Blood Work
Blood Work
Summary: The blood drive on the PAS brings the crew out of the woodwork.
Date: 8 ACH (21 November 2008)
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Medical Bay Support Station PAS - Deck 2
8 ACH 6735 Souls

Rather than the normal sickbay found on most Colonial ships, the stations medical facility is more reminiscent of a full hospital. The front area is a cool blue color with several on duty staff here organizing patients and logistics of medical supplies. Areas branch off into full wards including, surgical, emergency treatment, quarantine, and others. The facility is quite advanced and while still quite new, can be said to still be having work done to make final adjustments to get everything working.

There's still time before the blood donors start moving in. Part of the PAS' facility has been roped off for this, the staff busy right now setting up gurneys and beds to cycle people through. Out are coming all the blood collection tools and the boxes of band-aids they need. Zaharis is wandering from place to place, checking on things as the drive comes together, hurried as it is but still highly organised.

Adele emerges from one of the labs, a lab tech trialing in her wake. "Should I start the report?" he asks her, and she nods absently. "Please. Just make a template for the project, and when you're done, come help with the blood drive," she replies, heading towards the roped off area swiftly. The tech nods, then disappears back into the lab.

Moving in from the hallway, D'Artanion pauses to get her bearings. She nods almost absently to Adele, then angles toward the roped off area. Slipping a pack from her shoulder, she sets it off to one side against a wall and tucks her hands into her pockets a little self-consciously. Finally, spotting Zaharis, she wanders his way, "Hey, Doc. I'm not used to this setup. Where can I scrub up?"

Zaharis picks one of the band-aids out of a passing box, holding the neon-orange strip up to see the cartoon viper on the side. It pulls a dry smile from him and he taps the side of it against his palm, looking over as he hears D'artanion. Lifting a hand he gestures with a long finger towards a corridor. "Sarge, good to see you. Right back there you'll find everything you need, they put it all out last night."

Adele returns D'Artanian's nod, striding behind the woman and into the area sanctioned for medically vampiric activities. Approaching Zaharis, she points at the bandage in her hand. "I hope we still have the Passal of Puppies line. I promised the Major one." She gives the CMO a smile, then adds, "Or, well, threatened him. One of the two."

D'Artanion lifts one hand in a near salute that does not quite look regimental but is not far off, "Thanks, Cap." Turning, she smiles at Adele's assertion, eyes lighting briefly, "Which Major, ma'am?" The question is probably a bit rhetorical as she nods toward the hallway, "Excuse me, please. Gotta get cleaned up a bit." The salute turns into a bit of a wave and she heads that way.

Zaharis smirks at D'art's question to Adele. "We do have a score of them, don't we." He returns D'artanion's salute and tosses the band-aid down into another box sitting nearby that holds the same cargo. To Adele he says with a small smile, "I think we can scrounge one up. And I assume you mean Carter, as neither Fotilas nor Rue strike me as puppy people."

"Yes," Adele replies to Zaharis, watching D'Artanion head off. "The only major I know well enough to threaten with pup— wait, Reed seems like a puppy person to you?" Her reddish brows loft slightly, a faint grin turning the corners of her mouth. She watches a cart roll by. "Where do you want me?"

Rhea comes in from Passageway.
Rhea has arrived.

Zaharis smiles a little and shrugs a shoulder. "What, you can't see it? Come on. Not a cat guy by any stretch, you have to agree." He rubs his fingers over the front of his temple, looking about at the long rows of gurneys they're finishing up with. "Prefer to have you on drawing, though if you want to hide out in the back and help with screens I'd understand."

"I'll draw," Adele tells Zaharis with a fleeting smile as people start filing in for some blood-letting goodness. Pivoting on her heel, she makes her way to one of the gurneys, checking over its inventory and snapping some latex gloves out of a box.

Rhea is among those filing in. Along with her 12-year-old flesh and blood. The tall, curly-haired Reece Zimmermann is wearing an old green military jacket that's a couple sizes too big for him, despite the ever-mild temperature on the station.

Making his way into the Medical Facility of the Station, Craven pauses just within the entryway, long enough to take a quick look around and see who's already ventured out. Catching sight of a couple of people, including Zah, he begins to make his way across the room, slowing only once he begins to draw near. There's a slight smile and a quick nod of his head, "Evening Doc."

Zaharis smiles slightly at Adele's back, then picks another bandaid out of the box. Bright pink, this one, bearing a smiling flower that seems to be in the middle of a dance step. He lofts a brow at it and turns around, showing it to Craven. "What do you make of this, PO?" Over Craven's shoulder he spots Rhea and semi-salutes. "Captain. Captain Junior."

Adele is getting things prepared, but she does look up every once in a while to see if she recognizes any faces amongst those who are arriving. Rhea's presence, and that of her son's, is a cause for Adele to smile, and she lifts her hand in a wave to them both before turning her attention back to her little cart of supplies.

Reece Zimmermann offers Zaharis and Adele a two-fingered semi-salute in return, his arm flopping casually back to his side. "So, do we have to sign in anywhere or anything? I'm gonna donate," the boy informs the CMO. Rhea adds, "We both are, if that's all right. We're Type Os, which is desirable if I understand your strange medical jargon correctly."

There's an arch of Craven's brow at the bandaid and the medic can't help but offer a soft chuckle, "I dare say that someone in supply didn't know how to read your requisition requests." A slight narrowing of his eyes slightly, "Unless, of course, you /asked/ for those, specifically?" Then, he's turning slightly so that he can look towards Rhea and the Rhea-Spawn and he offers each a smile, followed by a nod.

Zaharis turns the band-aid back towards himself. "No, I wouldn't do that. I asked for the ones with the yellow petals." He sucks his teeth and motions Craven over to a gurney near Adele's. It's early but already getting busy, nurses near the front passing people down the lines with labels as their information is taken. He looks back at Rhea, then Reece, then back to mom. His mood flickers sober for a moment and he nods. "Universal donors. I'd expect nothing less of you, Rhea. We're grateful for both of you." He nods Rhea towards Adele and where he just sent Craven. "Let's get you both on table. Ever given blood before?" That question's to Reece as he waves a nurse over to grab Rhea's details onto paper.

There is a line of people, all filing forward in order to get in on the bloody goodness that is going on in a roped-off section of the hospital. There is a line of gurneys, all with trained professionals (one hopes) tending to donors, some farther along than others. Adele gestures Reece, Rhea's son, over as Zaharis points the two Zimmermenn in her and Craven's direction. Already gloved, she smiles at the boy and waits for his answer to a question Zaharis just posed.

Rhea smiles at Zaharis, then turns to deal with the nurse, giving her a rundown of the Family Zimmermann's particulars. Reece hops up on the table, shrugging his jacket off with some reluctance. "No. But I've had shots and stuff before. It's not like it's a big deal," he says. The flowery pink bandaids give him pause, though. A 'What the frak?' sort of look is given to the medical staff. "I don't have to /wear/ that, do I?" he asks. Mostly addressing the question to Adele and Craven. Who he clearly considers more tender-hearted individuals than the CMO.

Micah comes in from Passageway.
Micah has arrived.

"Hundred and fifty mililiters from Reece," Zaharis tells Adele, then says to Craven. "Four fifty from the Captain." He grins faintly at Reece. "Not taking too much from you, wouldn't want you to go flat like a pancake. I -might- give you a blue bandaid with a viper on it, but you have to nice to Adele. Otherwise I've got a biiiiiig pretty rainbow with your name on it." Serious Threat There. The nurse gets down all Rhea and Reece's health details, setting about labelling the containers for later screening.

Eve caught a late shuttle, perhaps having to finish up with a problem patient who required a bit more attention. She's here, though looking a little pale as she edges into the medical bay of the PAS. She stops by the area where they are giving orange juice and cookies, to those people that donated, snagging a glass of the former and chugging it like she's just crawled out of the desert. There is a line of people, all waiting to donate, and it appears Rhea and her son Reece are current victims.

Giving a nod to Adele as he approached, Craven's hands slipped within his pockets to withdraw his own gloves, which were promptly slipped on. Then, he's turning to watch as Reese and Rhea make their way over and when the question of the bandaid is posed, he can't help but give a soft laugh, "The one with the flower is reserved specifically for the Doc." He's moving over towards another gurney beside Reese's, his attention shifting over towards Rhea, "Suppose you've done this often enough, ma'am, that I don't need to tell you what to expect?"

Forget orange juice and cookies, Micah's clutching a donut in one hand and.. a donut in the other, as he thunks into the medical bay. Dressed in the baggy green fatigues and t-shirt/tank top layered affair that identifies him as navy, he joins the end of the queue and takes a fair-sized bite out of the icing-and-chocolate-filled abomination in his left hand. "'allo, doc," he greets the psychiatrist, a bit belatedly once he spots her just ahead of him. Thankfully, he's finished chewing and swallowing by then.

Drusus comes in from Passageway.
Drusus has arrived.

It's busy in here, this section of the PAS bay temporarily lined with gurneys and medical personnel, most of them busy with the revolving doors of donors coming through. Military and civilian both from the Genesis and PAS, the place full of fatigues, officer blues, and flashes of civvie clothing. Nurses are everywhere, taking down histories and running preliminary tests on those in line. Near the front of the room, some of the nursing staff has set up a cardboard indicator with a red arrow to show those inside the bay how many milliliters they've collected so far. Someone bumps it up every now and again after checks on the statistics.

Zaharis gives Craven a mild smirk and glances over his shoulder back towards the entrance, spotting Eve. The psychiatrist receives an encouraging nod.

Reighner comes in from Passageway.
Reighner has arrived.

Cress comes in from Passageway.
Cress has arrived.

Adele nods to Zaharis as he gives her instructions - no Reece pancakes, check. "Just settle in, get comfortable, and put your arm up here," she tells the boy, patting the armrest to his right. She takes the sheet of paper from the nurse who did Reece's preliminary test, checking over things like his temperature and blood pressure, then nods. Taking out her tourniquet, she begins her work, explaining things as she goes. "Gotta find your vein first…" And so on.

Reece Zimmermann gives Zaharis a long look. "You are /so/ weird. And I can do more. I weigh more than /she/ does." The twelve-year-old looks pointedly at his mother. Rhea beams at her son for that comment. Probably more for the weight part than anything else. Good boy. Though she says, "Don't argue with the doctors, Reece, or you won't get a cookie." He complies to Adele's poking without much fuss. Once Rhea's gotten the forms taken care of, she hops up on her own gurney. She smiles at Craven. "I'm an old pro, PO. And I don't particularly care what kind of bandage I get. So long as there are sweets after."

Eve raises her second cup of orange juice in a salute to Zaharis, before twisting to offer a wane smile Micah who's just addressed her. "Ensign." She greets, trying to look friendly, though she gets a flash of panic crossing her features as the line inches forward again. "Good of you to come.." Is murmured, as a hand lifts to her forehead, massaging the worry lines that appear there.

Once Rhea's form is finished, Craven takes it from the nurse and offers it a quick look over before he's setting it down. A hand is slipping down into the pouch at his waist and he's giving a soft chuckle, "Check. Any bandaid and sweets. That can be arranged." When his hand withdraws, he holds a small turniquet and he motions towards the arm rest, "If you'd rest your arm there, we'll get you moving along, so you can claim the good sweets, before they're all gone."

Reighner comes from the back, wearing a small frown with his stethescope. He exhales audibly as he passes off a chart to the front desk. He leans against it and eyes the procession of donors.

Blood drive. For a biologist, she hated giving blood, but then Betsy Cress pretty much avoided the medical bay in all ways possible. Still, in times like this, she couldn't hide in her bunk. What would one pint of blood be from the tiny mouse of a woman? So the ECO steps out of the hallway, peeking quietly into the room, wearing her full uniform even if it's always just a bit loose on her.

Micah polishes off the first donut, and licks the remaining icing off his fingers one at a time while he takes in the makeshift blood donation clinic that's been set up, the industrious staff tending to military and civvies alike with equal alacrity. "Don't like needles?" It's murmured to Eve after the queue shunts forward a few steps, though he keeps his eyes on the boy currently donating.

"We can probably find you a plain bandage," Adele mumbles quite lowly to Reece, her tone conspiratory in a 'just between us' sort of manner. "The cartoon ones are for military personnel, for our own wicked enjoyment. I have a lime green Passal of Puppies one on standby for Major Carter." After applying some pressure, she zones in on a bright blue vein and grins at it. "Bingo. This is going to sting, but only for a moment." She gives the boy a moment to brace himself - or not, depending on how brave a face his twelve year old hormones tell him to put on.

Zaharis takes being called weird by a twelve-year-old much better than most adults might. Probably because he's used to it. He doesn't change his instructions for the amount though, just mouthing 'thanks' to Craven and Adele. Near them, someone's just finished the donation routine and has stood up, freshly bandaged with some horrible bright lime green band-aid with smiley faces all over it. The line moves up at the nurses' station. Step, step, ever closer to the questioning, forms, and soon…THE NEEDLES.

