Boarded - Classified Lab and Hallway
Boarded - Classified Lab and Hallway
Summary: Cylons board the Genesis and blow up the classified lab.
Date: 69 ACH
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Classified Lab Genesis - Deck 13
69 ACH 23817 Souls

OOC Note: This area is Classified. It is guarded from casual entry by keypad and monitored by cameras as well as under guard. If you have not been ICly cleared for access to this area, you do not have sccess.

This Lab is a large, open area set up for modular scientific study. Currently there are cold storage unite here and the location has been prepared as an autopsy and biological analysis lab.

Quill has arrived.

Zaharis is here in the lab, working on one of the computers. One of the bags of the corpses' whole blood is out, some of it dripped into various test tubes. He'd paged Quill a little while ago to come and give a report on how his silica mess was doing, so he keeps busy in the meantime.

Soon the merry sounds of authorization and entry confirm that Quill has indeed arrived, and the newly-promoted LTJG appears at the hatchway. "How's it coming, sir?" Blood, uggh, organic matter is so gross.

Zaharis glances up from the microscope at the sound of the whooshing doors. "Very well, actually." He lifts his head a little, squinting Quill's way. "Are those Jig pins I see?"

Quill quirks a bit of a smile, on his way to the silica station to check on his precious electrical-cylon-spinal-stuff rig. "Yes sir, they are. Major Zimmerman informed me after we left the lab here last time that I've now accrued more headaches and paperwork. What are you doing with the blood there?"

"Well, congratulations." Zaharis smiles at Quill, almost warmly. "Well deserved, well deserved." He looks back at the microscope. "I got a few interesting things out of the centrifuge this morning. Not sure quite what they are but it might be linked to this whole silica thing. And if it's detectable in blood…" He lets Quill draw a conclusion there.

[Tac1] The Landing Signals Officer gives the greenlight for those getting ready to change CAP. Out goes the awake pilots and in comes the tired ones. Landings are normal, it's a nice starry evening.

"Thank you, sir. Silica's still doing its thing, slowly but surely regenerating. Still at the same electrical impulse levels as well, I haven't altered anything." At the CMO's discovery, however, Quill's brows lift as though they're trying to make a dash for his hairline. "What kind of interesting things? The type of interesting things we might be able to blood-test? Shit, sir, that would be incredible…"

"It's not conclusive," Zaharis' tone warns of that, and he even holds up a hand as if to caution. "Far from it. But." He raises his index finger, and pauses for a moment of antici….(Say it!)……pation. "I'm seeing some strangeness in the mitochrondria under certain conditions. And I think your silica regeneration's the key to understanding what's going on here."

Quill looks up slightly in thought, as though what he remembers from undergrad biology is written out just over his head and slightly to the left. Mitochondria. The powerhouse of the cell! "Structural strangeness, or regenerative strangeness? If there's anything specific I can do to help with the silica end, say the word and consider it done."

Zaharis taps his fingers over his lip. "Is there a definite threshhold where the silica starts to regenerate? I mean, if you feed it a current that's lower than normal, does it keep regenerating but slower? Or does it not do anything at all?"

[Intercom] Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the fleet.
[Intercom] Man your stations. We are now at Condition one.

"Still running tests on that, sir," Quill replies, somewhat regretfully. "All I can say for sure is that after the cylon's dead and the silica's receiving no electricity whatsoever, it degrades. I started the experiment at the human-range impulses you described, it takes a while to react, but after that the observed regeneration starts. No hard facts on other levels though, I'm afraid. Not yet, anyway, we're—" The sentence breaks off, and Quill stares at the intercom in disbelief.

Zaharis is nodding as Quill speaks, then suddenly the red condition one lights flash. "Ah, bugger." He stands up quickly, leaving the tubes where they are. No time to stash. Come on, Jig, let's get out of here."

Quill takes a moment to cover his rig with its box-like cover — must protect the sciiience! Common sense then takes over, and he hurries after the CMO. "Shit," the jig sighs, and casts a regretful look back at his station.

Announcement: Genesis shouts, "The ship has taken a hit, though it isn't too visible from some decks. However Deck 13 can feel it shudder all the way down as a gash opens up in the outer Hull. Something metal is shoved through to the inner hull and sparks begin flying outward."

It's about this time that the room explodes and metal flies all over. The bulge in the inner hull is huge and it looks like the gun of the Raider is jammed.

It doesn't take long before something else is sawing…

[Intercom] The Commander's voice comes over the paging system. We've got a hull breach on Deck 13. Damage Control, move in. Engineering, get my FTL's up!

Zaharis is thrown backwards as things explode in the lab, his back going slamming against one of the countertops behind him. The test tubes on the counter go flying, smashing into tiles and spattering dark red blood in a fan onto the floor. "Lieutenant! Get to the doors!" Which, if there's a hull breech, might just be locked down…

[Intercom] Engineering here. Spooling. Damage control crews prepped. Dispatching to Deck 13.

"/Frack/!" Quill keeps his footing through the impact, but only just barely. A lot of windmilling is involved, then grasping at the nearest counter or workstation. Then there are other noises, sawing noises, and Quill freezes, staring at the wall. It once seemed so solid, that wall. "…What the frack is that?" The jig's voice is nearly a whisper, and it sounds like he already has a good guess. As Zaharis calls out, he bolts for the doors as instructed. The probably-locked doors.

More sparks are flying now as metal saws are heard cutting their way through. Like a knife through butter, the first part of the shattered hull falls away. Then there is movement. The sound of a Centurion stepping inside. Whirr. Kachuk. Saw changed for the firing arm.

