Best Men
Best Men
Summary: Salin comes to Zaharis' quarters with cigarettes, an apology, and a request.
Date: 86 ACH
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CMO's Quarters Genesis - Deck 13
86 ACH 23817 Souls

The quarters of the Chief Medical Officer are a spacious area, with large inset bookshelves holding Medical Texts, Biological works, and papers on advanced surgical procedures. A table surrounded by chairs is in the main section of the room, ashtrays on the table rest beside a few open books. A small personal head is located off the main room through a doorway. A rack and bed is set into a wall, neatly made. In the rear of the quarters is a desk with a locked file cabinet behind it and chairs placed in front of the desk, while behind it is a nice chair with lower back support. A computer terminal is on the desk with a number of security protocols on it to prevent unauthorized access.

Salin comes in from Corridor 13A.
Salin has arrived.

The hatchway is opened and Salin is sticking his head in the door, not yet actually entering the quarters, "Jesse .. you got a few minutes to talk with me?"

Zaharis is in his offduties and at his desk, poring over a stack of papers. A massive medical textbook is open with a few hundred colour tab markers stuck between the pages, currently showing a diagram of the muscles of the upper back. He looks up as the hatch opens, the pause only brief. "Mmmhmm. Come in."

Opening the hatch a little further, Salin's slipping inside, closing the hatch behind him. He's got a small bottle in one hand and a package in the other and after a brief moment, he's moving over to set them on the desk, "Listen, I wanted to apologize for being an ass and not making it down to see you when you were stuck in Sickbay. It really was, unexcusable."

Zaharis sets his pen down as Salin talks. At the end of that he considers the man for a while before he says, "I appreciate that." He glances at bottle and a slight smirk tugs at his scarred face. "You haven't forgotten how to bribe."

There's a soft chuckle and Salin gives his head a quick shake, "Nope. I swear, I got my masters in that." He lifts a hand, motioning towards the small package, "Cigerattes. Figured you must be getting low. Manage to scrounge up a couple of packages from over on the Carina." His hand lowers, "But, it's not a bribe. More of a peace offering with the intent that I'll go run into a wall a few hundred times, if you'd like."

Zaharis hehs, picking up the cigarettes. "Damn it, right when I was thinking about quitting. You frakker." He does grin a little though, then it fades. "No, don't go running into any walls. I'd just end up having to set your broken nose. It's okay, we're cool. Apologies go a long way with me."

"Oh, well, I could always take them back." Even as he's saying that, he moves to claim a seat in a chair, making no move to the package, "Somehow, though, I just can't see you quitting." He's giving a qick nod as a smile plays across his lips, "Oh .. broken nose. Ya, didn't think of that." One hand lifts to touch at his nose and his smile warms slightly, "Thanks, Jesse. How are ya doing, anyways?"

Zaharis shows his appreciation by unwrapping one of the cigarette packs. He slides one out, turning it over in his hand without lighting up just yet. "Not bad. Still getting used to this." He lifts his chin to indicate the private quarters. "What about you?"

There's a look around and Salin is giving a nod of his head, "Uh, I was just getting settled before I found myself having a sudden job change. Still trying to get used to things, to be honest." Hands clasp in his lap, "Add in the personal aspects of life and I'd say my head's been swimming in the clouds, lately."

"Yeah." Zaharis sounds like he can understand that much. "Peters?" He reaches over and shuts the huge textbook he was looking at, throwing a piece of paper into the middle to makr his spot.

There's a nod of his head at that, though Salin's smile doesn't fade, "Yep. The whole prospect of being a father, while exciting is rather scary." He pauses and lifts a hand, "Don't repeat that. Won't do any good for people to hear that the former JAGMan was scared of something." There's a quick grin, "Speaking of that, I've asked her to marry me. Probably will do a small civil service with mainly just friends attending. Was wondering if you'd consider being my best man."

"It never stops being scary," Zaharis says, after a moment or two. "But neither does it ever stop being the best thing that ever happened to you." He rubs the side of his neck, then raises an eyebrow. That was a surprise. "Best man? Me?"

There's an arch of Sal's brow and he's canting his head slightly to the side, "From the way you said that, Jesse, I gather that you had a child back home?" Although questioning, the tones shift, trying to be unintrusive, considering the topic. Then, he's shaking his head slightly, "Nah, I was thinking the other Jesse Zaharis that works in Engineering." A pause, "Yes. You."

"Frak, I'll have to kill that name-stealing bitch," Zaharis bangs the desk with his closed hand. "But when I'm through with the carnage, I'll shower before I come to the wedding. Sure, I'll be your best man." He smiles, then gives his unscarred temple a gentle scratch. For a few seconds before he talks again, "I had a daughter. So…you know, words from the old and wise and all that crap."

