Bandage Rap
Bandage Rap
Summary: Hazzard and Melia chat.
Date: 1/3/09
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Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13

51 ACH 6285 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

It's a quiet evening in Sickbay. There's a small PO3 bouncing around, making sure the area is clean enough for the doctors to do surgery on the floor. Of course, it's already spotless.

One Marine enters, another one leaves.

Carpazo, a private marine of the Magnificent Bastards enters the sickbay in full onduty regalia. He looks around in the sickbay and then makes his way to the recovery ward. Moments later Hazzard makes his way out of the recovery ward, and checks the pistol in his holster as he too looks around in the sickbay.

Melia looks up as the Bastard Marine enters, head canting to the side. She lets one of the others handle him, though, until Hazzard comes out of the recovery ward. Then she straightens, popping up to look at the pair. "Good evening," she calls, smiling.

Hazzard looks over towards Melia and curls his lips into a soft smile as he nods his head. "Evening.." he replies in greeting and then furrows his eyebrows. "Didnt get your name last time…I'm Leroy Hazzard.."

Her eyes crinkle at the corners as she smiles at the Marine. "PO3 Melia Sullivan, Sir," she says quietly, dipping her head. "I think we all got a little occupied and missed the whole "introduction" thing. I'm sorry about what happened, Sir." Well, at least she looks a little sheepish.

Hazzard glances towards the recovery ward and then back towards Melia and grins. "Guard duty, when not on PT..You'd better be sorry..Had you been a Marine I'd say you'd owe me.." he arches an eyebrow. "Mind if I call you Sullivan?"

Melia laughs softly and shakes her head, eyes wide and twinkling. "Not at all, Sir," she says quietly. "I answer to Sullivan, Mel, Melia, Mellie, You Bitch, That Hurt and a variety of other names. Actually, Sir, if I were a Marine, you'd probably have kicked my ass by now." She pauses. "Which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, to be honest. You'd be more likely to kick my ass for telling him to get his head out of his ass since I'm NAVY." Yes, she talks at the speed of thought. It's a wonder her mouth can keep up with it. But she gives him one of those impish smiles and starts working again, though turned toward him.

"Had you been a Marine I'd ask you out." Hazzard notes as he takes a moment to check his gun, ejecting the clip. Removing the round in the chamber, before he inserts the clip once more and puts it back in the holster. "And dont Sir me, please..I work for a living..just call me Hazzard, Leroy or L.T." he takes a moment to register the fact that she is working and nods his head. "Medic huh?"

Melia laughs quietly and dips her head, curls hiding her face. "Pleasure to meet you, L.T.," she says quietly. "What weapon are you carrying, and yes, Medic. I'm the one who sits back and waits for you front line folks to get back so you can be patched back up again. Maybe even baby y'all a bit."

"Its an Model 58.." Hazzard states as he moves over to lean against an empty stretches on wheels, and crosses his arms over his chest. "No shame in being a medic, Sullivan..Besides, I'd hate to see a cute girl like you all shot up..Better to let the ugly ones get blown up.." he taps his own chest.

Melia crinkles her nose at him, grinning, then heads over to a cabinet to put things away. She's bouncing around like a little pinball as she works. "I've seen my share of combat, though not from the very front lines. I tend to be the person just behind the front lines, dragging the injured back." Her? She looks a little too small to be doing that.

"Doubt doubt that…then again, I'd bet your used to just winking your fingers and the marines crawl back towards you." Hazzard says with a soft chuckle to his voice. "But in the name of the Corps, we are truly grateful for you medics.."

She gives him a grin as she stretches up, aiming for the top shelf. Damned if she doesn't manage to do it - with a little scrambling up onto the counter. Down comes a pile of cloth - bandages to be wrapped, maybe? "I wish it were that easy," she says with a wry little smile. "And we're fairly grateful for you Marines. Not only do you keep us in business, well…" She pauses to look over at him for a moment. "You all kinda keep us alive. For as much as I might bitch about the meatshields. Well, I wouldn't be here without them, so."

Hazzard takes his time to simply savour the view of watching the smaller navy medic reach for the bandages, running a hand over his mouth. A soft sigh and a shake of his head before he chuckles. "Meatshields huh.."

Melia lifts a shoulder, delicately, grinning as she makes her way over to a clear portion of counter to begin the wrapping task. No, she doesn't sit to do it. Apparently she's an on-her-feet kind of gal. "That's the name I heard used once upon a time," she says apologetically. "If it's offensive, I'll not use it again."

"Far better then some others I've heard.." Hazzard makes his way over and extends a hand in offering. "You need a hand with that?" he arches an eyebrow as he looks towards the medic's eyes.