Zaharis twists around on the floor, wincing as the movement jars the shoulder that took the full impact against the counter. He can see the red lights above the first airlock door, showing they did indeed get locked down…and suddenly there's the breech. His head snaps back around, freezing for a second as the huge centurion breeches the walls of the lab, then suddenly he gets up to a crouch, ducking and running around the corner of the counter. His hand comes out, grabbing the back of Quill's uniform jacket and PULLING the man downwards. "Get the frak down!"

Announcement: Genesis shouts, "Deck 13 has already sealed off going toward Sickbay, the steel doors shut down at 13C. Aft of the Classified room, smoke is coming out the doors as they begin to seal closed also. Stairs are wide open off 13D."

Too late! Doors are closed. "Frack, it's —" Locked. Yes, Quill, obviously. The sentence doesn't reach completion, however, and the snipe has just enough time to hear ths click of the saw change, his neurons firing 'terror! terror!', before Zaharis pulls him down. Thud. Quill seems stunned for a second, then pulls himself into a crouch, looking at the CMO with obedient desperation. No words.

There is a second Whirrkachuk as the Centurion steps through into the Lab. The sound of motors on their heads and legs, give the way of sound. They are paused and looking. Red eyes moving back and forth, slowly as if sensing what is here.

Zaharis presses his back against the counter behind them. His breaths come in shallow, measured sips, silent. Dark eyes turning to Quill, he puts a finger against his lips, and slowly, verrrry slowly begins to crawl past the engineer, stopping at the very edge of the counter. His head turns round the corner, just barely, trying to see where the two giant hunks of metal death are. And what the frak they're doing.

Quill nods. Nodnodnodnod. It's awesome, panicked nodding. And he stays silent, stays put, while Zaharis carefully spies around the corner to see what he can see.

And a third, then a fourth…

The fourth one pauses and begins turning at the waist and then his legs as he walks over to a refridgeration unit. Changing back from gun to saw, he begins cutting through the panel box until he reaches some wiring.

Zaharis' shoulders move as he breathes, watching the machines. He holds up four fingers towards Quill, barely moving, then his eyes go to the wireless on the other side of the room. Way too far. Back to the doors. Then back to the centurions. One is far too close for comfort, and Zaharis grits his teeth, scooting back towards Quill. With his hand he makes a motion across the back aisle of counters towards the other side, closer to the computer systems, then twists back to look at the centurions again, staying low. His hand motions to pause…pause…then suddenly he flicks his fingers. Go, go!

Announcement: Genesis shouts, "Like spiders on a web, the centurions are attached to the hull as their saws begin to bury into the hull of the ship. If nothing else they'll vent it piece by piece."

Quill winces at the sound of the panel-cutting, some detached, free-floating part of his brain tsk'ing at what a pain that will be to repair. Not to mention, you know, the hull. Bad, bad Centurions. When Zaharis signals the number four, Quill closes his eyes briefly, as though willing it not to be so — but it is. So he draws a deep breath, nods, and at the signal, hurries as fast as he can in the direction indicated, towards the computer systems. While attempting to be quiet. And not stick up too far above the counter-cover.

The fourth centurion yanks out some cabling and the sparks continue to light up the room, two others move in and punch holes into the top of the ceiling, yanking out the oxygen. They then begin moving to the door, even if it is closed. The piercing bullets begin blasting through it.

[Intercom] Engineering to Deck 13D. Inner doors are jammed. We have enemy on the ship. I repeat, we have enemy on the ship.

Zaharis follows Quill, running in a crouch across the aisle away from Centurion #3. He skids on his knees on the smooth floor, almost crashing into Quill, and quickly looks back around at what the centurions are up to. His eyes widen as they start pulling oxygen cables down, hearing the hissing of the gas starting to leak unfettered into the room. And they're shooting. Sweet gods. He scrambles up onto his knees, reaching up over the top of the counter without actually showing his head, and very carefully grabs the keyboard down, shoving it into Quill's hands. "Can't get to the wireless," he hisses. "Send a message to bridge." He then twists to the other computer, fishing around in his pocket and grabbing something tiny, jamming it into the side of the tower.

"Gck!" It's a tiny noise, an inarticulate choke — involuntary distress as Quill notices what the cylons are doing to the oxygen systems. Not good. He manages to refrain from more verbal cries, however, and nods again at Zaharis. Sweaty palms are wiped briefly on his uniform, then quiet tapping sends the message. '4 Centurions in Deck 13 Classified lab. CMO and LTJG Quill locked in. Oxygen systems damaged.'

[Tac3] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Ensign, watch your men. We've got enemy on the deck with the labs. They are going to blow something. Take cover."

Whirr-clank-whirr-clank. Oxygen get ready meet sparks. The doors go flying open as metal and bullets slam the doors to the deck. Three of them walk out into the corridor. Two more enter from the shattered hull. The continue walking straight on through.

Only one is left…and then it's like perfect slo-mo as the cable meets pure oxygen…

Zaharis is working fast on that other computer, his fingers moving frantically. Maybe the cylons hear the soft clacking of the keys, but nothing he can do about that. Hurry up, hurry up. He snatches the little card back out of the slot and tosses it down the collar of his shirt, then grabs Quill's uniform by the collar. His eyes glued to the fourth cylon where it is, he shoves Quill forward towards the doors. It's either roast to death in here or take chances, and well. He knows what he's doing. "RUN!" Yep, cue slow-mow…tick…tick…boom.

Quill doesn't know what he's doing. Nothing in his previous life experiences have prepared him for this! And he doesn't know what Zaharis is doing. Or, well, he doesn't until the CMO yanks him up and yells. That's pretty clear. Out out out! Quill joins the slo-mo explosion-fleeing, looking somewhat more panicked than is appropriate for heroic slo-mo's. But he's gettin' his ass outta there either way.

Corridor 13C Genesis - Deck 13
69 ACH 23817 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.

