Boxing Tournament - 21 BCH
Boxing Tournament
Summary: Fleetwide boxing tournament on the PAS. Marines stomp some egos.
Date: 21 BCH (22 October 2008)
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Gymnasium Support Station PAS - Deck 3
22 BCH 2085 Souls

This large open room is a gym filled with equipment. In one section is a mat covered area for gymnastics, another section is filled with exercise machines from stationary bikes to weight stations. Another area has a raised ring in it. This ring can hold bouts of most styles with relative ease. The last area is left open and unclaimed, able to be set up for most sports games.

Reed comes in, trailed by a couple of crewmen hauling a few racks of folding chairs. He points around the ring, "go ahead, in rough rows, just one rack at first, others can pull off chairs as needed." He holds in his hands, a wooden box, about a foot across and wide, though not too deep. He walks towards the CMO of the Genesis, smiling, "Brought the Dogtag box." He says, moving toward the man, "you have everything you need?"

"It's rare that I get to say this, but yes…I think I do." Zaharis grins at Reed, nodding to the box. "Thanks, appreciate that. You want to do the honour of the draws, or are you getting into the ring tonight?"

It is not long before another medical type makes it to the gym. Although D'Artanion does not carry a doctor's traditional black bag, she does have a smallish pack over one shoulder. Surveying the room, she nods once. It is her intent to set up a bleeder area but when she turns and spots the tell-tale equipment, a smile graces her lips and she heads that way. Rather than speak when she reaches the area, she nods once to the fellow lounging nearby and claims a spot to sit and watch. Her pack is set on the floor and she unzips it enough that; if the other fellow is medically inclined, he will see pressure bandages, cold packs and anticeptic wipes. Not enough to fit out a med-bay, but enough to do some good at a sporting event. When Reed approaches Zaharis, D'Artanion fades a bit to stay out of the way, though her eyes flicker from one to the other as though attempting to work out who they are exactly.

Reed splutterlaughs slightly, "No frakking way I'm getting into the ring. My hand to hand training began and ended with basic. I'll draw if someone wants a random match, I don't have a problem with that, unless someone else wants to. There's no tradition that says the CO of the hosting facility does the MCing."

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Zaharis grins. "No, but I'd hardly want you to be bored. You don't seem the type to be content sitting about and giving himself a rorschach test out of the blood spatters." His dark eyes flicker to D'artanion without recognition, but that's to be expected. He's in navy gear.

Speaking of early arrivals, Rooster peeks his head into the gym, looks around, smiles and then jogs in. Barefoot and dressed for boxing, the thuggish marine slings down the bag hes carrying over one shoulder and then, pausing only to shirk his jacket off on top of it and adjust his vest and shorts, heads over to the medical types, "Yo, Sirs!" he calls, "Is this the right place?"

D'Artanion is dressed in Marine fatigues minus the outer shirt. A dark brown tank top covers a gray sleeveless T-shirt, with a pair of silver hexagonal dogtags dangling from a chain around her neck. The T-shirt is tucked into a pair of light brown trousers, the legs of which are bloused into the top of black combat boots. A subdued black web belt is worn around the waist.

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Sora strolls in, arms crossed behind her back. She looks around a couple times, and gives a shurg of her shoulders. "A little empty…but I suppose this will do." She continues walking toward the center of the room, yawning a bit as she does.

Reed turns around, following Zaharis' gaze to the Marine and his gaze flicks to the bag, he inclines his head, "Hello-" He gets interrupted by a Crewman coming to stand next to him, and he turns to look at the crewman, looking past them to Rooster, nodding, then back to the Crewman, "Yes, go bring out the gloves, tape, mouthguards. Set them up openly so people can get themselves ready. And tape. For the hands." The crewman heads off and Reed nods, a little as people come in, "It's gonna be quite an evening."

Beenie arrives into the gym, already the people here give her a good place to just duck in and around until she finds some spot where she is comfortable. Unfortunately, that ends up right behind two captains. Sheesh. Taking a few steps to the side, she glances down for some place to sit and watch. One finger pushing her glasses up on her nose.

Returning Zaharis' glance, D'Artanion lifts one brow just slightly but does not volunteer anything. The corners of her lips turn up a bit, though the smile is informal. When Rooster jobs up, the smile warms. Clearly, it is good to see another Marine. When Reed addresses her, the woman focuses her attention on him for a moment but, as he is interrupted by a crewman, she does not carry that viscious cycle through another round of interruptions. She nods, instead, and smiles a bit in acknowlegement. Her pack is set aside for now and she leans back a bit to watch the proceedings progress.

Looking around carefully as he enters, Warwick smiles slightly. "This is where we make our stand, this is the best place in the land." It's more or less sung, as the pilot glances around for a few moments.

Zaharis smiles back at D'Artanion, then raises his laced hands up to stretch out his back. "Right then." He pats the arms of his folding chair, raising his voice a bit. "Still early, but if you want to be in on the fights, drop your dog tags over here in the box!" (ooc Page me if entering)

Reed holds up the box helpfully as Zaharis calls out, shaking it a little.

Sora continues on over, as she stops. "A chance to beat up pretty can a girl resist that." as she drops her tags into the box.

Off come Rooster's dogtags and into the box they go, the big goon taking a seat on the bench beside his gear, "Not half, Sergeant, time they saw some real kickings." he agrees with Sora.

Zaharis whistles under his breath, scribbling on a yellow ledger pad as tags clink into the box. One marine, two marine, check. "Man, I predicted it'd be down to marines and pilots…half the bet won, now let's see if any pilots actually show."

Removing his dog tags and tossing them a few times into the air as he makes his way over to drop said tags into the box, Warwick grins a bit, "Can't let you down, sir," he remarks lightly to Zaharis, before he adds, "Besides, someone need to show these Marines how it's done."

Beenie finds a spot on one of the chairs. Keeping her back straight, knees together and in form with her feet and ankles touching, she places her hands on her lap and waits for the tourney to begin. While she sits, her gaze takes in those getting ready for the fight.

D'Artanion gives Rooster and Sora a quick thumbs-up as they put their tags into the hat. The Marines will have an enthusiastic supporter on the medical team. Zaharis' comment draws a chuckle, but when Warwick adds his two cents, she laughs a bit. "Should be an interesting contest… But, we'll see at the end who gets shown, flyboy." The man is offered a good-natured wink to go with the gentle gibe.

Reed looks to Zaharis, shaking the box to stir the accumulating dogtags. "Well, we got the first few tags already, which is good, considering how early it is." He looks to D'Artanion, and nods her over, "C'mon over here, Marine. I'm sure the Doctor here won't turn down any help in keeping people from bleeding out."

Sora looks about, "Well, well, well…looks like most of the pilots were even to afraid to show up. Guess their all hiding somewhere under thier bunks."

D'Artanion blinks a little at being addressed yet again. Seems this'll be a little different than her other posts, but not uncomfortably so. "Yes, sir." Rising, she lifts her pack to one shoulder and walks the short distance to where Zaharis sits. Her walk is a casual prowl, graceful and relaxed and her eyes flicker from the officers to her fellow Marines and back. When she gets nearer, she nods to Reed, then to Zaharis, "Sirs. Staff Sergeant Amalina D'Artanion. Just arrived a couple of days ago." She pauses then, waiting to see if either want more information or of that is sufficient.

Rooster guffaws and shrugs, "Probably, it /is/ all they're good for, bunking," the big man says, loud enough so that the pilot can hear him, "Too busy flyin' in tin cans to actually come get a scrap."

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Sora nods, "True true…marines always have to clean up the messes they make.." she grins and laughs

"Keep talking, guys," Warwick offers to the marines. "We all know that's your main skill, right?" It's said quite lightly.

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Zaharis scribbles another name as Random LtJG Pilot comes by, tossing his tags in the box. Rawr pilots. He sticks the pencil behind his ear, back twisting slightly as he turns to look at D'artanion again. "Staff Sergeant? Welcome up." His tone is light. "Captain Jesse Zaharis, chief medical officer. Make yourself comfortable, take a couple bets." He calls out to the group. "Last call going up for entrants. Dog tags in the box!"

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Laughing, Rooster nods at Warwick and Sora, "Frak knows what you'd do without us, flyboy," he says, "Though you are good for taxi-ing us to the real work, give you that." All very playful and jolly and friendly, "Gonna be a quick contest this though.."

At the last minute, Taylor's mass steps into the gym and drops his dogtags into the box Reed is holding. He cracks his neck to the side and looks around.

Reed nods to the random pilot entering, and looks to D'Artanion. "Captain Reed Carter. PAS CO." He shrugs lightly, and looks to Taylor, "Chief, welcome in." He looks back to the Marine medic and nods, "A good way to get to know the others, be involved with them beating the snot out of one another."

D'Artanion inclines her head, "Good to meet you, sir. Might want a word with you in a few days." She steps back to give the men space, then fades again to one side. As someone darkens the door, she looks up and grins. As Taylor makes his way over to drop his tags in, she shakes her head and turns to size up the other Marines. "This'll be interesting."