"By your command, Mister Craven," Rhea says with a crooked grin at the medic, resting her arm as he directs. For shooting purposes. She spots Reighner as he comes off, offering him a little nod of her head. Reece, for his part, is craning his neck up to get a look at the others filing into the medical bay. Curious. But, other than that squirming, the 12-year-old shows little discomfort about the needle thing. He laughs at Adele's muttering. "/That/ is gonna be funny. Mom hates pink, and puppies," he informs her in a similar undertone. For tormenting purposes. He grimaces at the sting but doesn't squawk too much. Looking over to watch his blood being drawn with morbid curiosity.

Eve drops her hand, clearing her throat and trying not to look so sheepish. "Not exactly the needles, I'd say. Rather…what they are drawing with them." Her throat undulates with a heavy swallow as yet another step towards DOOM is taken. "Never been one for blood." She imparts quietly, likely because she can't muster much strength to her voice.

Reighner gives a return nod to Rhea. He sighs, takes off his stethescope, and slides it into a side pocket. The mud-phud walks up to the recently-vacated gurney and relieves the medical person staffing it, ready to accept another donor. He doesn't seem very friendly, though, hands stuffed into the oversized white coat pockets and a blank expression.

When Rhea's arm is presented, Craven slips the turniquet around it, drawing it slightly tighter to bring the veins more to the surface. A needle is lifted then and he's giving a quick smile to her, "Going to feel a slight sting." Even as he says that, he's slipping the needle into the vein, so that the blood can begin to flow. Holding it with one hand, he reaches down into his pouch and withdraws a … blue bandaid with a rainbow on it.

Cress finally steps into the room a bit farther, looking for some sort of line to get into. She doesn't really know anyone, so she keeps her arms folded quietly across her chest, body closed off a bit to the room, doing her best to look as calm as can be but the wideness of her eyes cannot help but betray nerves. She gives a faint smile as she sees the kid even taking things well.

Zaharis fishes a pen from one of his pockets to sign off on something shoved into his hands by a nurse. He gently rubs his eyes and plucks a fresh pair of gloves from a box nearby and pulling them on. Reighner's spotted finally as the man moves around and he gives the scientist a nod. "Matt."

At the nurses' station, Micah's up and so is Eve. The nurses pass forms over, quickly getting names and relevant details for the pre-screen. One of them offers Eve a sympathetic smile at the look on her face.

Adele grins apologetically at the sting Reece experiences, then warns him, "Be sure to keep still. You've got a thick metal needle in your vein, remember." She watches him watch the bag fill with blood, and allows herself to smirk faintly. "It's still amazing to me how much blood we have in our bodies." The bag continues to fill, and soon enough she has the appropriate amount.

"Ahh." There's comprehension in the young pilot's expression, but, not being the psychiatrist and people person of the two of them, he doesn't quite seem to know what else to say. The queue moves forward again, and Micah eyes the empty gurney in front of Reighner with a touch of misgiving. It isn't the most welcoming sight. "Whenever I'm about to do something that scares the knickers off me," he murmurs, keeping his voice low, "I try to think of the worst, most horrible way that it could go wrong. And usually, it turns out to be so ridiculous, I end up laughing." He winks at her, then steps away as forms are passed out, summoning up a pen from a pocket of his fatigues.

Rhea does not object to the rainbows, mildly amused. She grunts at the sting, but it's really not that bad. "Where in Hades did Jesse get those things?" she asks, with a soft chuckle. Reece stops squirming at Adele's orders, still watching the blood with great interest. "That is /so/ weird…" he says, grinning. "How much blood /do/ we hold, Doctor Pike?" He's enjoying the rather gross sight of his own blood being drained as only an adolescent can.

Micah's words of wisdom are sound, if, it weren't the sight of blood that tends to make the psyche crumple. Eve reaches out to take the form with a murmured thank you, before her lines press together in a determined line. Then. "Right. Worst that can happen. Worst that can happen." Becomes a mantra as she checks all the boxes and writes in all her answers. She's actually had an unremarkeable medical history. "Vein ruptures, needle falls out. Blood starts spraying like an unmanned fire hose.." Its all muttered beneath her breath, and ever word drains more color from her face.

"Who knows. I figure it's some practical joke gone wrong. Can't wait till I have to put one of these on a Marine." Craven offers a quick grin before looking over towards the bag. Unlike Reece, Rhea's order is a few pints larger, so it takes a tad bit longer before the order's been filled. When it has, the medic is withdrawing the needle from her arm, replacing it with a small swap of cotton before setting the needle down so that he can pass the bandaid to her, "And that is that, Captain. You may now go indulge yourself on those sweets."

Regas comes in from Passageway.
Regas has arrived.

"More like cast-offs," Zaharis replies to Reighner, resting a foot on the rung of the stool by the gurney he's manning. "Figured it might be worth having the Marines run around in rainbows for a few hours." Which is just what Craven's saying over there. Great minds.

The nurses finish up with Micah and Eve and they're pointed down the rows of gurneys. NPC doctors are standing by, plus Reighner and Zaharis, and now Craven's free too. They can pick their doom. A nurse grabs another form and summons Drusus and Cress up. NEXT!

Cress is summoned forward by one of the nurses, her eyes suddenly going a bit wide. She's not quiet certain this was the wisest idea. Maybe she should have come at the end of shift. Or maybe just totally hidden in her bunk or new lab and forgotten about it. She gives the nurse a smile as she steps forward, waiting to be directed somewhere…"First Lieutenant Cress…" She affirms her identity.

"About a gallon and a half, give or take," Adele replies to Reece, carefully withdrawing the needle and closing off the tube. She taps his bag of blood. "Lots more than this, but you might still feel a little lightheaded and woozy." She points towards the cookie station and grins. "That's why we have those. Go have one, and monitor your mom's intake - I saw her eyes gleam for chocolate." But first, she takes out a nondescript bandage as promised, giving him a wink as she applies it. Then it's time to clear things out for her next victim, and she offers a nod of greeting to Reighner while doing so.

"You'll be fine, el-tee," Micah murmurs as he signs off and tucks the pen back into his pocket. The donut's finished off as he's pulling away from the woman and dropping himself onto the gurney in front of Reighner; at least he's gallant, if nothing else, in his own strange way. "No butterflies, no rainbows, and no puppies, please, ta," he tells the man, and then endeavours to get 'comfortable'.

Rhea gets a laugh out of the idea of bandaiding the Marines with these things. "Save them the flowers," she says with a wink to Craven. "Thanks, PO. You have excellent touch. Barely felt a thing." She steps carefully off the gurney, going to retrieve her son. Who looks like he wants to ask Adele more morbid medical questions. But he swings his legs off the gurney eagerly enough. He takes the standing thing slower, though. Whoa, headrush. "Cool, Doc," he says to Adele once he's bandaged, and he's led off by his mother to the cookies-and-juice station.

Drusus strolls in inconspicuously, at some point. He tends to blend into the background when on duty, just another uniform in the mess, in the CIC, in the queue to donate blood. But it seems the queue's died down a bit, as he wanders in and is summoned to the nurse's station. He flashes the nurse a friendly smile and half-jogs up, taking up a form. "Now that's service," he thanks, then turns aside, to go head out of the way and get the paperwork done.

No one does a shouting of 'Colonel on the Deck!', which is good as it might spring some leaks in people giving blood. Instead, Regas just has his name checked off by the nurse and begins removing his jacket. Handing it off to the nurse when he has it removed. Now, he looks like one of the crew, in his grey shirt and brown tanktop.

Reighner stuffs his hands back into his pockets. He snorts in a half-amused sort of way and returns Adele's nod. Glancing at Micah, he pats Zaharis on the shoulder before coming to the gurney. "Hello," he says to the air near Micah as he puts on some latex gloves. Not very good bedside manner, this one. "I am Dr. Reighner. Do you have any questions about what I'm going to do?"

"Thanks, Captain." Craven gives Rhea another quick nod and then he's moving to pass the bag'o'blood off to a nurse, so that it can be stored. Turning back, he replaces the needle and sets the turniquet down before casting a look in the direction of the growing line. And then, he waits for the next victim to wander into his den.

Zaharis gives Reighner a small smile and turns to pick up his glass of water, draining a few swallows. He notes Rhea's done and nods to the ChEng and ChEngspawn, then glances up the gurney rows to check the flow.

The nurse at the station smiles at Drusus, probably a game face but that's what they're trained to do. She takes down the info from both Drusus and Cress and ships them both off down the line towards the waiting vampiric medical staff. Then she sees Regas, straightening her shoulders and plucking up a new form to get his details down. "Colonel, sir."

Eve is going to choose the lesser of all the evils, or at least the most familiar. Numbly, Eve hands back her paperwork and turns to the lines of gurneys, shuffling in front of the one Zaharis mans. "Hey boss." She offers quietly, before climbing up and stretching out. "I know the drill, just…make it fast." Is all sort of said in a rush before her eyes are pinching tightly shut.

"Sounds like he wants a Mz. Kitty bandage," Adele says to Reighner with a jerk of her chin in Micah's direction. She gives the pilot a vaguely wicked grin, and explains, "We've got what we got," before waving encouragingly to Eve, patting the gurney she's manning with the other hand.

Micah doesn't seem overly bothered by the lack of bedside manner, probably since he's done this before and has no apparent trouble with needles or blood. "Just one question." He's already ditched his jacket, so there's no sleeve to roll up; he does try to catch the doctor's eye, though. "Someone take a piss in your cornflakes this morning? 'cause you look like you ate something that doesn't agree much with you."

Of course, it's the nurse that actually greets the Colonel which clues Cress in to who is behind her in line. Her eyes go wide and, the moment she realizes, she snaps off on instinct and training alone, "Colonel on DECK!" It's amazing her mousy, high little voice can actually get a bit of power behind it. BUt it does. And she snaps into a salute in attention position.

Micah gives Adele a bit of a pursed-lipped scowl that might or might not be in good humour.

Regas nods, "Lieutenant," he says to the nurse and then looks over his shoulder as Pepper comes into the room. Deathly white. Looks like she had a trip to the Head. He reaches out a hand and brings her around, in front of him. "This is Ensign Peters, she is afraid of needles. But, she is happy to do her part. Aren't you Ensign?"
The only thing Pepper can do is bob her head some, swallow and look ready to run like the wind out of the room. If not for the hold of the Colonel's hand on her shoulder.
"See that she is treated well." Regas continues and smiles and looks to Cress, "At ease, before we blow up veins here, JG."

Zaharis has already gotten Eve, it seems. But he catches Adele's eye and nods her towards the nervous-looking Cress. Turning his dark eyes down to the psychiatrist, he pulls the high stool up closer and sits down. "Lieutenant. I'll make it as quick as I can, I promise. Here, I'll even-…" He grabs a cloth to use to cover up what he's doing. A glance towards the nurses' station as Cress does that, the voice snapping most of staff into straight-backs and sudden pause until regas calls it off. Zaharis, though, has a needle in his hands and that takes precedent.

The nurse clears her throat and starts asking Regas the necessary questions to get him moving.

Drusus continues to lurk, keeping an amiable smile on his face but lifting a hand to the back of his head, elbow toward the ceiling as if stretching, a thoughtful sort of gesture. A subdued nod to Adele, a further amused smile at Micah's little scowl, seeming to enjoy watching the joshing the patients are getting. Attention is duly attained when called for, of course.

Cress is eased, giving a quick nod and a far more shy, quiet voiced, "Yes, sir." Before she falls into relaxed stance and looks over towards Adele, possibly her vampiric attendor, it seems.

Rhea gets seated after she's acquired some juice and cookies for her and her spawn. The Family Zimmermann is seated when the colonel's presence is hollered. Rhea does salute, more or less, though she remains her chair. Recently-drained as she is. Reece just does more neck-craning while he sucks down his juice through a straw. Trying to get a good look at the big man.

It never fails how those three words draw most people to attention and Craven was no exception, since he was without a patient at the moment. When he relaxes, he offers a soft chuckle and then a quick shake of his head before looking around. Suddenly, his eyes stop on his next victim and a hand lifts, motioning Drusus to the gurney in front of him.

Adele, being a civilian, does not have much of a kneejerk reaction to the announcement of a colonel being on deck. She does glance curiously in that direction, however, and catching Cress's gaze, she waves the woman with the healthy lungs over. She doesn't have fangs, but she does have a needle! And it vants to suck her bloood.

"My family is dead," Reighner answers Micah. It seems like it'd be a bombshell of a statement, but it's said hollowly. "How's that?" He takes a clean needle and sits on the stool next to Micah's gurney, then gets about to preparing the gauze and collection bag.

Pepper gives out her information and then stands there waiting. Her hands are clammy and she looks like she could upchuck at any moment. The colonel's lips twitch just a little, but not much. It gets her back for all those times she interrupted him.

