Bothered and Brigged
Bothered & Brigged
Summary: The new guy at the Gold Squad make a little post CAP booboo.
Date: 53 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 12, Gold Squadron Berthings, 53 ACH

Gold Squadron is the viper squadron 'Fighting 58th' on board the battlestar. The room consists of double bunks along the walls with lockers in between each area. An oblong table sits in the center with chairs around it and there is a shower and changing area off the far end that is shared with the Raptor squadron.
Condition Two —- Duty Area

Since arriving back at the ship, Addison has showered, changed, and is currently in her bunk, curtains open, with an open notebook across her belly. She isn't reading, but instead stares up at the top of her bunk. The Captain is alone in her row, and the berthing is largely empty of pilots.

Orion has apparently skipped one or two of those steps and… no, let's be honest. He's skipped all of those steps. The man stumbles into the berthing, powered by spirits and wishful thinking and not a whole lot else. He's holding a silver flask in his hand, and still wearing his flight suit, though his helmet's been stored somewhere… presumedly at the same time he obtained that silver flash. He looks visibly upset. Downright angry.

Addie glances down as a wave of anger waltzes through the berthing. She notes Orion, his flask, and his expression. The Captain turns onto her side and regards the Ensign from her perch.

Orion whips the metal flask at his bed. Hard. There's some good and some bad, here. The bad is that he's thrown a metal item hard enough to actually cause serious injury if it were to strike anyone, and he hardly seems to be in a condition to be taking such risks. Good in that, well, it strikes home. The curtain's open. Nothing's there to stop the flask from hitting the wall right next to his bed with a loud -clonk-. The ugly is that it's really a decently sized flask and there is no 'splashing' sound. Doesn't seem like the throw has done anything for his sunny disposition, either.

Addie props her head up with a hand, elbow against the mattress. "Are you drunk, Ensign?"

"Yees ma'am." Orion's apparently not shy about admitting this one. He's proud of it. Proud enough to address you with a word that references your gender. Perhaps not a snafu, but certainly not standard. His face is absolutely flushed. He's still wearing his flight suit, sans helmet. If Micah is close enough, he probably heard a loud metal -CLANG- as Orion whipped a metal flask at his bunk, made the target, and had it crash into the metallic wall next to it. "What gave me the frak away?" Orion is not, apparently, a cheerful or mellow drunk.

There's a few thumps and then a -clang- of the hatch as it's shunted closed. Never fear, Micah's here! And just in time to catch Orion snapping off a 'ma'am', and smelling no doubt like alcohol. Rut roh. "Captain. Boondocks." The greetings are offered gruffly in turn, and after a considerable pause. He prowls past then, aiming for his locker where clean clothes are stored.

The petite Captain swings her feet over the edge of the bunk, and drops to the floor bypassing the ladder. She holds onto her bunk for a moment before sliding to the floor, feet just audible as they hit. She isn't wearing shoes, just sweats and a tank. She approaches Orion. "Let me as you again, while you stand here in your duty gear, at condition two, in the presence of your Squad Leader. Are you drunk, Ensign?" No look greeting for Micah.

Orion has to think about that one for a second. "That depends who's… yeah. Done about to get frakked sans lube, s.. sir." Takes a second for him to find the word, but he sounds pretty acknowledging of the fact that he just did something pretty stupid. Bring it on!" His cheeks are burning red and while he can walk, he's obviously in no condition to fly right now.

"Change into your sweats." Is that ice? No, that's just Addie's voice. Bet you did not know a 5'6" woman could loom ominously. "Your behavior is a disgrace to those wings. Unless you fell off an actual farm vehicle in the last twelve hours, somehow boarded this ship without completing officer's training, and those are not the pins of an officer I see, you will move your ass NOW."

Micah doesn't speak a word more. Not for the time being, anyway. His flight suit, already unzipped a few inches by someone's enterprising hand, is tugged all the way down and peeled off gratefully. He's sweaty underneath it, of course, and he relieves himself of the rest of the underclothes as quickly as possible until there's only ink and dogtags. A towel is quickly tugged around his waist, and he slams his locker shut before padding off for the showers.

Oh, Orion was groovin on everything her squadron leader was saying. He was ready for bend-over time, afterall. But that 'now' at the end seriously does the trick: Nobody escapes without getting majorly frazzled, "Y. yessir." He makes his way to his locker. It's not hard, but it's not completely effortless. Out come the sweats in question, and he starts changing right there. He's not saying much, either.

Addie glances over as Micah walks by. She regards him for a moment, and then her eyes turn again to Orion. She watches his change, expression still unamused. No, her eyes do not wander. Finally, she turns to pull on her boots. Uh oh. Road trip.