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Eli strolls into the gym, moving along quietly as usual and fiddling with the zipper before tugging his dog-tags and then over his head, letting them dangle from his fingers as he looks from person to person, doing a double take at Sora and then eyeing his dog-tags some more and heading for that box, tossing them in distractedly. Moving on seek out the tape and begin taping his hands, bowing his head and still staying quiet, aaaaaaayep, just taping up those hands, wiggling fingers from time to time.

Sora nods, "Yes, yes…" as she cracks her knuckles. "I'm sure it will be..interesting." She starts to laugh.

Warwick just shakes his head as he listens to the Marines, chuckling a bit as he looks around the room for a few moments.

Rue steps inside the gym, toting some off duty garb. She pauses when she spots Reed holding the box and grins, moving on up to him, toying with her dog tags a little. "Captain. I haven't missed anything, have I?"

Taylor nods to Reed. "Thanks, sir. Never miss an opportunity to get a little banged-up." He flashes the man a grin and moves to get a pair of boxing gloves. Seeing D'Artanion he points his hand at her like a gun and gives her a smug look. The tape from a table is picked-up and he begins wrapping his knuckles quickly. He's done this before, apparently.

Cora does not appear as if she's about to, you know, participate. But she's here, and probably to watch. Hands shoved into her jacket pockets, she finds somewhere to stand and watch without being in the way and getting accidentally punched in the face.

Reed looks to Rue as things start to get set, "Not at all, Wrongway. We're just getting started." He shakes the box seductively at her, rattling the dogtags, "You still have time to enter."

Having finished taping his own knuckles, Rooster proceeds to shirk off his vest and go through the warming up process, managing to be stretching over to one side as Rue comes in, oh, look, the hand above his head waves to the CAG, heya! There are muscles to be warmed though and so back to stretching and eyeing up the competition, "Be short and sweet still though, Sergeant," he says to Sora, whilst marching on the spot, "Pity the pilots will be frakked out so early."

D'Artanion catches Taylor's gun aim and smug look. She laughs, then mimes being shot right in the heart. She even stumbles around a bit before collapsing into a nearby chair. Looks like he got her. The man is given a wink, though the smile fades a bit as folks get ready for the first bout.

Zaharis nods to D'artanion at the mention of talking. It's getting way crowded in here, and finally the CMO stands up (gasp!) and sticks his thumb and index finger in his mouth, giving an ear-piercing whistle across the gym. "Here we go! Welcome to the tournament, and remember to blame the Marines for this afterwards. First up!" He reaches into the box, grabbing a tag at random. "Cox!" Lucky Rooster. Second tag grabbed up. "Warwick! In the ring."

Sora nods, "Pilots are known for being out so early…just ask any woman that dated one.." she grins

"Well, thats us then!" Rooster says as he grabs up his gloves, slips in a mouth guard (which nearly causes him to choke whilst snorting laughter at Sora. Then its on to the ring, the man remarkably light on his feet for his size.

There's a quick laugh to D'Art before he tosses the tape back onto the table and reaches for a mouthpiece. Its popped in as the CMO calls it and the Chief steps back from the ring. His jaw chews at teh mouthguard, reading it. Eyes turn to the boxers while he begins stretching his arms.

Beenie brings her attention back to the ring now that it has started in some official capacity. Keeping her chin tilted up just slightly so she can see well through those thick glasses. A skipping of her gaze goes from one entrant to the other to see how this one turns out.

Rue shakes her head at Reed, "I'm just here to watch sweaty men beat—" It's about then that she catches sight of Rooster. "On second thought, has the Gunny a partner yet?" Her tags are lifted over her head and held in her hand.

Neither here to participate nor here to medicate, Karras steps into the gym with an amused expression on her face. Her dog-tags remain fixed around her neck, thank you. Finding an empty seat, she settles down beside Beenie and leans forward, elbows on her knees. "This sould be interesting."

Reed smiles to Rue, "Tell you what, you can always get called up and call out Rooster in a bit." He nods to her and shakes the box again.

Zaharis makes a mark ont he yellow ledger. In the ring, some burly Marine dragged down here to call the fight gives the pilot a toothy grin. Rooster gets a 'git em bro' kind of nod, and he stands back. Here we go. "Y'all reaaaaady? FIGHT!"

Getting his gloves and mouthguard ready, Warwick steps up and into the ring. "Let's see if you've got more than that abnormally large mouth there," he remarks to Rooster, getting ready for the little fight.

Rue nods and drops her tags into the box, smiling as she moves on in past Reed.

<Opposed Roll> Rooster - Unarmed_Combat versus Warwick - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Rooster: Fair <Roll2> Warwick: Mediocre
<Result> Rooster WINS by 1.

Gloves on, time in, the pugilists begin. Rooster circles for a few steps, sizing Warwick up, before coming in with a left feint and a swift right uppercut aimed at the other man's gut. Decent start for a boxing match, if a bit pedestrian.

Zaharis sits back down as the fight starts. His hand idly pats pockets until he comes up with his cigarette pack and lighter, dark eyes tracking the fight. Any blood spurting? No. Smoke, light.

Ready for the start, Warwick looks about to aim his punch, but moves to block that left hand. Noticing the feint a bit too late, he tries to get the guard further down, but not fast enough. "That's your best shot?" he mutters.

<Opposed Roll> Warwick - Unarmed_Combat versus Rooster - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Warwick: Fair <Roll2> Rooster: Good
<Result> Rooster WINS by 1.

A few Marine spectators start jeering noisily from the peanut gallery, and laughing. Someone shouts from the seats. "Come on Rooster, stop dancing like a pansy!"

Not waiting for the answer, Warwick sidesteps a bit, before he aims a left hook for Rooster's side as fast as he can.

Reed smiles, turning to the fight as it starts and he cocks his head to the side, watching as he sets down the box, taking in the opening bout and the start of the fight. He looks about a little, taking in the crowd and the cheering, shouts, and organized chaos. His smile grows slightly before he looks back to the fight.

Eli squints and watches the fight, unzipping his jacket and idly cracking his neck as he continues to watch, crossing his arms over his chest and cocking his head to the side.

The bigger man catches the thrown punch on the side of his glove with something approaching disdain, "C'mon, man," Rooster says to his opponent, though the effect is somewhat ruined by the mouthguard.

<Opposed Roll> Rooster - Unarmed_Combat versus Warwick - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Rooster: Fair <Roll2> Warwick: Mediocre
<Result> Rooster WINS by 1.

And then Rooster throws out a quick little jab at Warwick's arm, man, these two fairies are shaming both their forces.

"What is that, a love tap?!" Another Marine voice shouting from the seats, which makes the whole section start laughing again.

Rue slinks over to some of the seating, settling into a spot next to Beenie and Karras. "Hello girls. It's a grand sight, this. The rhythm of the fight. The artful dodging. The sweaty hunks of man meat. This is better than any porn." She eyes the fight and frowns some.

"Just warming up," Warwick replies, as he gets hit by that punch to the arm, just as he was about to send off another one.

<Opposed Roll> Warwick - Unarmed_Combat versus Rooster - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Warwick: Mediocre <Roll2> Rooster: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Rooster WINS by 5.

D'Artanion stands up slowly as the fight sort of progresses. She tilts her head to one side, then moves a hair forward, "This is a lot more gentle than my last posting's matches." She brightens a bit, "At this rate, they won't need any of the nice medical supplies we brought."

Sora says, "Come on, knock that pilots block off!!!!"

Casting a sidelong glance to Rue as she speaks, Karras flashes her a faint smirk. "Yeah, but I'll never admit it to any of them," she says, motioning to the ring with one hand as she sits up straighter. "Did you throw your tags in?"

Zaharis exhales a long curl of smoke through his nose, watching. He snickers quietly at D'Artanion's comment.

Aiming for a rather hard hook with his left hand, Warwick swings a bit too much perhaps. Leaving himself exposed to any hits coming in now. Not good, especially when people are looking.

With something approaching a sigh, Rooster catches the frankly derisory exchange on his glove again and steps forward, pumping his right glove out at the Pilot's head, all power and little finesse, "Man.."

<Opposed Roll> Rooster - Unarmed_Combat versus Warwick - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Rooster: Fair <Roll2> Warwick: Terrible
<Result> Rooster WINS by 3.

The Chief hangs back in the shadows watching the pugelists, chewing on his mouthguard. Eyes watch their form carefully before a short blonde in her deck coveralls comes in and soks him in the arm. He laughs and chats with her for a moment quietly, completely missing that heavy hit.

The following Left hook that Rooster throws out, however, is all finesse and the fruits of a youth doing this. Another shot at the head, playing for keeps.

Reed smiles, nodding to D'Artanion. "Well we're still pretty much getting to know one another for the moment." He winces at that hit from Rooster, "Oh, hello."

Warwick takes that first one, and staggers a bit backwards. He then tries getting his guard up for that hook, but is once more too slow, and down he goes.