Cress steps rather tentatively over towards Adele. Cress probably just makes the weight requirements to give blood, if even that, but they're all here and she made it past the initial nurse. She's a tiny little thing, her uniform jacket at ouch too large on her shoulders, which is clear as she slips out of it and offers her arm. "…Hullo…" Her Caprica accent offers shyly.

Drusus, saved from being too long at attention by a beckoning from Craven. And grateful for it, apparently, a soft, subtle smile lent to the medic as he comes to push himself smoothly up onto the guerney. He doesn't seem timid at the prospect of getting needled at, though the boy's slender enough to look as though more than a mosquito bite might set him fainting. "Looking at a long night?" he offers by way of conversation, offering his arm, as well.

Micah glances toward the sound of that voice, purely out of habit, and he's even about to swing off the gurney to deliver a proper salute, when everyone's ordered to stand down. Looking toward the doctor that's preparing a needle and gauze, he follows for a few moments the motion of his fingers before speaking again, "Aye, they are." And then Rhea and Reese are watched, just a beat before he turns away. "We all go some time, though. Whether we're armed with a bird, or a peashooter, or nothing at all, we've all got to go some time." His voice is a low mutter, as if he's half speaking to himself.

The nurse takes stock of the huge area and then looks back at Regas and Pepper, apologetically. "Would you mind waiting just a few minutes, sir? Ensign? We'll have someone ready for you." The place is very busy, gurneys filling again as soon as they're emptied. The little cardboard blood-o-meter at the nurses' station is rising with remarkable speed.

Zaharis looks back down at Eve's arm, adjusting the cloth blocking her view of her arm. He tends to the routine efficiently but with a surprising amount of gentleness. "You'll feel a little pinch. Don't look down, try and focus on something else." In the needle goes, ick.

There's a flash a smile to Drusus as he hops up onto the gurney and then Craven is giving a quick nod of his head, "Looks that way. But, can't complain." His voice drops just a hair, "Not often we get to poke the officers with sharp objects, and get away with it." The tourniquet is claimed and placed around the offered arm before it's tightened to bring the veins further into few. Then, it's needle time and he's looking from the veins back up to Drusus, "Any questions before I get started?"

Eve starts as the brass on deck call is given, her jerk probably not the best of things when a doctor is wielding a needle and ready to puncture her vein. All in all, she'd be doing okay when her eyes sprung open, as Zaharis covered her arm. If it weren't for the tubing that runs to the collection bag. Or the cart being rolled past of donations being taken to cold storage. "Oh frak." She mutters, before her eyes roll up and her eyelids flutter shut.

"Hello," Adele returns Cress' greeting with a prim, but not unpleasant, smile, which fades somewhat as she overhears snippets of the conversation between Micah and Reighner. She casts a glance in that direction, and then turns her attention fully onto the woman she will be poking with a needle shortly. "I'm Dr. Adele Pike. Is this your first time giving blood?" She looks at the piece of paper that was passed to her, which bears Cress' information on it, giving it a squint. "You just made the weight requirement." Because Adele rounded up a pound.

Regas removes his hand from Pepper, when he is sure she isn't going to bolt. He then watches the others in the room. His attention going back to the JG that saluted. He watches a moment as her jacket is taken off and she gets ready to give blood. A frown now creases his lips as he thinks about something.

Reighner wraps a rubber tourniquet around Micah's upper arm. "Squeeze your hand into a fist a couple of times." He wipes cold antiseptic over the inside of the pilot's elbow. "We have to go sometime. The familiar refrain. If I believed that I wouldn't be in this business."

Drusus crosses one leg lazily over the other in a vague half-sprawl, holding himself up with his other arm behind him as he watches the veins in his arm for a moment, then looks back up to Craven with a brief look of mischief, as if about to ask something entirely unrelated just for kicks, but he half-coughs, half-laughs, and remembers that there are people waiting. "No, go ahead," he simply states.

Rhea nibbles her cookie. Taking advantage of all the medical sweets she can. She watches her son as he chomps down his. He's put that old, battered military jacket of his back on. Reece Zimmermann's tall for a boy his age, but the jacket was clearly made for a grown made much taller. She smiles at him, reaching out to ruffle his curly hair. "I'm proud of you," she says. He looks mortified at being hair-ruffled in public, ducking his head away. "/Mom/. Gods. There are /people/ around." He sits up and does his best to look hard core. Finishing his cookie.

There's a quirk of his lips into a grin before Craven gives another nod, "Going to feel a slight sting." Even as it's said, he's pressing the needle into the vein and opening the value so that the blood can flow into the bag. Once it's set, his hand drifts down to the pouch at his waist and when it withdraws, he's holding a green bandaid. With flowers. And a kitten. There's a soft chuckle and a sympathetic smile as he sets it down next to Drusus.

Cress nods slightly, "L-like this… yes… I mean… they stick you… when you get in… you know. But… I mean… Yes, sir…" Wait, the woman is a civilian, "Ma'am.".. And a doctor, "Doctor." Cress clears her throat, just going quiet then as she settles down onto a stool or chair, whatever is there so her legs don't have to keep her up during this less than pleasant process.

Zaharis glances at the cart, then back at Eve. He turns the stool with his foot and says nothing as he slides the needle back out of Eve's arm, the collection not even having started. With his fingertips he checks to be sure her pulse is strong, then he calls over to a nurse. "Have them get a glass of juice over here, please. Elevate her feet." Standing up, he grabs the pillow he's tossed so they can do just that. Fainters, always happens.

Micah briefly looks over to Eve, and then the young woman who looks like she might deflate into a rather small puddle if she were to donate a few pints of blood. All the while, the tourniquet's being tied off and he's closing his hand as instructed, to make that vein stand out more prominently. "Suppose it's your job to keep things together," he muses, mouth curving into a crooked smile. Maybe the doctor can feel him trembling; so much for the big bad viper jock. "But it's my job to blow things apart. An' let me tell you, it's frakking easy. So frakking easy."

Drusus takes a deep, swift breath in through his nose as the needle comes to his arm, bracing slightly but otherwise suffering the sting with that same small, friendly smile. His lips pull back to show his teeth, his head tips down to one side with an affable chuckle as he looks at the bandage. "It's adorable," he tells Craven.

As Pepper is taken off to someone, Regas glances over to Zaharis when he is done with the fainter. His hand comes up to motion the CMO over to him as he steps to the side.

Zaharis nods to the nurse who returns with juice, the woman's face worried for the poor shrink. "Keep her lying down, ten minutes." Eve's feet propped securely, he steps away from the gurney and crosses the row towards the nurse's station and waiting brass. "Yes, sir."

Adele bears a Caprican accent as well, and uses it to speak to Cress in a calm manner while she puts on a new pair of latex gloves. She helps the woman settle into a gurney, patting the armrest. "Just put your arm up here." She unwraps an antiseptic swab and goes about rubbing at the donor's arm. "What do you do?" she asks, making smalltalk with some hesitance.

Eve's pulse is steady, at least, though her grip on conciousness is a fleeting thing. She rouses briefly, if only through strength of will, but then winks right back out again. Her limbs are limp as her legs are propped up on a pillow. Its only after another few minutes before a soft groan escapes her lips that sounds suspiciously like another cuss word. Or three.

Regas dips his head in just slightly as he does that 'hand on the shoulder' to the CMO. His voice lowering down so he can speak quietly to the man at his side.

"I think we're all aware of that now," Reighner replies flatly. He taps the inside of Micah's elbow to coax the (median cubital) vein into greater prominence, then he slowly pushes the low-gauge needle in. Blood squirts into the needle and courses through a yellow tube into an empty bag hanging by the gurney's side. "But don't confuse human life for Cylon life. One's worth something." He withdraws the needle a little, leaving predominantly the rubber lining inside the vein, and tapes the apparatus to Micah's inside elbow. "This'll take ten minutes." He glances over the pilot's body to Eve, then over to a passing nurse, muttering, "Get the vomit bucket."

Rhea smirks at her son, snorting. She finishes her own juice, pushing herself to her feet to get another cup. "You want some more?" she asks Reece. The boy considers how answering this might affect his hard-core status. "Yeah. Sure." He adds, before she goes, "Oh, and Doctor Pike said for me to make sure you don't eat all the sweets." Rhea's eyebrows shoot up. A *look* is leveled in Adele's direction. But she just snorts again and goes to the table to procure more juice.

Cress doesn't look at the needle, though she seems a bit more steady than poor Eve. She just keeps her hazel eyes turned away and her other fist balled nervously in her lap. "I'm Lt. Troy's ECO, though I'm a biologist. Graduated from the University of Caprica. I… I was here… am here… Paying off school loans." Cress admits quietly, her voice shy and soft, but at least she's making with the conversation and not going stone cold or unconscious!

Zaharis nods to whatever Regas is telling him, keeping his eyes on the Genesis' CO. "We'll take care of it, sir."

The nurse smiles at Eve, gently touching her shoulder. "Please relax, sir. You just fainted. Happens to the best of us with all this. Just take it easy." She's trying to be encouraging, here. Even as someone hurriedly follows Reighner's advice and grabs a bucket. Yum.

Regas turns around again, once that is done and he looks over to where the ChEng is moving to find more juice. He does one of those swift maneuvers of coming up to her left side, "I don't think I've met your son yet," he mentions to her as his eyes roam back over to the boy.

"You got that right," mutters the pilot in response to Reighner's assessment, drawing in a soft hiss as well as his lower lip between his teeth when the needle slips in, and then releasing the tension with slow, audible breaths. In and out. Resting back against the gurney, he crosses one booted foot over the other and drifts his gaze over the current crop of donors and doctors. "She going to be okay?" he asks, of the psyche presumably.

Short business with the CO. Zaharis pauses by the nurses' desk to exchange a few words with one of them, then turns to head back down the gurney rows towards Eve and her flurry of activity, consciously blocking the sight of another blood cart from the psychiatrist's view.

Adele catches Rhea's look and looks momentarily confused - until, of course, she sees that Rhea is by the cookies. Remembering, she merely grins, then turns her attention back to Cress. At the background information, the tall doctor's brows loft and she asks, "A biologist? Did you have Dr. Akakios, by any chance?" This type of smalltalk, she's actually not half bad at. She goes about her preparations, attempting to bring the woman's vein into view. It's not quite as easy as it was with Reece, but she gets it. She waits for Cress to answer before bringing out the needle she's kept well hidden up until this point.

Rhea gets a couple cups of juice in each hand. Turning when Regas sweeps up next to her. "Colonel." She offers him a crooked smile. "I'd salute, but I suspect I'd spill on us both. Come on, then. No time like the present. For once, he's sort of locked in place for awhile." She heads back to the table to rejoin Reece, inviting the colonel to follow.

Eve murmurs with what feels like a mouth full of cotton. "I'm alright, I'm alright." She assures the nurse, but doesn't dare move, lest she actually need that puke bucket. Seems this isn't her first rodeo when it comes to passing out under these circumstances. "Get what you needed?" She asks, eyes still partially closed but focused on the ceiling, but would be thankful for Zaharis' kindesses were she aware of them.
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Jocasta comes in from Passageway.
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Cress nods quietly, "I knew him in undergrad… but I did my thesis on cellular reproduction. Wasn't quite his area. But he is … was… a good man." Cress' brow furrow a hint as she actually considers the destruction of the University of Caprica. It's the oddest bit of sadness on her face that wasn't there before. "…lots of great minds… Gone. It's strange…"

Regas nods, giving the leeway for the ChEng to move back. Even though he was inline for this blood thing, he's willing to make social small talk for awhile until they are ready for him to park it somewhere. Following along, he nods to those he passes, "Good work," is mentioned on the way past.

Reighner pulls the tourniqet off of Micah's upper arm and tosses it back into a bin. He eyes his handiwork, making sure no lawsuits are pending, before looking at Eve. "Yeah. She probably had something called a vasovagal response. Happens to certain triggers. You probably have them too." Quite the uncaring response. He prepares a square of gauze.

"It's fine, Lieutenant." Zaharis' voice comes back into the picture as he gets to Eve's bedside, giving the psychiatrist a smile that still seems to come so easily for him despite everything. "Don't worry about a thing. Probably the most rest you've gotten in a week, hm?"

Drusus h-uhs. He's pretty sure he's the one supposed to be passing out here, not the medic. He looks up with a vaguely concerned 'Um?' as if he doesn't really want to bother anyone, but…

Rhea retakes her seat, pushing Reece's new juice cup across the table to him. "Reece. This is my boss. Colonel Regas, this is my son." She keeps the intros simple. The boy looks up, rather wide-eyed at the sight of the colonel. He half-moves to stand. But he's still kind of light-headed from the blood sucking, so he just steadies himself back in his chair. Raising a lanky arm up toward Regas. For hand-shaking. "Nice to meet you, sir," he says. Respectful. He's a military brat, and he's trained to be semi-mannerly in front of the big brass.

Adele, having slipped into a medical groove, managed to briefly forget. The blessing and curse of applying oneself to one's work, all rolled into one. When Cress uses the past tense, her expression falters, but she nods. "Luckily, we have many great minds aboard this station, and the ships around us," she says, the calm remaining in her tone. Needle time. "You're going to feel a sting. Just keep still, all right?" She smiles slightly.

