait if you like."

"Have a seat, the liquor is in the bottom left hand drawer," Regas tells them, once he hears the familiar voices. He isn't going to hurry such a delicate job at the moment. "Feel free to speak up, I'm all ears."

There's a slight turn of his head towards Zaharis and Salin is giving a shake of his head, "I won't be long, Doc." Then, he's looking back in the direction of the bathroom, making no move to sit or venture towards the liquor, "Commander, do I even need to begin to explain that neither you nor Colonel Fotilas can force marriage upon someone. And I'm sure I don't need to remind the Commander that a forced marriage is considered illegal."

Zaharis should have brought popcorn. He doesn't glance at the liquor drawer either, at least not for now, one brow slowly lofting as Salin launches into topic. No comment from him. Yet.

Scrape scrape scrape. Regas moves his lip a little and then shakes the shaving cream off in the cup of water he has nearby, "This ship is not a democracy, Major Altair. We are no longer on the colonies, we no longer have the luxury of it. I will not have my Officers running around frakking anything they like and not taking the consequences for their actions."

There's a shake of Salin's head and his fingers curl a little more tightly against the memo he's holding, "No, this ship is not a democracy, Commander. But it has Laws, Rules and Regulations. We do not get to choose which ones are enforced and which ones will be tossed aside." A pause and he's taking a breath, "This 'order' effectively violates the rights of all people aboard this ship. I certainly hope you don't expect JAG to handle any cases should people refuse this."

Zaharis' shoulders straighten a little. He looks tempted to say something but he still remains quiet rather than interrupt yet. He is listening quite carefully to what's being said on both sides.

Regas rinses the razor and tosses the mess down the sink. Taking a small towel he wipes his face and then reaches for the uniform jacket, pulling it on as he walks back out into the main area, "If you have a problem with my orders, Major Altair, you can take it up with the CAG. My main concern is the women on the frontlines. Maybe they will think twice about bouncing from bunk to bunk."

If it was possible, there would probably be smoke pumping out of Salin's ears and when Regas finally makes an appearance within the main area, the lawyer is giving a firm shake of his head, "I'm not disputing that there is an issue that needs to be addressed, Commander. If this issue is becoming a problem, then it most certainly needs to be headed off immediately. But, with all due respect Commander, the order you issued is unlawful." He pauses then, straightening slightly, "And, as legal advocate for those aboard, I will advise each and any that come to me that the order is issued outside the confines of the powers vested to you as a Military Officer or Commander of this Vessel and that Command has no legal standing." Now, the lawyer refrains from looking directly at Regas, "Find another way, Commander."

"Sir, if I may ask," Zaharis finally speaks, whether doing so in this position is a good idea or not. "Is the directive meant to protect an image of morale once behaviour has already occured? Or meant to be a deterrent?" From his tone he's not convinced it's functional as either one.

Regas continues buttoning the jacket until he reaches the top flap. A smile comes over his face like the cat who ate the canary, "Well, that is where you are wrong. I have all the legal standing in our small universe. However, if you are so adamant that I am infringing on the rights of those below me. You find a way, Major. But, until you do, if my Senior Officers continue to come up pregnant or make others pregnant, they are going to give that child a name and a father." His gaze goes to the CMO, "And you make sure my frontline women are on something to keep it from happening. IF I wait till behavior has occured, it's a little late, isn't it?" He moves to his desk now, waving his hand absently, "Don't get me wrong, I'm not against making our fleet larger. But for now, our battlestar is not a daycare center. We have work to do and we have a war to handle. I can't do that with the women of this ship running around pregnant or chasing down toddlers."

Salin just blinks and looks momentarily stunned before he's shaking his head. "Commander, with all due respect, you're wrong." Now, the lawyer's gaze focuses entirely on Regas, "Article 90 of the CCMJ clearly states that no order may be given that interferes with the statutory or constitutional rights of it's members. Marriage, I'm afraid, falls under both categories. As such, you do not have the authority to issue such an order, Commander. Please, do not make me countermand it under the very Articles which you ask me to enforce. It would serve no purpose, beyond causing tension amongst the crew and officers." There's another pause, a moment's thought, "If you need a way, then dictate that as part of the female officers job requirements, they must take birth control shots unless previous permission has been

Zaharis knows zilch about marriage law, but when things wander into medical he's ready to go. Salin even gets a slightly surprised look at that one. "You're prepared to declare forced marriage an illegal order, but remove a woman's reproductive right from her hands, Major? Dictating to women to take birth control shots? This is the flipside to forcing them to have an abortion."

"That is what I told the XO. Isn't that what you are mainly arguing about? Besides me telling the CAG she had to find a husband. Which she took in stride and said she wasn't planning on raising hers alone." Regas grunts a little, seems he may need that drink again. He'll be an alcoholic before this war is overwith. Instead, he crosses to where there is a small station setup for his own coffee and pours some of the dark liquid into his cup. "Not just the female officers though, those on the frontlines or having to do with keeping us running smoothly. Marines, pilots, weapons, engineering, deck…" he tastes the brew as the CMO puts his 3 cubits in. A grimace comes across his face and he crosses back to the comm, ordering the Ensign to get him some decent coffee up here.