The Marine 'MC' in the ring laughs out loud at that final hit, bellowing out. "That's the match! Pilot pansies down one, go Ma-riiiiiiiiiiiiiiines!"

Eli pulls a face and cringes some, coughing and arching an eyebrow and then…whistling, you know the sound. Like a bomb falling. WheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooTHBBBT.

Cora obviously does not know who to root for - so she doesn't! Crossing her arms on the sidelines, she winces at some of the particularly rough blows. "Ouch," she murmurs, shuddering a little bit and rubbing the side of her face in sympathy.

As Warwick hits the ground, Rooster dutifully holds his arms up, but theres no pride in it, even as he spits out the mouth guard, "Maybe I should just carry him to the docs and sit this out." he opines as he pulls his gloves back off and goes to do just that.

Zaharis tugs the box over, digging through the metallic tags. "Next up in the ring…." Tag one, clinky. "Trilox." That's tossed onto the ledger and he ashes his cigarette before pulling tag two. "Taylor."

D'Artanion blinks a bit at the next two from the Marine. She half nods to Reed, then motions with her chin, "Looks like they had a pretty good introduction." She can't help the pleased look, for the Marine put paid to the pilot's perfunctory pronouncements of earlier. Alliteration can only take one so far, really. After that, it is deeds, rather than words, that see the day and she is a Marine too, after all.

"Yeah. Probably shouldn't have. I haven't done any hand to hand since the Academy," Rue tells Karras, rolling her shoulders. "Let's just say I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a shot at someone. Unfortunately, not everyone has the talent for flying, so… I'm forced to a certain venue to take out my aggression. Like most of these folks."

"Don't you worry about me," Warwick remarks as he gets to his feet a bit shakily. "Just a few moments, and I'll be okay again, really. Good hits, though." Starting to get out of the ring for a place to seat himself. "It's no worse than a hangover," he comments to the big Marine. "Next time, of course…."

Taylor looks up from the blonde to see Warwick go down. "Ow." Then his names is called and he grins to the Specialist. She kisses her hand and slaps it to his cheek. Rough and tumble down on the flight deck, eh? He steps up to the ring, pulling his gloves on after stripping off his sweat jacket. He looks to his opponent and shakes his head. "Good hunting, Sergeant," he blurbs around the mouthguard and lifts his gloved hands.

"Next time, aye, I'm sure," Rooster agrees, following Warwick off the ring, "I hear theres a bar here, when you can see straight, we should go remedy that." he says, clapping Warwick on the back. "This should be good though.." he says as he turns to look at the ring.

Sora moves into the ring, gracefully slipping between the ropes. "Ah, I don't get to beat up a pilot too…rats. Ah well, I guess this is better then nothing.." she gives an evil laugh."

Burly Marine (tm) waits oh so patiently for the deck chief and Marine to get into the ring. He pounds his fists together, letting them get into position before signaling. "Reaaaaaaaaaady. FIGHT!"

Eli's lips purse and he follows Sora with his eyes before his eyebrows shoot up and he starts picking at some of the tape across his knuckles.

Reed nods to D'Artanion, watching the next bout starting up. "Lotta ways to say hello, this is one of the fastest." He smirks, "Let's see how this shapes up." He tilts his head slightly, "Hmm, okay."

"See," Karras says, turning her attention back to the ring to watch as two new fighters are called to duke it out, "this is why I find it easier not to have aggression." She laces her fingers together and reaches her hands over her head in a stretch, leaning back in her chair. "Who are you hoping to fight?"

D'Artanion eyes Warwick long enough to be sure that he is not in need of medical, then blinks and turns to watch the match. See, now… This one is going to be tough to root for. She nods to Reed, "That's the truth." She shifts foot to foot briefly, then eases forward a bit more to keep one of the other spectators from getting in her way.

Warwick chuckles at Rooster's words, "Now that's something I won't forget," he remarks, with a bit of a grin. "And it'll be quite good entertainment," he agrees. Moving to sit down somewhere.

<Opposed Roll> Sora - Unarmed_Combat versus Taylor - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Sora: Superb <Roll2> Taylor: Good
<Result> Sora WINS by 2.

Sora smiles, as she she moves…can't let the troops down. She throws a quick couple of rabbit punches to start off with.

Taylor lifts his guard a little too high and takes the hits and backs a step. "Nice." The man moves a bit to the left and cracks his neck once more.

<Opposed Roll> Taylor - Unarmed_Combat versus Sora - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Taylor: Fair <Roll2> Sora: Good
<Result> Sora WINS by 1.

"Nice, Sergeant, intae him!" Rooster calls as the first blows land, before sitting down beside Warwick, "Needs more jello and less clothes, though." he adds to his vanquished foe. "Marines are probably gonnae walk this tournament though, no offence to your Navy lads. Some marines couldn't have taken that leadup there."

Zaharis tilts his head back, blowing smoke into the air above his chair. He smirks as the ring, shaking his head slightly. "I should have allowed them to use Vipers, apparently."

Sora grins at her opponent, "You think this is good…you should see me shoot." As she circles to the left, before throwing out a quick jab.

"Yeah, I bet you need a gun with the way you're tossin' punches, Sarge." Ahhh, nothin like a good bit of mouthin'-off to keep the fight good. He says it with a smirk…until she lands another punch. Damnit.

Reed watches the exchange of blows, nodding a little to Zaharis, "Yeah, but we don't have the ring space for Vipers." He glances to D'Artanion, "Think it'd help?"

D'Artanion watches the matchup, her lower lip held between her teeth. She darts Zaharis a quick smile, "That would've been cheating, sir." Her gaze is drawn back to the ring as the match continues. Her expression is an odd mixture of delight and pain. The Marine is doing really well. But… She shakes her head as Taylor lets another punch land.

Eli flinches again as he watches, moving a hand to cover his face and just shake his head.

D'Artanion watches the matchup, her lower lip held between her teeth. She darts Zaharis and Reed a quick smile, "That would've been cheating, sirs." Her gaze is drawn back to the ring as the match continues. Her expression is an odd mixture of delight and pain. The Marine is doing really well. But… She shakes her head as Taylor lets another punch land.

<Opposed Roll> Sora - Unarmed_Combat versus Taylor - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Sora: Fair <Roll2> Taylor: Fair
<Result> DRAW!

Sora circles to the right as she listens to the man, causally throwing a few loose punches at him. "Just be glad I didn't bring any grenades with me…"

The Deck Chief lifts his gloves and backs out of the hit. "C'mon!" his voice booms across the ring, a grin on his face. "So you rely on frags to get the job done, too?" Apparently nobody told this guy that taunting can get you in trouble. Taylor leans over and throws a mean left at her, all the while grinning like a jerk.

<Opposed Roll> Taylor - Unarmed_Combat versus Sora - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Taylor: Poor <Roll2> Sora: Great
<Result> Sora WINS by 4.

The few deck personnel that came out start clapping a little harder now, someone shouting towards the ring. "Come on Chief, you gonna let a girl beatcha?"

"Come on, Chief. No need to be a gentleman now," Warwick calls out, before he looks to Rooster again, "We'll see."

"One of the marines." Rue glances aside at Karras and shrugs her shoulders, "I should probably get you guys into some forced PT, in the interest of keeping our pilot honor intact."

Rooster, for his part, is simply joyous, laughing and applauding, "Finish him, Sergeant! Hes on the ropes!" he calls, guffawing, "Wait, we should have filmed this."

Sora continues to move as she listens to the man, "Oh, so you want to start the fight for real then." as she draws back and sends out a mean left hook. "Fraking right!"

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Beenie continues to sit and watch the fights as people win and lose and get knocked down in the ring. At some point, she found herself something to drink and munch on, but she keeps the food carefully away from her uniform. A wince comes across her features as the marine decks the …deck chief. Ow.

Taylor takes the hit and backs off a bit more after that hit to the face. "Damn. You don't even /fight/ like a chick," he grunts and still manages a grin.

Reed blinks at the blow from the Marine as it lands. "Was that the round bell or the chiefs head I just heard?" He swallows, wincing. "Ooo he's gonna feel that in the morning."

Answering Rue at first with a quick snort of laughter, Karras shakes her head. "If you're looking for honour, don't ask me to get up there and represent the pilots," she says, her tone good-natured. "I'll go down quicker than you could blink. I'm just here to watch." Pause. "And tease the ones who lose. Especially the Chief."

<Opposed Roll> Sora - Unarmed_Combat versus Taylor - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Sora: Poor <Roll2> Taylor: Great
<Result> Taylor WINS by 4.

D'Artanion is once more torn between applause and a deep wince as Sora's hook catches Taylor squarly. "Oh, ouch." Pride in her fellow Marine wars with other feelings, "Come on, Taylor. Of course she isn't going to fight like a chick. She's a Marine. Pretend you're fighting me." Though her voice may carry, it is not shouted. Just spoken.