She hands a pile of cloth over to him and lifts up the one strip she's holding. "Start at this end," she says, neatly and quickly folding the two corners of one end into a point. "Then roll, like this." The demonstration continues. "I don't mean any disrespect when I talk to Marines. Had a few bad dealings with them, but have also had some good dealings with them since coming aboard. It all started when I tried to poison your CO."

Hazzard accepts the pile of cloth, accidentaly letting the fingers of his left hand brush against hers as he nods his head. Then as the demonstration continues he does as he is told, he is a marine and he can fold stuff. He can even make a bunk bed so well his officers can bounce a coin on it. "I guess I should stay clear of you then…" he says with a soft chuckle. "Or atleast not allow you to make me dinner."

Her nose crinkles as she looks up at him, laughing quietly. "It wasn't dinner. I made him an herbal tea for his throat, but I think the herbs I used were a little old." A shoulder lifts delicately. "Some of the store I had left when I vacated Gemenon. How about you? Where are you from?" If she noticed the finger brush, she doesn't make any mention of it.

"Caprica…" Hazzard states as he continues to fold the bandages. "Younger son of two, to a business man. My brother Jethro was groomed to take over the business..I joined the service." he explains as he looks up to watch the medic as she laughs softly. "Been doing it ever since.."

Melia dips her head as she listens, head tilted slightly to one side. She seems to be one of those "good listener" types. She's fast with the bandages, clear practice there. "Gemenon," she says quietly, eyes falling to her work. "Youngest of six, only girl. Raised to be a wife and mother. Decided that there was no frakking way. The family was…well, very conservative fundamentalist religious. It was my mother's religion. My father was from Sag and he…understood. I think he was the reason I rebelled."

Sag..For a moment Hazzards mind wonders, images on his time on the run in the forrest of Sagittarion flashes before his eyes, before he finaly nods his head slowly. "Rebelled by joining the Navy?" he asks as he looks up from his bandages, not hiding the fact he enjoys the view he has.

"Yep," she says, flashing him a smile. "I rebelled by enlisting. My mother planned to have me kidnapped and…compromised the night before my swearing in. That meant I wouldn't be able to enlist and would -have- to marry."

Hazzard offers a smile in return. "Well I'm glad you didn't." he murmurs as he puts down yet another folded, rolled and ready bandage on the bench. Melia slides a small pile of unrolled cloth over toward him. "Me too," she says quietly. "My father took care of that little problem for me."

Hazzard is a sergeant, a bastard and a member of the SST. He didnot get there by being nice and gentle but by going for the kill. As the cloth if moved over towards him, he reaches over to accept it but places his hands gently upon Melia's. "Would you mind terribly if I said you are stunning, and that I'd like to take you for dinner sometime.."

Her eyes go wide as she looks down at his hand over hers, then back up to him again. He's clearly taken her off guard. She does, however, offer him a soft smile as she slips her hand out from under his. "Thank you for the lovely sentiment, L.T.," she says softly. "In another place, at another time, I would take you up on that offer. But right now, I'm not in a place I can." Then the smile grows and her cheeks go utterly pink. It's clear that she's utterly flattered by the regard. "Thank you, though."

Hazzard nods his head slowly, with a gentle smile on his lips. "If you change your mind, I'm the first in line..Sullivan, I'm still free..Take a chance on me." he keeps his face, despite the loss of this engagement.

There's something sweetly innocent about the smile she gives him. Could it be? Nah. Can't be. Though, she DID have five older brothers. "You'll be the first one I think about if and when I'm ever able," she says, voice low and soft. "Though, I'm rather surprised a gentleman like yourself hasn't found a lady to spend time with."

"I'm far from a Gentleman, Sullivan..I am a sniper, I did black ops before the war." Hazzard murmurs as he goes back to folding bandages. "I did fancy a woman in the Corp once, she went MIA." he looks up and has a very sincere look on his face. "And I will admit, the thought to just take you in my arms and kiss you occured to me..But, I was also raised to ask the permission by the woman in questions dad."

She cocks her head to the side and laughs quietly. "That would be a yellow light, Marine," she says, eyes twinkling. The words are said somewhat jokingly, but with an underlying seriousness beneath them. "I may be small, but I can still drive your nuts up until your abdomen." So sweetly spoken, too. "My brothers taught me well."

"No crime in thinking is it." Hazzard keeps the smile on his lips and shrugs his shoulders. "Soo, mind if I ask where your at that prevents you from dinner with a friend?"

"I'm fairly new," she says, smiling up at him as she rolls. "I really don't want to start anything new, not here, not now. Then there's also the fact that I'm not used to men - particularly Marines. I came from…a very sheltered background. Ask Ramiro. He knows what I'm talking about." She reaches for the next cloth. "We grew up in the same town. I used to watch him play. He used to play with my brothers."

