Battery Acid

44 ACH


I guess I'm writing this to you, since you're the closest I ever had to family. Think you knew mum better than I ever did, and I know you used to block her calls. She knew, too. Dad.. I wish I could say I've found some kind of peace with him, in death. I wish I could say I forgive him for everything, but the truth is, I don't. It's like this black mark on my soul, and no amount of scrubbing can get rid of it.

I met this girl on the Genesis, but it's not what you think. Her name's Baylee, and she's she was a good friend of mine. I was her wingman, up until a day ago. I was starting to get my shit together, starting to feel like I could do this. Like I could be whatever it was dad wanted me to be. I'm not so sure, now. I've got this tin of battery acid hidden away in my bunk, I figure it's probably enough to kill a man, if he drank it all at once.

I met a woman, too, beautiful creature named Evelyn Sloan. MD. She likes to add the MD at the end. Lieutenant in the navy, company psychiatrist. Yeah, yeah, I had a good laugh about it too, but she's.. if I've got any hope left here, she's it.

The CAG's pregnant, and has this glow to her I've never seen before on anyone; she must really have loved whoever fathered that child. Captain Nikos is almost certainly going to be taking over her duties, and she's already determined to make my life a living hell — her first order of the day was splitting up me and Cav. The only person who gave maybe half a shit about me on this godsdamned ship. When I say she was like a sister, I hope you don't take it as any kind of slight, Mari. Maybe she just reminds me of you: tough, headstrong, but with enough sense to get places where the brass is concerned.

I miss you.

Your brother,

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