Cress nods slightly. "Just…just do it as fast as you can…Doctor…if you can. Thanks." Cress admits nervously, keeping her eyes turned as far from the needle as possible so she doesn't know when to expect the jab. she swallows her heart down her throat as it suddenly double times, all too eager for this to be over.

Regas takes the smaller hand in his own and shakes it warmly, "Nice to meet you Reece, it's a fine thing you have done here. You are helping save lives." When he releases the hand, he continues to smile. "I don't suppose you've seen the workings of a Battlestar much, have you?" Glancing to Rhea a moment and then back again to her son.
Somewhere over in another bed, Pepper has done the fainting in then vomiting thing when she woke up again. Poor kid.

"Never fainted in my life, doc." Now /that/ is probably a bold-faced lie. The young Ensign briefly looks up as the CO passes by, and a smile touches his lips that doesn't linger for long. "You been on the Genesis for long?" It's an effort at small talk, if a stilted one.

Oh hi. There's an Ensign who seems to have gotten herself caught up in the doorway of the crowded medical facility. Jocasta's hung a hand on the doorframe and taken to peering into the room without actually inserting herself directly. What is she looking for? Perhaps something in the medbay on the support station needs to be set ablaze?

And it's in. Adele sticks the needle into Cress' vein as swiftly as she can without damaging anything. "There," she says, just as soon as she does it. "You're doing great, and we really appreciate the donation, Lieutenant." Her smile appears again, sincere.

Reighner shakes his head at Micah. He presses down on his coat shoulder. The fabric's semitransparent, so the faint outline of the PAS station patch can be seen on the uniform. "I'm endogenous." An automatic joke, but one delivered without the enthusiasm. "You're one of its pilots, I take it."

Eve tilts her head just ever so slightly towards Zaharis' voice, though the movement is slow. "You should have taken the collection while I was out cold. Now we're going to have to go through all this again." She says, her voice gravelled from a raw throat.

Cress nods curtly, "Of course. It's necessary, I know. I'm glad I could help." She gives a slightly pale smile, glad she made all the requirements, really. She hasn't really given any sort of blood since she joined the service. She keeps her eyes turned away, but occasionally tries to look over and up to Adele.

The bay is crowded but not chaotic, a system in place to handle the huge influx of people waiting their turn to be vampirised. As the line moves forward, nurses are handing out forms for names and health information, a pre-screen for everyone wanting to give.

Zaharis shakes his head to Eve. "Not right now. You're going to rest for the remaining four minutes, and when you're feeling up to it you'll get back on your feet." He turns his head and gestures to a nurse, pointing at a newly-emptied gurney nearby that they weren't paying attention to. Keep the line moving, folks.

Reece Zimmermann shakes back in as firm a fashion as he can. He shrugs, but he can't hide a grin at Regas' words. "I wanted to…do something, I guess. It's no big deal. It only stings for a minute, Colonel. Don't worry about it." As for the battlestar question, he shrugs. "I've been aboard a couple of times, like for the reception when they jumped the station and stuff. I've only seen the living areas, though. None of the cool stuff. I've got the Valkyrie Class model in my bunk here, though. I made it for a school project when I was back on Picon. The four under alligator hull is pretty cool." Rhea just sits back and lets her son talk, a smile on her face.

As Cress's blood begins to collect, Adele turns a smile on her and says, "Sit tight. I need to help keep things flowing." So to speak! "Colonel Regas?" she reads from a sheet of paper pressed into her hands by a nurse, and her eyes go to the man who caused a ruckus when he entered. She smiles.

Drusus tries vainly to get some manner of attention for the medic, but blends in perhaps too efficiently with the crowd. The woozies have started to get to him, too, and he wonders whether he ought to unhook himself from the thing. He coughs a few times to increase circulation in his brain box.

"Endogenous," Micah repeats, teeth flashing in a quick grin. "Not bad." He looks to the bag that's filling with his blood, seeming transfixed for long moments by the sight, where others are revulsed by it. The not-quite-question has him meeting the doctor's eyes briefly, then grunting a soft 'you got it'.

Regas chuckles, "I had the Mercury class when I was younger. I used to do as many of the kits as I could and hung them from my ceiling. My mother always got her hair tangled in them when she cleaned," a fond memory, it seems. "As soon as we get into the Deca system and if things are calmed down for us, we'll see about letting your Mom bring you over so you can see a few things. As long as you listen to her and the others and keep yourself safe. Deal?"

Oh, well, bringing Regas over here will certainly keep Cress' blood flowing. All the more important she gets through this without passing out or puking or doing anything equally lacking in dignity. Her eyes go a bit wide and she just gives a half smile in Adele's direction. "I'm not going anywhere, doc."

Regas then turning, hearing Adele, he gives the boy another smile and also Rhea as he heads toward the woman. "Ready for me, I take it?"

Ugh. Paperwork. Can't someone just jab a spout into Jocasta's arm, suck out what's needed, and then let her scamper off to juice-and-cookie town without forcing her to, you know… write? Just as she might seem ready to turn tail and pound ground back to Genny, a little cut-cornered clipboard is shoved into her hands and she's thusly obligated to remain. She sweeps a cautious look around the area for anyone she might vaguely recognize but keeps the socializing tapped down to a minimum. She's got /writing/ to do here, people, and that's going to take her a bit.

Reece Zimmermann chuckles. "Mom doesn't clean. And she's too short to get tangled up in anything from the ceiling." Rhea snorts, kicking at her son gently under the table. Reece tries to look sorry. He's not too successful. "Deal!" he calls to the departing Colonel.

Eve gives a sigh, that speaks volumes of her remorse she wasn't able to contribute. "Well. At least the beds are more comfy than my rack." Lifting a hand that couldn't look more weighted than if it had been cast in lead, she uses it to swipe down her face. "Sorry, boss. I tried." Is said quietly.

Adrastos has arrived.

Adele gives Cress a vaguely apologetic smile, for semi-abandoning her and inviting her ultimate superior over to take a spot next to her. "Yes," she replies to the Colonel, patting the surface of the gurney twice. "I'm Dr. Adele Pike," she introduces herself, then gives the information sheet on Regas a final once over.

Reighner glances at Micah's bag, too. "We stop at the pint. You'll be under doctor's orders not to fly for the rest of the day."

"Dr. Pike," Regas addresses her and takes a seat on the gurney. Then, he looks over to Cress and offers her a smile, "JG, we meet again," straightening his back some and holding his arm out so it is ready for the Dr. to take his blood, "Aerospace researchist?" He queries.

Micah spots the lurksome raptor ECO from the corner of his peripheral vision finally, speaking of people that he recognises. He's not about to shout out a greeting across the room at her, however, tempting as it is to watch her drop and scurry for that pen. There's just a grin, and a groan for the doctor who's tending him. "You have got to be joking me, I'm fine, I can take the stick."

"It's okay, Lieutenant. If you feel up to it you can come by once the drive is done, see what we can do when things are quieter." Zaharis' tone is simple, not patronising. "Just, you know. Know that you've probably gone and earned yourself a horrendous nickname." He can't help a very brief grin.

The nurse keeps an eye on Jocasta as that paperwork gets done. At the little station the red arrow on their blood-o-meter gets pushed up a bit further. The line's not getting shorter by any means; as another shift ends, more military come filing into the medical bay and get served with their forms, the low mutterings around the long line accompanied by handshakes and solemn nods.

IT's hard to be sneaky when you're tall and lanky and rather clumsy. But Adrastos is trying, sidling in to the end of the line like he's hoping he won't be noticed. Only to bump into Jocasta on his way. Well done.

"I'm sure you can," Reighner says. "As long as it's not the one in a cockpit." He removes the tapes from the tube inserted into Micah's arm. "You may feel some tingling when I pull the needle out."

"Yes," Adele replies, making swift work of helping Regas get situated. She swabs at his arm with antiseptic, tossing the used cotton into a bin as she dons yet another pair of gloves with a professional snap. "Though Dr. Reighner has me manufacturing pharmaceuticals now, and I'm hel—" She cuts herself off, glancing askance at Cress as she wraps a tourniquet around Regas' upper arm. "Lieutenant Cress? You said you were a biologist?"

Rhea was one of the first serviced, so she's made it to juice-and-cookie town. She's sitting with her 12-year-old son now. Both Zimmermanns look recently drained. Reece Zimmermann is sucking down his juice. Rhea apparently snagged a second cookie during her last trip to the table. She gives her son a little wink as she scarfs it. He smirks crookedly, very much resembling her right at that moment, shaking his head.

Drusus licks his top lip slowly, a long thoughtful look at he smooths the band-aid over the inside of his elbow, stepping around the medic with a peep and sneaking to fetch some juice or a cookie or something. Mildly wavery, but you should see the other guy.

Cress looks up, nodding in affirmation, "Yes. I… I actually spoke with Major Reed about the announcement he put out the other night… If that's what the question is about." Cress offers nervously, looking up from her slightly more slumped position on the chair. She's a hint more pale than before but keeping it together well.

"Only one that matters," mumbles the Ensign currently being denied his chance at heroics. "Do I still get juice and cookies?" Micah wants to know. Because, of course, that was the ulterior motive here. His lower lip is tugged between his teeth as the tape comes off and the needle's withdrawal is imminent.

"Manufacturing pharmaceuticals?" Regas glances over toward Reighner and back to Adele. "Interesting." It's doubtful he knows how they are doing that, but as long as they do, it works. "I guess you haven't been over to see our Aerospace facility then?" A glance to Cress, "An ECO biologist, I guess that comes in on a productive level if something hits your windshield and splatters."

There's the glimmer of profound irritation to be seen in Jocasta's dark eyes, if only for a moment, before she recognizes the bumbling idiot who made her abruptly scrawl a line all the way from 'place of birth' to 'surname'. She summarily smacks Adrastos on the chest with her clipboard in a gesture meant to be more like a pat than a breath-stealing slap. "Klutz. You here for the free bloodletting… or the woozy women?"

Reighner seems oblivious to Micah's discomfort as he withdraws the needle out smoothly. He places pressure over the hole with the fabric as he tosses the needle in a sharps container. "Let's see what you have here." He pulls out a yellow bandaide with clowns. "This should do fine. Hold the gauze please."

Cress gives Regan an almost embarrased, pale lipped smile. "I…I got my Doctorate at the University of Caprica. It was… expensive. Joined the military to pay off student loans, sir. And being an ECO is an… interesting challenge. So, here I am." She actually is a bit amused at the windshield comment, though. It's enough to keep her smiling and almost relaxed with the big boss around.

Eve shifts slightly, rolling up to her elbow. "Oh just wait. You're going to find your office wallpapered with pink dancing hippo adhesive bandages if you're not careful. I give as good as I get." A pause, a feeble smile. "Sir." A deep breath is taken, "I think I can get back to my feet, now boss."

Zaharis turns his head as a Lieutenant wanders up, holding a printout. "Where are we at, El-Tee?" The report given by the young man is long, details of what they've collected so far that's useable, to which the CMO nods. "Cap it at fifty more. This will put us at storage and leave plenty for another rotation inside of six weeks if we need it." The Lieutenant salutes and heads off, and Zaharis looks back at Eve with a smirk. "Somehow I don't doubt your capacity for revenge, El-Tee. Up we go, then." He extends a hand for her to grab onto until she's steady.

"Good," Adele replies to Cress, taking a look at the woman's collection bag, which is almost filled the prescribed amount. She nods a tech, who just arrived, over to Cress' gurney. Turning her attention back to Regas, she continues to prepare the colonel for bloodsuckery. "I haven't seen the facility, no. I suppose I should clarify - my specialization is in aerospace preventatives. Labwork, labwork, and more labwork. Followed by some theorizing, and then - you get the idea." She smiles primly.

Drusus hwahs, managing his way back through the crowd, slipping around a few people and murmuring apologies with a tender smile. He grabs a snack and takes it on the go, heading back toward the shuttles.

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Adrastos is about to look abject and contrite, but he brightens like a Life Day display when he realizes it's Jocasta. "The former. Though, I can meet you after for the latter if you're wanting to be taken advantage of?" he suggests. Like it's just another service he offers. He's more or less chivvied into line by others coming in, but he keeps pace with Jo.

"Frak, no," Micah mutters with a desultory look toward Reighner. Pressing two fingers over the bit of gauze, he tucks his elbow in closer against his side, and regards the bandaid as one might a second-hand jock strap. "I'll just… find something in my bunk, if you don't mind, doc."

The nurse at reception waits patiently for Jocasta to be done, reaching over the desk with a clipboard for Adrastos. "Sir. If you could just fill that out? We'll send you back soon as you're done."

Regas offers a nod to Adele, "But how do you prevent, if you haven't experienced what you are doing labwork on, Doctor? That would be like me saying that I don't believe that ship can run on grains and I keep doing labwork to prove it, instead of taking it out and watching it choke."