Hazzard chuckles. "I'm not offering a ring here Sullivan..I offered dinner." he smiles wider and shakes his head. "But I understand where your coming from…And I wont pry further, just know that I'm here if you need anything.." he then shrugs. "Particularly Marines..Am I different from other men?"

She's quiet for a time, considering his words, mulling him. "It's…difficult to explain," she says quietly. "Until I went to the Academy, I never spent time alone with a male who was not part of my immediate family. It's still very odd to me. A little uncomfortable. I know you're not offering a ring, which is part of what makes it a little more difficult. When you're raised with the idea of arranged marriage, and marriage is for one reason only, well." She shrugs, laughing. "And no, not so much. But Marines tend to be a little more rugged and assertive than Navy men. Not so…afraid to ask for what they want." She's really good at putting things delicately, it would seem. Rather than saying "Marines scare the frak out of me," she puts it nicely.

Hazzard listens to what is said and nods his head now and then as it is explained to him. "If I make you uncomfortable, you could just ask me to leave..I fancy you, you have spunk and a lovely smile..I'd hate to make you feel bad."

"Oh, you don't make me uncomfortable," she says, grinning up at him. "We're in a public place and my duty station. You're not slamming me up against the wall to get what you want." Apparently someone's heard rumors about Marines? "I'm comfortable for now. If I get uncomfortable, you have my word of honor as a Navy enlisted that I'll let you know."

Hazzard blinks at the slamming up against the wall part and then chuckles softly. "Yeah, I'm definatly not that kind of Marine.." he decides to change the subject and tilts his head. "Soo your a friend of Dean huh…A good man that one, he leads the SST."

Mellie laughs softly. "He's a very good man," she says softly, lowering her eyes. "Though don't tell him I said that. His head's big enough as it is. I give him shit all the time about being a Marine, and having a glass jaw. He reminds me of my brothers."

Hazzard nods his head. "Just to be clear here…Dean and I serve together, in the SST..I dont wish to get inbetwen you and him if there is something going on.." he arches an eyebrow.

She blinks at him, owlishly, then shakes her head laughing. "No, L.T., there's nothing going on between Ramiro and I. We're just both from the same area of Gemenon and have some history in common, that's all. Besides, Frat rules? Kinda makes it impossible." She seems amused, very amused.

"Frat rules…neither you, me or Dane are officers. We are all NCO's." Hazzard states as he finishes the last bandage of his pile, taking another moment to savour the smile and laugh of the woman he assists.

Her nose crinkles cutely at that and she shakes her head, grinning. "I'm a little fuzzy on how things between Navy and Marines work," she says quietly. "Plus, there's the whole rank thing."

"Since I'm the same rank as Dean…let me tell you, as far as I know there are no rules against it." Hazzard mutters as he keeps his gaze fixed upon the woman before him. "Frak, you really did wind your brothers and dad around your fingers with a smile didn't you?"

Those oddly colored eyes drop away, cheeks coloring a bit as she tries to hide the cheshire smile. "Once in awhile," she allows softly, glancing up at him from beneath her lashes. "My mother kept me honest, for the most part. Of course, my brothers raised hell with me, tormented me to no end."

Hazzard can't help himself from smiling at this point, fighting the urge to reach over and caress her he clenches his fists. "Well you use your tools perfectly, Sullivan…Putting me in a rough spot." he finaly says with a soft chuckle.

And then she's bouncing away with her arms filled with the already rolled bandages, leaving the pile of to-be-wrapped in front of him. "I'm not using anything," she calls over her shoulder. "It's just who I am, L.T. Some people can accept that, others can't. I'm not a tease. I don't give false hope. I am who I am."

Hazzard nods his head. "Never said you were a tease, Sullivan…I'm just saying, the Gods thought Cute when they made you." he chuckles and runs a hand over his mouth once again. "Still I'd be honored to call you a friend, and relies on hope that one day you'll take me up on the dinner." he grins. "Soo you can rest assured I accept it…that you are who you are."

Melia just gives him a grin over her shoulder in answer before she opens a lower drawer in the cabinets and uses that as a stepping stool to get herself up to the countertop. Apparently putting the bandages away is her next task. "Friends, yes," she says quietly. "I can do friends. You can never have too many of those. I just tend to be…energetic. That's all."

Hazzard nods his head slowly and offers a genuine smile. "Well I should go get some food..I'm on a break from my guard duties..and I've eaten alot of time chatting with you…It was worth it, I assure you..But I need food to survive my duties."

Melia puts the bandages away and smiles at him over her shoulder again. "Have a good one, L.T.," she says with a warm smile, eyes bright. "Get some rest. And…sorry about those 0500 runs. No hard feelings?"

Hazzard makes his way towards the exit, and looks over towards Melia. "No -hard- feelings no..I'll see you around Sullivan.."

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