From just inside the doors to the lab there's sudden shouting, the CMO's voice. "Take cover, it's going to explode!" Two figures are sprinting like mad for the doors, which is a hell of a gauntlet considering there are two hulking centurions on either side of the inner doors.

Ramiro and his team are on the other side of the shielded door. Propped protectively behind a few doors that line the hallway to provide them some cover, Ramiro looks up and down the hallway for signs of the engineers. "Cmon…cmon…" He says, turning his vision back to the pressure door that's clamped itself in place. It's keeping him from getting to his quarry. "Cmon we've gotta get that frakking door open!"

Rhea is leading the damage control teams dispatched to the deck, carrying her engineering kit. She's also wearing her sidearm in her tool belt, a little holster specially built in for it. All about utility is the ChEng. "Alright, people, let's move. Get the inner doors open and let's get this deck shut off."

Those four centurions have been blasting the door open and when it goes flying outward, they move to the sides. Within minutes, an explosion from inside, belches smoke and fire with a loud WHOOSH! It practically throws the running Zaharis and Quill, lifting them up and slamming them both against the opposite side of the corridor. Like two flies splatting on a windshield…

There is only a sound of the guns snapping into place on the centurions afterward. Those red eyes moving back and forth slowly, possibly for life signs on the squishy humanoids.

Sora listens to all the noise coming from the other side of the blast door. "Sounds like the party started without us.."

Snatch doesn't need to be told twice, or even to give any sort of verbal recognition of the order, only breaking from formation with the Cap'm in order to turn toward the wall, wrench in hand to start briskly unlatching some of the pertinent panelling.

[Intercom] Pass the word! Doctor Zaharis to sickbay. I say again, Pass the word! Doctor Zaharis to sickbay.

[Intercom] To whomever paged that, this is the Commander. He's rather busy right now, leave a message.

Ramiro stands after the explosion goes off and moves to get into position. "Sounds like a kill house in there, no visual on any of this." Ramiro says to Rhea and her engineers. "How long do you suppose you can keep this open so that we can make this a rally point to get the staff out of there?" Ramiro asks, spitting onto the floor. Frak…on his day off.

Zaharis can feel the surge of heat blistering his shoulder and back as the force of the explosion picks them right up off their feet. It's almost pleasant for a split second, flying through the air as someone comms his name right then. How serene. Until his body goes slamming into the opposite bulkhead, smoke immediately choking his lungs as searing pain goes ripping through his body. The little data card down his shirt bites into his skin but he barely feels it, glass crunching under his body as he tries to move. "Lieutenant?" He tries to shout but the sound is more like a croak.

"Long as we have to," Rhea replies to Ramiro as she goes to work on the door. Work, work, work. She can't help but wince at the noise. That didn't sound good. Her head turns for a beat as Zaharis blasts out of the lab. Paling slightly. But her safety-gloved hands keep working. She focuses on the job.

SPLAT. One minute Quill was running, trying to keep up with Zaharis and keep ahead of the fire, and the next thing he knows, he's making best friends with something very, very solid. Ouch. Is that blood? Is that his blood? The engineer is in the middle of pondering these deep questions when gravity, harsh mistress that she is, sends him sliding back down to the floor. Less splat this time, more thud. There's centurions, and his brain wants him to runrunrun, but that doesn't seem like an option right now, and Quill doesn't move. Someone is saying something. It would be nice to be a Lieutenant. Oh! That's him. Said LT(JG) wheezes back to Zaharis, "Sir."

It looks like the oxygen, or what was left of it has taken a downturn. Considering the fire inside the room, the cracking suction of an opening hull, bits of one suicidal cylon all over the room. The other four aren't wasting any time as they turn north and begin moving to the door that is blocking their way to sickbay.

<Trait Roll> Quill rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).
<Trait Roll> Zaharis rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Oh, frak. Bodies flying, smoke, fire, and metal harbingers of death sounding from inside. "We don't get in there…" mutter. Lex takes a breath, and secures her rifle. She gets to her feet just behind Ramiro. Waiting. Marines hate waiting. This marine hates waiting, anyway.

Snatch doesn't have eyes or ears for much other than the task at hand. She slips her goggles down over her eyes, flipping htem to magnifying lenses and unholstering two different brands of wiring manipulation tools from her belt, digging through the wiring inside the bulkhead. Door. Get the door open.

"Shining Lord of Delphi. Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord. Grant me the ability to see where my strength lies." Ramiro says under his breath as the does a final check of his gear. Pointing to some marines near the rear, he starts to issue orders. "No one gets past you into this position. Defend this position…" He says, looking to Lex and Sora. "I'm pretty sure we're gonna have Centurions. How many I don't know, but we're going in and we're going to cut a path so that people can escape. Huah?" He turns to Rhea and her engineering crew. Patience? Very little, but he does avoid giving rude looks.

"Stay…still. Keep your head down…smoke." Zaharis twists on the ground, the corridor threatening to go gray in front of his eyes. Is that fire licking up the walls right nearby. He coughs, barely able to see the cylons headed towards the doors, and he struggles his knees up under him, trying to reach up for the wireless set…

<Trait Roll> Snatch rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

"Frackers… blew up my …research, sir." Quill is barely conscious, but what /is/ conscious is pissed about that. Staying still, not a problem. He doesn't have much of a choice.

Rhea is paying little heed to Ramiro or whatever sort of looks he might be giving them. She's focused on sniping the door open. She gives Snatch a little nod as she digs into the wire. Her own hands are inside a panel, jacking the mechanical fail-safes to pry it into submission.

Whirrclick. Whirrclick. While the three centurions try to get the opposite door open. They just slam saws into the metal and begin cutting. Who cares how much work they make for Rhea and her snipes. The fourth does a turn. Vroomvrooomvrooom (red eye) — The arm comes up as the humanoids move. The barrel whirls up and locks into place as the chamber is filled with bullets.