With a little more effort, Orion's transformation to 'drunk guy in sweats' is complete. He glances over to Addie, notes that she's getting ready to go somewhere, and at least seems to have no trouble putting one and one together, "Yeah. This is gonna pretty much hurt me more than it… yeah." So much for that!

Having vanished in the general vicinity of the showers, Micah's more or less oblivious to the goings on in the berthings. Orion does, really, deserve what's coming to him. The faucet's flipped on for a few seconds, and he gets busy with soap and a rationed water bath.

"Ensign, double time." The Captain turns and walks to the hatch. She doesn't even bother to change. She gives it a spin, pushes it open. She holds it open for the drunkard with wings. She's maintaining a magical amount of patience and calmness in the face of this.

"Yessir." Orion wanders out the hatch so helpfully propped open for him. Doubletime she wants, doubletime she gets. One can basically see him straining through the fog, here. Sober, sober, sober. Think cleaned up thoughts. Yeah, not happening.

It's relative silence that greets the ears of the Ensign as Captain Nikos escorts him through the ship to the stairwell. "If you make this a habit of this, I will personally break your arm. If you mention that to anyone, I'll break them both." Somebody's feeling a little cranky today. That's for making her do stairs when sh was about to take a nap. No, really, that isn't it. "We do not have the luxury of bad behavior."

Orion makes the most bizarre statement in response, "I'll take that as a compliment." The hell? "Order's an ord…order, sir." Yes. Much haze. He's fighting it, at least.

"A compliment?" Addie shoots the farm boy a look. "How the frak drunk are you, son?"

"You threaten to break everyone's arms?" He's apparently been saturated by all the scary stuff. He's going to the brig. He does turn away from that look, though. "Frakked up. Got frakkin… mad."

Battlestar Genesis, Deck 14, High Security Brig

The brig here holds four areas, with one-way glass. Guards stand at attention when on duty, if there are any prisoners within. This brig area is for any Officer that needs to be in lock-up. There is a bed, chair and table inside the room and Officers are treated with respect. No guard will leave the duty area unless told by his commanding officer or is rotating out. Security cameras are placed here as well.

"I do not, Ensign. If you truly wish to be a pilot, the quickest way to your brain is right through your profession. If you persist in disruptive behavior, and take yourself out of physical readiness for engagements, you may as well be in pain rather than enjoying a buzz." Addie leads him through the corridors on Deck 14, headed for that special place several Ensigns like to call their own personal time share. "There are better ways to deal with your emotions. You will have plenty of time to think about them while you sober up." Shortly after that, she escorts Orion into the Brig.

Eli turns where she was discussing something with one of the guards, hand moving to 'Betty' as she stands up straight, snapping off a salute and heading towards Addie + the person she's with with that frown of 'wtf'.

"I don't reckon it's any consolation, but I didn't enjoy it neither, sir." Orion's fighting through a whiskey-induced haze. His cheeks are red and it's pretty clear that while he can walk, he's not walking 'well'. Otherwise, he falls silent and keeps up with Addie, for the consequences of failing to do that might not be worth discovering.

Addie is not in uniform, and neither is the drunken one behind her, who is probably doing his damndest to sober up as fast as possible. She returns Eli's salute. "Sergeant. You have a guest. Ensign Scala made the mistake of drinking in duty gear." During Condition 2. Woops. "Unless you'd rather beat him, I'd like him to cool it in the brig."

Eli just eyes 'Ensign Scala' for a few moments and just smirks, moving forward to grab his arm and start directing him towards a cell, eyeing a guard who starts the paperwork and all. "Barf bucket or will you be okay sir?" She/he asks of Orion before eyeing Addie. "Just overnight sir or with charges?"

Orion waves his hand, "You could, but I ain't… ain't gonna swing for no fences this season." Otherwise, he's pretty quiet at this point. And yes, it's going to be written aaall over his face that he's trying very hard to be sober.

Addie considers Orion. "Page me in three hours just before the detainment expires?" Addison turns her eyes to the MaA. "If he pukes, I'll ink the charges."

Eli nods firmly and starts to escort/push Orion into a cell, chuckling softly. "The guards may bring you coffee, sir. Please sit tight, rest well, think of boiled eels…all that nice stuff."

Orion goes willingly, though doesn't say much in response until Eli mentions the boiled eels. He stops right where he is, turns back to Eli, and says, "You know, that may be the most evil thing I've heard all week." Otherwise, he just sits down and doesn't say a a word. Think sober thoughts. Sober thoughts. Ponies and lollipops.

Addison leaves the Brig, leaving Orion to his gag reflex.

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