There's a flicker of Salin's attention towards Zaharis and he's giving a slight nod of his head, "Unfortunately, Doc, there's no legal standing to declare that type of an order invalid. I'd hate to think we have to take those types of steps. And it's not taking her rights away. If she wants to a have a child, she's fully entitled, under the law, to come off the drugs. The 'permission' is a formality and notice to Commander that one of their staff will be getting pregnant." He's looking back towards Regas, "I'm arguing the legality of the order, Commander." He pauses, then shakes his head again, "No, sorry. I'm not arguing it. I'm informing you as, as a lawyer, that the order is illegal. I'd prefer to have you or Colonel Fotilas rescind it, but if necessary, I'll run around and pull them all done." Another pause and his brow arches slightly, "And I've apparently missed something. I take it that the CAG is pregnant?"

"It is not an ethical order, Major Altair," Zaharis says, frowning. "Birth control, particularly the injected form, is also known to have risks. Bone density reduction, hormone disregulation, severe headaches. Drug interactions. You can't order medical staff to forcibly administer elective medication with /known/ negative long-term consequence…" And then he too rather abruptly stops, looking at Regas. "The CAG is pregnant?"

Regas cradles the comm back on its hanger, "Yes, she is. Just keep it among the Officers for now," he shakes his head some, "Colony laws differ alot from each one too. Plus, each person is going to have a different feeling about anything we say or do." He waits a moment as Pepper knocks and darts in, excusing herself as she brings fresh coffee and takes the old pot away. When she is gone, Regas smiles. "Anyway, coffee?"

Pepper is given just a slight nod before looking back to Regas, "Nothing for me, Commander." And then Salin returns his attention to Zaharis, "Sorry, Doc. Don't mean to suggest something that questions medical ethics. 'fraid I'm not up on all of that, or the possible side effects or risks that come with it." He's looking back to Regas then, "I understand what you're trying to do, Commander, but we'll have to find another way. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that a solution might not be so cut and dry."

"Yeah, why not." Zaharis says to Regas. Command probably has stronger coffee than the watered-down crap they're getting down the hall now. To Salin he remarks, "Well it won't be a forced birth control plan, Major. Medical will not accept being mandated to put a person's health at risk. Not to mention if every woman on this ship went on birth control our supplies would be out in two months, if even that long. I'm willing to look for another way with you. But it will not be that."

"That is why I said the frontlines have the priority, doctor," Regas stipulates and then pours a cup and hands it across to Zaharis before pouring his own. "Alright, Major Altair, you go back to your office and write up some legalese memo and put it as comfortable as you like," he walks back to his desk and sits down, setting his cup on a holder area. "But, if I start having my pilots, my marines and whoever else coming up with babies? You better start putting in some overtime hours, because you will be doing the work."

"Understandable, Major. I won't argue medical ethics with you, that's your department." There's a quick smile to Zaharis and then Salin is looking back to Regas, "What exactly am I writing up, Commander? I don't think we've come to a viable solution to issue a memo on? Unless I'm issuing a memo indicating that the previous orders are to be discarded and that they've been rescinded."

"Priority is fine, sir," Zaharis replies to Regas. It was the 'mandatory' he was arguing against. He falls silent after Salin speaks, glancing at Regas and sipping his coffee.

Regas says, "You and the XO can work something out that is feasible. Considering he about tossed up his breakfast, when I told him he was making the order. The people on this ship are going to learn some discipline, because I'm damn frakking tired of being the camp counselor."

"Very well, Sir. I trust the Commander has no issue with JAG ensuring that the notices are removed in the meantime?" Salin moves his hands behind his back, clasping them together regardless of the memo clasped in the left, "In the meantime, I'll speak with the Colonel and see if something can't be worked out. Any issue with Major Zaharis being involved in the discussion? He can offer a medical and ethical perspective to things that both myself and the Colonel may overlook."

Zaharis says nothing. Mmm, coffee.

Regas leans back in his chair, "I'll see about that in a little while," he tells the JAG. "If there is nothing else then, you are free to go, Major Altair."

Salin comes to attention and gives a slight nod of his head towards Regas, "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." That said, he turns and gives a final nod towards Zaharis before walking to the door and slipping back out into the hallway.

Zaharis nods back to Salin. "Major." He lifts his black folder into the crook of his arm, regarding Regas as Salin leaves.

Salin leaves for Corridor 12E [O].
Salin has left.

Regas picks up the coffee, "Well now," he takes a drink and then sets it back down on the desk. Reaching for the file folder he has, he opens it up. "I've got the Lieutenant's report here on your mental well-being," he begins rereading it quietly. "She doesn't seem to think you'll be fine though. If you run into stress or emotional problems, from how she states this, you'll fall off the wagon." He glances up then.