<Trait Roll> Zaharis rolls Toughness and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Zaharis drags himself up to standing. Barely. He snatches the wireless off the cradle, nearly dropping it with all the blood on his hand. No time to remember wireless numbers or any crap like that, he just bashes the page button. "Four of them…deck 13 lab…aiming at the security door about to unload, /get the frak down/!"

Sora nods, "If it's not human, it's not walking out of there…" She says, as she makes a quick check of her gear.

[Intercom] Four of them…deck 13 lab…aiming at the security door about to unload, /get the frak down/!

[Intercom] This is the Commander. Get ready to JUMP. All hands prepare for the jump.

Lex nods to Ramiro, rifle held across her chest until they have access to the line of fire. "Hooah." She nods. "Ready to make a hole, no matter how many bulletheads we have to bust down to do so."

"On the floor!" Ramiro calls out, dropping into a prone position and clicking his rifle to automatic fire. This is going to be hairy. "I'm painting targets. I want fire on the targets that I select. Marines in back, hit the deck and defend this position." He says, taking a slow breath before narrowing his eyes that are secured behind his goggles.

Snatch clips, clamps, and snaps the wiring with a series of quick movements, holding them clamped off as she bends bare attachments to their tips, nodding firmly to the Cap'm in indication that the wiring is green and the door should be ready to get those mechanical failsafes unlatched.

Rhea works on those failsafes as fast as she can. Work, work, work. Anytime now…

Pvt Lex follows Ramiro's lead, on his six like nobody's business. Is looks like an armed crawl into the battle with an unknown number of combatands. Eat hot bullets, you tarty Cylon ankles!

The other three do turn at that moment. All guns rising and locking into place. Good thing Quill is on the deck. The hand cannons begin spinning as bullets bark out with spits of smoke and fire, spraying across the door the snipe is trying to get open. Along with the CMO, who just HAD to stand up…

Zaharis is now unfortunately on his feet in the middle of fire (in more ways than one) — albeit burned and bloody — pressed against the wall. He has no idea if anyone heard that page, but damned if he was letting those on the other side walk into a massacre.

Rhea stays down while she's working to get the door open. It's not for ducking purposes, but it's hard to yank at panels standing up. Her pistol stays in her holster for now. She's fighting with mechanics at the moment.

[Intercom] …3…2..1 JUMP!

Ramiro snarls as he misses his first shots, leading into the combat. Keeping his face in the game, he lets the missed shots allow him to trail a path to the same target. Holding down the trigger, he unleashes on it.

Snatch was mostly inside the bulkhead when bullets started making that unholy racket. But as the wiring is securely clamped off, she gets her own sidearm out and readied and growls readying profanities in Aerelonese as she's eager to shoot at some cunt-sucking grille-a-pain.

Sora gets a dead bead on one of the toasters as the door opens, and she fires directly into it's chest causing a large hole to appear. "Thats what I'm talking about baby!" She keeps her gun on target and fires again.

Did Zaharis just get shot? Well hell, after being blown out of the lab at high speed, burnt, sprayed with glass, and slammed into a bulkhead, the bleeding on his arm barely registered. His back slides down the wall, his hand grabbing his pistol out of its place on his belt and raising it. "Gods…dammit…"

Rhea half-turned, from panel to incoming toasters. At the wrong moment, perhaps. She lets out a sharp cry, as much in surprise as pain, as she's winged by a Cylon bullet. It's not deep, and it hits her right arm. Which is fortunate. She's a lefty. Still, it's jarring. "Frak…" she hisses, fumbling to get her pistol out of her tool belt.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "LSO get a bird out there and get rid of that frakkin' tin can on my hull. If you have to peel it off bodily."

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "*sounds of firefight* —-amiro! Engaging four, now three Centurions on 13…"

Zaharis didn't hit a thing but bulkhead, but hell. He's quite dangerously close to just passing out. He coughs in the thick, rolling smoke, turning the pistol to the next cylon he can see.

Sora puts another shot into the hole that she created the first time, why worry about going through the armor again. "One in the box!" As she swings the weapon around, picking out a different target.

Rhea isn't made for this sort of sniping. Her shot goes nowhere near any toasters. But it adds to the general pew-pew mayhem. She doesn't drop her gun, at least. There's that.

Seeing the first Cylon go down, Ramiro barks into his headset towards CIC as he watches the Cylon before them sputter, smoke, and die in a series of awkward explosions. Still prone, he immediately selects the next target. "Targetting!" He calls out. "Coordinate fire! Bring them down!"

Lex's jaw clenches as her shot goes slightly side. Apparently her second shot is a bit better, because as the machine is already falling for the floor, her bullet takes a portion of its heavy metal head out. Defacing the enemy, one faceplate at a time. "Nice shot." Changing targets.

Snatch stays as steady as she can, aiming around the bulkehead but not too shy about getting in the way of some bullets. She's more angry than anything, and she spits less than pleasant language at the toasters, which will remain untranslated in the subtitles.

Now the leg, geez. Zaharis again failed to hit anything, but that's no surprise. His back slumps against the wall, the pistol getting heavier in his hand as he twists his shoulder to the next one.

Rhea follows Ramiro's lead, concentrating her fire on the next Centurion. Eyes narrowing. That's the one that shot her. She pings off another round and actually impacts the thing. In the leg. Lightly. Still, it's something. The ChEng is a vengeful creature.

They don't stop either. Walking forward as the bullets fly within the short section of corridor. Two drop but the last two keep coming forward. The entire room is bullet riddled now.

Sora lets off another shot, seeing it hit home..before ducking back a moment just as the shot goes past her. She pops out again, drawing a bead once more…"Down, down they go…."