Sora grins, "Awww, you really know how to compliment a gal.." as her opponent seem to take that moment to hit her…she tries to shake it off, and keep moving.

Remember who fixes your Raptors, Karras. Uh huh, the Chief can hear you. But really, his heads in the game now. Though.. D'Arts words seem to find him better. Taylor throws a heavy haymaker at Soras head and connects well. He grunts and then moves in to throw one low.

<Opposed Roll> Taylor - Unarmed_Combat versus Sora - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Taylor: Good <Roll2> Sora: Good
<Result> DRAW!

…and then he clocks her back. Ena winces again. It makes her jaw hurt just watching and she chews her food a little slower. Another adjustment of her glasses and a drink of water.

Warwick watches, letting out a bit of a cheer for the Chief. "Come on…"

Sora starts circling after the last hit by taylor, throwing a few test punches it seems…but nothing really comes of it.

Reed blinks as the fight continues, and looks to D'Artanion. "Well that advise worked. Sure you don't want to throw in yourself?" He looks back to the fight as the combatants make a few passes and look pretty.

The Chief's punches fall short. Just barely blocked. He steps up again, waiting.

"Frak!" Rooster says, standing up and applauding, "On you go, T! Might be hope for the non marines after all!"

<Opposed Roll> Sora - Unarmed_Combat versus Taylor - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Sora: Good <Roll2> Taylor: Great
<Result> Taylor WINS by 1.

The deck crew part of the gallery is going nuts! Woo woo TAYLOR!

The beat down has Rue's head shifting back to the fight and she eyes Taylor with concern. Of course, when Taylor takes a shot of his own, she shakes off her worry with a grin. Back to Karras, "So you don't go down quickly often?"

Sora moves in to attack, leaving herself open for Taylors attack and pays for that mistake.

Taylor dodges her strike and throws a quick reply into his opponent's side. "Oops. Sorry about that." Still grinning around the mouthguard, there's a bit of bruise on his left cheek from earlier. Ow. But he leans in again and throws another one to her head. Will it connect?

<Opposed Roll> Taylor - Unarmed_Combat versus Sora - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Taylor: Good <Roll2> Sora: Superb
<Result> Sora WINS by 2.

D'Artanion grins as Taylor connects, though it is followed by a wince. Her gaze flickers to Reed, then back again, "No… thanks. I came to patch folk up. I might another time, though." She shadows Taylor another grin, "Though it'd be sort of like old times, in a way."

Sora dodges to to the left, as the punch goes for her head…as she thrusts her fist out toward her opponents midsection.

The enlisted Marines on the sidelines let out hoots and hollers, trying to drown out the rowdy deck crew. "Come on MARINE! Ma-RINE!"

Using two fingers to let out a loud whistle as Taylor lands a few hits, Karras grins, quickly calling out a cheer of encouragement for the chief. She never said she wouldn't root for him— just that she'd mock him if he lost. Rue's question elicits an arched eyebrow, and she snickers again, quietly. "I don't know if I should answer that."

Okay, Soras punch finds home just above the belt. Damn, okay that hurt. He looks a little beat for it too. Man might be goin down sometime soon. Probably should have thought he was fighting his sister earlier.

<Opposed Roll> Sora - Unarmed_Combat versus Taylor - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Sora: Good <Roll2> Taylor: BeyondSuperb
<Result> Taylor WINS by 3.

Going just as wild as the other enlisted, Rooster joins the calling, "'MON, GET HI-" he yells, stopping mid sentence to change to, "Frak me…" as the Chief makes his comeback.

Eli is now on the edge of his seat (even if he isn't sitting) watching the fight. "Duuuuuude…" He finally drawls, eyes widening.

Zaharis laughs, very loudly, as Taylor comes up and socks a good one. He's got to put in his two cents for the Navy, even if his job is putting them back together again. "Do it, Chief! Come on!"

Reed narrows his eyes at Taylors state, but when he comments, it's to D'Artanion. "that sounds like history. Why-" He stops, blinking, at the current turn of the fight, leaning in. "Now this is getting somewhere. I still can't call it really."

Sora has her eye on the man, trying to find a weak spot..he's looking weak…but still. She tries to throw out a quick punch, only to recieve a strong hit herself.

Cress has arrived.

Not one to go down without a fight, Taylor rises up from the hits and charges forward with one steps and punches out a left at her face. Her jab sails wide and the Chief connects with a grunt. The Chief looks beat but highly frakkin' motivated.

<Opposed Roll> Taylor - Unarmed_Combat versus Sora - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Taylor: Mediocre <Roll2> Sora: Fair
<Result> Sora WINS by 1.

Warwick gets to his feet, cheering for the Chief. "Come on!" He glances over at the others watching, and then comments to Rooster, "Still think you guys will win it easily?"

Cress ducks into the room quietly, having gotten here late for the watching, but it is better late than never. She's dressed in her civvies, black track pants and a matching, close fitting black zip jacket with the fleet logo on the sleeve. Her shy eyes turn widely towards the ring.

D'Artanion darts a glance at Reed, the look filled with laughter, though it fades as she looks back to the ring. Easing to one side, she slips past someone standing in her way, her hands clasped in front of her. She nibbles her lower lip a little, her eyes flashing from one to the other. "Come on…" But whom she is rooting for remains a mystery. Sorta.

Sora decides she's had enough fun, as the chief seems to be getting a little excited about the whole thing…so she draws back her glove and tosses a fist out at his head as he comes near.

Rue grins back at Karras. "Probably not. Though, by not answering, you sort of answered." She looks back to the fight and just shakes her head, "Berk needs to get the lead out."

And that seems to do it for the Chief. He steps back into the ropes and drops to a knee. Its like fighting a Cylon! He shakes his head and that's the match. A gloved hand extends towards her from his vanquished position for a 'knuckles' tap. "Good fight, Sergeant." He rises on his own power and steps from the ring.
You paged Diago with 'unless you can grab someone who want to pair with you'

Big Burly Marine rings the bell. DINGDINGDING. "MARINE!" He calls the fight, sounding quite satisfied. In another part of the ring, other pilots and Marines (mostly) have been getting their fights on as well, their bracket complete. They fizz off for some healin' love and Zaharis glances that way to check their progress before digging through the box of tags over here. "Browne. Rue. You're up!"

"I'm not so sure, Hound, could be might be us against the deckers," Rooster says to Warwick, before Sora lands the finisher, "Or, Marines win, I guess.."

Beenie looks just a little disappointed when the marine wins, but she does offer a smile to the deck Chief when he comes down from the platform. As the CAG is called up, her attention goes in that direction.

Warwick shakes his head a little bit now. "That reminds me of this girl I knew once. Let everyone believe they had a good time, and then she'd knock them out," he remarks, a bit absently, before he grins as he hears the next fight being called. "This could be good," he remarks.

Sora laughs, as she taps her oppenents glove. "Good fight..good night.." She turns to the crowd, and raise her arms up, "Marines Rule!!!!" Before making her way out of the ring, and over to a seat.

Dot Dot Dot, this is what Eli would be saying if that wouldn't be completely stupid and he's snatching up gloves and a mouth guard, pausing only to do a double take and just stare at Rue for a few moments, worrying his bottom lip.

Aaaand, that's the fight. D'Artanion can finally cheer, "Maaarrrriiiine!" along with the rest. "Woot. That was something." Her tone, laughter edged, rises a bit more, "Better luck next time, Berk. Sparring, 0:600." It might be teasing, or she might mean it. In either case, she slips back to where she was to wait for the first casualty.

"Maybe." Karras might have more to say, but whatever she could have added is left unsaid as the CAG's name is called. "Sounds like you're up. Try not to follow in the Chief's footsteps." She grins again, nudging Rue's shoulder in an encouraging jab. "Go get 'em."

Reed grins as the fight ends, and nods, "Okay, that was pretty thrilling." He chuckles, watching the combatants leaving the ring, and takes a moment to look around the crowd, "Next time, a chalkboard." He mutters to himself.

The Chief steps from the ring. "I want a rematch!" he booms to her with a grin, taking out a bloodied mouthpiece. Yep, Marines drew first blood on the Chief. Just be glad /they/ don't fly anything. He steps off to the side and back to the Deck crew on the side.

"Not the Marine I was looking for," Rue says, "Ah well." She nudges Karras back and gets to her feet, moving towards the ring. She gets her mouthguard in and pulls on some gloves before turning to face Eli. "Hi! When you beat me down, could you aim for the belly? I need my arms and my eyes for stick duty in the morning." She smirks.

The Marine fight-caller in the ring waits and waits. "G'luck, sir," he booms out to Rue, smirking. "You're gonna need it. Reaaaaaaaady! And…FIGHT!"

Diago appears from among the crowd, anonymous until now. And there's a reason: he wants someone to beat on. In the ring, silly. Looking around at the faces, Diago frowns in speculation until he bellows out. The words are only just heard by those nearest given the raucous nature of the place. "Anybody lookin' ta fight? Anyone?"