Zaharis sips his coffee and sets it back down. "I may." He's blunt about it. "However, I'm not much different from anyone else facing stress. I've watched many a soldier react badly to stress, sir. Quite a few in my own department over the years. I've seen many go into a self-destructive route before now, and I've headed off several with my own hands on this ship since the war began. There is no-one on this ship who I would guarantee as being 'fine'." He inhales through his nose. "Nineteen years of my service and I have never fallen before, Commander, and believe me I have been through stress and emotional problems before. I made a mistake this time. I own up to it."

Regas folds the paper closed and lays it aside, "You work very hard in that department, Jesse, it doesn't go unnoticed. You've saved alot of lives and you've put your own on the line. You also lost a fine friend not too long ago, if I'm not mistaken. Our pilots take stims, to keep awake. Our Officers drink along with our enlisted, people play pranks and it is all just a stress reliever when you get right down to it," he pauses there, "However, if a nurse or doctor had come to you with this same problem, I'm sure you would have felt that it was your fault. When it probably wasn't. But, you would have done your duty as their commanding officer." He frowns slightly now, "60 days probation. And your XO will keep track of every pill in your sickbay. Not only for your sake, but because we have to know. We are going to be hurting soon. I'm not going to take your rank pins, because if you frak up again, you are gone. No matter how much I appreciate your work, I can't have my CMO threatening lives of others."

Zaharis hadn't even realised he was holding his breath until he has to exhale it. He nods, stiffly. "I understand that. And I agree with that. I am also willing to submit to a weekly drug test during that probation or for longer if you wish. I have trust to earn back and I'm well aware of that."

Regas smiles, "I'm certain you have alot of people on your side, Major," he reaches for his cup then. "See that I get copies of where we are on meds. I'm sending out Raptors for some long range scanning. We'll see what we can find and hopefully it isn't cylons. We're going to need fuel too."

Zaharis nods, picking up his coffee cup. After wiping his hand on the side of his fatigues, cause boy was it sweating. "We'll keep you updated, sir." He pauses, setting the folder down on his lap. "Permission to speak freely for minute?"

"You may as well, the rest of the ship has so far," the Commander responds with a partial smile and leans back in his nice, leather chair again.

Zaharis smirks. He sets the folder down on Regas' desk and sits back. "When I said there's no guarantee anyone on this ship is 'fine', I did mean it. I did something stupid and it's only thanks to some observant people and personal experience that I'm back on track. But even without picking through this fleet one by one I can guarantee you there are others. Destructive drinkers and drug addicts both, wherever they're getting it from. They're behind those Marine rifles, they're fixing pipes, they're working on the Raptors…I'm sure there's probably one up on the bridge right now. And there are many more at risk, both here and on the Carina. We aren't equipped to deal with it in the least." He nods to the folder. "I wrote a proposal for this ship and for the Carina to be prepared to handle detox and long-term rehab issues properly. We're going to need them."

"I can call a mandatory drug testing, which I'm sure will have people up in arms again," Regas states, then he glances over as a memo comes up on his data bank. A quick read over it and he is shaking his head a moment. "It seems your fan club is writing to make sure you don't go back on duty." He glances over, "If we have to run half our fleet through detox, we are in trouble."

"I'm not sure mandatory drug testing is the answer," Zaharis replies, then he glances at Regas' handheld at the mention of the memo. "Captain Reighner?" He doesn't sound like he has any doubt.

[Intercom] Attention, pass the word. Sergeant Ramiro, 1428. Ramiro, 1428.

"I'm not at liberty to say," Regas responds and files it, like everything else he has. "In any case, I've gave my order on you and it'll stand. Unless I get riots outside my door. If anyone wants to pull you off as CMO, I'll need more than one person raising a ruckas."

Zaharis nods, though he looks like that answered it for him. "The trust means more to me than I can express, Commander," he says, quite seriously. "And be assured that if there is any further issue at all, there won't be time for someone to submit a memo. My resignation will be on your desk from my own hand."

Regas nods and rises, "I'll keep you to that. Is there anything else you wanted to discuss while you are here?" He queries.

"Not immediately, sir, no." Zaharis finishes his coffee and stands up. "I'll forward you an update on our medical supplies tonight. Your permission to contact Major Altair and work with him and the XO on this procreation issue?" How clinical.

Regas nods, "Yes, feel free," some bit of amusement tugs at the edge of his lips. "I'm sure morale is way up in that area about now, wouldn't you say?"

Zaharis snorts quietly. "I could crack something about morale and the crew rampantly getting busy, but I think it'd require some liquor in that coffee first." He smirks. "I'll talk to Altair. Thank you, sir." He raises salute, even in off-duties as he is.

Regas returns the salute, "Dismissed, Major."

Zaharis straightens his shoulders as he drops salute, and turns smartly to leave.

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