Jocasta scoffs. Loudly. And eyes roll. "You're not that lucky." Thank goodness she's got paperwork to slowly screw up, pen in hand. Eventually, maybe by the time shop is closing up (so to speak), she'll be done.

Eve takes the offered hand of the CMO, easing to her feet and accepting the help of a nurse to shuffle her off some where out of the way, with a murmured thanks and sheepish smile on her way out.

Reighner tilts his head down. "Come now, pilot, I don't want you bleeding out all over the floor. Poor form."

Manny comes in from Passageway.
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"Sometimes the gods are merciful and I do find someone to climb into my bunk with me," Adrastos says, with mock piety. "I'm amazed, myself." And then he takes the clipboad, and steps off to fill it out. Still by Jocasta. "Yes, sir," he says to the nurse, belatedly.

Eve leaves for Passageway [O].
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Zaharis strips off his gloves, tossing them into the bin. He plucks out a fresh pair, tugging them over his fingers and wrists as he waits for the next victim to make his or way down the row. Once they're done with that infernal paperwork at the nurses' station. A glance is spared over at Reighner and Micah.

Micah rolls his jaw a little from left to right, eyes lifted to the doctor looming over him. There's a nod finally, though no assurance given that he won't rip it off once he leaves the room.

"Make a fist for me a few times, Colonel?" Adele instructs, as the tech at Cress' gurney goes about removing the woman's needle and pressing a square of gauze to the small wound. Only after he complies does Adele answer his question. "That's a good point, though I could respond by saying that oncologists don't have to get cancer in order to understand the disease and endeavor to research and improve methods of treatment." She taps at Regas' arm, where the vein is starting to show. "But I know it's not the same thing, so I won't respond that way. I'd love to see the facility. Who should I get clearance from, to visit it?" A needle flashes in her hand, ready to stick.

Manny comes running…okay jogging into the area, skidding to a stop and pushing back her hood as she scans the area. "My blood's a ho! It has to go! Who wants it?! Did I miss it?" She takes time to catch her breath now, kthnx. Also to unzip her jacket and turn around in a circle.

Cress releases a small breath of relief as the needle is removed. She doesn't quite get up yet, though, letting her body settle into a new state of being with a good bit less blood in her than she had before.

Reighner places the clown bandage on Micah's inside elbow. "And yes, help yourself to the food. It's over there." He points with a gloved hand to the table after he throws away the gauze. "You should lay down and rest for thirty or so minutes, but I don't think you'll do that, so we're done." He looks up at Manny's entrance, frowns a touch, then back down at Micah.

Oh, Cress gets one of the famed Mz. Kitty bandages. The tech looks apologetic, then shows her where the cookies and juice are stationed.

Regas flexes his fist slowly a few times to bring up the blue vein along his inner elbow, "Talk to Major Carter, I'm sure it'll be cleared easily enough," he tells Adele and the waits like a big boy for the needle to be inserted. Glancing around he gives a look to those still giving or getting up and moving about, then his gaze slips over toward the doorway and the line filling up again.

The slightly jarring and jogging arrival of Manny seems to be an oddly ironic event as Jocasta spares a look at the pilot, bounces it over to Adrastos with one eyebrow raised, and then turns to pitch her paperwork back over to the nurse on call. Enough stalling. She sucks in a breath and asks the woman, "We just do this here, or…?" In other words, point me to a medical stiff willing to endure an encounter with the fiery ECO.

Rhea is sitting at a table in the recently-drained area with her spawn, 12-year-old Reece Zimmermann. The two of them are taking advantage of all the free refreshments they can sponge off of Sickbay. Reece is still attentively peering at the rest of the doners. People-watching. Manny's entrance earns a wide-eyed blink. As does her 'jacket.'

Cress stands a bit, definitely shaky, catching herself on the gurney for a moment, but she doesn't go down. She gives a pale lipped smile and heads for the cookies and juice. She'll probably sit there nursing some OJ for a good long while, like a drunk at a bar hours before last call.

"Hold your horses," Adrastos admonishes Manny, mildly, even as he swiftly fills out his own forms. His handwriting is lovely, as if he'd trained for something where it'd matter, like copying the scriptures. Jocasta gets a studiously bland look. See, look, the gods do listen to me.

The facility's moving quickly through the line, things starting to slow down just a touch as the Lieutenant declares the end of the volunteering for the night somewhere behind Manny. As with everyone else, a nurse grabs a clipboard and hands it Manny's way. Health details, standard pre-screen stuff. Once that's done she looks at Jocasta and leans forward, looking down the rows. Reighner's pointed at, lucky him! "Captain Reighner's free, sir. Go ahead down." She waits on Adrastos, and the other pilot is waved down towards Zaharis. Once he's done the papers.

"Ta, doc," mumbles the newly-vampirised young Ensign, grimacing a little at the clown decorating his arm, and flexing his bicep once as if to prove he's still a man and not a preschooler. He swings off the gurney a little too fast and almost goes toppling to the floor; the mishap is narrowly avoided by a quick clutch of the edge of the bed, and a grin shot to Reighner as he ambles away. And then it's time for juice and as many cookies as he can get away with before his hand is slapped.

Finishing up with the marine she was working on, D'Artanion removes the needle and presses a bit of gauze to the wound. "K. Fold your arm." Lifting the other woman's arm gently, she nods, "Like that. Hang on a sec and I'll getcha a bandaid." Turning, she closes off the bag of blood and labels it. It is moved to a storage box and she brings back a pretty multicolored Bouncing Bubbles bandaid. Once it is afixed, she winks at her fellow marine and gives her a high five. "Later, Rach. Go grab something to eat and you'll replenish in no time." As the other woman leaves, D'Artanion strips off her gloves and claims a new pair. Looking up toward the nurse's station, she waves the next donor on over.

Okay. Blood? Check. Cookies? - Person with a clipboard? Manny gives Adrastos a long and searching once over, hmming softly before she's being handed something to freaking fill out and she /sighs/ starting to scribble away. "Wow, what the frak…" She mutters, eyebrow raising as she scans the form and frowns from time to time.

Stab goes the needle, into Regas' arm, and Adele makes sure everything is going as it should. The blood begins to flow into the bag, and she gives the Colonel a dip of her head along with a smile. "Thank you, I'll speak to him." As Cress vacates her gurney, the civilian doctor smiles after the woman and waits for the next sheet of paper bearing a donor's name to be handed over to her by a nurse. She's multitasking. Keeps the blood flowing. HA.

"Swear to gods," Reighner mumbles underneath his breath as he watches Micah walking away. He snaps his gloves off and tosses them in a biohazard bin, then he stuffs his hands in his pockets and leans against the gurney, waiting for the next donor. He sighs and looks blankly at the floor, thinking his thoughts. Probably about his family.

Regas feels the stab and there is only a slight tic along his jaw before he asks, "Why are civilians coming over here to give? Didn't we set something up on the Carina?"

Micah's near-fail at gravity does not go unnoticed as Jocasta dutifully replaces the pilot at Reighner's station. It does, however, go mercifully uncommented on. What's the funny in taking a stab at a wounded man? She'll just tuck that little moment away and spit something out later when he's got his pants down… figuratively-speaking, of course. However, there is some literal disrobing going on, as Jocasta peels free of her uniform top and strips down to her dual undershirts and tags. "I'm all yours, doc," she says to Reighner. Sly grin.

Zaharis glances at Micah's back, then back at Reighner. His comment comes under his breath, just meant for the other Captain. "You're doing fine. Little longer." As Jocasta comes over he turns his attention towards Regas, hearing the colonel's comment. "Contractors are giving here, sir. The drive on the Carina will be for those civilans who are retaining their status." The ones not cleared to be over here, in other words.

Adrastos hands off his filled out forms and looks for an available doctor. Manny gets a rather amused grin, but no explanation.

Zaharis lifts a hand and waves Adrastos towards him. Such a busy day even the CMO is out sticking people with needles. What fun! The nurse at the station just rubs her nose, waiting for Manny to be done. She casts a glance along the row, noting D'artanion free.

Manny continues to fill out her forms, worrying her bottom lip as she looks thoughful. There is a long pause before she looks up. "Oh my gods, I thought I was giving blood, not applying to be a surrogate…" Those uniquely accented tones are colored with amusement more than anything else as she hands it over when it is finally finished.

"Oh, good," Reighner replies in a monotone after Jocasta arrives. His features are probably more visible now — there's a slight skin pallor with bags under his eyes, the look of a weary man. He pats the gurney. "Lay down, please, feet facing that way."

Looking up at the nurse's station once more, D'Artanion motions for Adrastos to come on down! You're the next contestant on the Type is Right! Ah, but Zaharis catches him first. Spotting Manny filling out the forms, she lifts a brow at the other woman's attire, but waves a cheery hello. "Hey, homegirl. Come on over once you're cleared. I'll vampirize you."

It's not a fail, if he's still on his feet, though. If Micah notices that Jocasta's noticed -him-, he gives no indication; the pilot's weaving just a touch as he approaches the table stacked with paper cups and a pitcher of juice, and an open box of oatmeal cookies. One is popped into his mouth for him to munch on it an impressive display of oral dexterity, while he busies himself pouring out some juice.

Regas gets an answer, but he is still rather intrigued, you could say, "And this young woman is..?" Giving a nod toward the door where Manny is filling out her paperwork. Doesn't matter who he is speaking too now, it seems.

Since things have slowed down a bit, Adele keeps to one gurney - the one the Colonel is currently occupying. She monitors the bag and starts to obsessively organize her station. Box of gloves go here, antiseptic pads go here. Flamboyant bandages, here. She opens her mouth to reply to Regas' question once he poses it, casting a glance towards Manny - but Zaharis does it for her, and she looks up from her neatly organized cart and smiles at him.

Rhea notices her son blinking in Manny's direction. "What?" she asks, half-turning her head to see what he's so interested in. Reece quickly says, "Umm, nothing. Hey, Mom. I had this question. About school. What do you think of…?" He goes on to pull some random biology query out of thin air, which Rhea dutifully answers.

Huh. Now… here's an interesting anomaly: Jocasta's wearing a Navy uniform and, yet, when her arms are bared to the air, it's a series of Corps tattoos that get revealed. There's probably a story there. For another time, maybe. Reighner's somber demeanor immediately rachets the ECO's enthusiasm way down into something more suitable to being fitting for a coffin instead of, well, okay… giving blood isn't the most exciting event in the world. She complies with doctor's orders and falls into a thoughtful quiet, eyes turned to give one last look around the medbay before she fixes on the ceiling.

"My name is Dr. Reighner." Jocasta can probably see him slipping on a fresh pair of gloves above her head. "Do you have any questions about is going to happen?"

Zaharis smiles back at Adele. The lines starting to etch their way across the corners of his eyes and forehead are way more visible when he's tired. To Regas he replies, after a glance towards D'art and Manny, "Manuella de los Reyes, sir. One of Major Carter's contractors…comms, I believe."

Manny idly cracks her neck slips out of her jacket as she heads towards D'Art. "What's up mami! Didn't think I'd catch you chillin' in the med bay going all faux fangy on folks, gotta say. One of the most romantic propositions I've gotten from a chick in a loooong time." She holds out her arms, her own arm based tats showing and her eyebrows shootup. "So where do ya want me?"

The Colonel lets off a nod toward Zaharis as that is explained, "I see." Noticing the woman's actions, speech and mass of tats on her skin.

Jocasta says, "You're going to poke me with a needle and I'm going to become a bride of Hades. Got it." She's joking… but, only a little. Turning her head slightly to the side in order to favor Reighner with her gaze, she adds a more serious, "No, sir. I've done this before." Unfortunately, she can't help but then tack on, "You got anything that needs squeezin' or should I just make a fist?"

D'Artanion laughs at Manny, motioning to the gurney, "Siddown, chica and we'll get started." She does take a moment to admire the tattoos running along Manny's arms, "Nice inking." Preparing a new blood bag and needle, she chuckles, "Where else would I be, dudette? Combat medics're good for non combat medical shit too, y' know." The woman gets a wink then. Once the bag and needle are preped, she takes out an antibiotic wipe and tears open the package. "So… You ate today, right?"

"That's quite some body art you have there," Reighner remarks as he wraps a rubber tourniquet around Jocasta's upper arm. "Just make a fist." He pulls out some more supplies as he sits down on the stool with a sigh.

Zaharis keeps his heel against the floor, raising the front of his foot to stretch his calf, then gently shaking the leg as though a cramp were threatening. He doesn't comment as to Regas' looking Manny over.

Adrastos goes to D'Artanion with obvious reluctance, lips thinning out into a very grim line. Guess who actually can't bear the sight of blood? Hektor's going to be stoic about it, though, for all that he's gone a shade or two paler.

Regas' blood bag has filled up nicely, to the amount appropriate for his weight. Adele rises from her stool, then informs the Colonel, "All right. I'm going to take the needle out. It might tingle a bit, but something tells me you can handle it." She gets a square of gauze ready.