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Rue - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Superb <Roll2> Rue: Poor
<Result> Eli WINS by 5.

Rooster looks at the ring and its occupants now and sighs, "Well, this will be a mess, and I think I'm due to relieve a guard somewhere," he offers to Warwick as an explanation as he gathers up his stuff, "If Savan- the Captain there wins, pass on my congrats- Frak." he finishes, looking up at the kicking being dealt out.

Eli just hesitates for a moment before clearing his throat. "S-sure?" Eyebrow raises before he just sighs and slips his mouthguard in, slipping into the ring and leaving his jacket outside of the ring, cracking his neck and shaking his hair out of his face. He watches the woman carefully, bringing his own gloves up and taking a deep breath, squinting. Waiting for an opening naturally, to dart in, knees bending in a way of somebody with formal martial arts training to twist into an uppercut aiming for the poor woman's belly. Well She asked!

Taylor turns to Diago and calls "Hey! I'll fight ya if you can convince the Doc to let it go down!" There's a flashed and a little bit bloody grin and then he looks up to the two fighting "C'mon Wrongway!!!" he belts. The the first hit lands. Okay, ow.

Sora Stretches back in her chair, as she watches the fight now…not bad, not bad. Now this is what it means to be in the military

Warwick nods a bit at Rooster's words, "Will do…" He shakes his head a little as he sees this beginning, though.

Oof! The air is just knocked out of Rue's lungs. To her credit she doesn't go down to her knees. She does, however, puke all over Eli. Whoops. Looks like green beans and rice.

Reed looks to Taylor, "Chief, C'mere." He looks to D'Artanion. "Will you look the Chief over and see if he's fit?" He nods to Taylor.

The Burly Marine wrinkles his nose as Rue loses her lunch all over the boxing ring. "CALL! Fight's over! I ain't making everyone swim around in the mess!"

Beenie tries to not make a face when the puke comes up. One hand goes up to her mouth and nose so she doesn't get hit dead on with the smell either. So much for the food she was enjoying.

"I can't watch this anyway, Hound," Rooster says after a moment of disgust, "Good shot!" he yells to Eli as he heads out.

Addie comes in from Passageway.
Addie has arrived.

The Marine looks over at Diago though, jerking a thumb his way. "Hey, you. You wanna come see if you can beat up this Marine, get your ass in the tourney?" After, of course, they clean up Rue's puke.

Cora crinkles her nose, backing up a couple of steps at the sight /and/ the smell. Looking a little queasy at the sight herself, the color promptly drains from her cheeks and she looks away as soon as possible. Toward the other people. Yep.

Hmm, no takers. As Diago slowly walks round the ring, his frowning eyes alternate between the belting going down between Rue and Eli and anyone who even LOOKS like they might last a couple rounds with him. With one swift assessment of a waif of a tac officer, he shakes his head in irritation before letting go another burst, "Come on, who wants ta fight? I promise no broken bones!" At the CAG's spewage, Diago can only shake his head in disgust, but a different form of disgust than the first.

Eli raises his arms and sighs softly, nose wrinkling and he looks around helplessly. "Um…Medic?" He even spits out his mouthguard and reaches out to try to pat Rue's shoulder. "Y-you okay sir?" O_o Okay, puke is ew.

Reed snaps his head to look back to the ring, and blinks, "Wh-what?" He looks to Taylor, D'Artanion, then the ring and the puke, and blinks, "I- I missed it? I missed that one completely. I look away for a second and someone explodes."

The Marine in the ring folds his (burly) arms, looking at Diago. "Hey asshole. Just called you up over here. You in or not?"

Rue gags a few times and turns away from Eli, making a face. "Ugh." Then, "Guess I shouldn't have eaten right before I came." After a few seconds of regaining her composure, she nods Eli's way. "Yeah. Nice shot, though." Slowly, she tugs off a glove and offers her hand to the marine.

D'Artanion blinks at the request, then grins, "Sure." Lifting her hand, she motions to the big man, "Over here, Chief." That laughter turns sour as the smell of vomit and bile touches her nose. She glances back to the ring, "Oh, man." As Taylor gets closer, she nods over her shoulder, "Let that be a lesson to you, Berk. No green beans before being caught in the gut with a hook. Right? Right." She takes a few moments to give the big man a thorough going over, then nods, "He's fine. Just a minor cut on his lower lip. He's had worse." She winks once at Taylor, then motions him back into the potential fray.

Very nearly bursting into laughter at what transpires between Rue and Eli, Karras clamps one hand over her mouth. She struggles for a few seconds not to crack, but it's futile. "Nice move, Captain!" she calls, finally giving in to a short snicker.

Beenie turns her attention to Diago, finding some way to keep her eyes off that icky stuff. She doesn't actually offer a smile, but she does watch now as he is called up on the platform by some big marine.

Zaharis rubs the bridge of his nose as Rue's reaction to being socked. In the ring, a couple of poor enlisted rush over with mops and towels to clean up the mess on the canvas. Ew, GROSS.

Eli reaches out to take the hand, giving it a tiny pump. "Again sorry…" Then he turns some again when he hears something about somebody being in.

Warwick shakes his head a bit, "Looks like someone had a bit too much to eat." Then looking over to the leaving Rooster, "Have fun." And then he looks over at Diago, offering a bit of a grin.

Rue nods and shakes Eli's hand, before turning away and pulling off her other glove. The pieces are set aside and the mouthpiece taken out of her mouth and tossed in the nearest trash recepticle. Barf smell. Moving back over to Karras, she plunks down on the bench. "Not a word out of you."

The Marine waits for Diago to hurry his butt up, the moppers in the ring working quickly. He gives a toothy grin to the CAG. "No harm done right, sir? Alright! We ready for a fight here or what?"

Diago hears the taunt, and from the ring no less! With a lopsided grin, Diago growls, then steps onto the ring, staring at the Marine. "So, you Marine enough?" he says in return as he puts on a pair of gloves from the ringside.

Addie steps into the Gym on the heels of the main spectacle. Oh, the technicolor yawn. "This place smells worse than our gym," the pilot comments, before moving around the crowd to find a better vantage. Preferably near a vent.

Her eyes fluttering closed as the CAG sits back down beside her, Karras keeps her mouth closed tightly, clearly fighting to keep silent. A few little sounds escape her, and she throws a hand over her mouth again, staying that way for a short while longer. When she lowers her hand again, she draws in a deep breath, then lets it out. "Whew. Well. That… was entertaining."

Eli has found a new mouthpiece for some reason before doing a double take at Diago, looking him up and down and his eyes widen some. "…Dude." That's all he's going to say as he adjusts his gloves and gives a tiny nod.

The Burly Marine eyes Diago, then eyes Eli. "Let's have an actual fight in here! Reaaaaaaaady! Get it on! FIGHT!"

Reed nods to D'Artanion, "Thank you. I'm not blinking during these matches again." He looks to the ring for the new fight. "Okay, this should be a good match."

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Diago - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Diago: Good
<Result> Eli WINS by 3.

Cress is just a touch too overwhelmed by the room, her nose wrinkling at the spew, and she turns to the side instead, heading for the crowd around Taylor with slightly worried eyes. She keeps her gaze flickering over her shoulder at the fight, but mainly she's looking for the poor bear of a deck chief and where he's licking his wounds.

Sora grins, "tonight is a good night to be a marine.." she starts to laugh, and cheer

Taylor looks up as Diago takes the ring and shakes his head. "Frak." There's still a lot of fight left in the man. All sweaty and worked up. RAWR! "Blondie! Get me another fight from the CMO, would ya please?" He smirks to her and looks to Cress at her approach. "Hey! How goes??" A still-gloved hand reaches out to tag her softly in the shoulder.

"I'm warning you, I'll /breath/ on you," the CAG tells Karras, smirking. "Or maybe you'd like some duty shifts with the deckhands." Wrinkling her nose, she eyes the new fight, watching Eli go at it while absently rubbing her stomach where she was punched.

The MP actually does look a bit intimidated, or Eli /would/ if he/she had many different facial expressions. But he doesn't. So he just squints and circles the bigger guy, taking his time to find an opening, keeping his hands up in case he has to block, and when he finds an opening he darts in to aim a punch to the big man's sternum. Testing and teasing but not holding back.

Cress looks down at Taylor as he calls for another fith, her jaw dropping a bit as she gazes him over, "Chief! What are you thinking? Can't you take it easy? She spun your skull, just a bit!" Having only caught the very end of the fight, Cress' imagination seems to be moving a bit out of hand over how wounded Taylor might actually be. If that's what she saw, what did she -miss-?!

Beenie takes out a small spray bottle from her pocket and gives the air around her a few squirts. New and improved Colonial Febreeze <tm>. Supply Officers have to sometimes be in icky situations. Watching the opening punch on the pilot, she winces.

Zaharis lights another cigarette, kicking back as the Marine and pilot start beating on each other. In the stands, of course, the crowd gets much rowdier when it's apparent it's flyboy vs jarhead once again.

