Kristin Bell
Kristin Bell as Daphne Bell
Name: Daphne Bell
Callsign: None! Frakkin' pilots.
AKA: n/a
Age: 20
Branch: Marines
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Marines Department
Position: Marine
Rank: Private
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Canceron
Actor: Kristin Bell


Daphne Bell doesn't fit the typical Colonial Marine stereotype. She was born to an upper middle-class family in the suburban Canceron city of Calliope Junction. Her father was a public relations bureaucrat for city hall. Her mother was a dancer in her youth, even toured with a Colonial musical theater troupe, but she eventually settled down to marry. She ended up teaching high school drama and pumping out some daughters. Daphne's the baby of three. Big sister Chloe's married to a doctor and spends her days desperately trying to keep bon-bon weight off her thighs. Middle-child Phoebe enrolled in a big colony college and majored in being a Sorority girl, with a minor in fashion design.

Daphne was the captain of her school cheerleading squad, hung with the popular crowd and generally seemed destined for a life of frivolous girlhood. Then, right after graduation, she joined the Marines. She's closed-mouthed about exactly why. Speculation abounds. Some say the recruiting booth’s placement near the mall shoe store was too much for her to resist, others say she was following her high school boyfriend. Whatever the case, she made it through Basic Training with surprisingly high marks and got a rather plum assignment to the Battlestar Genesis' First Squad, as a scout.

She was on Genny for about six months before the attacks. Since then, she’s been thrust into various frontline actions and hasn't yet met her doom. But, the war is young.


What the frak is a girl like Daphne Bell doing in the Colonial Marines? It's a question she hears all the time, and it's asked silently by the few who're too polite to say it aloud.

She didn't come from military stock. Her father was a government bureaucrat for the suburban city of Calliope Junction. Her mother had been a dancer in her youth, even toured with a Canceron musical theater company briefly after college, but she'd settled down to teach high school drama and pump out some daughters. Daphne's the baby of a trio of sisters, and the only one who went into the Fleet. She was (and still is, in many ways) a girly-girl. Her first few years were filled with ballet classes, fashion dolls, and impractically-healed but totally cute shoes. She was captain of her high school cheerleading team and she harbors a fierce fondness for pink. So, what the frak is she doing here?

It started freshman year of high school. She got into a fight with another girl, Jolie Carmichael. Over a boy, of course. They harbored the same crush the JV Pyramid-team hottie, and he'd neglected to tell either of them he wasn't a one-girl man. Jolie was a Pyramid jock, so she figured she could stuff the little blonde into the concrete without breaking a sweat. But Daphne hit her back. And broke her nose. With a high-kick to her face. Never frak with a girl whose had ten years of mother-forced dance classes. Those ballet bitches don't play.

Bizarrely, that incident forged a deep friendship between the girls (that and teaming up to publicly dump Mr. Pyramid Sweetie). Most of Jolie's friends were boys, so she was starved for conversations about shoes and cute guys. And everyone in Daphne's life, from her parents to her circle of cheerleader friends, saw her as just a blonde bubblehead. Everybody underestimated her and nobody expected too much out of her. But at least with Jolie, all she had to do to get some respect was break her nose.

Jolie's goal was to join the Colonial Marines. Daphne didn't have much of a goal. Her grades were strictly mediocre. Probably /just/ enough to get into a colony college on her parents' cubits, but academics weren't her thing. She was a good dancer and athlete (cheerleading is a sport, OMIGOD SHUT UP!) but she always felt overshadowed by her mother and sisters in that area. By junior year she had a boyfriend she wasn't particularly serious about, a part-time job in a coffee shop she disliked, an unimpressive academic transcript and a paralyzing fear of the future.

It took a tragedy to give her some direction. On the way back from the Canceron Pyramid finals, Jolie and some of her teammates were in a car accident. They'd been doing some celebrating with a bottle of smuggled ambrosia. One girl died. Jolie was paralyzed from the waste down. Only the driver was OK, if you consider having to live with that any kind of luck.

Daphne tried to stick by her friend and help her in any way she could. Jolie finished high school and got accepted into college, but she would never walk again. Her dreams of joining the military were over. So Daphne, impulsively, decided to do it on her behalf. Her parents went ballistic over the idea of their pink-clad little daughter joining the army. Her other friends actually laughed when she told them what she was doing. Jolie was the only one who thought she could do it, and Daphne went off to basic training with her best friend's blessing and motivation to "kick some Marine noses."

Basic training was an ordeal but it wasn't as big a one was the poor drill sergeant who saw Daphne bounce in that first day figured it would be. She was in tip-top shape, kept her mouth shut and did as she was told, and actually applied herself to the classroom work for the first time in her life. She was lonely. Most of the Marine girls had had bad experiences with blonde cheerleaders in high school, so they weren't real friendly. But she persevered and got through it with flying colors. She was a natural scout: quick, sharp-eyed and small enough to sneak around without attracting notice. Her good performance landed her a pretty plum first assignment: the super-secret Battlestar Genesis.

And this is where Private Daphne Bell's story picks up. She's only been on the Genesis for about six months and spent that time just getting acclimated and trying to survive. The first taste of action she got was a doozy: Cylons! She was part of the initial party sent to take out the boarders on the Carina, just after the attacks on the colonies. The whole experience was pretty horrifying, what with watching her mission leader get blown up and finding out the toasters had come back to destroy humanity and all. But she got through it with only a little weeping and barfing, and she capped a Centurion. She may wear pink on occasion, but she's still a frakkin' Marine.

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There are apparently many copies of Bell. Maybe she's a Cylon. Or something. The worlds will never known. (PS: Since I've been asked about this by a few people now, just to be clear, Jules@Kharon is not played by me. Make of that what you will. - Bell's Player)

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