"Hey, have at 'er. I'm out of the legal field, so I've got no objections from that regards." There's a quick smile and then he's nodding again, "'ppreciate that. Couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather have as my best man. I think we're going to sucker Reed into performing the ceremony. Make him dress up and be all offical and the like." That, seems to hold some minor humor to it. Though, it fades and he's giving a nod of his head, "Advice well taken." He pauses slightly, the smile softening, "Married, then?"

Zaharis smirks at the thought of Reed doing the ceremony. He picks the cigarette back up, and takes a lighter from his desk drawer, his head making a slight shake. "No. Exactly the lifestyle Regas would have have a frakfit over."

There's a faint chuckle and Salin is nodding his head slightly, "Oh, no doubt. Way against his beliefs and the like." There's a quick smile and he's lifting his left leg, crossing it over the right, "So, when everything is all said and done and we're back on condition three, how would you feel about heading on over to the Carina for a evening of drinks? Figure we could grab Reed and Pietr and anyone else and get away from things for a few hours."

Zaharis seems hesitant to flick the lighter, setting his thumb on the wheel and then taking it off again. "Yeah, that sounds good. You do need a bachelor party or something."

Eyes dart to the lighter and then back up and Salin is chuckling ever so softly, "Had you already quit?" Then, he's blinking and laughing, "Don't know whether I need a party or not. But, I do know that we could all use some time off the Genesis, to enjoy a few drinks without the bother of work creeping up on us. We can make sure the ladies are all on shift or something, so that they won't crash down on us, unless we want to bring them." A pause and he's snapping his fingers, "That reminds me, if you're talking to Adele in the next little bit, tell her that Isabeau is going to be taking over as the primary contact for the Civilian Liasion Office."

"Think Adele might have met her. She was talking about that meeting they're having over the civilian government." Zaharis nods once, then looks at the lighter in his hand. A faint smirk. "I've been trying not to quit," he says, aware of the humour in that. "I've just had this frakking irrational fear that it's going to…" He clears his throat and makes a vague gesture with his hands. 'Explode' seems to be the word he left off.

[Colonial] A flash of FTL energy off the Fleets side. DRADIS contact comes over. After a moment of identification, the DRADIS screens assign the contact as 'HERA'.

[Tac1] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Genesis, Hera. Confirmation code transmitting. All systems normal, birds flying sweep for Destiny."

"Oh .. ya, should have thought that they would have met over that, already." Salin replies with a quick bob of his head. Then, he's listening and looking towards the lighter before returning his gaze to Zaharis, "Ooooh. I'm not sure that I would call that irrational, exactly. Probably justified, considering the circumstances." He's pausing a moment before adding, "Matches make you feel any better?"

Zaharis shakes his head and smirks. "Not really." He falls silent a moment and then pushes the lighter across the desk to Salin. "You do it."

There's a quick nod and when the lighter is pushed across the desk, Salin's leaning forward to claim it. "So, sum up the goal of Project Daedalus in laymen's terms for me." Even as he's saying that, his thumb is flicking the lighter, bringing forth the flame. Maybe the question was meant more as a distraction.

<Trait Roll> Zaharis rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Zaharis tenses, but it's almost imperceptible. He exhales through his nose and leans forward to light off the newly flicked flame, then settles back. Smoke starts to curl. "Phew. Been so long this is actually giving me a buzz." He laughs towards the ceiling, the sound as much to let off that beat of tension as anything else. "Goal of Daedalus? Give us recon on their Raiders. Both the navigational systems and the biotechnology they appear to have. Once we understand it, maybe we can better destroy it."

Once the cigarette has been lit, Salin allows the flame to extinguish and he's setting the light back down. There's a soft chuckle and he's shaking his head, "Surprised you didn't find some other inventive way to light it." There's a quick grin and then he's giving a quick nod, "Ahh, that makes more sense. I swear, I've confused myself by coming into the loop on things half-way through them and then reading reports in reverse. I probably should have started with some of the earlier reports that Fotilas left me and worked my way forward, rather then the other way around." Settling back in the chair, he's offering another smile, "Making any progress? Or rather, do you figure you guys will have any luck with it?"

"Damn right I think we will." Zaharis pulls an ankle up onto his knee. "Frakkers blew up my godsdamn lab, they have it coming. Could get Zimmermann up here if you're really wanting to talk about it."

There's a laugh and Salin is giving a nod of his head, "Ya, well, now you have a whole ship to do your mad scientist-like work on." There's a quirk of his lips into a grin and he's shaking his head slightly, "I don't wanna disturb you or Rhea about work, not on your offduty hours, anyways. I know how rare some down time can be."

Zaharis hehs. "Alright. We're going to have to full-brief you and Regas on it soon anyway, so brace yourself." He takes a slow drag on the cigarette, savouring the smoky death. "So when is this wedding going to be?"