Warwick seems to have recovered from his own fight, and looks around for a few moments, then back to the fight happening now. Shaking his head a little bit.

D'Artanion nods to Reed, her gaze focused on the ring, "No kidding. People getting all 'sploded and gross. I feel sorry for those folk with the mops." But, Taylor is in good shape, so… She lifts a hand at his call and nods, "Sure thing, Tiger." Turning to Zaharis, she motions to the Chief, "When someone promising shows up, please." Turning her gaze back to the ring, she seems more comfortable now that there are no mixed loyalties to consider.

The hulking Chief lets go with a round of hearty laughter for the LT beside him. "Heck no. I'm looking for a fight. Besides, that Marine took quite a beating herself. It was down to the wire. Damned good fight but she put me to a knee first." He gives her a big grin. "How long have you been here? Must have missed most of that fight, didn't ya?" There's a quick wink as Zachy brings him a bottle of water. The Specialist gives a light wave to Cress.

Diago's smile drops pretty quick when he takes that fist to the gut. It almost knocks the wind out of him right there. Kids today, got no respect. Diago back away and the arms come up. No more messing around.

Sitting up straighter at the new threats, Karras adopts an expression of feigned determination. "Yes, sir," she says, nodding once in mock obediance. "Not a peep, sir." Now that she has her snickering more or less under control, she turns her attention back to the ring, watching Eli and Diago face off.

Cress gives Zachy a brief wave across her shoulder before looking back to Taylor, "had to finish a run with Zero. He was nice enough to do the last checks and make certain the bird was settled so I could come down and watch. Seems i missed most of it anyway. Still…Just be careful. We need you on the deck and not laid up because you couldn't go down against a pretty girl." Betsy smirks deeply before turning her head, looking back to the violent fight occuring now.

"What's that?" Zaharis asks D'artanion, pulling the smoke from his mouth. He glances at Taylor and smirks, pulling over his ledger of wins and losses. "Ah…yeah, I think I can scare something up for you, Chief."

<Opposed Roll> Diago - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Diago: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Eli: Mediocre
<Result> Diago WINS by 5.

Yeah, no more messing around. Left hook, meet face. Boom! Diago ducks once out of habit, then veers off to the left.

"Thanks, Doc!" Taylor calls to Zaharis over the din and shouts. His gaze falls back to the LT, an astonished look. "Did you see who I fought? She was brutal!" The man laughs through it. "But that was good of him. I'll be careful but hey..Got plenty of Doc's present. Can't get too injured here or my workload falls on Zachy, here. She'll feed me strychnine if I try and pile my work on her." She gives him the middle finger. The Chief ignores it pointedly. "Want to get in on some fighting? Maybe go up against the CAG?" Hopefully that was a joke.

Eli has a pretty face, it is true, but WHAM, said face gets hit and his face snaps back almost unnaturally before slowly being pulled back up as he narrows eyes at Diego and brings a glove to his own face, eyeing the blood before swallowing and dropping back into a defensive stance, staring at Diago and watching him, waiting for an opening.

Warwick cheers a bit as he sees Diago's hit. "Good work," he remarks, with a grin.

Cress grumbles a moment, shaking her head at Taylor as he really does ready for another fight. "Mm.. You're a glutton for punishment, chief. Of course…you repair all our birds, we should have known that." And then Cress falls quiet, the shyness taking over even if she's got one friend around. There's a lot of unfamiliar people in this room and it's just a bit overwhelming.

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Diago - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: BeyondSuperb <Roll2> Diago: Great
<Result> Eli WINS by 2.

Beenie pushes her glasses up just as she sees another marine punch a pilot and clasps her hands on her lap. Still, they both got good hits in, so she waits to see what the next round brings.

Sora stands up and shouts, "Come on!…hurt'em! Make'em cry for momma!!" as she roots Eli on.

Reed blinks a little as the fight turns more evenly matched than the first few. He nods, "Okay, this is working out well." He focuses on the movements of the fighters, the skill displayed.

"Mmmmhmmm." Rue watches the fight, smiling a little as Diago gets his licks in. She does notice Addie entering, though she loses her in the crowd. "I think I might head back to the Genie in a few. I think I might need to put ice where she hit me so CAP duty doesn't hurt like hell tomorrow."

D'Artanion shakes her head at the shot Eli takes to the face, "Oh, ouch." She scoots around a little to get a look at where the blood is coming from. Not that she can see much what with the action and all. As long as the man's eyeball is functioning… and it seems to be. So, she fades back a little more to enjoy the fight.

…and when he finds that opening? The midsection area? Ya know where somebody's spleen would be? That's what Eli's darting in and twisting to nicely slam an uppercut towards the bigger man. Well he /ducked/ where else would he aim?!

Zaharis whistles lowly, a flick of his thumb against the end of the cigarette sending ash absently onto the floor. His eyes are on the fight rather than the ashtray, naturally!
<Public> Eli says, "Now people REALLY won't be able to tell what Eli is, poor face."

Extending her arms in a stretch again, Karras watches the fight for a few more seconds. "I'll keep you company, if you want." The corner of her mouth turns up in a little smirk as she pauses. "The smell is really starting to get to me."

There he goes with that gut punch again. Diago's face is a mirror of pain as he grimaces from the quick blow. An audible "oof!" escapes his lips, and he backs off to get his bearings and shake off the pain. A glare follows, then a snort. Pisser.

<Opposed Roll> Diago - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Diago: Fair <Roll2> Eli: Good
<Result> Eli WINS by 1.

Taylor grins at Cress. "Of course! Wouldn't have it any other way. The dirtier the job, the more fun. Sometimes. Don't quote me on that, though." He shadows her a quick wink. "How'd the flight go? Any problems with the Raptor I should know about?" Even off-duty, he's 'on.' His gaze flickers up to the fight for a moment.

Sora pumps her fist in the air, "Thats the way to do it!"

Zaharis stubs out his cigarette, picking up the bottle of water sitting next to him and unscrewing the cap. He keeps an eye on the balance of the fight as he tips it up, downing a few swallows.

Eli's arm comes up to block whatever punch comes his way by reflex and he almost lazily twists in again to slam a left hook towards/into the big man's side, growling under his/her breath.

"Awww, you'd help me ice my wound? Since when did we start dating, Moonshine?" Smirking, Rue is on her feet, though she grimaces a second after doing so. She pauses a moment, then heads for the box to retrieve her tags. Wincing at the ongoing fight, she heads on out towards the door. "I wonder how many beers it takes to get that barf taste out of one's mouth," she muses to herself.

Cress nods simply, "Flight went fine, Chief, and the bird was perfect. But then, she just came off your deck. I shouldn't be surprised." She states earnestly, a bit more of an awkwardly warm smile on her lips, almost blushing, though there would be no reason for it.

Reed winces with the latest volley of hits, then notes something across the ring with his gaze, and digs in the box, pulling out Rues tags, stepping back and to the side, lifting his hand to wave Wrongways tags at her, holding them out. "Here. Thanks for coming."

The Chief gives Cress a warm smile. "Thanks. But it helps that you two aren't overly bangin' on my birds." Yes, his. The color is noted and he chuckles. "When did you want to start on the Raptor project?"

Mem comes in from Passageway.
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And again! With a groan turning to growl, Diago reacts to the body shot by curling his arms over the sore spot. It wasn't particularly heavy but it all adds up. Once again, Diago slides to the left in hopes that something happens for him to pounce on.

D'Artanion darts a glance after the wincing woman, which should totally be a song. Wincing Woman, yadda yadda… She'll work on those lyrics, yup. Her gaze flashes to the CMO, but as he does not seem worried, she only takes note of the woman's appearance. She will ask later. Slowly, her attention turns to the ring once more.
Long distance to Reed: Zaharis smirks

<Opposed Roll> Diago - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Diago: Good <Roll2> Eli: Good
<Result> DRAW!

Three Marines right up front hoot and shout as Eli gains an upper hand. "Come on! COME ON! You gonna let some sucker pilot wipe the ring with you?"

"Not a problem. Sorry about the mess. Next time maybe I'll dodge," Rue quips Reed's way as she snatches up her tags. "Good night, Captain."

Rolling her eyes at Rue's remark, Karras pushes up from her seat and walks alongside the CAG, not offering any kind of support. Not after that. "I meant I'd walk with you," she points out unnecessarily, stressing the word 'walk.' "But if you really /need/ the help with your grievous wound…"

Reed grins to Rue, "Night." He replies as he turns back to the ring, moving to watch the fight and tilting his head to keep up with the fighters moving around the ring.

Nothing happens. At least nothing obvious. Diago lets fly a couple jabs, but the Marine isn't letting his defenses down. The Lieutenant continues to slide around the marine, waiting. Always with the waiting. Just a jaw, please. Just once more would be nice.

Eli is testing, teasing with Diago the next flurry of punches, nothing really lands and he still looks very wary, face bruising quite nicely.