Quill is well and truly down for the count, still crumpled near his wall-impact-point. Things are happening, noise, smoke, chaos, shouting people, but he's not part of it. The effort to remain conscious is maintained by watching Zaharis return fire. "Please don't die, sir," the snipe adds a request to the mix.

Holding a little breath in with each volley of shots, Ramiro narrows his eyes in time to watch the second Centurion sputter and die in a hail of bullets. Two out of four down, it's time to press forward a little bit. Checking the fire lanes, he rolls to the side of the wall and props himself up in a kneeling position, keeping the fight on the Cylons.

Sora gets her shot off, but the cent has a bead on her…she moves to the left quick, as the shot burns into her armor. "Aww man, thats gonna leave a mark….great" She whips around, firing again.

"Quill!" Zaharis' voice is hoarse as he shouts, seeing one of the cylons aiming for the downed engineer. Not that he can move to help. This spot slouched against the wall is where the CMO is going to stay, his uniform blooming with blood in a couple places and skin blistered from fire. The pistol stays aimed as it is, trying to get off another shot.

Rhea fires off another round in a Cyolon leg. She can point the thing straight, at least, even if she's not doing any horrific Toaster damage. Her eyes flick toward Zaharis, toward Quill, toward Snatch. But she makes herself not look too long. First things first.

Using the wall for balance, Ramiro checks the firing lane once more and then starts to creep forward into the area. Actually pressing the attack against the Centurions, he moves to stop near a box on the floor, using it for cover. "Advance!" He calls out to the marines. They make better targets than engineers.

Snatch bristles. "Frakker jus' AIN'T jus' shot the Doc," she declares with a certain force.

Ricochets keep trying to pelt Lex, but her armor eats the momentum. Her shots do peripheral damage, an arm, a leg. She remains silent, firing on the same target again, before one of those bullets pegs her solidly.

"AAHH!" Zaharis was stoic about getting shot, after everything else that has happened. Quill is not. "/Gods!/"

This time the CMO wasn't playing, apparently. Zaharis' bleeding arm raises a little further at the last second, cracking off a shot that hits the centurion right in the metal face. His hand is shaking as he turns the gun on the last one standing.

Sora starts moving forward at the call to advance, and keeps up the assult. She starts humming loudly as she does, timing the burst from her gun to the song.

Rhea leans forward, hearing Quill's piteous screaming. Perhaps out of some notion of protecting her jig LT. She gets plugged in the mid-section for her trouble. "Frak…!" she gasps, thrown back against the bulkhead. Ow. She fumbles with her pistol, trying to keep it steady.

Staying low, primarily because standing he's more than likely going to get shot in the back, Ramiro whistles loudly at the last Cylon to get its attention. It's firing back there, which means it might be hitting engineers. Switching targets as his previous one dies from a gunshot wound to the head, he empties the last of his clip towards the final Centurion.

Snatch falls on her ass as something hard and small jams itself against the side of her head, but, woozy as she is, she keeps firing on her way down.

The engineers will get to clean up wherever Zaharis' last bullet went. Probably straight into the ceiling. And the thing's still clunking, damn it!

Rhea concentrates on continuing to shoot and not collapsing as her coveralls get gradually bloodier and bloodier. Abdomen shots are a bitch. It pisses her off, though. Which seems to help her aim.

Sora says, "Keeps moving forward and firing…"Down, down..go down!""

[Tac1] Gaelan says, "This is Major Gaelan, Security give a Sitrep."

Not far from the Centurion now, Ramiro hears his gun empty and the Centurion start to turn towards his position. He simply lets his weapon drop, letting the lanyard catch it. Hand going to his hip, he quickly snap-releases his pistol and opens fire.

Quill screams again, this time louder, as he gets shot a second time. Whatever his worst nightmares have involved, they didn't entail getting roasted by an explosion, crunched into a wall, and shot twice in the same arm. This is worse. He's staring at his right arm in disbelief, watching it puddle red all over the floor. With the rest of the red. Helpless.

Snatch blinks her eyes several times with intent to clear her vision, tongue poking out the corner of her mouth as blood pours all down into her ear. She gets her other arm up to help steady the first one as she concetrates on shooting the thing and not falling over.

Sora puts another bullet into the last Cylon moving. Then sweeps her gun back and forth at the other bodies, making sure their down for the count.

As the last centurion goes down in a hail of bullets, whatever it was firing back, just goes up into the ceiling. There is still smoke along the section and fires inside the lab itself. The other door is still locked down though, and the front gun of the Heavy Raider can be seen coming inside the hull of the ship inside the classified lab. An area was cut through the inner hull so the Centurions could come inside. It's still looking bad though, the damage is making the heavy metal crack and groan.

One of Ramiro's shots penetrates the would-be "eye" of the Centurion, and extends his left arm over his right to motion towards the Marines to stop their fire. "Hold you fire hold your fire…" Ramiro says loudly, scanning for a moment with his pistol. Pulling out a flashlight, he takes a quick look. "Clear, no targets but we've got a possible breach over here about to go…How are your people to work, Major Zimmerman?" Ramiro asks, hustling over to Zaharis and Quill to check on them.

Zaharis' arm drops, his fingers loosening on the gun as his hand thuds down by his leg. His shoulders lose their last bit of tension, slumping slowly against the wall as his eyes close. Still clenched in his right hand is that flashdrive card, his fingers around it as though it were the most important thing in the world. Clothing and skin burnt, glass still buried in parts of skin he probably doesn't want to think about, the CMO's content for the moment to let the corridor go gray.

[Tac3] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Ensign Ramiro, sitrep on your deck."