Cress finishes at the cookie table, still looking a bit pale but having at least gotten some sugar into her. She smiles and stands…"Thank you for…for being gentle, Doctor…" She calls that over towards Adele before somewhat shakily leaving the room and heading for her bunk.

Micah finishes off the first cookie and washes it down with some juice, briefly flirting with the nurse that's pulling double duty between the snack table and fetching equipment for the medics. The purpose, of course, is to filch another cookie from under her nose before he's chased away to get some rest.

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Zaharis squints slightly as Adrastos trails after D'art, but shrugs. He'll take the few minutes to grab another drink of water and turn a watchful eye around the place. Ceiling administration is watching you give blood.

In regards to her tattoos, Jocasta regains a very real degree of sobriety when she simply replies with only, "Yes, sir." For all she knows, she's the last person in the universe who wears them. It's a grim thought, indeed.

Regas nods and waits for the Doctor to remove the needle. His attention going to the needle itself for a few minutes.

Manny settles down on the gurney, rolling her hoodie up and holding it in her lap and clearing her throat. "Iunno, I don't even pretend to know how the military stuff works. Ya know?" Her lips twist in a wistful smirk before she glances over towards Zaharis and then by default to Regas and then looks back to D'Art. "Did I eat? Hell yes. I haven't had a cig though in like…5 or 6 hours due to tryna do the good mother for the bra thingie annnnd soooooo I'm probably eating more than I should. That matter?"

"Big needle going in," Reighner mumbles out of the corner of his mouth as he inserts the needle into Jocasta's (median cubital) vein. There's a flash, and blood flows from the needle through a yellow tube and into an empty bag. He withdraws the needle a little, sliding the sheath so that only a rubber tube is in the vein, and affixes some tape around the whole thing so that it sticks to the inside of her elbow. "This will take ten or so minutes, depending on how fast your blood flows."

D'Artanion motions for Adrastos to take the gurney next to Manny's. Moving over there, she preps another blood collection setup. "Have a bit'vea lie down there, dude." No rank tags? She gets to be relaxed with the man. "You've eaten, right?" Her gaze turns back to Manny and she grins, "Nah, it's cool. Though I'm glad t' hear you're cuttin' down on the cigs. Those things'll kill you." Moving back to Manny's side, she selects an arm and wraps a tournequet around the upper arm, "A'right. Make a fist for me, please." Using the anticeptic wipe, she cleans the woman's inner elbow, "Oh, hey… I'd like t'meet your kidlette, yeah? When there's time."

Adele's gloved fingers are deft as they remove the needle from Regas' arm, and she quickly places the thing in her sharps bin and caps off the tube. The square of gauze goes onto the small circular wound. "Hold that there for a moment, please?" she asks with a faint smile as she reaches towards a lower shelf on her cart.

Adrastos is a good little soldier, and obediently disposes himself on the indicated gurney. "Yes, sir," he says, nodding. He's in no apparent hurry to get stuck, though he looks away from what D'Artanion's doing to Manny.

Regas holds the gauze as directed and waits for the bandaid to be brought up. The nurse brings over his jacket as she passes by and he gives her a nod of thanks.

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Zaharis turns around as a nurse reaches over the empty gurney, handing him a wireless headset with the single explanation 'Genesis, sir'. He slips the set onto his head, glancing over at Adele as she goes for the box. He mouths 'PINK RAINBOW BUNNIES' before going totally serious again into the headset. "Zaharis. Go ahead."

Manny makes the fist, glancing over to other people from time to time but mostly she just seems ready for this whole thing to be done or over. "You want to mee-ah, well maybe. Sierra's kinda uh. Well okay. If you mean that. I'll try to find a way to trick her into some type of meeting."

What is this? Pink rainbow bunnies? Adele delivers, without making it obvious that she was directed to that particular line of children's bandages by some other force. She withdraws said bandage, peeling the plastic away from the adhesive. Quickly, she presses it to Regas' gauze and smiles. But not quite as brightly as those rainbow bunnies do from their hot pink surroundings. "There are some cookies and juice over there," she informs him with a solemn nod.

Regas lowers his gaze slowly to the bandaid being put on his arm. Although, there is something that counteracts whatever the Colonel might be going to say. His look is long and then he rises and slips the jacket back on, buttoning it up the front. "Thank you, Dr. Pike." A shift of his gaze goes to the memorial board as he goes over to the table to pick up the juice and cookie.

Once Manny's arm is cleaned, D'Artanion opens the needle and nods, "Bit of a sting." The needle goes in and she applies a bit of tape to hold it in place. Dials are turned and the lovely red liquid begins filling the bag. "Hell yes, I mean it. An' it shouldn't need any wierdness, right? Just tell 'er you'd like 'er to meet a friend, yeah?" She watches Manny a moment to be sure things are going to be cool, then reaches up to undo the tournequette. "Nice that you're an easy stick, homegirl. Hate it when the veins jump around an' shit." And then? It is Adrastos' turn. "Let the fist go now, Manny. Just relax and let your body do the work." Lifting a hand, she ties a tournequette around Abrastos' upper arm, "I'm Amalina D'Artanion, by the way. Staff Sergeant and Combat Medic with the Corp." So he knows that she has a few credentials anyway.

The conversation on the headset is short. Zaharis listens more than he speaks, keeping his voice from carrying behind the gurney he's standing by. "Thank you, Lieutenant…yes. Zaharis out." Soft click and he pulls the headset down around his neck.

At the nurses' station, the very last people of this shift are being sent through the line down to the doctors. A handful of the empty gurneys that'll see no more patients are starting to be rolled away, equipment packed up in the corners of the room to be taken back to the PAS' storage. Carts holding hanging bags of precious blood are wheeled down the aisles to join the scores of others in for a very long night of screening, sorting, and storing.

Rhea is still hanging with her son in the cookies-and-juice area. Mooching more refreshments. And just talking with the spawn, which is something she seems to be savoring right now.
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While there's no evidence on the inside of her arm for any seedy sort of intravenous shenanigans, Jocasta's draw doesn't erupt with the typical 'green vein pop' that might be expected… especially from a flyer. She's blissfully not burdened with notoriously high blood pressure. And, hey, contrary to popular belief, she's apparently not fueled by battery acid or rocket fuel, either! There's some good news for the blood bank. Dark eyes burn a pair of invisible holes into the ceiling while she goes through the ritual of clenching and uncurling her fingers in order to make the blood flow. Of course, staring at the ceiling gets old fast, and so she's once again turning her head to spy on the room horizontally.

"Ensign, flight wing," ADrastos explains. He's already gone pale, and he's all but biting his lip. Surely he can't be that afraid of it? "Hektor Adrastos," he adds, belatedly.

"Thank -you-," Adele replies to Regas, her smile sincere as he moves towards those cookies. She does what she can to finish organizing her cart, sending the still warm bag of Colonel blood along with the others.

Manny inhales sharply though her teeth at the initial stick and she exhales slowly, giving a tiny nod to D'Art. "It is all good…and I'll try to set that up then. With the bratlette." Then she falls silent, watching her move over towards Abrastos as her blood sluttily runs through the tubey thingies you can see through, all red and…bloody. Raar. ANYHOW. She adjusts her free hand where it is tangled in her removed jacket and she glances over towards Adrastos at her awkward angle. "Hey. Stickboy. Relax, tell me what it's like to handle the stick or did you just start?" She just starts talking to the pale man.

Zaharis follows Regas' look towards the memorial board, his expression unchanging as he looks over the piles of photographs and notes stuck up there. He picks up his water glass and finishes it off, a nurse plucking it straight out of his hand when he's done.

Reighner eyes the apparatus. He exhales audibly, again, and asks Jocasta, "Have you had your blood pressure checked?" He removes his stethescope from his coat pocket and slings it around his neck.

"You gonna make it, Hek?" comes an Aerelon-accented voice from Manny's other side. Aw. Jocasta's just checking in on her wussy friend. But, then Manny chimes in to the rescue and Jo reverts back to quiet contemplation while she takes up the task of counting rivets overhead.

Regas downs the juice quickly along with the cookie in a quick crunch and then the Colonel is making his way to where D'Art is working her vampiric tricks on the two she is attending. "Miss De Los Reyes?"

Reed comes into Medical, unbuttoning his duty shirt, and looking around. "Well, crap, I'm late." He sighs, and pulls off his duty shirt, revealing the normal T-shirt and tank top undershirts of the standard Navy clothing. He looks around, "Well, someone will grab me to siphon me off."

The head nurse staffing the desk gives Reed a tired smile, studiously ignoring the double-meaning thing. "I think we can make an exception for one more, sir. Sorry, I have to ask you to do this first." He gets the same clipboard as everyone else. Suck up the bureacracy, Major.

Jocasta's gaze swings over to Reighner and she looks unconcerned. For now. "Yes, sir. Just a few months ago." When she was stationed on the battlestar. She pauses for a moment and then asks, "Something wrong?"

"Well, the very first time…." Hektor starts in, a look of wistful reminiscence on his face. And then he stops, peers over at Manny, and notes, "Oh, wait, you meant the fighter. Well. This is my first posting, but I did very well in training. It's like nothing else. Being in command of all that raw power…."

"No, nothing," Reighner says. He puts on his stethescope. Sure doesn't look like nothing. "Please lift your shirt to your stomach. I can get a curtain if you'd prefer privacy."

Adele pushes a hand through the front of her hair, shoving some locks back into place and a few others out of place. She sits on her stool, swiveling it to face the front, where she spies Reed being handed a clipboard. "Puppy time," she muses in Zaharis' direction.

Reed takes the clipboard, flipping his duty shirt over his shoulder, and getting out a pen. He clicks his pen and looks at the Clipboard, Paperwork! Ha! After eight months of administrating his station being built, no simple medical blood donation paperwork is going to stand in his way. He moves off to the side and begins filling out the form. Scribble scribble.

"Mmmm…well you're gonna have the girls all panting after you, offering your their panties for /free/ if you're a man that knows how to work his power." Manny purrs to Adrastos and then blinks as somebody is using her last name. "…Maaaaybe, that depends? Did Miss De Los Reyes do something? I mean, okay, I'm wearing a tank top and you can see my cleavage but nothing is out!"

Zaharis' mind had gone somewhere for a minute, probably doing some mental filing of all that still needs to be done after hours of this front-room time. He re-focuses as Adele speaks, slowly raising an eyebrow, and glances down the way at the one person left at the desk. "Oho. Did you save one?"

…what the hell? Jocasta's brow frets a moment but she complies without bowing to the concession of a curtain. It's not like he asked her to strip down to her skivvies and bounce. With her free hand, she inches out the hem of her undershirts and then yanks them up over her stomach as indicated. Hey, nice abs. Somebody works out.

D'Artanion nods, "Good to meetcha, Hektor." She nods toward his arm, "Make a fist, wouldja please?" She strips off the gloves she was wearing and tosses them into the biohazard bin before pulling on a fresh pair, "We'll just get this going and you'll be fine, no lie." She pauses as the man begins telling Manny something about what it is like to be a stick jock. She turns and winks at the Comm engineer. While the pilot is talking to the civvie, D'Artanion wipes the inside of his arm and deftly inserts the offending needle. Hah. Taping it down so it does not move, she then opens the valve that lets the blood leak in a fine stream into the collection bottle.

"If you take a fourth one I'm gonna have to report you," Reece Zimmermann says with a smirk as Rhea finishes off another cookie. Rhea snorts. They've both been drained long ago, but are hanging about one of the tables and talking. And watching the rest of the drainage. Alas, the boy is at a poor angle for the best view of the abs and cleavage. For which he no doubt mourns.

"I'm Colonel Regas," the last button is affixed and he stands before Manny, "Are you, or are you not, Miss De Los Reyes?" The question directed rather plainly now as he watches her for further reaction. He most likely ignores the panty comment she made to the Ensign.

The nurse works on something else while Reed's busy with the clipboard, then looks back up. "Whenever you're done, sir." She points him down the row with her pen towards Zaharis and Adele, most of the gurneys in that general area being emptied by now.

Reighner adjusts his earpiece. "This may feel cold." He listens on either side of her bellybutton, carefully, then a little further up near the lower border of the ribcage. Seemingly satisfied, he takes off his stethescope and slings it back around his neck. "Ok. I thought you may have had a vascular problem. But you don't." That seems to satisfy the doctor, and he looks down to monitor the blood filling the bag.

"…I am Miss De Los Reyes." Manny finally admits with a sigh. "Oo, a Colonel. I knew you looked a little too good to be somebody further down. What can I do for /you/?"

"I did," Adele confirms to Zaharis, rapping her knuckles against the removable bin in her cart that contains the kiddie bandages. As the nurse directs Reed towards them, she lifts her hand in a wave.

