Beauty in Space
Beauty in Space
Summary: Bayless and Novella head out scouting ahead of the fleet.
Date: 93 ACH - 2/14/09
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[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Once Raptor 214 launches off the deck, they turn out and begin heading into deeper space. Routine outer patrols, also jumping to coordinates to see what is ahead of them that the Nav group has sent down to the new Ares Captain.

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] The newly-promoted Mama Raptorbunny kicks in the sublight once 214 flashes out of jumpspace. Bayless looks over her shoulder to Novella, "CIC give any indication as to what it was they found out here?"

[RAPTOR_214: Novella] Since losing her two mentors, Novella has been horrifically distant. Long stares from a suddenly older face have been the norm for her in the past days, growing worse with the loss of the Captain and her bunkmate. She's suited-up though and doing her job, though, backseating for the new Captain. Her eyes are essentially glued to DRADIS, though. "No, sir. So far I'm as clueless as you are."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The first jump coordinates are pretty boring, just more space. Space. Space. Space. Is that all it is out here? Every now and then some stars twinkle a little brighter, or some cluster shines off in the distance. Cold and dead.

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] Scorch scans the starscape out the canopy glass and frowns. "Black, black, and more black. If Genesis wanted us to find the middle of nowhere, we hit frakkin' paydirt." Over her shoulder to Novella, "You, ah… you holding up okay?" As she awaits the answer, she keys in the next set of jump coords and spins up the FTL a second time.

[RAPTOR_214: Novella] On arrival at the jump point, Novella calls simply "DRADIS is clear." She's strapped into the seat, but letting her shoulders hang. A glance to the comms set and then back to DRADIS. With Bayless' question, there's a hesitant response. "To be honest? Not really, sir. But we're all dealing in our own ways, right?" She flicks a rocker switch and checks another frequency.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Scans come back negative. Even long range doesn't seem to see anything out there. How is it to feel this alone? It is only then that when they bank a turn, the star that shines and looks to be rising around a large spherical object — dead moon? — hits the canopy and glass, almost blinding those inside. But it is..indeed some beauty in a rather vast blackness…

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis].

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] Bayless nods sagely, also feeling the recent absences, and starts to hit the switch on a second jump when the sight of the moon comes into her view. "Whoa, whoa, aborting jump…" Scorch banks the raptor towards the event and fires a short burn of the sublight to bring them closer. "Point DRADIS on our twelve, think we got something here…"

[RAPTOR_214: Novella] The blinding light forces Novella to turn her helmeted head away for a moment while she adjusts her eyes. She blinks her vision back and looks towards the windscreen for a glance out then back to her console. "Aye, Captain. Aborting jump. Resetting FTL." She thumbs a few switches and aims the DRADIS ahead. How the hell was that missed? Mental note to have one of those knuckledraggers check the main dish receiver. "Scanning."

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Nothing shows on the DRADIS. The space is still cold and blank from this point. The bright star still shining as it moves within the galaxy at its own pace. A spread of white, blazing heat upon the coldness of a moon that cares nothing for the prettiness of its cousin.

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] Scorch pushes the Raptor closer towards the moon, though at such an angle that the reflection doesn't bake her and Novella's retinas. She squints her eyes a couple times to get the spots out. "Good Gods, look at that… you sure DRADIS reads clear with that on there in front of us, Cav?"

[RAPTOR_214: Novella] Novella doesn't comment on the beauty or much else. The previously spunky Jig seems to have taken to cover under her duty for the time being. There's a glance back to the moon, though, and back to the DRADIS. She tries quite a few combinations and sweep angles. "Uh, no sir. Unless we've got a broken set, I'd say we have a planetary body that doesn't bounce signal, Captain." She slumps back into the chair and looks back towards Bayless.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] As the Raptor drifts around the backside and moves to see what is there, the DRADIS does light up with objects bouncing back signals. hundreds..but no enemy. These are tiny flushes of the quadrant around them echoing the makings of new stars. The rise of the gaseous spires are seen first, just the very tips. Then the rest comes into view, three of them like great colorful mountain ranges, each one taller than the last. within them Stars twinkle and shine brightly as they are brushed fresh and clean as a newly formed diamond.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis]

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] …and there are great groupings of asteroids, some clumped, some moving..seemingly caught in this wonderful 'life' creation in the middle of no where.

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] Bayless' eyes widen at the sight. "Oh my Gods… Cav, I'm marking these coords… please tell me we're picking something up on this… at least cam footage…" She slows the Raptor's subluminal drives so as to get an easier look at it all.

[RAPTOR_214: Novella] "DRADIS Contacts…" Novella pipes as the set once again calls her attention, right on the coat-tails of Bayless' call. "No ships. Looks like.. That's an interesting return, sir. But nothing hostile." So the DRADIS /is/ functioning. She reaches up and flicks a few switches. "Reconnaissance camera coming on-line in three, two,…" The image appears in front of her and her head whips around to stare out the front. Her voice returns with awe, her soprano barely above a whisper. "When I am still and I listen, I hear your song and it brings me peace. Like the warmth of the sun upon me, I feel you near.." It sounds like a prayer.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Cam footage is picking up the sight. And it is also picking two objects that dart among the asteroids. DRADIS catches it with just a blip every now and then, but so much rock makes it hard to pinpoint just exactly what it is. It doesn't look friendly though…

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] Bayless blinks and peers out the glass. "Cav, point DRADIS towards the asteroids. Coulda swore I saw something…"

[RAPTOR_214: Novella] The pair of contacts wink in and out. They don't show up the same on a DRADIS display as planetary bodies. "Yes, sir! Contacts! Just caught two bogies out there, Captain. Lost them in the clutter!" She reaches over to realign the FTL with a flick of the wrist before she works on powering up the ECM suite.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The two raiders seem like they are 'playing' among the asteroids. If playing is a word to call it, they take corners sharp, come up fast and dart here and there. You'd almost think they were…practicing?

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] "Sightseeing's over. Knew we'd gone too long without seeing those frakkers. Stand by on countermeasures and plot us back to the barn!" Scorch spins the Raptor around 180 degrees and sails back to their original position in prep for the jump home.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Just as they are spotted, those two bogies are no longer playing, but heading right toward the Colonial Raptor.

[RAPTOR_214: Bayless] Hearing from Novella that the Raiders are tight on their six, Bayless' finger hovers over the execute switch for the FTL. "FTL's spun up, tell me we have…" Novella interrupts her to say that the jump coords for the Fleet are entered in. "Got it, jumping…!" And the gloved finger stabs the switch.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Right before the jump is counted down, fire from the lead raider rakes across the tail fin of the Raptor. The camshot continues to take pictures and a notch is seen cut out of the Raider's left wing….

And the raptor disappears back to safety of home base.

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