Rhea hands are shaking now, from the pain, so she misses even the toaster's corpse entirely. She stares down the corridor a beat after it's killed, blinking. "Jesse…Quill…" she murmurs. Perhaps that was meant to be a concerned call out to them, but she's kind of losing her voice. So she just slumps against the bulkhead, hand pressed against her stomach. Stupid easily broken human tissue. She grunts at Ramiro. Not answering him just yet. "How you faring, PO?" she asks Snatch.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "CIC, Ramiro. 13C is clear we have a positive on Major Zaharis and Lieutenant Quill. Four Centurions dismantled. We have wounded and a wreckage in the hull that could go anytime. Door to Sickbay is still locked down. We have the Aft stairwell access covered, over."

Maybe it's the screaming that's distracting her, but Lex's shot goes wide. The next slams into the centurion center mass. She visually sweeps the interior. The ship sticking into the hull of this ship is… disconcerting. "That doesn't seem good." Don't have to be an engineer to get that vibe. She takes a step back to survey the damage.

[Tac3] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Copy that. Will send medical team."

[Intercom] Medical Teams to Deck 13C, stat.

Snatch still holds her gun up, as if unsure if she puts it down will the thing go up again. But with coaxing from the marine it gets back into its holster, slowly turning toward the Cap'm. Slow is the only way turning seems to work right now, "Ah got a maaht bit on a headache, Cap'm," she reports, then, brows furrowing as she looks at Rhea's belly, "An, han, Cap'm. Y'ns bin hit," she tells her. Like she didn't know. She moves to her knees by the Cap'm's side. "We'ns bes' ought git…" she trails off, not knowing where they best ought get, really.

[Tac3] Gaelan says, "Ensign Ramiro, I will be joining your position via the Aft Stairwell. Maintain forward security sweeps of Deck 13."

The calvary of Damage control head into the area once the centurions are done. They quickly move into the room and put out the fires with foam. They also use some patch foam along the hull to seal the cracks until they can do a better job and it doesn't suck the entire group out into space.

[Intercom] This is the Commander, all ships will begin jump sequence. We'll take no chances those tincans can be tracked.

[Intercom] Sickbay here. Medics have been dispatched to Deck 13C.

Staying awake was a losing battle from the start. Quill closes his eyes, just to rest them for a moment — but the blackness is seductive, and they stay closed. Sweet, blissful unconsciousness…

The com call for medical to the deck makes Zaharis' eyes drift open, then they close again. Someone needs a doctor—…oh well. His head rolls against the wall as he mumbles, barely audible. "Everything…frak…"

Sora keeps watch over things, as the repair crew gets to work. Securing her weapon, and checking it over. She turns back to the others.

Ramiro slides his pistol away and then quickly reloads his rifle. Stopping near Zaharis and Quill, he looks them over, what he wouldn't give for a combat medic. Checking their status, kneeling down near them, he gives Quill a look over. He reaches out to check the man's pulse. "Stay still, Doctor, you're in Marine care now." He rises, looking towards the other sealed door. He then looks to the Engineers, mainly Rhea as he keeps an eye on the forward gun of the heavy raider. He doesn't like it one bit. "Sickbay's rerouting around this mess…"

"PO, go assist the DC teams. Let's not get ourselves spaced now," is Rhea's response to Snatch's concern. She shifts. As if half-tempted to go try and work on it herself. But, not so much moving right now. She lays against the bulkhead, nodding to Ramiro, focusing on not passing out.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "Coordinate with Major Gaelan on anything else, Lieutenant."

[Intercom] Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the fleet.

Just once, Snatch hesitates in taking her Cap'm's orders, licking her lower lip and reaching out a hand as if she were going to rest it protectively on Rhea's shoulder, but then her facial features harden into a snipish obedience and she gives a nod of her head that makes her eyes cross briefly with the pain, but she stifles any gasping and just rises to her feet, gathering her toolkit from inside the bulkhead and getting back to work.

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[Intercom] The ship will remain at Condition two until our hull is safely repaired from the damage.

Ramiro turns his head to look at Lex, giving her a long, deadpan stare. Letting his rifle hang, he turns and pulls out his first aid kit and first goes over to Quill. "Private Lex, tend to the Doctor here. If he's awake enough let him talk you through it. Trilox! Help the major stop her bleeding…" Ramiro says, trying to prep the way for the medics.

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Sora nods, as she slings her rifle over her shoulder and moves towards the wounded. "Will do, we'll have em patched up, and ready for supper." As she moves over to the major.

Lex stays out of the way untill ordered to do otherwise. The blonde marine approaches the Doc, like a looming portent of DOOM. In just a few seconds, she's going to ave her hands on him, and then. And then… pray the real medical people haul their asses.

<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

The Major is heading in from the Aft Stairwell with his gaggle of pistol bearing pilot ducklingss. A battle vest pulled over his duty shirt and rifle to bear the only one who looks like it could survive a conflict is the Major himself. Oh look Marines! The Major quickly proceeds up the gathering his eyes scanning around the room and corridor beyond while he closes the distance.

<Trait Roll> Lex rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Sora rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Terrible (0).

Tough to tell if Zaharis hears Ramiro or not. He doesn't move. The CMO is slumped against the wall as Lex tends to Quill and Sora to Rhea, a gun lying in his open hand on the floor. There's been a massive explosion in this corridor and both he and Quill look like they took a full brunt of it, burnt, bleeding, and shot too.

/And/ wall-crunched. That too.

"Thanks, Trilox," Rhea says, eyes going shakily up to Sora.. "Anyhow. Pressure. I know. I've cut myself open before…" Albeit never with a bullet. And she does try to keep pressure on it, though she's waiting for the medics rather than trying to treat herself. She's slumped against a bulkhead, bleeding from her abdomen. There's also blood on her right sleeve, but not nearly as much of it.

Damage control is in the classified lab, which took a hell of a beating. Ramiro is right though, there is the gun of a Heavy Raider sticking in from the outside. The control folks have sprayed the air with a foam to seal the cracks for now.