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Diago - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Good <Roll2> Diago: Fair
<Result> Eli WINS by 1.

"You know I tease because I love," Rue tells Karras, shoving the pilot in the shoulder as she walks along with her. "Truth be told, I wouldn't mind some help." And out she walks from the gym.

Eli really really loves people's stomachs obviously, but he narrows his eyes trying to find another opening, a right cross being brought around to tap/meet Diago's jaw.

The Burly Marine keeps pacing around the outer part of the ring, big arms folded as he watches. "Come on, Browne," he barks. "You dancin' the waltz here?"

Which connects, Not a lot behind it, given Diago's movement, but enough to be distracting … and more than a little disturbing for the Sagittaron. The pilot shakes his head while backing up, least till the little white lights are gone.

"Uh-huh." Pulling back a bit at the playful jab, Karras spares a glance back over her shoulder to watch the fight for another second. She hasn't been paying enough attention to this round to know who's winning. "You just want an excuse to keep me around. I know how it is," she teases, following Rue out of the gym.

Rue leaves for Passageway [O].
Rue has left.

<Opposed Roll> Diago - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Diago: Great <Roll2> Eli: Great
<Result> DRAW!

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Diago - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Good <Roll2> Diago: Fair
<Result> Eli WINS by 1.

Warwick keeps on watching the fight for now, once in a while cheering, or throwing in some kind of comment.

Another flurry of punches, finding openings can be hard and Eli is just getting warmed up as he grits his teeth against his mouthguard and then…yep, HI MR LEFTIE, he's left jabbing the other side of Diago's face, why might you ask? Well to see how he likes it. Also, there is alot of pressure from big Marines.

Beenie gathers up her trash in a neat little pile and rises from the seat. Heading to the trash recepticle, she tosses it inside and wipes a moment at her hands. Pulling a small packet from her pocket, she uses the handi-wipe to clean her hands and tosses that in also. With a push up of her glasses, she makes her way toward the ship CO and the CMO, but not disturbing either.

Cress folds her arms across her chest, hugging small limbs in on themselves so she might get even tinier than her usual form, possibly just disappear into the shadows and into the corner. She swallows back nervously but she gives Taylor a half smile as he continues to speak with her, "Ah… this week, as soon as possible, I think. Why wait?"

Zaharis is looking less impressed as the fight turns to jabs and the like. He pulls his right ankle over left knee, getting comfortable. Until Beenie makes her way over. His head turns a bit, dark eyes looking up at the Ensign.

D'Artanion bounces a bit on the balls of her feet, her attention on the action in the ring. Occasionally, she darts a glance toward those leaving, but then it returns. She steps out of the way of the proper Ensign, offering the woman a quick smile before fading a bit to one side to give the pair a semblance of privacy.

Taylor smirks to Cress and nods. "That's the attitude I like to hear. I'll grab you late second shift tomorrow or something and we'll get to work. Been practicing at all lifting those pieces of plate?" The man then leans in to whisper something to her.

Another pop in the jaw from the other side this time. Damn. Diago pulls back with arms up, the little lights returned along with a bit of vertigo. This isn't good. Just one decent opening. Did the marine smile? Maybe he's getting comfortable. Dammit.

<Opposed Roll> Diago - Unarmed_Combat versus Eli - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Diago: Fair <Roll2> Eli: BeyondSuperb*
<Result> Eli WINS by 5.

Cress keeps her arms folded, shoulders slightly turned in, nervously, though she leans closer to the hulking Taylor as she listens to whatever he's whispering in the crowd's roar. She gives a crack of a smile to him and shrugs mousily, just a bit. She winces a bit as she hears the popping from the stage. Ouch. She twitches and finally looks back to the Chief, "Alright… this week. And… when there is time, with the panels. So not much, but I am trying…" And she whispers also.

…And there is another opening, sadly though for Eli and not for Diago because the MP just sighs softly and hauls back and slams his gloved fist towards Diago's face. Not that he's bitter or anything.

The Big Marine starts laughing hoarsely as Eli decks Diago a good one. He pumps his fist in the air. "Call! MARIIIIINE!"

Beenie gives a polite nod to the CMO, but she doesn't quite get in his space there. When the sound of fist meeting flesh happens again, her lips pull a small frown as another Pilot goes down for the count. "I am afraid, sirs, there will be no end of the crowing that Captain Gaelan will do for the next few days."

The Chief 'Ahh's' with her whisper and gives her a knowing nod. "It's good for you, then. What doesn't kill you, right?" He has Zachy gives him another swig of water due to his hands still being gloved. A hard swallow and he glances to the LT next to him. "Just get it in when you can. Like I said, don't hurt yourself with it. But if we want to be successful, I need you to be able to get those things off quickly. I can help for now, but we'll need a demonstration when we finish."

Sora cheers again, "Everyone falls before the mighty power of the Marines!" as she jumps out in the aisle doing the super bowl shuffle.

Reed watches the progress of the fight and tilts his head, then blinks as the Marine finishes the fight with the kind of destructive power known by the Green Machine. He breathes out "Lords of Kobol, shield your eyes." He makes a whew noise and looks to Zaharis, then to Beenie, noticing her there and hearing her. "Yes, I can see that, definately. Well, something for the Navy to work for in the future, I suppose."

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Zaharis snorts quietly at the end of this match. He drinks another few swallows of water as the medics around them start swooping in with bandages and the stingy antiseptics to deal with the cuts and bruises. A smirk goes to Beenie. "Seems that way, eh…" Glance at rank patch. "Ensign?" He squints slightly at her face. "I don't think I've seen you before."

Diago falls to the floor with a plomp! He's immobile for a time as the medics tend to him, but before long he's moving his parts again. It's not long before he's sitting on the edge of the ringside, rubbing his jaw, nodding to the cute little medic as he reads the number of fingers and who was the last president and other nonsense. Finally left to himself, he just sits there, taking it in with a tired half baked frown on his 40 year old face.

Cress winces as the guy goes down, shaking her head slowly, "So much… Violence." She doesn't really seem approving, but she came to watch herself, after all, so she cannot claim innocence either. She gives Zachy a half smile as the woman gives the chief some water and falls quiet until it's done, finally nodding to his words. "We'll worry about it later. You just worry if you are going to be insane to fight again or not."

Eli raises a fist, spitting out his mouthguard and taking a deep breath, cringing and probing at his face tentatively. But he does just /stare/ at Sora for a moment and moves over towards Diago, bending down to offer. "Good match dude sir." He bows his head graciously before leaving the ring and he looks down at himself, shuddering. "Barf…I…ew…" Quickly untaping his hands and shuddering. He's having a girly 'EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW' moment, on the inside.

"I am rather quiet, sir," Ena tells the CMO. "I work in supply." Her glasses get another point of reference as she pushes them further up her nose and turns to look at the Captain through the thick lenses. "I am looked over quite often, sir, but that is what my job is. Ensign Beenie, sir."

"Eh.. Yeah. Its violent. But the adrenaline rush is great. Besides, its not as if we're actually playing for keeps. All in good fun." Mostly. Eli looked like she/he might be trying to kill. "You don't have to be crazy to fight, just have the animal in you to do it. Try it sometime. Light sparring or something in the gym. Its good. Tuckers you out, too.." He looks to her as if that might have some meaning for her.

"Beenie?" Zaharis smiles at the young woman. "Doing a good job down there. Haven't gone for want of a pen yet. Hell of an assignment for an Ensign, out here. How long have you been on the Genesis?"

Diago turns tiredly to Eli, then half waves back. "You too, Did good." With a groan, he slowly rises, then walks toward the exit to find his way to a shower.

Sora flops back down into her seat, stretching out a bit. "Now this is a good day…"

"A few months, sir. Yes, sir. Beenie," It sounds like Ena is used to that after all these years. "Thank you, I do try to be good at what I am assigned too, sir." She tilts her head somewhat to he pilot as he crawls down and then to the marine.

Cress actually laughs. It's an earnest, warm laugh, despite the nerves, and she shakes her head to him, "Me? Sparring? I'd break….Gods, no…I'd shatter something in the first hit. I think I'll stick with my books to send me to sleep." She admits with a half smile, still watching Eli and Diago, wincing and quiet…

Reed glances to Eli and Diago. They're talking, good. He looks back to Beenie, narrowing his eyes in concentration, then nods, "Genesis Supply, of course, you deal with PAS Supply. Yes, excellent work." He agrees with Zaharis, offering a hand, "Pleased to meet you, Beenie."

Eli gathers his things and tries to find the box with his dogtags in it when it is time and then he's quietly slipping out.

"Nah! You'll be fine," Taylor asides to Cress with a grin. "Really. Nobody has to throw punches at you. I can hold up hand targets for ya and you can learn to toss a few punches. Its great for stamina, too." He looks back up towards the ring and the CMO. He wants to fight. "It doesn't hurt to try new things. Besides.. if you're willing to come down and you /don't/ like it? I'll owe you."