Reed scribble scribbles, then looks to the nurse, "One second." Scribble scribble. He then looks up, "Okay." He clicks the pen closed and heads down to where he's directed to the CMO and Contractor Doctor. He's offering the clipboard out to whomever would take it, "sorry, I wasn't here for the head of the line. I was kind of caught up in the labs." He looks around, for directions.

"I had heard you found your daughter on board," Regas begins, "I thought your named sounded familiar," the cuffs of the jacket are then adjusted until they are resting where he wants them, not a stitch out of place. "I heard you were one of Major Carter's contractors. Working with comms?"

Adrastos makes a fist. And then, just about to reply to Manny, catches sight of that stream of blood. Not that it's uncontained, hardly abattle wound. But ….there he goes, eyes rolling up into his skull. Adras is out like a light. Let the pointing and laughing commence.

Jocasta loses her expression of concern and replaces it with the shadow of a smirk as she replies, "Good to know, sir." She makes half an effort to pull her shirts back down but doesn't bother with trying to tuck them back in one-handed. The audience in the medbay will just have to cope with her bare belly button exposed for all to see. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the main perk of playing a doctor — you say strip, they strip, (nearly) no questions asked.

Snatch comes in from Passageway.
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"Yes they…found Sierra." Manny begins carefully before glancing back over to Adrastos. "Oh /frak/ I was so gonna start talking about sex to help him…" She sighs. "Somebody get this stick jockey some porn or something?!" She raises her voice in concern before looking back to Regas. "Hunh? Oh. Yeah. I am. Or I was…or something, I worked with the comms and stuff."

Zaharis holds out his hand for Reed's clipboard, giving it a glance over. No issues they'd need to throw him back out for out, perfect. "It's alright, Major. You snuck in just in time." He looks up from the text and at Adele. "You want to take this one?" He asks, with a very faint smirk.

D'Artanion takes a moment to be sure that Adrastos' head is resting on a pillow. She spreads a blanket over his unconscious form, settling the arm so that the blood can continue to properly drain. Shaking her head, she sighs, "Dude… It's a good thing you're a pilot an' not a Marine. Gods protect you from a nose bleed while flyin'…" Shaking her head, she glances over at Manny and grins, "Don't know 'f that'd help, homegirl. He's…" But, her gaze focuses on the Colonel who is accosting her patient. Since Abrastos is doing as well as can be expected, she moves to Manny's gurney to offer moral support at least.

"Were? So that makes you a civilian and not a Contractor?" Regas turns his head toward Zaharis now, giving the man a look and then back to Manny. "I see." Upon hearing Reed now, he also directs those dark eyes in his direction too and then back once more as the Staff Sergeant comes over.

Adele pats her gurney, waving Reed over. "Don't worry. I can probably scrounge up one more needle," she tells him, reaching into her supply cart to do just that, though it gets set aside for the time being. "Have you given blood before, Major?" she inquires, going through the motions.

Reece Zimmermann turns his head back to the blood donating. Perhaps drawn by the shouting about porn. Intrigued. Rhea frowns at the boy, clearing her throat sharply. He blinks, shrugging, doing his best to look abashed. He spots Reed while he's got his attention in that area, which, for some reason, makes him chuckle. Rhea is less disapproving of this, even cracking a smirk, though she does "Sush" the boy.

Manny blinks and then just /stares/ at Regas. "I'm sorry, your hotness is distracting me. I'm WHAT? Nono, I said were cuz I don't know what the frak is happening now that everything is happened. I've been taking care of my daughter and grieving and all that shit!" D'Art's presence is much appreciated. "So what exactly do you see?"

Reighner seems content to not make conversation. He sits back down and rubs his eyes. Then he glances at his wristwatch. "Excuse me, but I have to go. Somebody will be over to replace me. Pleasure meeting you." It doesn't seem like he bothered to ask her name. He stands from the stool and walks away for the nurse's counter.

It's a brief blackout, happily, and Adrastos comes awake with an alarmed snort, sitting up before the tug of the IV has him realizing where he is. And then he's silent in mortification, biting his lip and saying nothing whatsoever.

Zaharis is too far away to hear Regas and even if he weren't, he hasn't got the details of Reed's staffing woes memorised. As Adele starts in on Reed's arm, he glances up as he's handed a clipboard's worth of reports, which he trades for Reed's personal information. He leans a shoulder against the wall as he starts flipping through the pile, his eyes coming up just once to watch Reighner leave. Then back down.

Reed looks to Zaharis and smiles, "Good good. Didn't want to miss the fun." He hops up on the gurney, "Yes, I have actually given blood before, though the last time was.. I don't remember, when we first got the blood storage up and running, A few months ago?" More like seven, actually. "When they asked me to donate, I just stuck my arm out at them then they told me I had to come in to give it, something about procedure and starilization and that stuff." He smiles, giving over his arm to Adele for her to work on.

Wait — what?! He's just going to leave her here with a needle jammed up into her arm without so much as a lollipop or smack on the ass?! Jocasta looks momentarily stricken with terror and searches the medbay for the man's promised replacement.

Zaharis gets tapped on the arm as he's in the middle of the report, and pointed towards Jocasta nearby. Oh, well then. He gives reed a mild smirk and nods. "Never miss the fun around here, Major." Then he closes the report, crossing the few steps to Jocasta's gurney. "Ensign. My name's Captain Zaharis. Captain Reighner had to see to something, so I'll get you taken care of. Doing alright over here?"

"My…" Regas simply takes that pause and lets a long breath slide out through his nose, "What I see, Miss De los Reyes, is a young woman who wouldn't know discipline if it jumped up and bit her on the nose. Whether your work makes up for your lack of social graces, is yet to be seen." He then turns and begins moving back down the gurneys and when he passes Reed, "Tommorrow 8 bells," and doesn't stop for a Yay or a Nay.

Snatch roams the last lingering folk hereabouts, not actively looking to get stuck with a needle. She may have been through earlier, her face is a bit pale, her expression more mild than usual as she spots the Cap'm (her Cap'm) and immediately… hesitates to approach. Though she does, sidling up along an uninhabited section of wall and edging into greeting range. "Hayn, Cam'p'm," she does greet, her drawl a few degrees thicker and slower than usual.

Adele snaps on a new pair of gloves and scrubs at Reed's bare arm with an antiseptic swab, smiling at him in a more relaxed way than she did with the other donors she dealt with. "I'll probably be a bit less militaristic about it all, but I've been told my bedside manner is mediocre at best." She tosses the swab into the refuse bin and encircles his arm with a rubber tourniquet. "Make a fist a few times?" she asks of him.

Oh, thank the gods! Captain Zaharis just earned himself a pair of great big gold stars in Jocasta's book as he comes swinging in to the rescue. Relief floods over her face and she lies back, sliding on a smile and making a gesture with her chin toward the bag she's doing her best to dutifully fill. "You tell me, sir," she says, sarcasm surprisingly absent. "How'm I doing?"

"Yo." It's the Zimmer-Spawn that replies to Snatch first. Reece is seated so his chair faces her approach. He raises a hand to give her a casual, two-fingered salute. This makes Rhea turn her head, and note Snatch proper. She offers a smile to the Petty Officer. A tired one, but it's the first genuine one the ChEng has managed to sport in days. "Del Boccyo. Here to donate? Best be quick about it? I think the medics are getting cramped fingers from all the needling."

Reed went to the Gaius Baltar school of Multitasking. He nods to the Colonel, "8 bells." He confirms and takes a look around the medical bay as he pumps a fist a few times to force his veins to attention and smiles to the Clan Zimmerman in the corner there, and asks Adele, "So, how's the turnout?"

Manny just narrows her eyes at Regas, that temporary good cheer she had brought with her dropping away like somebody flipped a switch and she just arches an eyebrow slowly and continues to stare. She does, thankfully, bite her tongue and just continue to stare. When he begins moving away she just looks at D'Art. "I ain't never gonna catch a break. I /swear/ to the /gods/ they just hover around waiting for a chance to sweep down and go 'Oh GODS you have titties and an attitude, UNCLEAN UNCLEAN' and then find another reason to get me in trouble. Again." Then she winks and blows an air kiss towards Adrastos when he comes to. Asking. "…usually I have to get past a 'what are you wearing' part before a guy passes out just from listening to me talk but damn…you make a girl feel good about her pipes."

Regas leaves for Passageway [O].
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"I was thinking about you naked, and the mere thought was enough to put me down like a sick puppy. Please, take it as a compliment," deadpans the ghostly pale Adrastos, punctuating that with the barest hint of a grin.

Zaharis updates himself on Reighner's progress, checking the needle in her arm and then the flow into the bag. "Everything's looking like clockwork, Ensign…" He glances at the label stuck to the plastic. "…Maru. You feeling alright, not dizzy or nauseous or anything like that?"

Jocasta replies to Zaharis with a 'totally negatory' shake of her head… because she, unlike Adrastos, has -balls- nerves of steel.

D'Artanion moves quietly around the gurney to check the bag collecting Manny's blood. That is why she is here, right? Not to listen in. She eyes the retreating Colonel, then sighs, shaking her head. No comment. Lips held tightly closed. When the man is far enough away, however, she inhales and smiles at Manny, "Yeah, well… The military isn't really set up t' deal with us all that well, y' know?" More softly, then, "And that whole civilian respect thing? Most don't practice that so much anymore. Not in a mostly military instillation anyway. But, listen, hermana… No one's going to give you a break. It's like luck. You make your own. So… If you're willing t' meet with me a couple'a times a week and I'll teach you enough of the military crap to get by." Her gaze flickers to Adrastos then and she winks at the man, "See? Toldja you're a knock-out, Manny."

Adele slaps a pair of fingers against Reed's skin as he pumps his fist, watching the vein appear as it should. "It's been good. I've seen a lot of familiar faces, and even more that I've never seen before in my life," she replies to the Major, finally unwrapping the needle and hooking it into the yellow tube that's connected to the collection bag. "Ready?" she asks with an arch of her brows.

Manny laughs and shakes her head at Adrastos's comeback. "Oh trust me, I am." She flashes a grin to Adrastos before sighing at D'Artanion. "I…it is like I know military crap? Somewhere deep in my head, I just haven't really had to give a /damn/ for such a long time…" She sighs. "We'll see, but gracias chica…I have a feeling I'm going to end up needed character witnesses."

"Well good, cause you're almost out of here. Hate to have to keep you, that gets people all cranky." Zaharis smiles and reaches over to pull the rolling tray closer, with its gauze and other medical torture items. "You a pilot?"

"To what, my innate wimpishness?" Hektor asks, finally feeling well enough to sit up.

Reed nods, as Adele talks about the Drive so far, "Great. It's good to see everyone doing this for common benefit. I really- Hmm?" He looks at Adele, then his arm and nods, "Yeah, go ahead." He says, looking back to take in the collection of folks, with a pleased smile.

Snatch lifts a hand to scratch an ear just below the strap of the engineering goggles lodging up on her forehead. "Sprahc't," she greets the Cap'm's kid. It's close enough to Sprocket, isn't it? "Ahrm… nah, Cam'p'm, y'ns all seem purty fulled up har," (Um… no, Captain, you all seem pretty filled up here,) she points out, fidgiting nervously, then clearing her throat, "An' m'a gone pull Hemmern's shift fer'm t'naht. Ahn's jus gomme som good shut-eye an' he needs a crash," she explains, licking the corner of her lip. "He'ns take mahn on a morry." (And I'm going to pull Herman's shift for him tonight. I just got some good shut-eye and he needs to crash. He's taking mine tomorrow.)

"Ee see oh," Jocasta says, correcting the Captain's quasi-correct assumption. "I'm the one that actually does all the work, sir," she adds with no shortage of a smirk. And she's damn proud of it, too. If there are any pilots in earshot apt to eavesdropping, that ought to cause a chuckle. So then, what's with all the Corps tattoos again?

Adele STABS. Except not that epically. It's a pretty subtle stab, and it only stings a little. The blood spurts forth, through the tube and into the bag, and the contractor adjusts a few things to keep the flow steady. "Good job," she tells Reed with a pat to his hand after taping the tube in place. "Oh. Colonel Regas said you're the one I talk to about getting access to the aerospace facility on the Genesis, though I've been more or less pulled out of my preventatives research." Maybe at some point she'll get some free time to go gawk.

D'Artanion moves around to Hektor's gurney to check his bag. "Almost there." Standing again, she refocuses on Manny, "Gods, chica, I hope not. But, lemme know, a'right?" She returns to the woman's side just as the bag has filled, "You're done. Just lemme get this needle outta you." Removing the gloves she was wearing, she tosses them into the bin and slips on a fresh pair. Lifting a bit of gauze she removes the tape holding the needle down, "This always feels wierd to me." Carefully, then, she removes the needle and presses the gauze in place. "Gimme a sec and I'll getcha a bandaide."

"Snatch," Reece responds in kind for the Sprocket-ing. Flushing a little at the nick-name. But, it didn't come from his mother, so he'll lump it. Rhea offers the nervy snipe a smile. Nodding. "That sounds fine. He's been looking pretty drained these past couple days. Not like we all haven't. Just don't push yourself too hard. It can be tempting, to get lost in the work, but we've all got to collapse sometime. How're you doing?"