Sora says, "Oh, it's not too bad….I'm sure you'll do better the next time the cylons come calling…" she smiles, as she tries to clean up the wounds at least. "Just think, now you get some time off…"

Micah is bringing up the rear of that little pilot fireteam led by Gaelan. He's probably so focused on keeping their tails clear, that he hasn't grasped the full weight of what's going on in the corridor forward of them. Enough to assess the damage to the ship itself, and that there are wounded, but the CMO and Quill probably haven't been recognised yet.

Novella thought about trying to explain to Gaelan that she had her own orders, but decided that it was wasted breath. Stepping up through the corridor, she's got her eyes scanning around. But seeing Quill.. yeah that's not so good for her. 'Positive' must mean that her boyfriend had been caught in an explosion. Good to know for next time. The gun lowers from its position as she approaches him, stopping a dozen feet away. Cav unceremoniously drops to her knees as her jaw falls open. He's been asploded. She tries to fiddle the gun back into her holster, but it clanks to the floor beside her (safety on, thank you) as she sits beside it along the wall. "Jonah?" she whispers. Blank eyes stare at him. This can't be good.

Cassia, Melia and a number of medics finally arrive on the scene with a gurney in tow. The young nurse takes a brief moment to assess the situation, frakked as it is, before she's nodding to Melia and dropping down on her knees next to the Doc. "Oh gods, what happened here?"

Quill is not conscious, and is thus blissfully unaware of who's tending him, whether or not they are succeeding, and who just arrived. Including Novella. She's on her own, for this one.

And in through the mess comes a gurney being pushed by a very small woman, a red shirt and poor Cassia. Even though Mellie's small, she's got a fairly good sized voice on her. "Triage, Ensign, as soon as we make contact with the situation commander" she calls to Cassia. Yes, MELLIE is giving orders. She's apparently in her element. The red shirt gets pointed to go with Cassia. For a moment, the medic just eyes Cassia and shakes her head, then looks about for the mission commander, whomever that might be or the next injured, whichever comes first.

Rhea smirks at Sora. "Next time. Comforting…" she snorts. She lets Sora clean her wounds as best she can. At the moment, though, it just prompts more wincing and muttering profanity. Staying conscious is becoming an effort, but the pain helps.

Gaelan passes a glance as the Pilot fails at combat discipline and the Major goes to find Marines. Ahh sweet people who can shoot weapons! Looking around he barks out in his rasped voice, "Ensign Ramiro! Secure this deck so Medical can get through!" Looking back to the pilots then back to the Marines he adds quickly, "And get those pilots in a position to cover us if we get any more frakkin' suprises!"

Zaharis is semi-conscious, and rapidly losing that much. His clothing is burnt and torn, as is much of the skin under it on his back and part of his neck and face. He looks crumpled, taken a high-impact slam straight into a bulkhead and bleeding from a couple places. His right shoulder doesn't look like it's in the socket correctly. "Exploded. Everything." His eyes aren't open so it's doubtful he knows he's talking to Melia versus anyone else.

Snatch helps Damage Control get things… well… under control. But they seem to have done well enough without her aid, so she starts on the next round of taking stock of the damage, which is, of course, plentiful, finding the most urgent second-tier tasks and grabbing snipes as they come off of Damage Control to start on some of the most pressing ones. Of course, she has very little idea of what was going on in here, so her ideas on the most pressing issues are more or less mundane. Stop anything else from deciding it wants to explode.

Ramiro decides it's time to sound off. "I've got burns and two gunshots here on my position. Can't tell if Major Zaharis is clear to move, he took a hit to the wall it seems and it looks like a backfire of some sort. Major Zimmerman's gut shot." He rises, standing to look in Major Gaelan's position. "Medical's here. Trilox, Lex, on me." He calls out. There are some assembled marines defending the stairwell, standing guard on that side." He then moves to secure the room that the engineers are working in. Yes…the one with the gun from the Heavy Raider sticking in it.

Micah turns, gaze locking on Novella as he manages to spot her wandering off. And then Quill. Oh, frak. Gritting his teeth, he stays on his feet and resists the urge to lend his subpar medical skills to the already hairy situation. "You frakkin' heard the Major," he barks at Orion and Sloane, "Fan out an' secure this corridor, make sure they can get these people out once they're loaded up." Yes, better to yell at Ensigns than be losing it because Novella's boyfriend's lying there unconscious.

Lex has gone to Zaharis to try to keep him from dying (much) until a real medic can get on the scene to (hopefully) patch him up. You don't have that many doctors on a ship like this, and the chief one is real important. "Hang on, Doc. Medical is on its—here." If she believed in the gods, she'd probably be thanking them. She nukes shit and shoots shit. She has not the ken of advanced 'he got blown into a wall' procedure, cos she's usually the one doing the other thing. She's up and off Zaharis' position like it's hot. A nod to Ramiro and she's with him to cover the.. er… gophering Heavy Raider.

Bayless comes in from Corridor 13D.
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Mellie finds her target. Someone mentioned Major Zimmerman? Well, Cassia has Zaharis, so Mellie goes for her favorite engineer, crouching down next to the woman to do the assessment. "Major Gaelan," she calls over her shoulder, voice carrying. "Can you get a lane cleared for gurneys and get these frakking extra people out of here? We don't know who's injured and who's guarding!"

<Trait Roll> Melia rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Novella is immune. Nothing is going to phase her at the moment? Why, because she's not doing much but staring at her charred boyfriend. At least her mouth closed. She's just locked her eyes onto him and isn't moving.

<Trait Roll> Cassia rolls First_aid and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

Rhea forces herself to unclamp her hand from her bloodied stomach, so Melia can work. She's wearing a heavy pair of coveralls and her tool belt, so working around that may be a chore for the medic. She groans, beyond attempting normal conversation right now. "Oh, frak…"

The Major glances over his shoulder to the Medic and nods, "Aye aye." is all that is uttered before he walks over to Novella, breaking her line of vision with his frame as he crouches down and grabs the front of her uniform and pulling her to her feet. Holding the uniform firmly he leans in and barks out in a rasped tone of sharped orders, "Come to, stickjock! Wake the frak up and get back to your posting!"