Zaharis sets his hands on the chair arms and stands up, stretching his back. "Well then, welcome aboard. I'd have killed for a post aboard a battlestar when I was an Ensign." He smirks and nods once. "Captain Jesse Zaharis, chief medical officer. And this is Captain Reed Carter, commanding officer of the PAS, here."

Beenie reaches her hand out to the CO, "Thank you, Captain. Yes, sir, I've been over today making sure your supplies came in correctly," lowering her hand then, "I would like to put in my report to you soon, as you have time, that is, sir."

Sora gets up from her seat again, giving a stretch of her shoulders. Seems like the fun is all done…as little groups seem to form, talking about who knows what.

Reed nods to Beenie, "Certainly, I can be free in a few minutes. Just allow me to wrap up here and we can go over your report." These days off duty is a relative thing for the station CO. He looks to Zaharis, "You need anything from me?"

Zaharis shakes his head, casting a quick glance at the medic teams. "We're under control here, Carter. We'll take half the bloody rags and wash them aboard the Genesis. Least I can do to say thanks." He grins.

Cress winces just a bit at Taylor but she shakes her head, "I don't know… I… just not my thing, Chief. Really." Cress seems all the more nervous and awkward at the discussion of her learning how to hit things. She'd disappear into the wall if she could.

Harumph. Nobody else wants to fight, huh? Bah. He looks around at the people slowly milling and shrugs, using his teeth to unwrap the glvoes on his hands. Finishing one he looks back to Cress and smiles warmly. "Hey, no problem. I'm not sure I could grasp onto Biology like you did. Very /thought/ scares me." Trying to keep it light, he's obviously just trying to set the woman at ease before he goes to work on removing the second glove. With his free hand this time.

"No, sir," Beenie tells Reed, "If you have anything to give to me, I will gladly take it back when I return." She looks over to the ring and the cleaning and then back to the two Captains, "If you have enough cleaning aids."

Cress gives Taylor a half smile, shrugging to him, "Sorry that no one else wants to beat the pulp out of you, Chief… maybe they all realize we need you on the deck." She winks almost teasingly, giving him a half pat as she finally releases her arms from being folded around her. "and… don't worry. You can do the fighting…I'll do the biology. Or, well, the DRADIS. Whatever is needed."

Reed grins to Zaharis, and claps him on the shoulder. "Any time. Let me know when you want to do this again, and I'll make sure we have a board set up to log the fights." Looking to Beenie, "LeEt me get my files and meet me in the Ward Room." He points up towards Deck 2, "Ten minutes." He nods, then moves to the ring, jumping up and holding the ropes from the outside, "Taproom's open. Thank you for coming." He hops down and turns to a crewman going over things for the cleanup.

Cora is not going to fight, Oh, no. She's certainly not dressed for such. She creeps closer toward the military group, clearly garbed in civilian clothing of her own which means she just does not fit in at all! With hands shoved into her pockets, she peers toward the things being cleaned up, nose crinkling very slightly. Ew, blood. Back to people watching and only slight eavesdropping!

Beenie realizes she misunderstood the CO and the flush creeps up her cheeks. "Excuse me, sir, sorry," she says quietly and then watches as he heads off. "It was nice to meet you, Doctor, do not hesitate to turn in requistions."

Taylor laughs to Cress and tosses the gloves onto a table, stretching his fingers. "C'mon, let's get out of here. I need a shower, anyway." He grins and claps a hand to her shoulder before turning to the door, motioning for the LT to lead the way out. The Deck hands around break off into their own groups, Zachy getting feisty with a certain opinionated Petty Officer.
Reed takes Boxing Tournament desc.

Zaharis smiles at the look on Beenie's face, amused. "Sure will, Ensign. Have fun with those reports; that stuff always cheers me up." His tone's threaded with light sarcasm, and he lifts a hand to Reed before turning around to pick up the strap of his medical kit. The people around him get little notice as his mind turns to other things, until he turns around sharply to head for the door and walks *BAM* straight into poor Cora.

Cress doesn't wince, but she jumps a bit as his big hand claps her on the shoulder. Apparently she's still a bit skittish from the group around. She nods towards him, "Sure… back home, I suppose. It was nice to get off the Genesis for a bit and OUT of a raptor. All good things, thoguh…" She admits with a half smile, though she partially steps back as the doctor runs into someone from the crowd. No need for a military pile up here.

Holy crap! Cora falls flat to the floor on her back. It happens too quickly for her to say anything prior to the collision. "Ouch," she hisses through her teeth slightly. Apparently she too was completely and totally caught off guard staring at.. something. Just not in Zaharis' direction. "That's going to leave a bruise," she laughs but winces at the same time.

Beenie turns and follows in the CO's footsteps rather dutifully. She nods to those she passes and then sees the CMO run into Cora. "Oh dear, sir, are you alright?"

Cress carefully skirts the collision, but well..the doctor is there. Anything really broken, that's his job! So the little ECo disappears out after the deck chief.

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Zaharis' brain reacts about half a second too late to something crashing into him and he trips over Cora's leg, going stumbling past her as she falls flat. "Gods…dammit. First Navy victory all night!" He winces, rubbing his chin where he cracked it against her head, and turns around to the downed woman, kneeling down beside her. "You alright?" The question comes out at the exact time as Beenie's to him, and he nods, still rubbing his jaw. "Would you grab some ice from the medic over there, Ensign?"

Reed moves around the ring, looking to the CMO and Civilian casuality, smirking at the Navy victory line, and with a few orders given to a crewman as Zaharis takes the situation in hand, he slips out to collect data as Beenie's doing her first Damage Control duty. Ensign dodging success!

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Cora clears her throat awkwardly. "Uh, I - I think so." She lifts a hand to her head, rubbing it gingerly. "I guess I should watch where I'm standing, eh?" Her face turns a wee bit crimson in embarrassment. Slowly but surely she moves to sit up, gritting her teeth a little through the uncomfortableness.

Beenie hurries over to get the ice from one of the corpsmen and then she is back in an efficient flash, "Here you are, sir. Would you like me to have someone come over from the Genesis? Do you need aspirin?"

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"Thanks, Ensign. We'll get some aspirin if she needs it…go on and meet the Captain, I don't want to keep you." Zaharis reaches up for the ice but it's handed over to Cora. "Here you go, this should help. Nasty fall. Sorry about that. Really, I don't make it a habit of running over civilians, but sometimes I just can't help myself."

Beenie bobs her head, "Yes sir, ma'am," she gives one last look to them before she heads on out of the gym to find the ship's CO in the Ward room.

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Cora grins awkwardly. "Thanks." The ice is promptly pressed to her forehead, but then she switches to press it against her back instead. It needs it more. "I'm usually fairly quick on my feet, but this seems to be the one time where luck just wasn't in my favor. Thank you." She nods to Beenie, and smiles to both of the military members. "I understand. I just hope that next time you give me a shot to give you a /reason/ to run me over. Then I understand completely."

"Well, where better than a boxing match to incur a casualty," Zaharis smirks, staying comfortably crouched. "Just…tell everyone you tried to take on a Marine, and they really ought to see the other guy."

"I guess you have a point, there. It's just that it wasn't even /in/ the boxing ring! I get beat up before I even get inside it." Cora laughs brightly in amusement, shaking her head - very slowly - because too vigorously would hurt and give her more of a headache than she already has. "You don't look too badly harmed, unless my thick skull did more damage than I can see."

"Nah, I've got a jaw of steel," Zaharis rubs his finger against the reddening, Cora-head-shaped mark welling up there. "Taken worse than that in its time, though I do commend you…that's one hell of a hard head you've got there. I suppose it's a job requirement for you contractors." A slight grin. "You are a contractor, right? I didn't just knock over my CO's daughter or something?"

Cora smirks. "I guess we're in good shape, then. And thanks. I don't think I'd be where I am today if I didn't have it." A brow lifts. "Not that I'm aware of. My father runs a company that makes alcohol. I don't think he's here. Or," she squints toward the door. "I sure hope he's not." Pausing for just a moment, she adds, "I'm a scientist. Kinda. A math and computer geek which adds up to being a cryptologist."

Zaharis is crouched on the gym floor next to Cora, who's holding an ice pack to her back. "Cryptologist?" One dark brow goes up at that. "I'm impressed." He offers a hand as he stands up, to help her. "Think you can stand? I'm due to meet a friend over at the taproom…" He makes a haphazard gesture to her back. "Come if you like, least let me get you a drink of apology, there."

"Yep. It sounds more interesting than it actually is for most people, but I like it and it's got a cool name." Cora nods sagely. Grabbing hold of Zaharis' hand, she nods agreeably and rises to her feet with his assistance, and replaces the ice pack to her back upon straightening up completely. "Sure. I could use a drink, I think, and maybe I'll have enough to go get a tattoo to outline the bruise in commemoration of my first collision on the ship."

Zaharis grins at that. "That's the spirit." he motions towards the exit with his head, pulling the strap of the medical pack back up onto his shoulder. "Right this way."

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