Baptism By Fire
Baptism By Fire
Summary: Ramiro gets his first officer assignment.
Date: 71 ACH
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Marine Offices Genesis - Deck 14
72 ACH 23817 Souls

Ramiro steps into the Marine offices, ready for work. Dressed in his new duty uniform, he moves over to his desk and looks towards Lieutenant Shem. "Morning, Sir." He says, pulling a notebook from the desk. "Major Gaelan has instructed me to contact yourself and the MaA to stage an investigate whatever we can from the Cylon boarding."

Shem is at his desk, working on the computer. "Oh, ensign." He suppresses a yawn and leans back in his chair. "Take a seat."

Ramiro moves over to sit on one of the chairs across from Shem. Still holding his notebook, he sets the item down on his lap and looks to the Lieutenant. "Yes sir?"

Shem opens the top drawer. He pushes aside the pistol stowed away in there and pulls out a notepad. "If you don't know already, there's a classified compartment on that deck, right where the Heavy Raider parked itself." He shuts the drawer firmly. "Convenient, right?"

"Awfully convenient…" Ramiro replies, looking to Shem. "…an assault right on the same place where I'm assuming classified information was being held? I don't know what I've been cleared for intel-wise, but have we discovered yet what caused the fire?"

"There was classified information there, yes," Shem confirms. "Probably a good chunk of it lost now." He starts writing and says, almost conversationally, "The fire, well, I don't know for sure that there's no equipment in there of the exploding kind, but I got a hunch that the Centurions did it." Only his expression suggests that he thinks it's serious.

"Well I know it's not my place to speculate, but if they attacked directly on a place with classified information, that means that they had intel going in." Ramiro replies with a scowl. "There any possibility of what was in there might have been transmitting?"

Shem confirms, "Yep." He tears out the sheet and passes it across. It contains a list of names, starting with the general Air Wing designation, then working to Major Zimmerman and Major Zaharis. "There's a second possibility, but that'll be dealt with in due time. You're not privvy to the stuff going on in there, and you need to know if you're going to make any headway on this investigation. I'm gonna ask the Old Man to clear you. For now, though, you should interview those who witnessed the damn thing crash in."

Ramiro takes the list and pockets it, nodding slowly. "I'll definitely get to work on it." He replies, a dark look in his eyes at the concept of a second possibility. "I'll start at the top and head down, get reports on it and get them back here to the desks."

Shem nods. "You ever worked an investigation before?" He reaches across his desk and picks up the wireless.

"I received some investigating training from a slight stint as an MP between sniper postings on the Carina. Get the facts, record sights, sounds, get what was seen…" Ramiro replies, nodding to Shem. "Ask the questions, don't answer them."

"Very broadly, that'll work most of the time. 'cept now you'll be putting the info together." Handset in hand, Shem punches four digits on the dailing keypad and brings the handset over his mouth. There's the low, dull tone of a shipwide page.

[Intercom] Sergeant Browne, please come to the marine offices. If unavailable, dial 1291. Sergeant Browne to the marine offices.

He hangs up and remarks, with a quirk of his eyebrows, "Little baptism by fire for you, looks like." He gives a slight downward tug of his uniform. "This'll be a good experience, you never really forget your first. Anyways, don't talk to the majors without me being there, but I think you'll do alright interviewing the air wingers without me. Unless you need it?"

Eli has arrived.

"I'll start with the air wingers, yes. I'll arrange a conversation with the Majors and get a memo in your direction, coordinate the whole thing." Ramiro replies, nodding quietly. He smiles, seemingly happy for the assignment. "I should have a report on my findings soon afterwards."

Shem is at his desk, Ramiro across from him.

Eli enters the room, hand coming up reflexively in a salute, posture straight, expression grim.

Shem gives a brief, mirroring smile that's toned down in no time. He stands and returns the salute, with the same hand pointing down to the empty chair next to Ramiro's on the downswing. "Please." He takes a slow drink of cold coffee and looks at the ensign. "So, you got your desk the way you like it?"

"I'm sure it'll get shifted around here and there in the future." Ramiro replies in response to Shem, remaining seated for the moment. He looks over to his desk which is now clinically prepared, with no personal touches save a plate with his name on it.

Shem's brown eyes flick to Eli. "Ensign Ramiro's going to be doing an investigation of what the hell happened down on thirteen, and part of it's going to involve a lot of interviewing of people. I'd like you to spare yourself or whatever staff you can to help him with it. Now, as I was telling Ramiro, there's classified stuff on thirteen, and I have a feeling it'll be a material detail to the investigation, so I'm going to petition the Old Man to give you clearance to learn those specifics." He glances at his wristwatch and quickly shuts down his computer. He stands, moves his pistol from the desk drawer to his holster, and squares away his desk. "Anyways, Ramiro, go ahead and brief Browne on the plan." He returns any salutes, if offered, and remarks dryly to the ensign on his way out, "Welcome to the O-club."

"Thank you sir…" Ramiro replies to Shem as he makes his exit. He then turns to Sergeant Browne and takes a slip of paper out of his pocket. He makes a copy of the list, then hands it to her. It's a list starting with the Air wing, and then moves down to Quill and Zaharis. "I'm going to conduct a series of interviews about what was seen, heard, and experienced surrounding the attack by the heavy raider. Lieutenant Shem has requested that he be present for interviews with the majors…"

((scene fade))

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