Snatch suddenly realizes that there's a huge frak-all gun stuck in the middle of the room. There's… a huge frak-all gun… stuck in the middle of the room. But… it seems to be doing an ample job as a hull patch, for now, and in the just-been-shot-in-the-head haze she can't even begin to think of what to do with it. "We'ns gone need some suits in here an' t' git thin's here floor taaht-orff an' air-free," she notes to some other snipe. She turns to eye the approaching Marines. "Thar's some gun," she tells them. Yes, Snatch. Yes, thar is.

Bayless heads into the corridor and spots the huge crowd of people with a pair of raised eyebrows. "Oh, for frak's sake…" She calls down the corridor. "Attention, pilots! If you do not have legitimate cause to be in this corridor, be someplace else! Double time, the docs need elbow room!"

In his right hand, Zaharis still grips something tightly. A flashdisk of some sort, small and white with the ship's emblem on it. The only survivor of that lab explosion. His pistol is still in his left, though his hand is open so it's about spilled onto the floor, bullets all spent. The CMO doesn't move, his eyes closed now. He mutters something in his smoke-hoarsened voice but it's unintelligeable, only the word "…lab…" really coming through.

Novella is lifted without a protest. Her eyes stay locked on Quill, though, until Gaelan growls at her. She blinks a few times and looks back at him, exasperated. "S-sorry, sir. Boyfriend." She takes a few deep breathes and catches herself before looking down to his hands. "I need to get my sidearm, sir." Yes, she's going to try and work right past her asploded man… laying close by.

Far from the crisp orderliness of the sickbay, this is definitely not Cassia's element. The sheer confusion of the siituation is rather overwhelming, but she's doing her best to see to the Docs wounds. If she's not quite as gentle as she might normally be, well, blame it on urgency. "We need to get him ON that gurney and to the sickbay so that he can see a proper doctor NOW," is the order given to her fellows redshirts.

Micah turns as Bayless approaches, and heads over to speak with her, sidearm kept lowered as he approaches. "Sir, we've got orders from Major Gaelan to remain, and secure the area for the medical team." It's explained succinctly, with a tip of his chin toward the Marine commander.

The Major glares at her as he snaps at her, "I don't give a frak if it's your damned mother. Wake the frak up and do your job." Pushing the pilot back with a hard shove he glances down the hallway and looks around and calls out, "Attention on deck! If you are not a medic, medically trained, able to shoot a gun like a marine or wounded. Get off this frakkin deck. NOW!" Looking towards the Marines he barks out, "This is your deck Marines, anyone who is on this deck that is not injured and with a purpose. Shoot them in the leg so they have a reason to stay here."

Melia's voice is low and quiet as she works on Rhea. "You're going to be alright, Major," she says quietly. "You're going to live, but I think you'll wish you hadn't for a few days. "Looks like two gut wounds and an arm wound. We'll get you up on a gurney and you get a ride down to Medical." Right. Like Melia's going to be able to lift Rhea. There's a quietly shrill whistle and Mellie lifts a hand to one of the redshirts with gurneys. He comes over with another redshirt. "Gurney, sickbay." Something comes out of her pocket and tucked into Rhea's pants, where it can be seen. It's a bright red plackard, about six inches long. Then she's on to the next patient.

With that…Sloane starts to back towards the stairs. Finding them, he turns and exits quickly to clear the area.

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Lex shoots a look at Gaelan from her position, then flicks her eyes back to the task at hand. Hopefully the pilots will clear out. She'd hate to waste a bullet.

Bayless glances to Micah, then to Gaelan with a respectful nod, then back to Micah. "Note the part I said about legitimate cause, Jailhouse. The Major still needs you here, that's fine, I just want the rubberneckers off the deck."

The redshirts do their job. Gurneys are wheeled from Sickbay, come out to load up the wounded and get them into the medical area for poking with sharp things and sewing back together.

Novella shakes off the berating. Even the shove backwards. Asshole. She reaches down and picks up her sidearm as she looks back to Quill. She mouthes something to him before backing away and just walking the other direction. Talk about the hardest distance to place between two. Ouch. But she follows her orders, head hung. She can't shoot like a Marine, so she's out.

"Huah, Major." Ramiro replies, racking his rifle. Keeping one eye on the forward cannon of the heavy raider, he turns to sentry-guard the area while the marines near the back make a hole to let the pilots and unwounded pass. Not wounded one bit, he glances over the wounded and continues his sentry position, rifle at the ready.

Micah nods firmly to Bayless, then glances over as the Major gives new orders. "Aye, sir," he barks back crisply, quickening his step to catch up with Novella on their way out.

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Gaelan pulls his rifle up to a low ready, the hammer sliding back on the rifle as he raises it towards the lingering pilots while stepping towards them, "Clear the deck. Save the gawking for the recovery ward." His gaze is locked on Bayless, with a brief look to the pilot's leg, and the rifle is definitely being brought forward and to a I'm going to use this soon position.

Mellie moves over to where Quill is and crouches, starting her triage there. She doesn't even have to look at him long before a red placard is tucked somewhere visible. "C'mon, don't give up on me," she murmurs - then goes along with him.

Bayless isn't paying any attention to Gaelan's threat, too busy escorting her fellow pilots to the stairwell.

Snatch wrinkles her nose faintly as the Marines get all shovey amongst the snipes who are trying to work. "Han, han, git," she tells some of them, "We'ns got git this here area clar, O.K.? Thar's some big gun thar," she notes again, kind of hazily.

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