"Oh. Fun. I'll sit there and nod my head and pretend that I understand." There's a quick grin and then Salin is offering a quick shrug of his shoulders, "Don't know, to be honest. With everything that's been going on, it's been hard to sit down and figure out a date. We were supposed to get together yesterday to discuss things, but the current situation takes priority. Hoping that once we get back to condition three, we'll have a chance to actually sort that little, but important detail, out."

Zaharis nods slowly. "You're not just marrying her because you knocked her up, are you?" Blunt, but that's how the CMO rolls. "I mean…it's only been what, a couple weeks?"

There's little doubt that Salin was expecting that and he's offering a soft chuckle, "No, I'm not. And, I was waiting for that, actually." He resettles his hands in his lap, "She's alot like me, Jesse. We come from the same type of family. Same type of backgrounds. We share the same interests." A pause and he's laughing softly, "She's one of the few women I've met that understands the necessity for the work taking priority over a relationship at times. You ever had that feeling that something is just -right-?"

"Not when it comes to people," Zaharis says, answering honestly. "You ever been married before?"

There's a shake of his head, though Salin does offer another soft chuckle, "Honest answer. I like that. But no, I havn't been married before. Was almost engaged. That's the closest I've gone to that deed."

Zaharis nods, taking a drag off the smoke. "How long was the longest relationship you've ever had?"

That draws a pause and Salin has to -think- about that for a moment before he finally nods, "Sorry .. tricky question. The answer to that is about four years."

[Intercom] Corporal Castillo, please make way to the marine offices. Corporal Castillo to the marine offices. Page 1291 if unavailable.

Zaharis taps ash off the end of the cigarette. "I'll be honest with you, Salin. Not that I wasn't before. Peters is just so…/young/."

"Wouldn't expect anything less, Jesse." Salin offers before he's nodding his head again, "And, she is. We've talked about that. I've talked with Regas about that. It doesn't change how I feel or how she feels." He pauses, shifting slightly in his seat.

Zaharis nods, slowly. "I'm not saying her feelings don't count. But twenty-two years old and getting married after just a few weeks of dating. After coming out from quite a restrictive lifestyle. I'm sure you see how from the outside it's a little worrying."

There's another nod from Salin, as well as a smile, before he replies, "Oh, I understand how it can be worrying, Jesse. And, I put her in several spots to see if this is what she wanted. I made her speak to Jonathan Fulton, who, shy of the Commander, is like family to her. She also spoke to the Commander. Both of whom she got their approval from. And both of whom, questioned her on things. She's not going to wind up hurt. I won't do that to her."

"That's always easy to say in the beginning," Zaharis replies with a slightly bittersweet smile. "No matter how sunshiney things look in honeymoon phase. I can't say I don't wish you'd give it a little more time, but it's not for me to judge."

There's another nod and Salin is laughing softly, "I appreciate that concern and I'll consider it and speak to Pepper. That's about all I can do. Dunno .." He pauses before his shoulders lift slightly and then he's laughing again, "Wait .. you've been taking lessons from Sloan, havn't you?" There's a quirk of his lips into a grin, "I know what you're saying though, Jesse. I understand that we're sorta jumping into things full tilt."

Zaharis shakes his head. "I've taken lessons from life." He gives Salin a dry smile. "Doesn't take a psychologist to see reality for what it is."

There's a quick smile and Salin is nodding his head, "I understand, Jesse. I'll talk with Pepper and see what she has to say on the subject." He pauses and cants his head to the side, "But you realize the Commander would -KILL- me if I didn't marry her. Especially where she's pregnant, right?"

"I know," Zaharis nods slowly. "Which I think is an especially bad reason to rush a marriage."

"Well, it's not being done for that reason. But, I'll talk with her. See what she has to say" Sal's shoulders lift in a quick shrug before he's smiling again, "So before I go retire to some the mountains of paperwork, any parting words of advice?"

"Yeah," Zaharis smirks at Salin. "Start asking for advice from guys who've actually been successful at this."

That draws a soft groan and Salin gives his head a shake, "Where's the fun in that, Jesse?" He's rising up from the chair then, adjusting his tunic slightly as he does so, "Alright, time for me to get back to the paperwork and to see if there is any update on the Hera. Take it easy and don't work to hard, alright?"

"Yeah, sure." Zaharis gets a last drag off the smoke and stubs it out. Who knows if he'll be able to light the next himself. "Thanks for the vices. Be good out there."

Moving over towards the doorway, Sal pauses and looks over his shoulder, "Will do. If I'm not heard from over the next few days, send the paramedics to my quarters, please. Chances are I've probably drowned." The hatchway is open and he's lifting a hand in a way, "Take it easy, Jesse. Catch you later." And with that, he's slipping out into the hall, shutting the hatch behind him.

Salin leaves for Corridor 13A [O].
Salin has left.

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