Adrastos snorts. "You're the girl on the phones," he teases Jocasta, rolling his eyes at her.

Zaharis hehs, rolling his stool with his foot so his side is at the gurney edge. "I believe it. It's always the folks in the dark." He gives her a slight grin and untapes her arm, picking up the gauze. "About to take the needle out, alright? You might feel a little sting." Sting, pfft. He's way over-practiced at this, removing the needle with a smooth motion and pressing gauze to the tiny well of blood that follows.

Manny snickers and shakes her head. "Wimpishness? I didn't see any wimpyness, don't worry so much sky bunny, aight?" She winks again to Adrastos before focusing on D'Artanion and the removal of the needle and such. "Nng…gods…" She shivers and nods to D'Art. "Hurry, I have to bring cookies back to Sierra for all this."

Reed looks at Adele now, blinking, "You need access to Aerospace Fabrication on the Genesis? I can set that up, what do you need into there for? Might be a bit before authorization comes through with the Condition Two lockdown, though." He might not have felt the STAB of Adele, or he might be ignoring it, or a little of both.

D'Artanion grins at Adrastos, "Pfffft, you aren't a wimp. If y' were you'd not've come at all." Which gives him license to tease anyone who didn't show." Turning, she nods to Manny and reaches into the box next to her. Pulling out a bandaid at random she opens it and places it on the wound. The bandade? A green one with a cute little bunny couple looking out at the 'audience', their anime-esque eyes all aglow with bunny love. Awww. Stepping back, she nods, "You're set, chica. Thanks for coming down. Send a note when you've time to chat and we'll figure this out…" Then? Adrastos gets her attention. Once more she does the new-glove shimmy as she steps over to his gurney, "Almost done, dude."

Jocasta is slow to sit up but, when she does, she strives to do what she can to assist the doctor in wrapping things up… liking holding on to her own gauze and cotton ball. She barks over her shoulder at Adrastos without turning 'round, "Keep it up, kid, and you'll be 'Bunny' on the comms for as long as I live." Is she kidding? Zaharis gets tossed a wink but that could mean anything…

"Well," Adele says, settling on her stool and facing Reed, "Colonel Regas asked me what I did, and I told him. And he said that my working on aerospace preventatives without experiencing what I'm working on would be like— some pilot analogy he made. I did posit that I didn't have to have cancer to successfully participate in cancer research, but." She grins and shrugs limply. "I'm not really that concerned. I'm making aspirin now, anyhow." Meanwhile, Reed's bag is filling steadily.

Manny slips off, with her quiet thanks and slipping back into her hoodie AND zipping it up, but she's bowing to D'Art, miming 'call me' to Adrastos, then 'I'm sorry' in Reed's direction before she'll be getting cookie and juiced up and making her exit.

Adrastos looks hopefully at D'artanion. Jocasta gets a momentarily venomous glare, but says nothing.

Zaharis glances over his shoulder at Adrastos and smirks. Leaning down, he fishes something from the box below this gurney, holding them up. "Alright, Ensign. Life or death, choose wisely." In his hand, two bandages. One is bright orange with cartoony blue words 'Ouch!' across it, accompanied by little smiling bubbles. The other has a happy cartoon cat face with a big red bow on its head and curly whiskers.

"Ah'm fahn, Camp'm," Snatch replies, leaning her elbow against the wall and leaning on it. She doesn't quite look -fine,- but at least she doesn't look like she's been crying, today. Of course, she just woke up, so there's still time. "Atcherlly, Ah wanned t'ask yin 'bout t'morry. Ah got un frien' down onna deck an' she'ns ain't done so waill. Als ah war up alreaduns Ah reckoned Ah maight could give'r a few spare hour'n to get in sommat mornin' prayin'. Cain Ah getcher okies onnat? Ah ken e' sain't mahn trompagroun'."

Reed nods slowly to Adele, looking at Manny at the apology, and shrugging before looking to Adele once more, "Ah, maybe he wants to see if you could go on the CAP in a Raptor, take a few spins around the fleet. Yeah, that's definately not going to happen in Condition Two, but I can look into a ride along if we ever calm down."

Adele shakes her head. "Definitely not a priority," she assures him, glancing up at the bag o' blood. "Aspirin and antibiotics are where it's at right now." She smiles slightly, looking back down from her vampiric gleanings.

D'Artanion waves to Manny, then turns again to Adrastos. Sure enough, she nods and turns off the drip. "Good. Done." Snagging a bit of gauze, she untapes the needle gently and slips it out of the vein. The gauze is pressed to the wound and she seeks to catch the young man's eye. "A'right. Bend your arm up to hold it, yeah? I'll finish with this and get you outta here." His bag is labled and it is placed into the storage container. Then, she reaches for another bandaide. Glancing over toward Zaharis, she grins, then looks back. "Hmmm. Do y'gotta preference, Hektor? You can have either Puppies, Bubbles or Bunnies."

"Bunnies," Hektor says, with an aggrieved sigh. He's still a bit white around the lips, but he holds up his arms as ordered.

Jocasta's obviously the sort of girl who prefers pain over pussies and she gestures to the 'ouch!' bandage with a slightly silly gleam in her eye. "Better let 'em know ya mean business, doc."

"Morning prayers? I see." Rhea's voice is decidedly neutral. No one in Main Engineering has ever heard the ChEng say so much as a godsly word, and she's never been seen at any remotely religious Genesis service. But she nods without any hesitation. "Well, I hope your friend gets something out of it. That's fine. Take the time you need. You and Herman have worked things out, so it's not like I'm losing any hands. I'm sure the Chief will appreciate it down on the Deck." She offers the younger woman a faint smile.

D'Artanion grins at the pilot, "Ah, dude… You're a good sport… That's nice t' see." So, the fellow made points with the medic, anyway. "Bunnies it is." She opens the package of bunny bandaides and applies one in place of the gauze. When that is finished, she offers him a hand up, "Be sure an' get a couple 've cookies and some juice, k? It'll help. An' thanks for coming down."

"Right on." Zaharis peels the papers off the band-aid and tapes up the tiny wound. "There's your souvenir. Troops thank you, Ensign. There's some juice and cookies over there, grab some and eat before you head off so you don't end up feeling faint halfway over in the shuttle."

Reed nods to Adele, "Fair enough. We'll see what happens from here on out." He looks to the bag of blood forming from his veins, "You'll have to remind me when I can donate again, I can't keep track of it." He smirks, and relaxes, once more looking about the Medical facility as the people once relieved of their blood are kicked out to fend for themselves in the cold, cruel world and the vampires rejoice.

Jocasta then overhears Hektor's choice and chimes in with, "Shoulda gone with bubbles, Hek. Then, ya could at least have had some balls." Oh, hey, damn! How's that burn workin' out for ya, Hektor? Sliding down from the gurney, the ECO retrieves her uniform shirt and give Jesse's shoulder a squeeze with the hand not attached to the arm that just got tapped. "All I can eat?" she jokes before stepping over to the table.

Snatch presses her lips together tightly, her brow furrowing at her Cap'm's words, but she jerks her chin down in an otherwise emotionless nod, swallowing and looking back to the people giving blood. "Maybe haps Ah cin give'm a drop or twin," she finally murmurs, some trace of guilt in her voice.

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"Leave a couple crumbs for us poor sods, would you?" Zaharis smiles at Jocasta, sitting back as she heads off. He doesn't attempt to stand back up quite yet, setting his hands on his knees to give his back a little support, and glancing back over at Reed's progress.

D'Artanion labels the bag of blood from Manny and puts it into the proper container. Looking up then, she motions for the next one in line to come on over. Stripping off her gloves, she tosses them where they go and reaches for a new pair. Before she touches them, however, she checks to see that they will be needed. "Anyone waiting?"

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The doors to this area are finally closed, the line cut off. Seems these are the very last people milling around now, the staff busying themselves more with getting things in order and the hundreds of bags into screening and storage.
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"It's not mandatory, PO, but I'm sure they'd be grateful for any you can spare," Rhea says gently to Snatch. "While you're on Deck, take a look at the wiring of those Vipers the CAG told us about. See if you can get an idea of what went screwy with their electrical systems when they encountered the enemy." Her son frowns, even though she didn't actually /say/ "Cylon," slouching down in his chair.

"Hopefully this will be enough for eight weeks," Adele replies to Reed, glancing back up at his bag, which is now full. "That's when you can donate again." She reaches for his arm, then warns, "I'm going to take the needle out now."

Reed nods to Adele, "Still put me down for 'Have to remind him' in the records. I'll never remember on my own." He looks at his arm, "I suppose that would be better than leaving it in."

Snatch's eyes head directly for the deck at her Cap'm's orders, and she sort of vaguely nods her head, lifting her chin again at D'Artanion's call. "At's min," she tells her Cap'm as an excuse to go away rather quickly. She nods firmly at D'Artanion, "Ah'm game."

D'Artanion takes a fresh pair of gloves and puts them on. The tech gets a quick smile and D'artanion motions to the gurney, "Have a seat, please. Or, lie down if it's more comfortable." Lifting a new turnequette, she motions from one arm to the other, "What's your preference? Doesn't matter to me at all."

Adele grins at Reed, deftly removing the tape and then the needle from Reed's arm, a square of gauze standing by. She presses it to the wound as a small amount blood pools, using her other hand to reach down into the cart for… A PASSAL OF PUPPIES BANDAGE! Huzzah! "Jesse figured you were a puppy person," she explains, peeling the bandage away from its protective plastic and applying it with as much professionalism as one can while placing a puppy themed bandaid on a military man. Look, one of the puppies has fallen on its rump. Aww.

Zaharis gives a nod to one of the medical technicians that goes by, bearing a cookie plate. He takes one and eats it efficiently, brushing off his hands and bracing his elbows on his knees. His hand carefully rubs at the back of his neck for a few seconds before he pulls himself up again, casting a slow look around everything winding down so well. He nods to himself, reaching for the clipboard of reports that he'd put down earlier to see to Jocasta…until he hears Adele's declaration to Reed, at which point he steals a glance that way again with a smirk.

Snatch gets her ass settled on the guerney, looking up to the ceiling as if in distress over the decision. "Ahn… ehh… this'n," she holds out an arm, then, perspicaciously, unzips the top of her coveralls to actually bare the arm proper. Those coverall sleeves don't roll up so far. "Thar," she adds.

Reed nods as he watches the hole gouged in his flesh to steal his life blood replaced with. Puppies. Aww. He smiles at it, "Really, did he now?" He looks to Zaharis, and shakes his head, chuckling before he looks to Adele again, "Okay, what now, Doc?" He asks patiently.

Rhea offers Snatch a casual imitation of a salute when she heads off to be bled. Then her attention goes back to her son. Her smile fading. She idly reaches across the table, to brush an overlong strand of curly hair out of his face. "/Mom/…" he mutters, in proper near-teen annoyance. But he doesn't duck her this time. Noting Reed is nearly done being bled, Rhea gestures a thumb in his direction. Making Reece turn that way and crook a smirk that perfectly matches his mother's.

D'Artanion smiles at the tech and nods, "Thanks." The tournequette is tied around the woman's upper arm and D'Artanion nods, "A'right. Make a fist, please?" Turning, she works with a new needle and bag setup. When it is set up, she opens a new antibiotic wipe and steps back to Snatch's side. Two fingers palpitate the inside of the woman's elbow and she nods, "Ready?"

Snatch balls up a hand into a fist and digs it a little into her leg. Her jaw's well-set, though, and she nods once in reply to the question, otherwise just staring off across the room, taciturn.

"He did. I thought it was cute," Adele replies with a theatrical hand to her heart before getting back to business. "Now, you go eat a few cookies, drink a cup of juice, and take it easy for a while. Don't jump to your feet or anything." She does what she needs to do with Reed's blood, making a note on the sheet of paper with his information: 'HE WILL NOT REMEMBER THAT HE DID THIS.' She stands from her stool, then adds, "Oh. And be sure to let Reece get a glimpse of your bandage."

Reed nods to Adele, "Okay." He swings his feet off the gurney, sitting up, and pausing, introspective look on his face, then getting to his feet, and pausing, same look on his face. He looks to Adele, "Nope, no dizziness, no nausea." Then he detects a spike in incoming Zimmerman Radiation and turns to look between the two of them, smirking at him in exactly the same way. He holds out his arm and points to the bandage, "Puppies." He says with a nod, before moving to get a cup of juice, and a cookie, placing the cookie in his mouth as he walks towards the Momma Zimmerman and her son in training.

Zaharis is recharged enough by one cookie to stand up, finally. He's a long way from done down here, now with the logistics of hundreds of bags of blood to make sure gets done. He smirks at Reece's accosting Reed and starts away from the group. "Thanks, everyone. Don't hunt the cookies to extinction, please." And he's off, muttering a quite word to Adele as he goes past.

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